How to fix most running toilets.

This is how you fix most toilets that won't stop running.
It is more than likely that the flapper isn't sealing properly. It gets a little more complicated (and the video would be a lot longer) if it is the float valve, so you should start by swapping out the flapper.
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    Hi, love your channel. I've got a toilet that periodically runs. Was going to call a plumber but after watching your video, I thought I can do this. I ordered the same flapper from Amazon. Emptied the water from the tank. But I am unable to remove the old flapper. It feels like hard plastic and no give to get it off the pins on the stem. I tried cutting it of without any luck. Do you have any suggestions on how to remove?

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    Highly dependent on the type of the mechanism, the one i have is just rubber ring, so theoreticaly i can cut it out from a rubber sheet and install.

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    My toilet fills and stops but randomly turns on now and then. Water is leaking out over time and I can't find it. I've replaced the fill valve, the flush valve and the flapper. Infuriating.

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    I just found out about this channel from GMA. As a woman of a certain age,whose husband is not in the greatest of shape, I have to do things if our son isn't available.And I have this particular problem right now! Dad,if I replaced the flapper,tried adjusting the chain& it's still running, what's next?(PS, I subscribed!Thank you!)

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    How do I fix water hammer at toilet valve?

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    Hey add that if you haven’t (ever) cleaned inside the cistern and it’s full of yuckiness, don’t be afraid of it, it won’t kill you- add a Blue tablet or a cup and a half of bleach and come back in an hr or 2, flush and have a look inside as it fills up. It should be cleaner than before and won’t be too hard to clean up in there.

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    Im generally a DIY person, ive even built my own basement from scratch (framing, drywall, electrical, celing, etc) but i have never installed a toilet before, never did any plumbing outside changing the kitchen faucet. i had a partially running toilet as described in this video so i went out and got a new flapper and it works, its surprisingly simple but i didnt think of doing it until watching this video so thank you!

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    I’ve had a replacement flapper sitting by a toilet to which I’ve had the water turned off for a ridiculously long time b/c I didn’t know how to do the swap. Rather than listen to the water keep filling, I just took it out of service. Happily it’s not the only toilet so another has been available ... but when I watched this video, my toilet was back in business in less than two minutes. Thanks - from a widow who has added yet another skill to the repertoire!

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