My Massive iPad Pro 2020 Unboxing!

We’ve got a bunch of tech from Apple to unbox today! Full reviews on the iPad Pro 2020 and MacBook Air 2020 coming soon!
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  1. ken Huang

    ken Huang10 orë më parë

    what's the point to use a mouse on a such tiny screen? isn't much easier to use your finger?

  2. Sherman Munn

    Sherman Munn11 orë më parë

    Ur Average Consumer wouldn’t flex like he’s Zuckerberg.

  3. openURcantos

    openURcantos13 orë më parë

    you know it's paid content when someone praises Apple TV+ ... "average consumer" my a$$

  4. Mahogany_Hues

    Mahogany_Hues20 orë më parë

    IT👏🏾IS👏🏾NOT👏🏾A👏🏾COMPUTER👏🏾UNTIL👏🏾ITUNES👏🏾ON👏🏾THE👏🏾IPAD👏🏾IS👏🏾UNTETHERED👏🏾FROM👏🏾A👏🏾COMPUTER!!!! Until I don’t need a computer to manage my iTunes purchases, the iPad is still a peripheral device.

  5. aylinyilmaz

    aylinyilmaz21 orë më parë

    I love the camera work

  6. Mallanagouda Mali Patil

    Mallanagouda Mali Patil22 orë më parë

    Brother I that MacBook air please

  7. alida flus

    alida flus18 orë më parë

    Send me this box

  8. Winter Gaming

    Winter Gaming22 orë më parë

    this guy is no longer an "average consumer" lmao

  9. Szabolcs Berky

    Szabolcs Berky22 orë më parë

    I did trust your Thumbnails up until now, but putting the magic keyboard in it was kind of meh. I thought you would be better than that.

  10. alida flus

    alida flus18 orë më parë

    The Mac book air doesn’t have one

  11. Nathaniel Arnold-Moore

    Nathaniel Arnold-MooreDitë më parë

    I love how the new apple products use usb type c

  12. Rishabh Balakrishnan

    Rishabh BalakrishnanDitë më parë

    Wears a NIKE band while wearing an ADDIDAS jacket

  13. CrypticAura z

    CrypticAura zDitë më parë

    When u pay 1.6 thousand dollars just to get a core i5

  14. Kaponyaz Kwaheri

    Kaponyaz KwaheriDitë më parë

    I would really love to win and if i dont won i will still keep surpporting this amazing channel Subscribe✅ Comment✅ Share✅ Like✅

  15. Sai

    SaiDitë më parë

    This broke me man. U r not an avg consumer. U r a millionaire. Nice vid by d way. Cheers man!

  16. John Bryan Loberanes

    John Bryan LoberanesDitë më parë

    Wow hope to get one of that someday😔

  17. Ulysses Alaniz

    Ulysses AlanizDitë më parë

    Ummm can you do a giveaway please LOL

  18. Deadpool

    DeadpoolDitë më parë

    How can this person be average consumer what an irony

  19. The learner

    The learnerDitë më parë

    I need all those stuff that u have unboxed

  20. Samayamanthula Nikhilsai

    Samayamanthula NikhilsaiDitë më parë

    bro u r looking cool

  21. Aarav Krishna

    Aarav KrishnaDitë më parë

    Wait so apple gave you all this for free luck I don even have a good phone

  22. I see you

    I see youDitë më parë

    Bro give one giveaway

  23. Kobe Tuastomban

    Kobe TuastombanDitë më parë

    I love me a nice 12.9 inch...... iPad.

  24. Hydrosoft Tech

    Hydrosoft TechDitë më parë

    The Mac book air doesn’t have one

  25. Donate to me Plz

    Donate to me PlzDitë më parë

    Send me this box

  26. shimura nana

    shimura nanaDitë më parë

    i mean i know new ipad and shit but when i see the different between them i really don't care, so for me as a student ipad pro 2018 is fine that's why i just ordered one, because i don't care about if it's faster or best camera that's not really something for me, but i will wait for the new keyboard cuz i need that touch bad tho

  27. Brad B

    Brad BDitë më parë

    Can I have your old iPad lol

  28. Geo Tech News

    Geo Tech NewsDitë më parë

    Is anyone else having trouble closing apps when iPad is standing up (camera on top part of iPad)? Like if you swipe up to see opened apps and then you can select or close, it doesn’t work for me unless i tap four fingers and swipe a bit

  29. Pria Patel

    Pria PatelDitë më parë

    Man, you CRAZY!!!😝

  30. Ragnvald David

    Ragnvald DavidDitë më parë

    Yuck no thanks. Look how awkwardly ginormous (and unchanged) that thing is. Keeping my 2018 iPad Pro 11” and will wait for September’s iteration instead.

  31. aola wili

    aola wiliDitë më parë

    “Did they space out the keys on the new iPad folio? Let me go check my other iPad folio!” Me, who can’t even afford one iPad, let alone its accessories: -_-

  32. The Coronavirus

    The Coronavirus13 orë më parë

    You stole this

  33. lilly b

    lilly bDitë më parë

    wow you know, just your regular care package from apple with over 5,000 dollars worth of stuff.

  34. Car guy

    Car guyDitë më parë


  35. aola wili

    aola wiliDitë më parë

    Guys he bought apple products put it in box and say it come from Apple what a loser👎🏻

  36. Taklom CN

    Taklom CNDitë më parë

    I don't have the opportunity to use it, I can only watch. haha.T_T

  37. Ghostantine

    GhostantineDitë më parë

    Looked pretty "scripted" to me. Also,just change your account name already. Non representative

  38. Elton Sykes

    Elton SykesDitë më parë

    lol @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a> 🤣🤣 love me a 12.9 inch

  39. Scout Neo

    Scout NeoDitë më parë

    So rich...😴😰

  40. Dan the Man

    Dan the ManDitë më parë

    Can you do a day in the life with the ipad pro

  41. xV3xify

    xV3xifyDitë më parë

    Fun fact I was actually using the new Ipad pro to watch this video.

  42. pratik kotadiya

    pratik kotadiyaDitë më parë

    Sir can u donate older I pad for my clg I can't afford any I pad

  43. Joris Hageman

    Joris HagemanDitë më parë

    Those bezzels are thiccccc

  44. Ta3mous I طعموس

    Ta3mous I طعموسDitë më parë


  45. Timothy :D !!!

    Timothy :D !!!2 ditë më parë

    I'm crying so much because of jealousy.

  46. Nikita

    Nikita2 ditë më parë

    ааа, хочу IPAD PRO😭

  47. Kushagra Singh

    Kushagra Singh2 ditë më parë

    Did apple send all of this for free?

  48. M d

    M d2 ditë më parë

    @uravgconsumer will the trackpad 2 work with the 2018 iPad 12.9 1 tb ?

  49. Mr Rezwan

    Mr Rezwan2 ditë më parë

     doesn’t changed anything except light ar scanner

  50. Manhimself Vendetta

    Manhimself Vendetta2 ditë më parë

    Guys he bought apple products put it in box and say it come from Apple what a loser👎🏻

  51. monika laosi

    monika laosi2 ditë më parë

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="320">5:20</a> “New Apple Pencil which is a must” Sorry I don’t understand Rich :/

  52. Xitler Chinazi

    Xitler Chinazi2 ditë më parë

    ㅋㅣ보드느ㄴ 진짜 어이없음 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 써드파티 거치대랑 블루투스 키보드 사는 게 더 나음 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  53. Aravindan Rajakumar

    Aravindan Rajakumar2 ditë më parë

    How did you get all those stuff’s man? Apple will support you to unbox , simply super.

  54. Nantana's Channel

    Nantana's Channel2 ditë më parë

    I just got the 11 inch 512 GB and I absolutely LOVEEEEEEEE IT!

  55. monika laosi

    monika laosi2 ditë më parë

    Do a comparison between the Mac book air and the new iPad Pro “is a laptop still needed”

  56. c: c:

    c: c:2 ditë më parë

    my dream

  57. Amit Batra

    Amit Batra2 ditë më parë

    You have lot of money, please donate for control virus.

  58. Ben does Art

    Ben does Art2 ditë më parë

    Wait but you have the Xbox pro controller which has a lightning to usb type c charger right?

  59. B L U R R Y

    B L U R R Y2 ditë më parë

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="134">2:14</a> *SMOOTH BOOM*

  60. Essale Menoza

    Essale Menoza2 ditë më parë

    Up up up. Exactly the right video I was looking for. Thanks so much.

  61. v2 Carlitoes

    v2 Carlitoes2 ditë më parë

    Dude where can I buy this box

  62. Max Rabinovich Quappe

    Max Rabinovich Quappe2 ditë më parë

    waiting for the two reviews baby!!

  63. B

    B2 ditë më parë

    Can you compare the new Macbook Air vs Macbook Pro?

  64. Ahmed Mohiuddin

    Ahmed Mohiuddin2 ditë më parë

    Those who use apple product, can’t be average consumer.

  65. alida flus

    alida flus2 ditë më parë

    Jud: *Completely ignores copyright music

  66. The Coronavirus

    The Coronavirus13 orë më parë

    You stole this comment prepare to be infected

  67. Joe Pro

    Joe Pro2 ditë më parë

    Great video man. I always enjoy them.

  68. Jose mascarenhas

    Jose mascarenhas2 ditë më parë

    He:catching the Apple items in just a few fingers Me: OMG ITS GONNA FALLL AAHHHHHH *later* Me: wow it didn’t fall am I the only idiot to do that :l

  69. alida flus

    alida flus2 ditë më parë

    When your parents won't buy you any apple products until your 16, so you just watch people unboxing them.😔😔

  70. zainur rusydi

    zainur rusydi2 ditë më parë

    watching this while im using my asus laptop

  71. goaway546

    goaway5462 ditë më parë

    When can you purchase the apple magic keyboard

  72. Ben Francis

    Ben Francis2 ditë më parë

    Do a comparison between the Mac book air and the new iPad Pro “is a laptop still needed”

  73. Phenom

    Phenom2 ditë më parë

    I only hope that iPadOS 14 adds multiuser support, otherwise it makes no sense to spend +1000 usd in a product that cannot be shared at home

  74. Tochukwu Anyaduba

    Tochukwu Anyaduba2 ditë më parë

    Bro, can I get one of them gadgets?

  75. Squareplanet 318

    Squareplanet 3182 ditë më parë

    You mind sending me one, need one for school😂

  76. Felix Le chat

    Felix Le chat2 ditë më parë

    Nice product but I hate Apple

  77. A.J. Domingo

    A.J. Domingo2 ditë më parë

    You are so cool !!!!

  78. Adam Macias

    Adam Macias2 ditë më parë

    Will start at $999..9999 bro I feel you!

  79. ZAds Azhad

    ZAds Azhad3 ditë më parë

    The biggest apple scam yet Apple A12"z" bionic with A12x enabled another gpu core

  80. Gabriel Javier

    Gabriel Javier3 ditë më parë

    i thought that was a karambit <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="16">0:16</a>

  81. hanna nunag

    hanna nunag3 ditë më parë


  82. Mr Donat

    Mr Donat3 ditë më parë

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="129">2:09</a> "It's Apple what do you expect." AHAHAH LMAO

  83. Enrique Puente

    Enrique Puente3 ditë më parë

    I love you man you’re so cool

  84. Stickered by a rose

    Stickered by a rose3 ditë më parë

    Why am I just noticing In some of your other videos that there are claim codes 🤦🏾‍♀️ like where I have I been for 2 yrs 💀

  85. Yumi _Editz

    Yumi _Editz3 ditë më parë

    When your parents won't buy you any apple products until your 16, so you just watch people unboxing them.😔😔


    ADITYA PANDEY3 ditë më parë

    Really enjoyed the review and your style. +1 subscriber

  87. kevin dellatore

    kevin dellatore3 ditë më parë

    Ive had my 2018 iPad Pro for over a year now and its still going strong. Probably the best tablet Ive every used. Saying that as a PC and android guy. The iPad pro, and even just the iPad in general is the best tablet you can buy period. No android equivalent exists. The samsung options are good, but tablet android just isn't as good as iPad OS and the increased app support. Most android tablet apps are just the phone versions stretched to fit the bigger screen .