Attending a HUGE Reptile Show! (Tinley NARBC October 2019!!)

Now considered the largest reptile expo in the US, the Tinley Park, Illinois North American Reptile Breeders Conference (NARBC) is held twice yearly and is SO MUCH FUN!! We met many fans and incredible breeders, bought a few snakes, witnessed a proposal, and even caught a loose lizard at this show!
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  11. Tesla's Geckos

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    Yes. I found a ball python wondering at Oct tinley. I found its owner tho!!! He escaped a table overnight!

  12. Golden Trap

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    I thought snakes are cheap but that all change today..........I still want a snake!

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  19. Julie Kavanagh

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  20. Julie Kavanagh

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    Honestly as my plans to get a corn snake come together and my dreams of an abronia come together, I feel like I might need to get to one of the 2020 Tinley shows!

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    I never thought I would say that being covered in cows looks cool!!

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    It is so sad these snakes only cost 100-200 USD to buy but in Australia in have to spend at least 500 AUD (one from a reputable breeder may cost 1000+ easy) to get one 😭. And there isn’t many different types to choose from.

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