Game Theory: He Never Died He NevEr D̳͗Ie̳̱̒̍d̩͆ H̛̞͆͛Ẻ͎̺̊͑͘ N̑͒e̱͌͗VẺ̘r̨̫̖̓̋̃ D̻̘̾̒ỉE͎͚̹͗̽͌d͚͌̕͘

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Unmasking the Duck Season Dog! ►
One of my favorite VR horror games is Duck Season, so when the makers of that game came out with Boneworks I was sold! There is SO MUCH hiding beneath the surface of this gam that, of course, I had to do a theory! Today I am going to show you how Boneworks, at its core, is about humanity's search for immortality and the lengths we'd go to just to find it. How does that tie into the strange tale of an evil man in a dog suit from Duck Season? Watch and find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Researcher: Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Marc Schneider
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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    Lorenzo the oMega21 orë më parë

    Why thou

  3. grandshadowseal

    grandshadowseal21 orë më parë

    10:55 I love Matt's singing! XD

  4. Zeth Cader

    Zeth Cader22 orë më parë

    This feels close to superhot. Also the ladder could symbolize a technique of astral projection, nice story!

  5. Grimlock Greg

    Grimlock Greg22 orë më parë

    So void is you sanity of fnaf theory

  6. Zhuiblex

    Zhuiblex22 orë më parë

    This feeds into a question I have when you die what if you aren’t dead but you’re body is just shutting down and you are still in it watching as everything happens until you eventually can’t do anything see hear dream wake etc what if when you die you sit in a rotting corpse hallucinating visual phenomena same with hearing possibly this life in and of itself could be one of those. What if... you get the point I guess

  7. Ji. Bari

    Ji. Bari22 orë më parë

    Bad dad, bad kid, bad agent

  8. APKreature

    APKreature22 orë më parë

    The typo in the description gave me a giggle. Sorry Matt I just had to point it out...

  9. Paris Wood

    Paris Wood23 orë më parë

    "Evil Google"? A bit redundant init?

  10. Nini Swan

    Nini Swan23 orë më parë

    Anyone else getting slight SAO vibes?

  11. Cpt.Philippines

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    The mind is software Bodies are disposable The system will set you free Super Hot Super Hot Super Hot Super Hot Super Hot Super Hot

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    Aye, my boi Mark is here

  13. Fares Aljawfi

    Fares Aljawfi23 orë më parë

    Is fnaf connected to this?

  14. Goldie The Girl

    Goldie The Girl23 orë më parë

    100% not. This is a whole different game by a whole different set of developers.

  15. Soup

    SoupDitë më parë

    Matt, what does the yellow mean in the intro, I have found nothing on it

  16. Kraken V

    Kraken VDitë më parë

    So is this ready player 1 the game

  17. ToxicPlays

    ToxicPlaysDitë më parë

    Mat you misspelled game in the description

  18. illioptopede

    illioptopedeDitë më parë

    huh i know they're totally different unrelated franchises but what if that's how glitchtrap exists

  19. Venom_gl1tch VirUs

    Venom_gl1tch VirUsDitë më parë

    2:22 “Considering it plays a CRITICAL ROLE”

  20. jotaro kujo

    jotaro kujoDitë më parë

    So he's orochimaru

  21. Family Chandler

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    How did he put all the symbols in the title

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    I have a theory about GameTheory: You know the xbox controller thing that shows the green things, yellow things, red things, well when all of those turn either red, or grey, the youtube channel will die.

  24. Dasean Clifton

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    8:17 Gotta respect the SAO reference

  25. H A V A C

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    me: *sees dad from duck season* also me: MMMMMMH yes dad isn't ded

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  27. CappyAnon

    CappyAnonDitë më parë

    "Monogon is basically Nintendo, if Nintendo grew up to be evil google." So regular google?


    DiGe THE MADHOUSEDitë më parë

    Yes thanks for explaining... I have the theory that he wants to combine reality with VR

  29. Mr. Potato

    Mr. PotatoDitë më parë

    You even gave him bedhead when he fell asleep talking about void energy This channel is great

  30. Crimson Wing

    Crimson WingDitë më parë

    look at them, they come to this place when they know they are not pure.

  31. VoidSpalshYT

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    Yo when u said that SAO Refrence u was like ayyy!!

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    Yeahhh now instead of a tv as intro it’s a computer

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    this- is a game theroy :D

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    Who hasn’t watched in like a year and you see the yellow and be like “hold on”

  36. BOB BOB

    BOB BOBDitë më parë

    We already know the third game it was an Easter egg in duck season which right now it is called "Hall of the Machine King"

  37. Cameron Russell

    Cameron RussellDitë më parë

    Can we just talk about how Arthur Ford is a clear HHGTTG reference, and obviously fake?

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  39. Tinky Winky

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    Oh no that killer dog is back D:

  40. ImBaileyIGuess

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    the game theory intro is the only intro longer than ten seconds that doesn't make me click off the video.

  41. gtoss chddy

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    Scott: Finally, a worthy OPPONENT. OuR bAtTlE wIlL bE lEgEnDaRy

  42. FiFo 12

    FiFo 12Ditë më parë

    0:52 Ruining your Childhood since 2011

  43. Miles Bookstaber

    Miles BookstaberDitë më parë

    This kind of sounds like super hot you should do a theory on super hot

  44. Jenny Shull

    Jenny ShullDitë më parë

    Should’ve taken Aptx 4869. I was thinking more like Dr. Who Army of Ghosts. Dr Who: Can they wake up dead? Tech and immortality: Doctor Who Case Closed The Matrix .hack// Ghost In the Shell Serial Experiments Lain Reboot XFiles Cowboy Bebop FLCL Boogipop Phantom Kakurenbo Hide and Seek Neon Genesis Evangelion RahXephon Candidate For Goddess Read or Die Mobile Suit Gundam Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century Phil of The Future Real Adventures of Johnny Quest Zoids Digimon Beetleborgs

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    Who else is watching at 3: 00 AM

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    ohohoho markipilier

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    Sorry but my reality IS GAME

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    ne levy deid

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    So Mythos City is basically Ready Player One in '97?

  51. Link Doo

    Link DooDitë më parë

    You can actually get the baseball from duck season in the game. Not only as a door handle.

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    Back at it with your bullshit. I see

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    Dr. Manhattan VR

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    4:25 AL-gosrs trying to do an apology video

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    Stop it game theorist. Can't keep up with FNAF theories anymore!

  56. Kyle Pojol

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    He was right. My eyes began bulging the second I started watching this video.

  57. Adam Caleb Aguirre

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    your videos gave me nightmares

  58. Thsra001

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    It would be cool if there was a different ending there he became A always there maintenance team member for monogen

  59. wolfqueen43

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    i love how im watching this and i just happened to be wearing my one and only piece of merch today (game theroy circuit teshirt) it is my fave tee i own

  60. Frostbite - Gaming & More

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    *Who else is watching at 3: 00 AM*

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    He was not the first. You were.

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    Sword art online reference be like Ching 😛