Melissa McCarthy’s Mom Accidentally Pet a Wild Skunk

Melissa McCarthy told Ellen about how her parents rescued cats, and at one point had over 30 living in the barn at their home. She gave an example of how to properly call the cats in for dinner, and recalled the time her mom hilariously mistook a skunk for a cat! The actress also chatted about how all her 10-year-old daughter wanted for her birthday was a stunt harness.


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    I love Melissa’s sweater

  3. Marla Shoemaker

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    Oh Melissa - I adore your sheep sweater! Wherever did you get that?

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    Her mom is just so adorable.

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    💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 Omgosh!!! That’s HILARIOUS!!!! What sweet parents Melissa has!!! I love this so much.

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    I love Melissa McCarthy, she has amazing energy :) :) :)

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    I have always loved Melissa and now I love her parents too ♥️😂

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    I love Mike and Molly! She's so good in it. Its one of my all time favourite shows.

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    I would love to meet melissa's McCarthy❤❤

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    those clip's don't last last long. TheAdjustableRifle

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    Omg melissas mom looks like the buttery flaky crust lady I can’t

  12. Lorrie

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    Hysterical! I only have 6 cats and 4 dogs, but I met a skunk once when I was smoking behind a rented cabin. Scared the F out of me! They are large!

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    Are Melissa McCarthy and Lauren Graham friends?

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    This was such a good of my favorites!

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    Dude, a girl behind Melissa's parents with boxed WATER.😂😂😂

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    Amy schumer! Amy wishes to be even close in awesomeness to Melissa.

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    Waste of emergency resources.

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    Oh my goodness no wonder she's amazing her parents are so adorable and clearly so kind hearted. Love the family!

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    Love Melissa's sweater & ring! I want them both! ❤️

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    Soooo misusing public services for a prank and endangering people who might actually need emergency services is a... highlight? Cool 😐

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    Melissa should look into practice mutes.

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    Melissa!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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    Can't stand Ellen...……… get her OFF tv.!!

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    She always has the best stories

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    "That ones a skunk." I just was petting you, good thing you didnt give me a dose of your smelly perfume.. haha

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    Oh I just love her!

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    HI Ellen & Melissa❗️❤️❗️❤️ MM, Plz See My Recent Notes On The JWI WCD To Give To The Appropriate Parties 🎉 🎈 🎊 🥂 🍾 & TU❗️ 💃🏽

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    Violin lessons: when my sis was learning the cello it was Sept and they were getting ready for Christmas school shows. The cellos only got the harmony-never the melody. I went in to ask my mother to please please limit how long she practiced. My mother goes in and I hear her say “oh, honey, you keep practice I think we are going to love seeing you in the orchestra. You sound so good.’’ I. Asked my bro’s does he sound good they just shook their heads-the cello never sounds good.

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    The whole "huh that was a skunk" took me out!

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    Nice star right Melissa!

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    Awww I misread the title, I read "pet a wild shark" and I just had to click on it.

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    Melissa is such a comedic story teller! I love listening to her stories about her kids and parents

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    Melissa is my top 5 comedian hands down...

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    One day Ellen, one day...I'll be on your show as a guest that is...

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    Rina Arora yasssss for what?

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    I adore Melissa McCarthy. I’m pretty sure we could be best friends if given a chance.

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    Lol! 2funny!

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    I love Melissa so much !! She is delightful !! I wish more humans were like her.... she's such a beautiful lady - inside and out. She's the best !!

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    Miss her on Mike & Molly

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    She is a hilarious story teller

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    I’m snorting 🤣🤣 this is very therapeutic 🥰

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    She needs to make more movies, I love her funny movies so much❤️

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    Melissa is hilarious. I could listen to her talk about life forever.

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    I love Melissa McCarthy... She is just an engaging story teller

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    It would be so cool to hang out with Ellen and Mellissa for one day, it would be a blast.

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    Melissa McCarthy is such down to earth

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    Melissa McCarthy and Amy Schumer should do a movie together called sisters it will be comedy genius

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    You mean like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler already did?

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    Can someone tell me where melissa gets that sheep cardigan?

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    I love Melissa's stories. 👍👍 I think she is great.

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    Nikki McdonaldMuaj më parë cat was sleeping and her head snapped up when she did the cat call.

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    Wonderful !!!

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    I was watching this with the volume up and my cat legit walked into the room after Melissa did her cat call 😱

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    Such a lovely and funny McCarthy’s family are❣️

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    She's the best storyteller

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    Okay, my mom always called our cats this way. I thought it was normal?? Is it a boomer generation thing?

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    Hello Ellen I've been watching you since back in Africa. Im a needy student here in the Americas. I will be happy if I get some support to enable me continue with my studies. Please help 🥺.

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    I liked the video before i even watched it

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    Been living in Greece now for a few years... I'll have to try here kitty see if it works on the cats in Greece lol normally "pss psss" and they come running unless maybe they just sense food from a mile away haha

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    Melissa is ALOT funnier than amy schumer.

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    I was awoken in the middle of the night recently by the sound of my kitty’s food bag rustling and very loud crunching. I thought “geeze, kitties, you’re being so loud!” I crawled out of bed, half asleep, to put away the food bag. I reached down to pet my kitties and noticed that their fur was really rough and coarse! I turned the light on and realized that I had been petting two raccoons who must have come inside through the pet door!

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    I need her sweater. It’s awesome.

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    I love that Ellen found it so funny

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    So funny! "Huh, that was a skunk." 😂😂

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    Lol love it

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    🤣🤣🤣 OMG, I love her!!!

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    It's good to get a full laugh with tears... Melissa is the greatest... bet her parents enjoys every bit of her talent to be where she is today...

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    I, like, have, like, never, like, seen, like, a woman, like, who, like, is, like, so, like, incompetent, like, verbally, like, that, like, she, like, has to, like, say, like, "like" like, 100 times, like, every, like, minute. Seriously, I have seen skunks that are better at speaking English than her.

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    I adore Melissa McCarthy but cannot stand Amy schumer

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    Omg ! I do the here kitty kitty kitty kitty...mine always comes

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    Melissa is so real and down to earth. She deserves all of the success that has come her way.

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    So hilarious to see her with her parents on Ellen!

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    Hahaha I worked at that drycleaners!!! I met Mr Milton and his lovely wife. It's in Toluca lake . Warner Bros has a contract withem...met Stevie b, Raphael saddiq , Kirsten dunst mom Lol and mr belding ( pre alligations).....I used to trip on people's excuses for their most likely love stains on their garments...suuurrrreee you spilled blue cheese on it!!!

  80. The Noble and Mighty Beaver

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    Luckily skunks aren’t quick to spray. I nearly stepped on one getting out of my car once and it didn’t spray me. They are quite cute.

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    Lol the title is so funny

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    Wow, the strength of that chair.