Florida City Official Calls Out Mayor for COVID-19 Response | NowThis

An outraged city official called out the mayor for trying to cut off people’s power during a pandemic.
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In US news and current events today, official Omari Hardy accused this Florida mayor of Lake Worth Beach for negligent inaction during a heated city commission meeting.
Hardy says his request for a March 13 meeting regarding the city’s plans to deal with the pandemic was denied. Residents also called
out the city’s response to COVID-19 via letters.
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  1. Geez

    GeezMinutë më parë

    Now that the pressure is on we see that the so called Leaders are worthless and have no clue how to lead in a time of concern.

  2. Silent Sighs

    Silent SighsOrë më parë

    Gentleman spoke truth, showed some spine. Much respect!

  3. shafiq fazil

    shafiq fazil3 orë më parë

    This guy for president!!! A real fighter for working people

  4. Matthew Banish

    Matthew Banish3 orë më parë

    Good for him calling that monster out on her BS!! He needs to be the new mayor..

  5. Odysseus

    Odysseus5 orë më parë

    They will kill this man for speaking the truth. That's what happens to people who speak the truth. They get killed. Remember that one man who warned people about the corona virus? He died just a few weeks after that. The evil people are controlling the world.

  6. William Bennett

    William Bennett5 orë më parë

    Vote for this fine man....good job buddy

  7. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiuOrë më parë

    Karma is real. She’ll soon realize that.

  8. Trevor Cunningham

    Trevor Cunningham7 orë më parë

    This guy is what a politician should be. Instead we have a bunch of greedy maggots!! I would vote for him on anything.

  9. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiuOrë më parë

    This guy needs to be president of South Africa man 👍

  10. EthanH

    EthanH7 orë më parë

    This isn't about race, this is all about money and age, the rest of the board ignore him because the shut down doesn't affect them, and he seems young, people in her position always looks down on age and ranks, "IDC about your education and achievement, I'm older, that means only my opinion matters, because you know I'm older that must means I'm wiser, now can someone show me how to turn on wifi on my mobile phone?"

  11. Xco Yco

    Xco Yco8 orë më parë

    This lady is one of Trump's tree stumps. The governor of Florida is also one of Trump's tree stumps. Mad respect to this guy.

  12. Scott West

    Scott West8 orë më parë

    Oh no!! Accountability!!! Run awaaay!!! Run awaaayyyy!!!

  13. Daria Sh

    Daria Sh9 orë më parë

    WE need that kind of passion in our government! Omari Hardy is for the people! Get that mayor and vice mayor outta there

  14. Natural Since Birth

    Natural Since Birth9 orë më parë

    Those who are guilty and then faced with truth, run away.

  15. Bling b

    Bling b10 orë më parë

    does anybody know the latest on what happened with this guy

  16. Matthew Lepka

    Matthew Lepka11 orë më parë

    Love this guy

  17. Gerald Navari

    Gerald Navari11 orë më parë

    America please do something about this I care for your people and I know you can fix things you guys dont deserve a person who does not care.....i believe you can and will

  18. Hog Rider

    Hog Rider11 orë më parë

    Can someone please make a meme of this !!!

  19. miko foin

    miko foin12 orë më parë

    She sounds like she's about to ask for the manager any second.

  20. Really 69

    Really 6913 orë më parë

    SHE FAILED TO ACT, so go to action and don't vote for her during the next election!

  21. Really 69

    Really 6913 orë më parë

    Don't vote for her during the next election!!!

  22. Beard Man

    Beard Man13 orë më parë

    This guy needs to be president of South Africa man 👍

  23. miko foin

    miko foin12 orë më parë

    He got his 15 minutes of fame!!! Communists are loving this cold.

  24. A&M Vlogs

    A&M Vlogs15 orë më parë

    Karma is real. She’ll soon realize that.

  25. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith15 orë më parë

    I wish we had a leader like him in the White House

  26. Natural Since Birth

    Natural Since Birth16 orë më parë

    I'm so sorry but that's typical of white politicians for making up rules in the beginning and then changing about them in the middle and not following through with them at all. Typical.

  27. Natural Since Birth

    Natural Since Birth9 orë më parë

    What's funny if this was turned around, we would be "hostile", which is "typical" of a black man. Realize they called him disrespectful several times, which he acknowledges in his response video that he could have responded better. I just appreciate the passion for justice, white, black, Asian, Latino........I mean sheesh.

  28. Natural Since Birth

    Natural Since Birth13 orë më parë

    @Your Life Sucks You don't have to....I'm noting what I've noticed for myself. The fact that she walks away while being faced with facts, says a lot about her character. Character is MAJOR key.

  29. Your Life Sucks

    Your Life Sucks16 orë më parë

    I actually wasn't paying attention to their skin

  30. dlphn100grl

    dlphn100grl16 orë më parë

    Her: "I didn't do anything" THAT is exactly what he's pointing out 😂 you didn't do anything

  31. FOX1 AIR

    FOX1 AIR16 orë më parë

    Trump fire her !🤬🤬🤬

  32. tristan tobar

    tristan tobar17 orë më parë

    Why doesn't this have more views ppl need to see this, I'm in awe how politicians will come into light how they fail to act and people as this man have put them on blast

  33. Marcus Chan

    Marcus Chan17 orë më parë

    This isnt making America great again. It’s barbaric to kill power when the city is in pandemic.

  34. Brandon Ratcliff

    Brandon Ratcliff17 orë më parë

    Point of order your done! Ha lady the American people want to see you dragged out and screaming. Your done lady. Your done.

  35. Markus Massey

    Markus Massey18 orë më parë

    I really hope that guy runs for her office

  36. Jenn Tj

    Jenn Tj18 orë më parë

    Most people wouldn’t fight like him for citizens because they wont loose their comfortable job with good pay

  37. 512WP

    512WP18 orë më parë

    People always want to silence you when the facts weigh heavy.

  38. Cellooo

    Cellooo18 orë më parë

    poor dude in the corner doesn’t know what the recess is

  39. Book of Katherine

    Book of Katherine18 orë më parë

    "52 residents who didn't pay their bills"--- and the media shoves this to millions because it's a black guy yelling at an old white woman. Racist british media, as usual.

  40. culeros6

    culeros618 orë më parë

    The only person of color up there and the only one who cares about the people and their situation, I'm glad I'm not a Floridiot

  41. Book of Katherine

    Book of Katherine18 orë më parë

    He got his 15 minutes of fame!!! Communists are loving this cold.

  42. Tino Sak

    Tino Sak18 orë më parë

    We need a follow up

  43. Sebastian Robinson

    Sebastian Robinson18 orë më parë

    Anyone else here for Minecraft modding tutorials?

  44. Rizza David

    Rizza David19 orë më parë

    America on his best.... that's why the US is a big joke for the all world....trumpetosation

  45. Thomas Landeche

    Thomas Landeche19 orë më parë

    This is why I would never go into politics because I would be just as frustrated as this guy

  46. Thomas Landeche

    Thomas Landeche19 orë më parë


  47. Kao Yang

    Kao Yang20 orë më parë

    Just imagine him yelling at trump it would hilarious...

  48. MIE PT

    MIE PT21 orë më parë

    This Man👏👏👏👏

  49. kristi clark

    kristi clark21 orë më parë

    Kudos to Commissioner Harvey! Clearly he should be the one in charge. Shame on you, Mayor Triolo!

  50. Anas Ahmed

    Anas Ahmed22 orë më parë

    “You’ve got a camera on that?” Now why is THAT your “problem” after this man is giving you his whole heart felt speech

  51. Fuck You

    Fuck You22 orë më parë

    Typical socialist, all emotion. Zero fact. This is why Trump will win 2020. Take your feelings somewhere else.

  52. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose23 orë më parë

    “Do we have a camera on that?” Yes dear... unfortunately for you we do... better clean out your desk!

  53. Tiger I. F. R. Tiger

    Tiger I. F. R. TigerDitë më parë

    well now IF THE PEOPLE LIVING THERE WERE REALLY GOOD PEOPLE...YOU WOULD ALL...TOGETHER...GO THERE...AND FIRE HER ...AND HAVE HIS BACK...but again...one is good and all think yeaaahh...but nobody has is back

  54. Tiger I. F. R. Tiger

    Tiger I. F. R. TigerDitë më parë

    when one American says and does something right...the other American walk out of the room...and are "hurt by the way you taaalk to me" hahahaha...GREAT JOB MAN! BUT YOU WILL NEVER WIN...TO MANY OF HER KIND IN YOUR COUNTRY

  55. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose23 orë më parë

    stop it! Can’t imagine him yelling at his male superiors or even trump this way.

  56. kenneth moparty

    kenneth mopartyDitë më parë

    When he said “You failed to act” was anybody else thinking “YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CITY”

  57. Coby Barbas

    Coby BarbasDitë më parë

    "You got a camera on that?" You bet he does 😂

  58. Florida registeredagent

    Florida registeredagentDitë më parë

    The mayor is done. She needs to resign immediately. So glad this was recorded.

  59. Mollie C

    Mollie CDitë më parë

    I want this guy in my corner!!!!! Good job man!!!

  60. The Witchy Gamer

    The Witchy GamerDitë më parë

    cheers to this guy. this is the type of politician we need in our offices.

  61. Artoria Pendragon

    Artoria PendragonDitë më parë


  62. Markus E

    Markus EDitë më parë

    And then when he disagrees with you, those liking him right now, he will start yelling at you the same he did at the woman. He needs to lose his job or be suspended for a month no pay.

  63. Darrin Bailey

    Darrin Bailey22 orë më parë

    Markus E stfu

  64. Akhil Vijay

    Akhil VijayDitë më parë

    She was saying the truth.."I didn't do anything" And that gentleman rephrased it.."You failed to act"

  65. Mezza

    MezzaDitë më parë

    A bloody discrace turn these prix electricity off gas n water eff em except the superman talking vote him in pleasee

  66. Jay Jay

    Jay JayDitë më parë

    Nothing crooked white people hate more than a smart black person

  67. Crinosis

    CrinosisDitë më parë

    Dammed, you are the heroes we need right now bro.

  68. liz

    lizDitë më parë

    yesssss king!

  69. ashley chee

    ashley cheeDitë më parë

    "FAILED 2 ACT!"

  70. Aisyah Alya

    Aisyah AlyaDitë më parë

    wow she said I didn't do anything so boldly "Did you get the camera on that?" Yes ma'am we are!

  71. Inspiredfitness2012

    Inspiredfitness2012Ditë më parë

    Pls men need to stop yelling at women! We don’t need to see this. Enough women get 3 degrees at home esp when they are the multitaskers, the mother, wife and worker. Just stop it! Can’t imagine him yelling at his male superiors or even trump this way.

  72. C T

    C TDitë më parë

    That commissioner was right on point....

  73. Charles Peter Watson

    Charles Peter WatsonDitë më parë

    A laurel for Mr. Hardy.

  74. L.

    L.Ditë më parë

    So uhhh Can she be replaced with *that guy* because I like him. And it looks like a lot of other people do, too.

  75. Jason Bowen

    Jason BowenDitë më parë

    These people wonder why most Americans hate politicians. They don't do their job. All politicians are corrupt and think that the citizens need to be ruled. If any good is going to come out of this pandemic. It maybe smaller government, with less powers to tax and restrict freedoms.

  76. arcata company

    arcata companyDitë më parë

    While all of San Francisco was on mandatory quarantine and only allowed to leave to go shopping for food and all non-essential businesses closed and the streets were pin-drop quiet and then all of California went on lockdown 40 million people removed from their jobs except for essential businesses Florida was allowing tens of thousands of college kids to get drunk and get high on drugs and party on there beaches and congregate with their beer bongs, nothing to see here what's the problem dude, lol money over everything "I guess is the Florida motto I thought that's where old people went to die anyway right

  77. Sandy M.

    Sandy M.Ditë më parë

    The mayor is so inept. The gentleman who is so passionate about the people he represents should be the mayor. He would represent that community so much better. America needs more like him.

  78. 🥀₲ɾɑղԵ𝄆𝅗𝅥

    🥀₲ɾɑղԵ𝄆𝅗𝅥Ditë më parë

    That's what she gets. ¯\_༼ᴼل͜ᴼ༽_/¯

  79. Wigburt Cumberbatch

    Wigburt CumberbatchDitë më parë

    Ok but the recess is err..

  80. Star Cherry

    Star CherryDitë më parë

    He's an amazing representative They elected the right person

  81. DIY & Life Skills

    DIY & Life SkillsDitë më parë

    Shame shame shame. Another useless mayor. I see a new (strong) mayor candidate...right there. Amen to that young man!

  82. Dreamingdragon

    DreamingdragonDitë më parë

    HI, I am going to translate what my Chinese comment is: poor Chinese communist party has no excuse, nor has anyone else to blame, so it only can act. So they act, not talk.

  83. Dreamingdragon

    DreamingdragonDitë më parë


  84. Ian J Watson

    Ian J WatsonDitë më parë

    He Called out the State, fir Pretty Much a case of "Blackmail"!!! All Hail the Man Willing to Stand Up and Be Heard, for You, the People!!! 👏👏👏👏

  85. jamsk8s

    jamsk8sDitë më parë

    why do i feel this has something to do with lack of communication

  86. Ravi Teja

    Ravi TejaDitë më parë

    MEN FOR A REASON IN THIS WORLD. He stood up for public risking his job

  87. Trevlind Ramquez

    Trevlind RamquezDitë më parë

    I read a lot of Florida news and websites cause my parents live there. Florida is a political mess. This might be the state with the biggest indifference.

  88. taz

    tazDitë më parë

    Love that guy