P.E with Joe | Monday 23rd March 2020

Day One of my 9am daily workouts


  1. Kelly Lamontagne

    Kelly Lamontagne13 minuta më parë


  2. Gidget Wong

    Gidget Wong27 minuta më parë

    From Scotland. 👍

  3. Gidget Wong

    Gidget Wong30 minuta më parë

    Thank you. Great workout. 👍🤪

  4. jamie hurley

    jamie hurleyOrë më parë

    Catch my LIVE CHILDREN'S MORNING MEDITATION from tomorrow at 8.30-8.45 and start your day with calmness and positivity, all ready for your PE lesson with Joe Wicks!

  5. hermione hales-owen

    hermione hales-owenOrë më parë

    Great love it jo

  6. Bobby Riley

    Bobby RileyOrë më parë

    Hi bobby and Kerry in Blackburn

  7. hermione hales-owen

    hermione hales-owenOrë më parë

    Hermione inwokingham

  8. Play Ground

    Play GroundOrë më parë

    Please shout out to EMY and ELISE who do this EVERYDAY

  9. Vicky Percival

    Vicky PercivalOrë më parë

    Thanks for the great works outs Joe, we've done every one so far and think they are amazing!! From Vicky, Iain and Rosie working out in Epsom.

  10. Soccar Cider

    Soccar Cider2 orë më parë

    watch the 31st of march one it is live

  11. Pleasant

    Pleasant2 orë më parë

    My english teacher said me to do this. Not even my PE teacher.

  12. GBLAST 009

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    I’m training by myself for school.

  13. Carmin Law Nel

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    your right

  16. Alexandre Khalil

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  17. Wisest Of the the century

    Wisest Of the the century4 orë më parë

    Bruh my P.E teacher trippin

  18. Katelin Buxton

    Katelin Buxton4 orë më parë

    I’m sooo glad your doing this because i am soo bored of PE at my school

  19. Peter Snelling

    Peter Snelling4 orë më parë

    Is this Russell brand

  20. Red Pill Vegan

    Red Pill Vegan4 orë më parë

    Shredded sports science sent me here. Subscribed to your channel and shared your video

  21. Keevy

    Keevy5 orë më parë

    my hass teacher sent us the link to this...

  22. Robin Jaworski-Olson

    Robin Jaworski-Olson5 orë më parë

    Teacher: for PE, you have to follow joe's videos. Me: who's joe? teacher: LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE GOING TO THE SHADOW REALM, JIMBO

  23. TensaiHimeSama

    TensaiHimeSama5 orë më parë

    Hi Joe! I wanted to thank you for making these videos!! My kids started this video with you today and it was a little tough for them but it made for a good start of the day. They’re looking forward to what the next one will be like. Cheers!

  24. Zey - Kon

    Zey - Kon5 orë më parë

    It's so funny how skinny guys wear tight spandex shirts. I hate people staring at me so I wear XL

  25. David Goodwin

    David Goodwin7 orë më parë

    I like this !

  26. Ben Hardy

    Ben Hardy7 orë më parë

    Hello from Brayden in Australia, in 11 and miss Sport class now my school is closed

  27. Aidan McHugh

    Aidan McHugh7 orë më parë

    Australia Perth Aidan

  28. M419 Music

    M419 Music8 orë më parë

    He the type of guy to try make you do swimming in your bath and say you have absolutely no excuse 😂 Good vids though well done.

  29. Wendy Lavin

    Wendy Lavin8 orë më parë

    love this from australia x

  30. shad

    shad8 orë më parë

    My teacher sent me here






    his like my pe teacher

  33. Carissa Wilson

    Carissa Wilson9 orë më parë

    HI From Zarah 10 years old, Everitt 6 years old and Hazel 2 years oldin Australia

  34. Eric Costa

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  35. Aman Bhullar

    Aman Bhullar9 orë më parë

    Watch nd enjoy al-gos.info/video/mZ2En6iAxNXUsqc.html

  36. Eric Costa

    Eric Costa8 orë më parë

    nice song and clip tho

  37. Eric Costa

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  38. Keith Talbut

    Keith Talbut9 orë më parë

    Please give a shout out to Phoebe Joe and Florence working out with their parents in Greta New South Wales Australia. keep up the good work Joe!!

  39. that white boi

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  40. Lisa Novas

    Lisa Novas10 orë më parë

    how do i see the name of the activity

  41. cornyym r

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    how everyone's homework be like...

  42. noobhunter105

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    why my teacher making me this bro?

  43. Tf ue

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  44. Ewan Redmond

    Ewan Redmond11 orë më parë

    Is it just me that realised that all the people who do fitness videos are extremely fit For once i want to see someone who usually struggle with this doing it as that would actually motivate me

  45. Fernando Garcia

    Fernando Garcia11 orë më parë

    all i have to say is joemomma


    JAYLENE LABAUT12 orë më parë

    pe in quarintine

  47. Dxddysteph 12

    Dxddysteph 1212 orë më parë

    this is great homework 💀

  48. justinseagulleatingsugakookies k

    justinseagulleatingsugakookies k12 orë më parë

    I have to do 3 different things from this guy for pe class and as soon as the video started I couldn't stop laughing. Can that be my workout?

  49. akawater

    akawater12 orë më parë

    Thank you for sharing Joe. My kids enjoyed your workout! Especially kangaroo!

  50. Kirk Stokes

    Kirk Stokes12 orë më parë

    Calgary Canada, thank you, my wife and I appreciate your workouts. keeping us busy and fit!!!!!

  51. Oscar Kitson-Paull

    Oscar Kitson-Paull12 orë më parë

    I love doing this!!

  52. carlos d

    carlos d13 orë më parë

    nruh y is there so many views this is my 2nd grade bros hw

  53. Harper Powell

    Harper Powell13 orë më parë

    Are the workouts Monday to Friday or all week?

  54. Bella Beeler

    Bella Beeler13 orë më parë

    I’m pretty sure everyone is here because their pe teacher made a link to it

  55. Kaleb Gorkisch

    Kaleb Gorkisch13 orë më parë

    Who's here because of school?

  56. Sara Morgan

    Sara Morgan13 orë më parë

    We are a week late to the party, having just done day 1 here in Ohio, but thank you for posting this and being our P.E. teacher! My kids loved it, and it got us all up off the couch. I appreciate something active to do inside with minimal equipment since our weather isn’t that great right now. It’s so nice of you to do this!!!

  57. Courtney Johnson

    Courtney Johnson13 orë më parë

    Thank you

  58. ken kearley

    ken kearley14 orë më parë

    WHHOOOOO THIS IS GOOD WORKOUT! I am working out on my DADs computer i LOVE your workout!!!!!!!!! Im only 9 years old though but im gonna send this!

  59. Kendall Harrelson

    Kendall Harrelson14 orë më parë

    kendall north carolina 10

  60. Jennifer Ward-Billingham

    Jennifer Ward-Billingham15 orë më parë

    This was so much fun!! Thank-you so much, I know what I’ll be doing tommorw. (Toronto, Canada)

  61. Brandon Umemoto

    Brandon Umemoto15 orë më parë

    f u joe

  62. Melissa Wyatt

    Melissa Wyatt15 orë më parë

    i'm new on this

  63. Melissa Wyatt

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    i love this

  64. shelli exe

    shelli exe16 orë më parë

    anybody tryna send me a 2 paragraph summary of this for me

  65. Jason Yobby

    Jason Yobby16 orë më parë

    Why is Joe sweating? I'm not.

  66. idk idk

    idk idk16 orë më parë

    anyone from jkcs watching for homework from mr.F

  67. Destiny Plummer

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    natalie main

  68. Destiny Plummer

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  69. Liam Fogarty

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    I'm a student and I love it!!

  70. Alexandra Nettleton

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    aiden florda

  71. XxRubyGachabyJJxX

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    Florida, US

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  75. Mary Cee

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    stop talking to much

  76. Colby Pope

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    Good fun! Go Joe!

  77. sydney snyder

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  78. Nadia Vaz

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    You were vere 😟😟

  79. Brady Marchand

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    Feeling good in canada

  80. Dylan Jones

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    Had a great time training with u. hopr ur hand is ok

  81. Dr SpeedBuilder

    Dr SpeedBuilder18 orë më parë

    I love this workout. Thank you Joe. This may be late but I’m gonna do this as much as I can.

  82. Akoibreille Clark

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    This is my assignment for online school 😂

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