Today I'm making bomb AF Hot Cheeto Noodles! This honestly took me by surprise.. it tasted soooo good! I really did not know what to expect when I thought about filming this hot cheetos food mukbang but I was so happy with the way it tasted. I guess I really am a cook. WIFE ME UP! I decided to cook some noodles and make them flamin' hot cheeto style of course, with a little latina touch. After cooking them, I tried them out and did a little chisme mukbang moment at the end. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and got some good laughs! try it out, I swear you'll love it!!!
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    Try it out y veras que I’m not lying sstupida!!

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    Michelle YtuarteDitë më parë

    My Goddd you swallow that shitttt whole lol! Chew it! Idk why it bothers meeee lol! >_

  9. Alejandra Riera

    Alejandra RieraDitë më parë

    I watched this video while eating a sopa maruchan and hot Cheetos 🤤🤤 You should def do a cooking video with your hombre y'all trying to cook together would be funny and cute!!

  10. Jimena Echeveste

    Jimena EchevesteDitë më parë

    I thought u said she said she like them better than her man 💀

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    Abby ybbaDitë më parë

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    Meeee craving this while at work 😩😩

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    Why did I decide this would be a good idea to watch at 4.30am 😂 I’m hungry now haha looks hella good! Love you Louieeeee 💜💜💜

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    Hey Loui when is Karla coming back🥺😭❤️

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    ............ El paletero *whisper*

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    HoNeSt OpInIoN

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    oli2 ditë më parë

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  60. playing games and haveing fun

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    Hi I am a biiiiiiig fan of you.can you have me a shout outplz that will make my day and I am haveing a bad day my boy broke up with me and my grandpa broke his foot so that will make my day bye plus I love your channel I play a game called adopt me you should play it is relly fun and good 😃😃😃

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