Hairdresser Reacts: Blonde To Green Hair Transformations

Hi Beautiful! Today we dive into the beautiful world of green hair. Few are brave enough to rock the green hair but when they do it definitely pays off!

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  1. Brad Mondo

    Brad Mondo4 muaj më parë

    I think green is gonna be the hair color of 2020

  2. Chelseaxamber c-e

    Chelseaxamber c-e14 ditë më parë

    Nah I have a feeling people will still feel weird about it I know I dont like green especially when color fades to green because blondes of all people know that their bleach blinde hair turns green in chlorine and always hated it since then so that could be why for others. that's why for me lol

  3. Ergo Proxy

    Ergo ProxyMuaj më parë

    I did Phantom Green by Artic Fox myself. It is a Blue based green, like a dark teal, I think this is the answer. Love that colour and I shifted several green shades and brands! Green is the best colour. Now I Have my hair purple at the roots, blue in the middle and green at the end.

  4. Sneaky Snek

    Sneaky Snek2 muaj më parë

    I died green streaks in my hair in December :3

  5. Kirsten Horn

    Kirsten Horn2 muaj më parë

    arctic fox's phantom green is the WORST green you can use, I'm sorry but it's just not good

  6. Real Raw and Random

    Real Raw and Random2 muaj më parë

    I love the lob grey girl's hair, it was so damn beautiful! If i could get mine that color I'd rock the shit outta it!!💚👽💚

  7. Ava_31

    Ava_312 orë më parë


  8. Kale Miller

    Kale Miller7 orë më parë

    I have super dark brown virgin hair and I wanna go emerald green..... will I regret it?

  9. Анкав Абдурахманов

    Анкав Абдурахманов9 orë më parë

    Юлик на аве :3

  10. Gurl bye-

    Gurl bye-11 orë më parë

    *I just wanted to be Midoriya :C* OMG YASSSSSS

  11. Christine Loader

    Christine Loader17 orë më parë

    "she had green hair but damn she looked good"

  12. Bakugou 0112

    Bakugou 0112Ditë më parë


  13. Murt Hill

    Murt HillDitë më parë

    Hahaha he make me 😆 “ you look stunning” like he’s seeing me. Anywhere, thanks Brad for the compliment. I look stunning🥰🥰🥰

  14. Eight 82_

    Eight 82_Ditë më parë

    Ouuuu we love mac and cheese 😭😭😂😂😂😂

  15. xXDemkaBelikovXx

    xXDemkaBelikovXxDitë më parë

    Oooooh, maybe he'll do purple someday, or yellow transformations :o I absolutely looove Arctic Fox tho, they're really good

  16. LVNTX 2Q2Q

    LVNTX 2Q2QDitë më parë

    I always wonder if these girls have day jobs.?

  17. Royal JM Money

    Royal JM MoneyDitë më parë

    I’m going to the beauty shop tomorrow and clean my favorite color any recommendations for my hair color that has green

  18. shan nettleton

    shan nettletonDitë më parë

    Dude check out dre ronayes green hair. Its gorgeous.

  19. starlitmagi

    starlitmagiDitë më parë

    I was going to dye my hair myself... until I stumbled upon your videos and now am thinking with what I WANT to do I need to go to a professional xD

  20. Art by Ree Also know as Ree

    Art by Ree Also know as Ree2 ditë më parë

    You should react to Gabbie Hanna dye her hair green

  21. Jae Queen

    Jae Queen2 ditë më parë

    Yea This inspired to take the leap I’m going green soon

  22. Overlord814

    Overlord8142 ditë më parë

    I actually tried that hair color to and it was just pretty much blue. I think it’s something with the color.

  23. Chrissy Schwery

    Chrissy Schwery2 ditë më parë

    That second girls hair. Holy shit!!!!😍

  24. Maria Miranda

    Maria Miranda2 ditë më parë

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="445">7:25</a> in her video there is a bnha reference, we love that🙂

  25. ItsFlower

    ItsFlower2 ditë më parë

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="441">7:21</a> “I just wanted to be Midoriya” Same bro 😂

  26. sheena b

    sheena b2 ditë më parë

    Emerald green was my favorite but I couldn’t get it out/cover it and ended up shaving my head because of what I did to try to cover it 🤦🏽‍♀️

  27. Linsey Hobbs

    Linsey Hobbs2 ditë më parë

    I'm not a hairstylist but my super porous ends turned almost purple when I dyed my hair hot pink 😶

  28. Juli Castillo

    Juli Castillo3 ditë më parë

    I’ve been bleaching my hair slowly over the last 2 months to get ready for titanium & rose petal hair color. Did a test on my hair of both colors & NEITHER color showed up at all lmao. A friend of mine had a similar problem with the same brand sooo I ordered new dye, but now I’m gonna go for black roots to neon green to neon yellow. Wish me luck 😜

  29. Kati Kraft

    Kati Kraft3 ditë më parë

    The first girl is an anime fan. MHA fans stand up 👌🏻💅🏻

  30. Shifting Studios

    Shifting Studios3 ditë më parë

    Me: *Reads Brad's comment* Also Me: "Well.. It wasn't the *hair* colour of 2020..."

  31. kahnesha mazey

    kahnesha mazey3 ditë më parë

    I’m going Green in a few days 👀

  32. Samantha Plott

    Samantha Plott3 ditë më parë

    Um yes! Asian hair is rlly freaking D I F F I C U L T to lighten or do anything with!!! I’m Chinese and trying to do anything with my hair is a PAIN! Brad, if u have any tips, please tell me! Thanks so much! 😍😘

  33. JaiydenPlaysRobloxYT

    JaiydenPlaysRobloxYT3 ditë më parë

    Why did I try to unpause the reaction video-

  34. The Really Horrible Vlogger

    The Really Horrible Vlogger4 ditë më parë

    arctic fox ( i think thats the color she used) is a blue based dye so sometimes itll turn out wwaaaay more blue than some people want

  35. Contortion illo

    Contortion illo4 ditë më parë

    Anyone notice the last girls hair was a lot longer than at the beginning before she died it. I think it was the green wig

  36. Sister Aaliyah

    Sister Aaliyah4 ditë më parë

    The first girls hair looked so good!!

  37. Michelle Fugate

    Michelle Fugate4 ditë më parë

    That shade is a dark blue green so my theory is that the white part showed the true color and the yellow bumped it up to a more true green?

  38. Michelle Fugate

    Michelle Fugate4 ditë më parë

    yep just finished the video. thats def why. love u brad mondo!

  39. Eri, that one child.

    Eri, that one child.4 ditë më parë

    my main source of serotonin is this man calling me beautiful

  40. Cherie Adkins

    Cherie Adkins4 ditë më parë

    Ok, for real.... do you paint your desk a different color every episode???

  41. Brittany Webb

    Brittany Webb4 ditë më parë

    I just want to point out that I have the same straws as you!! Lol. 👍💚

  42. Jenn Willis

    Jenn Willis5 ditë më parë

    If she had residual unoxidized pigment from a toner before, it could have reacted with the pigment creating more blue.

  43. Creative Sparks

    Creative Sparks5 ditë më parë

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="455">7:35</a> HEY!! its because the color actually was more bluish and the more yellow parts on top made it turn green on top. and left the bottom the actual dye color <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="532">8:52</a> lol not a stylist... but ik thats y

  44. Judi Roth

    Judi Roth5 ditë më parë

    Brad, where do you go when you leave the table - inquiring minds want to know❤️❤️

  45. Stevi Faccenda

    Stevi Faccenda5 ditë më parë

    That second one... I WANT IT

  46. Giovanna Khouw

    Giovanna Khouw5 ditë më parë

    The first girl mixed the coloring I think. When she showed the white paper you can see that she had at least three swatches of coloring. My guess is that she put blue in to make it darker. Her ends were white so that took that blue, but she had yellow patches combined with the blue dye it turned a really nice green

  47. MintChocolate

    MintChocolate5 ditë më parë

    When I dyed my hair green using arctic fox Phantom Green and Transylvania I bleached my hair to an orangey yellow level 6 or 7 base and it came out as a perfect forest green. I think the first girl had hair that was overall too light and patchy and not warm toned enough. I notice a lot of arctic fox products in their green/black range tend to fade to a bluish color anyway so having those warmer tones in your hair and makes it a bit greener. I feel like if her hair was color corrected and toned a bit darker it would have worked. Arctic fox is a great dye and I swear by it. Definitely an issue of just not having the right base color

  48. Charity James

    Charity James5 ditë më parë

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="424">7:04</a> you were almost Midoriya don’t worry just add more green

  49. Lady L

    Lady L6 ditë më parë

    So the ends are more likely the accurate colour. The roots have went more of a bright or vibrant green because they have more of the yellow colour mixed through (So I should have watched all the video before leaving this comment haha)

  50. little muffin

    little muffin6 ditë më parë

    If your a my hero academia fan you would have spot this, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="433">7:13</a> look at what she said

  51. Chasity Fey Venske

    Chasity Fey Venske6 ditë më parë

    I had green hair for a couple of years and I adore it, the green literally made me have so much more confidence then any other color I've ever had. I will always always tell people to do their hair green, it's a fun color.

  52. Ma Ra

    Ma Ra6 ditë më parë

    Her green dye probably had a blue undertone, or she mixed a blue into her green dye to make it so dark. Which explains why her hand dyed blue aswell as her ends. The hair picks up the blue rather than the green because it is more prominent

  53. Kaylee Deal

    Kaylee Deal6 ditë më parë

    All 3 girls are very beautiful. 1st girl I thought there wasn’t anything wrong with it.

  54. Gampine G

    Gampine G6 ditë më parë

    my last name is green in greek so I guess I grew up to like it lmfao

  55. Tori Van Zanten

    Tori Van Zanten6 ditë më parë

    A few years back I used the artic fox aquarium on my natural ginger hair. Without dying it first and it made a really deep emerald colour. I loved it and it was very even. (Both my mother and older sister are hair stylist and they thought me well)

  56. Pinklio

    Pinklio6 ditë më parë

    I love it when Brad sees successful hair, his reactions are adorable, LOL

  57. lucia kandjibi

    lucia kandjibi7 ditë më parë

    When he said 2020 is the colour of green he meant green is the colour of Corona virus

  58. Kitty Hatchet

    Kitty Hatchet7 ditë më parë

    Getting quarangreened

  59. Iveary Fisher

    Iveary Fisher7 ditë më parë

    i LOVE green it's my absolute favorite color. my hairs green :) dyed it in quarantine and ngl i think it looks fine

  60. Laura Johnson

    Laura Johnson7 ditë më parë

    The first girl....I think this is why people dye their hair at home, because you go to a salon and they still mess it up and you've paid a tonne of money for it!! Happened to me a few frustrating

  61. Rebecca Shores

    Rebecca Shores7 ditë më parë

    Everyone’s scared of green hair Watch Bijuu mikes hair boi

  62. Kindred Heart

    Kindred Heart8 ditë më parë

    Did girl #1 paint freckles on herself? ... She did didn't she

  63. Victoria McGrath

    Victoria McGrath8 ditë më parë

    the phantom green is more blue based while the iris green is more yellow

  64. Squiwi Quiwi

    Squiwi Quiwi8 ditë më parë

    “Alannah! Who’s flirting with you who is that” - mom “BRAD MONDO!” - me

  65. Ashleigh Parker

    Ashleigh Parker8 ditë më parë

    Blue and green are always my go tos when I dye my hair

  66. Dawa Laquak

    Dawa Laquak8 ditë më parë

    So u know how u say all of us are beautiful well while I am watching this I am preparing big to dye my tips pink!!!

  67. DragonRiderGirl

    DragonRiderGirl8 ditë më parë

    I have been working with Artic Fox for YEARS ever since it came out. Something with Arctic Fox and it's base is odd, possibly with the all plant based products. I've gone and dyed my hair with Wrath (aka dark red) and sometimes the base gives my hair a slight shade of purple to it or if I go Aquamarine (teal) there are some places where it ends up like an emerald green. My guess it's a combination of the base colors they use with the plant based products. Artic Fox is very nice and incredibly vibrant and works SO well when mixed together. The 2nd color job the little bit of Aquamarine was a perfect addition since it helps bring way more of that emerald green. And with it being so incredibly soft, shiny is with those plant products there is NO bleaching product in it just straight color with conditioning already in the color.

  68. solbyx webber

    solbyx webber8 ditë më parë

    “holy sheeeeaaaaiiiiittteeee”. *-brad mondo 2020*

  69. Kristy M

    Kristy M8 ditë më parë

    I think the first girls hair is amazing I actually really like the blue green mix

  70. Rhae laettner

    Rhae laettner8 ditë më parë

    I mean from everything that you’ve taught me I would guess that the reason the hair is blue on the bottom is because like the dye had a very blue tent and the top of her head was more yellow in the very ends were not yellow so that’s why the top the green and the yellow makes when it became more of a lime green and the bottom didn’t have any yellow to mix with it was on top of white so that’s why it’s more blue because the color had a blue tint to it like we saw on her hands @bradmondo

  71. Genessis Johnson

    Genessis Johnson8 ditë më parë

    I felt the first girl "I just wanted to be Midoriya" I absolutely love My Hero Academia Deku is the best

  72. Kayla Falcon

    Kayla Falcon9 ditë më parë

    Umm I want stellas hair!!

  73. Jaydin Stirnaman

    Jaydin Stirnaman9 ditë më parë

    No 2020 is the year 4 the corona😕

  74. Saki Loves

    Saki Loves9 ditë më parë

    Lol love how he said maybe 2020 will be the year of green hair and then a shit ton girls started dying the hair green inspired by billie

  75. Angelica Gonzales

    Angelica Gonzales9 ditë më parë

    Brad tryna be nice like come on dragggg that hairstyles 😂😂

  76. Estefanija D

    Estefanija D9 ditë më parë

    I think Pastellgreen was suit the first girl better.

  77. Aliana Kyrah Briones

    Aliana Kyrah Briones9 ditë më parë

    Damn my fiance was asking me to dye my hair green and I've seen this video. I think I'll be getting it when my hair grows long and my curls are more define. Hell yeah I'm gonna get that neon green with lots of extra. 🤣

  78. Mackenzie Gomez

    Mackenzie Gomez9 ditë më parë

    Here I am... Sitting here with green hair for about a week before finding this video😂

  79. Flora Saelor

    Flora Saelor9 ditë më parë

    After watching all these videos I really want to wait for the salons to open so I can change my hair color for the first time XD

  80. Healer Jayne

    Healer Jayne10 ditë më parë

    Just listening to Brad say "Hi Beautiful" in the beginning every one of his videos and then complement the viewers makes me smile every timeeee^^

  81. Girl of Wolfs

    Girl of Wolfs10 ditë më parë

    For the 3rd girl, how did hair go from short to long!?

  82. Toxic Santa

    Toxic Santa10 ditë më parë

    The second girl tho

  83. Vurelia

    Vurelia10 ditë më parë

    i love his intro he always uplifts me by saying ''you are beautiful'' :)

  84. Michelle Johnson

    Michelle Johnson10 ditë më parë

    It’s gonna be so good on you ... we’ll see though 😂😂😂

  85. heart breaker

    heart breaker10 ditë më parë

    Every time Brad reacts to a hair video made at home he expects people to be professionals at it

  86. Katherine Guertin

    Katherine Guertin10 ditë më parë

    I've had green hair since November 2019! Its a deep forest green and has some emerald highlights due to a balayage I had gotten done last year from when I had Rose Gold hair. I absolutely love the green with my pale olive skin 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚