Altered Carbon Season 2 | Main Trailer | Netflix

The past is haunting you. Anthony Mackie is Takeshi Kovacs in Season 2 of Altered Carbon, streaming February 27.
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Altered Carbon Season 2 | Main Trailer | Netflix
When a job brings Takeshi Kovacs back to Harlan's World in a new sleeve, he finds the planet at war - and his long-lost love lurking in the shadows.


  1. bhuwan Khattri

    bhuwan Khattri19 orë më parë

    Ohh without kinnaman 👎️👎️👎️👎️👎️

  2. Mega ArtManiac

    Mega ArtManiac19 orë më parë

    Not watching ... new sleeve.

  3. glamdring0007

    glamdring000721 orë më parë

    I thought season 1 was some of the best sci-fi tv ever made...really looking forward to season 2

  4. Juan Jose Brea

    Juan Jose Brea22 orë më parë

    What's the name of the intro song?????

  5. CletusVanDamme2

    CletusVanDamme223 orë më parë

    please no more ninja shit

  6. Matt Halliwell

    Matt HalliwellDitë më parë

    1.43 Howard moon

  7. Jonas Saleen

    Jonas SaleenDitë më parë

    I watched the first season third time!

  8. Jarmo Plaas

    Jarmo PlaasDitë më parë


  9. Zach Adolphe

    Zach AdolpheDitë më parë

    I've watched this trailer like 10 times.

  10. A P

    A PDitë më parë

    The first actor was really good. I doubt Mr. Panther can really make the mark. I get the concept but it doesn’t work after such a performance.

  11. C

    CDitë më parë

    I LOVED the first season and was excited to hear season 2 was almost here - until I saw this. More WOKE PC crap casting a black lead. Won't be watching, thanks but no thanks. Joel Kinnaman was brilliant, so why remove him? Oh yeah, for his crime of being a white man. Thumbs down from me. Wetflix.

  12. SirTubeALotMore

    SirTubeALotMoreDitë më parë

    So strange ... I don’t remember a damn thing from season one ... Uh Oh!

  13. Warren Spalding

    Warren SpaldingDitë më parë

    This is the only series where the Main Character can be any race and gender without question. SJWs take note.

  14. Nikky Tomlinson

    Nikky TomlinsonDitë më parë

    I love this guy... But I miss kinnaman. Where is Joel?

  15. Alvaro Murillo

    Alvaro MurilloDitë më parë

    This cool and all but i want Dark back 😭

  16. Melli Maus

    Melli MausDitë më parë

    Oh hell no not that actor ......

  17. gudrabean

    gudrabeanDitë më parë

    Why no Kinnaman...not going to be the same

  18. WeAreTheBentusi

    WeAreTheBentusiDitë më parë

    Because that's what happens in the novels. Tak uses the 'Joel' sleeve in the first book and an Afro-Caribbean combat sleeve in the second book.

  19. The SSJ

    The SSJDitë më parë

    So I guess it's going with a unique narrative based off ideas from the novels, which is fine, cuz this show is great, and it looks like Richard k Morgan, author of the novels, now wants to write some more stories with Takeshi Spoilers for book and potentially show: younger takeshi might not be someone in his old sleeve, but also a copy of his younger self, in the third book he finds out someone's double sleeved him essentially with a backup of his old self, essentially cloning him, causing turmoil with Takeshi and his hatred towards his younger self shows his self loathing nature

  20. 007peterj

    007peterjDitë më parë

    Looks amazing. I was wondering when season 2 would come out. I definitely will watch season 2.


    OUSSAMA ZERKAOUIDitë më parë

    omgg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Emiliani Varese

    Emiliani VareseDitë më parë

    djoker is takeshi levant kovac. always. yes, son 1.

  23. Ned Potato

    Ned PotatoDitë më parë


  24. Joel Bucklew

    Joel BucklewDitë më parë

    Well it's about damn time

  25. Carl C

    Carl CDitë më parë

    Resleeved as Anthony? N!ce. Gonna be dope😎

  26. mala 94

    mala 94Ditë më parë

    I love the show and I'll watch it of course, but Kinnaman was perfect as Kovacs and I always thought that Mackie, even if he's a very good actor, can't reach his level and the trailer seems to confirm that; of course the trailer alone isn't enough for a proper judgement, we'll see, but I'm afraid I'm right

  27. xT3N

    xT3NDitë më parë

    Netflix.... thats not who we wanna see...

  28. Ayotunde Alele

    Ayotunde AleleDitë më parë

    Time to Charged TF Upp!

  29. simon howard

    simon howardDitë më parë

    Poes back! YAY! :)

  30. Pawan Mehta

    Pawan MehtaDitë më parë

    Did they really have to take Anthony schmuck. he ruined Endgame for me. :/

  31. WeAreTheBentusi

    WeAreTheBentusiDitë më parë

    How did Anthony Makie ruin Endgame for you?

  32. xxAmazonxxx

    xxAmazonxxxDitë më parë


  33. IB5Media

    IB5MediaDitë më parë

    Hate it. So we're going from a Sci fi murder mystery / psychological thriller, based on the lore of a world and chasing the memory of a protagonist in season 1.... To action schlock in season 2.

  34. WeAreTheBentusi

    WeAreTheBentusiDitë më parë

    The second book, which this is based upon, is not a murder mystery. It's a corporate backed treasure grab set during a planetary war.

  35. pythonxz

    pythonxzDitë më parë

    Wait, did I hear Michael Shanks?

  36. Troy Snell

    Troy SnellDitë më parë

    Pretty sure Poe being back is the most exciting for me.

  37. Interview Shark

    Interview SharkDitë më parë

    Mackie's got his work cut out for him to match Kinnaman, but, he's a great actor, I believe!

  38. nameis2

    nameis2Ditë më parë

    why didnt he just go back to being Asian? So is he leveling up ethnicity or something? Max level Asian & white so he gotta level up his black, what's next Mexican?

  39. nameis2

    nameis222 orë më parë

    WeAreTheBentusi oh, wasn’t aware there’s a book. Now that makes sense why they didn’t do the logical thing of giving him his asian skin after since he got his freedom at the end of season 1

  40. WeAreTheBentusi

    WeAreTheBentusiDitë më parë

    That's what happens in the books the series is based on. Tak uses an Afro-Caribbean combat sleeve in the second novel and an Asian sports sleeve in the third.

  41. Rolando Valdrez

    Rolando ValdrezDitë më parë

    This looks nice but is it just me that I feel sad that Kinnaman and Kristin Ortega will be no longer in Season 2? Their screen presence is so strong! I will miss these two. 😢

  42. UndeadDawn

    UndeadDawnDitë më parë

    Well guys we’re one more season away from the show getting canceled. Enjoy it while we can guys.

  43. DaTruth

    DaTruthDitë më parë

    When is umbrella academy season coming out.

  44. ItsEcstaticz

    ItsEcstaticzDitë më parë

    Moaning about ethnicity when it’s show where you can be any gender and ethnicity you must be stupid 😂it’s a brilliant show

  45. Marcus Anark

    Marcus AnarkDitë më parë

    Will Yun Lee is back!

  46. jrecordz

    jrecordzDitë më parë

    0:00 Arca - Piel

  47. Ash Tray

    Ash TrayDitë më parë

    It's the protomolecule😮😮

  48. 1337turkeyz

    1337turkeyzDitë më parë

    Yes Please!

  49. Antikythera Mechanism

    Antikythera MechanismDitë më parë

    Such an ugly body this time. Nobody would accept that as their shell.

  50. Michael

    Michael2 ditë më parë

    "He was asian then he woke up white and now he's black ..." someone commented and I add "and next he will be gay!", just to be politically correct, isn't it?!! We are so sick of this crap!!

  51. WeAreTheBentusi

    WeAreTheBentusiDitë më parë

    This is exactly what happens in the book. Tak uses an Afro-Caribbean combat sleeve in the second novel and an Asian sports sleeve in the third.

  52. altkovac

    altkovac2 ditë më parë

    I’m exciteddddd

  53. John Longneck

    John Longneck2 ditë më parë

    cringe diversity hire strikes again

  54. WeAreTheBentusi

    WeAreTheBentusi19 orë më parë

    @John Longneck what is sickening about following the novels the series is based on?

  55. John Longneck

    John LongneckDitë më parë

    @WeAreTheBentusi truly sickening

  56. WeAreTheBentusi

    WeAreTheBentusiDitë më parë

    This is exactly what happens in the book. Tak uses an Afro-Caribbean combat sleeve in the second novel and an Asian sports sleeve in the third.

  57. Hengky NT

    Hengky NT2 ditë më parë

    Yasss finally

  58. Public Enemy

    Public Enemy2 ditë më parë


  59. Ishita Gupta

    Ishita Gupta2 ditë më parë

    I'm definately gonna miss Ortega as well

  60. Ishita Gupta

    Ishita Gupta2 ditë më parë

    I miss Joel Kinnaman he was the star

  61. 10/0 Catfishing

    10/0 Catfishing2 ditë më parë

    Thx for ruining this.

  62. WeAreTheBentusi

    WeAreTheBentusiDitë më parë

    This is exactly what happens in the book. Tak uses an Afro-Caribbean combat sleeve in the second novel and an Asian sports sleeve in the third.

  63. Ra der Lehra

    Ra der Lehra2 ditë më parë

    This guy's a gangster? His real name's Clarence

  64. trap tracks

    trap tracks2 ditë më parë


  65. Mason Madaras

    Mason Madaras2 ditë më parë

    I liked the other guy better but I guess it works with this show Anthony Mackey good but these are gonna be huge difference in performance

  66. kartik batle

    kartik batle2 ditë më parë

    Finally Clarence left home of his parents And Clarence's parents have a real good marriage

  67. TQ Oli4

    TQ Oli42 ditë më parë

    Not impressed with the acting in the trailer, do not think the casting is on point. Will see.

  68. RCP Pilot

    RCP Pilot19 orë më parë

    He gone, get over it

  69. EarthKnight

    EarthKnight2 ditë më parë

    God damn, they screwed up the story so badly in the first season that they made it impossible to adapt the second two books and here this trailer proves that. Looks like there is only the very most distant connection with the books and that they've completely skipped the second book. A shame and a sham.

  70. Ark Mobile Evidence

    Ark Mobile Evidence2 ditë më parë

    i remember in the novel, it should be a hunky latino man. Falcon is black and too skinny.

  71. WeAreTheBentusi

    WeAreTheBentusiDitë më parë

    Then you're thinking of the wrong novel. Tak uses an Afro-Caribbean combat sleeve in the second novel and an Asian sports sleeve in the third.

  72. Kazek L

    Kazek L2 ditë më parë

    No kinnaman? Ya kiddin man.