Flew back to Seattle from Phenom Penh Cambodia on #Emirates first-class suites on both the Boeing 777 and the Airbus 380. The airbus had a SHOWER on the flight, and that was truly one of the best and most refreshingly needed showers I ever took.
#firstclass #flightreview
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  8. Haily H

    Haily H3 orë më parë

    Emirates was really the best airline I've flown. Best entertainment system, best food, best comfort and class. Stay safe and enjoy !

  9. Last Prophet

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    Doesn’t matter how rich you are in America everybody act like homeless people. I work in high class restaurant in Washington DC.

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  13. Scott Товарищ Красный

    Scott Товарищ Красный3 ditë më parë

    I’m extremely jealous. I am surprised how much you praised the in-flight food considering how your tastebuds can be affected during air travel. That means it must have been extremely flavorful.

  14. Joshua Min

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    Is that Bangkok (Siam) Airport??? Last time was there in 1990 or 91..idk...was so young but airport sure look different?? What those woman wearing??

  22. Mark Howard

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    It does seem like quite a few of the foreign airlines do 1st class on an entirely different level than US carriers.

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  56. Martin Bridge

    Martin Bridge24 ditë më parë

    I flew emirates back in 2012, They literally ran out of food by the time they got to me. Asked the stewartess if there were meals spare, She goes to first class, and business class. They had 15 meals spare. I literally got a full 1st class meal service in economy. It was surreal.

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