My Reaction to Hitting 10 Million Subscribers! (Emotional)

My Reaction to Hitting 10 Million Subscribers! (Emotional)
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  1. Mats van der Made

    Mats van der Made39 minuta më parë

    “Done” I would love to get faze rugs yeezys. My insta is @matsvdm_

  2. Hans Rama

    Hans Rama48 minuta më parë

    why do people hate on this kid. seems down to earth.. or i just dont really know him

  3. Nolan Sangha

    Nolan SanghaOrë më parë

    This just brings a smile to my face, i’ve been watching u since 100k and iam so proud of where u are now.❤️❤️ P.s BRING BACK THE P1!! if ykyk

  4. Zanezane 20

    Zanezane 203 orë më parë


  5. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre22 minuta më parë

    “Done” logan paul boxing gloves please, probably won’t win but i believe. congrats man

  6. Edgar Gonzalez

    Edgar Gonzalez3 orë më parë

    “Done” can i get the nelk merch i wish to be able to send as hard as them one of these days! Congrats on 10mil!!!

  7. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre22 minuta më parë

    “Done” James Charles pallet or hoodie!!!❤️🥺I love you tanner and James too😌💛

  8. Andrew Giesbrecht

    Andrew Giesbrecht3 orë më parë

    Done, but honestly just want your stick man drawing, just sign it though

  9. Jitta

    Jitta4 orë më parë

    song at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="245">4:05</a> ?

  10. G-Man's Outdoor Adventures

    G-Man's Outdoor Adventures5 orë më parë

    "Done" It would be really cool to get Marko's custom shoes You've been a huge inspiration to me. Thanks for all the great vids!!!!

  11. Luke LC

    Luke LC5 orë më parë

    O. M. G. Tanner you are amazing! I have been here since the first "doing your dares". You have been my inspiration to start riding scooters and do flips. I wish i could say I was here the whole time but I will be honest i didnt like you much once you became famous. Now i realize you are the same kid you were years ago and regret not watching you more. I hope you will eventually get 20M or even 100M! Once again i cannot believe how much you have been blowing up recently. I love you tanner!!!!!

  12. Melissa Carnett

    Melissa Carnett7 orë më parë

    Dude right when you hit 10 million it was my birthday

  13. Kool-Aid Plays

    Kool-Aid Plays7 orë më parë

    “Done” can I win the Custom shoes honestly they just look so dope and be sure to impress my friends and Insta sam_emkey

  14. Kool-Aid Plays

    Kool-Aid Plays7 orë më parë

    “Done” can I have Faze rug’s Yeezy’s I’m a huge fan of him and it would be so lite to receive something from you Insta sam_emkey

  15. The DylanPlayer

    The DylanPlayer8 orë më parë

    Most I've seen of roman in months

  16. hiddensmiley

    hiddensmiley9 orë më parë

    I want to win faze rugs customs shoes i love him hes a great person

  17. SQU stud.

    SQU stud.10 orë më parë

    How are you

  18. Ian Franco Castaño Montoya

    Ian Franco Castaño Montoya12 orë më parë

    Gooood video I follow you are one of my favorite youtubers

  19. Lou Roca

    Lou Roca13 orë më parë

    "Done" I would love to get Logan's boxing gloves because I am a boxer and work hard every day and the gloves would just be extra motivation ig: roca_lou

  20. Abhishek Dixit

    Abhishek Dixit14 orë më parë

    I'm so happy for you #FoxFame since 2016

  21. Pretty girl Kaley

    Pretty girl Kaley14 orë më parë

    “Done” James Charles pallet or hoodie!!!❤️🥺I love you tanner and James too😌💛

  22. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre14 orë më parë

    “Done” logan paul boxing gloves please, probably won’t win but i believe. congrats man

  23. The_king_at_edits97 C

    The_king_at_edits97 C14 orë më parë

    “Done” I want brawadis basketball because I’m such a fan of his channel and would be really cool to have a basketball that he signed!!!

  24. MortalHuman897

    MortalHuman89715 orë më parë

    Oh man congrats on hitting 10 million

  25. Chris O donoghue

    Chris O donoghue16 orë më parë

    Why do every American youtuber say let's gooooo. Stupid

  26. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre14 orë më parë


  27. Charley Woodberry

    Charley Woodberry17 orë më parë

    I would like to win the orbeys because I have never had the chance to win enything or afford something I like I stay up nearly everyday and night watching your videos because it make my life better and I have had a hard life I nearly lost my sister a couple of days ago and I wanted to get her something she like and she loves orbeys and I caint afford them and it would make my day if I could win something my intagram is Charleylouise Woodberry so I hope u could make my sister happy she has always wanted orbeys but we haven't had the chance to buy some so I would be so thankful to u if u could make her happy and I always have my nofucaitions on thank u for becoming a youtuber and making my sister laugh by watching your videos I hope one day we could meet u thanks

  28. B A R B A

    B A R B A17 orë më parë

    Started watching you when u were on like around 100k. Congrats man

  29. Gavin Pendergast

    Gavin Pendergast18 orë më parë

    congrats dude ive wtached since 100k

  30. Mani Kumaresan

    Mani Kumaresan20 orë më parë

    “Done” can I please get Logan Pauls gloves 🧤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍙🍙🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤

  31. kkrispy2009 P

    kkrispy2009 P21 orë më parë

    Well done bro

  32. luxryim luxryim

    luxryim luxryim22 orë më parë

    You hew to com to icland

  33. Andrew Landes

    Andrew Landes22 orë më parë

    I use to hate you but seeing this makes me smile good job man

  34. Lakshana Baldew

    Lakshana Baldew22 orë më parë

    Big support 👍🏽👍🏽

  35. Jej Romero

    Jej Romero22 orë më parë

    Omg watching the one with Roman Atwood I was so happy cause I seen that and I’m done I would honestly just live the James charle pállet he is litteraly my inspiration he made me who I am my @original_itzel

  36. Kevin Gaston

    Kevin Gaston23 orë më parë

    It’s sad I have been here since 5mil

  37. Gamer_For_Life

    Gamer_For_Life23 orë më parë

    how old are you tanner

  38. pullingteef

    pullingteefDitë më parë

    Crash again

  39. 1984shonna

    1984shonnaDitë më parë

    First off Congratulations on hitting 10million. All ready subscribed (for a while now). Can I please have LOGAN PAUL’S gloves because like him I lose everything so the glove will be inspirational to me and I’m a huge fan. But then again I will probably lose this as well haha. Good luck everyone!

  40. Stephen John Ramirez

    Stephen John RamirezDitë më parë

    Imagine, he hit the 10m mark then at the spur of the moment nobody hugged him as everyone was busy recording their phones. Then finally her Mom wanted to hug him and he ignored it. He only hugged her on the mom's 2nd attempt.

  41. Alex Vasquez

    Alex VasquezDitë më parë


  42. Bobsanitizer

    BobsanitizerDitë më parë

    Hi, I would just like to win because I am deploying overseas in a few days and I would like to see what you do for Americans who are supporting this great country!!

  43. Dz_Blxnn ‘

    Dz_Blxnn ‘Ditë më parë

    I need the FaZe Rug yeezys 🥺

  44. royal plewa

    royal plewaDitë më parë

    i would love to win games charles merch cause he inspires me and i love his content also i feel like i should win cause iv wanted his merch for so long and im a big fan u can contact me on ig tomas.blesiveditzz

  45. Makayla Joyce

    Makayla JoyceDitë më parë

    Congrats on 10 MILL!!!!!!!! Omg I remember the first time watching you and I thought wow this guy is gonna make it far! Well I was right hoping to see you hit 100mill!

  46. Kent Spooner

    Kent SpoonerDitë më parë

    Roman Atwood does not post anymore. Does anybody know what happened

  47. Max Maris

    Max MarisDitë më parë

    I remember 3m because I was one of them

  48. Ellie Kondacs

    Ellie KondacsDitë më parë

    "Done" I would love to win Markos customised shoes because I currently need some new shoes. I am also a hug fan of yours and Markos so it would mean the world to me if I would win. Ig: ekondacs07

  49. Ellie Kondacs

    Ellie KondacsDitë më parë

    "Done" I would love to win Markos customised shoes because I currently need some new shoes. I am also a hug fan of yours and Markos so it would mean the world to me if I would win. Ig: ekondacs07

  50. Sankalp Gaikwad

    Sankalp GaikwadDitë më parë

    Mac book plz I wanna be a youtuber like but I can't buy a lappiee I'm from india 🇮🇳ig/ sinces1999

  51. Cristina Tellez

    Cristina TellezDitë më parë

    Good job taner you be grindeing good jobbbbb

  52. Abdel Msasi

    Abdel MsasiDitë më parë

    Best youtubers like my comment, ❤️

  53. Andrew Silas

    Andrew SilasDitë më parë

    Really haven’t realized how long I’ve been watching you until now

  54. Hefty Panda

    Hefty PandaDitë më parë

    “Done” anything from anyone but Markos shoes are insane congrats

  55. Keary Fulgencio

    Keary FulgencioDitë më parë

    linsey is a baddie

  56. Jan Dela Cruz

    Jan Dela CruzDitë më parë

    Tanner you should do everyone’s bet, I just thought it would be funny

  57. Exotic Fact

    Exotic FactDitë më parë

    "Done" Logan Pauls Boxing Gloves or anything else

  58. DNA SHOW

    DNA SHOWDitë më parë

    Congratulations! All that hard work paying off!!! You'll be at 20M in no time!

  59. Marcela Catalan

    Marcela CatalanDitë më parë

    ✅ done

  60. soinhu foitu

    soinhu foituDitë më parë

    Going to the toilet * emotional *

  61. Joshua Rockhold

    Joshua RockholdDitë më parë

    I was born in 2011 big fan. keep up the good work

  62. Flyn Mendes Marks

    Flyn Mendes MarksDitë më parë

    love your vids,.

  63. Mihály Mankovics

    Mihály MankovicsDitë më parë

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="721">12:01</a> I'm from Hungary! Greetings! 😃👌🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺 Congrats Tanner! I'm here since 3,000,000 subs! 😁 Also your memorable car accident. 😢😩

  64. Poopy Head

    Poopy HeadDitë më parë

    “Done” Faze banks hairline I know it isn’t much

  65. Louxie

    LouxieDitë më parë

    DONE i would love Thestradmans hoodie because it would be my first time winnning a youtubers merchandies and im a really big fan of Thestradman also my Twitter is "blackyossshi12"

  66. Eyezo Beatz

    Eyezo BeatzDitë më parë

    "DONEEE" I really want logan pauls boxing gloves! thx

  67. Fernando Ramirez

    Fernando RamirezDitë më parë

    U hit 500K on my birthday in 2016 :O

  68. Ride On

    Ride OnDitë më parë

    HAPPY 10 MILLL!!!

  69. Ashleigh Ross

    Ashleigh RossDitë më parë


  70. Rydnorth

    RydnorthDitë më parë

    Bro this is so inspiring to watch!

  71. Ashleigh Ross

    Ashleigh RossDitë më parë

    Awww I can tell how much you care about your AL-gos channel and fans 🤗 it really means a lot btw I would either like the James Charles pallet and hoodie or the faze rug signed shoes. You are an amazing AL-gosr and person stay safe and well!

  72. Jess Johnson

    Jess JohnsonDitë më parë


  73. Rydnorth

    RydnorthDitë më parë

    Tanner is the most humble person on AL-gos and legit doesn’t let his fame get to him, he’s real 💯

  74. Nazim 01

    Nazim 01Ditë më parë

    Going to the toilet * emotional *

  75. Isaac Castillo

    Isaac CastilloDitë më parë

    Ik where tanner got his scream

  76. George Toomey

    George ToomeyDitë më parë

    I enjoy watching your video s there fun , exciting thank you very much !!

  77. Tanuja T

    Tanuja TDitë më parë

    Done I really really really want brawadis’s basketball! I’m a dedicated brawadis fan 🥰❤️ Snapchat : @ttanjin6 Instagram: @bmmop_mmop

  78. Devin Hall

    Devin HallDitë më parë

    Give me Logan Paul’s gloves pls

  79. Your Mom

    Your MomDitë më parë

  80. Kingston Obednikovski

    Kingston ObednikovskiDitë më parë

    Thanks Tanner

  81. Ebba Sandberg

    Ebba SandbergDitë më parë

    Done- I would love to win the shoes by MARKO since he is awesome and I love his chanal. Congrats to 10 mil Bro, I knew you could do it!!

  82. Camryn Bird

    Camryn BirdDitë më parë

    “Done”james charles I would love to get james charles merch i have never won anything in my life

  83. Camryn Bird

    Camryn BirdDitë më parë

    long over due

  84. aNanaMaLAi M

    aNanaMaLAi MDitë më parë

    "Done" been a fan since your famous hoverboard video. Keep on grinding to 15 mil. I would love to have Logan's boxing gloves!