Polo G - 33 (Official Video) 🎥By. Ryan Lynch

Official video for "33" by Polo G.
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Shot by Ryan Lynch.
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  1. Alex Alez

    Alex Alez6 minuta më parë

    Polo g a goat he’s gonna die a legend 💀🙏🏽

  2. Tom Money

    Tom Money9 minuta më parë

    +01 agbb0bg

  3. Din Far

    Din Far51 minutë më parë

    Why is Polo G called capalot?

  4. Not Sure

    Not SureOrë më parë

    Polo g keep doing what you doing what you doing yur music on point

  5. ايوته عمر

    ايوته عمر2 orë më parë


  6. 4L Gang

    4L Gang2 orë më parë


  7. Alex Alez

    Alex Alez2 orë më parë

    Polo g is my favorite artist I’ve been listing to him for a long time I have a lot of dead friends when I listen to his music it hits different he’s a real goat if I had one wish is to meet him or get to talk with him 🙏🏽

  8. bro why you mad

    bro why you mad2 orë më parë

    who else scrolling through comments while listening :D

  9. R!cothefamousk!dz Rico

    R!cothefamousk!dz Rico2 orë më parë

    This shit gooooo hard asfff🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. YouTube Flecx

    YouTube Flecx3 orë më parë


  11. bilinas mini

    bilinas mini3 orë më parë

    Let's see if we can get Polo g 33 million likes

  12. Supreme Beast

    Supreme Beast3 orë më parë

    Billboard track

  13. Nate Mon

    Nate Mon4 orë më parë

    Sub to yktv_eli

  14. Adrian Barry

    Adrian Barry5 orë më parë

    I been here since pop out but I wasn't a big follower till I heard effortless🔥 How long y'all been here?

  15. Adrian Barry

    Adrian BarryOrë më parë

    @bilinas mini Ikr I do it when I listen to this😂🔥

  16. bilinas mini

    bilinas mini3 orë më parë

    Anybody peep that dance at that start that shit 🔥🔥

  17. SportzClipz 2k18

    SportzClipz 2k185 orë më parë

    His new album really hit they all 🔥🔥🔥

  18. Joshua2cracked -

    Joshua2cracked -5 orë më parë

    Polo g tells a story in every song🤍

  19. Kelvante Philpot

    Kelvante Philpot6 orë më parë

    He easily a top 10 rapper out now

  20. Micah Lee

    Micah Lee7 orë më parë

    The youngest and best in the game right now from melodies to lyrics both of polos albums had hits on every single song you cant say that about anyone else in this game

  21. Donald Wambua

    Donald Wambua7 orë më parë

    Am I the only one who thinks the comments were moved to a better place?

  22. Thomas Gillespie

    Thomas Gillespie7 orë më parë

    Dis nigga a living legend Rs 💯 he brought me up from deep depression to opening my eyes cuz he showed me anyone can come from nothing real talk he showed me to putt my mind on what I wanna do in life through his music 💯 he a real one dey hard to find now days Rs

  23. jv 3

    jv 37 orë më parë

    Dis like the finer things of the new album and Trials & Tribulations is like Picture This

  24. O WhyNot

    O WhyNot7 orë më parë

    (Sht be devastating you find out yo homey checked out.) Damn near brought tears to my eyes RIP Mikey #3278BG4L 😔

  25. aola wili

    aola wili8 orë më parë


  26. Hawler och Oscars Kanal

    Hawler och Oscars Kanal8 orë më parë

    His songs is preventing me from taking suicide. He saves me every day without him knowing

  27. Jack Blackson

    Jack Blackson8 orë më parë


  28. Khamron T

    Khamron T8 orë më parë

    Niggas is cold

  29. Im Barbossa

    Im Barbossa9 orë më parë

    Using the power of 33 that shit works if you know what ur doing.

  30. XxPumpKIDXx

    XxPumpKIDXx9 orë më parë

    Polo g going to make Chicago better place 🤘🏾

  31. Btwking 09

    Btwking 099 orë më parë

    Anybody peep that dance at that start that shit 🔥🔥

  32. D Chavez

    D Chavez10 orë më parë

    On repeat no cap

  33. D Chavez

    D Chavez10 orë më parë

    Story tellin of the real real ✊🏽

  34. darkness winz

    darkness winz11 orë më parë


  35. Millionaire Lifestyle Lifestyle

    Millionaire Lifestyle Lifestyle11 orë më parë

    🤣Tʜɪs Gʟᴏᴄᴋ Gᴏᴛ 33 Sᴄᴏᴛᴛɪᴇ Pɪᴘᴘᴇɴ‼️🔥

  36. Juancho M'z Eric

    Juancho M'z Eric11 orë më parë

    Niggas don't even fw em yk like he speak the most factss on mee u da hottest out RN 💙💯 people just don't see him they way we do or I do🗣️ this shit slaps listen to it erryday ya diggg✔️ keep it up brodie👣🏋️


    DEEBOY SANTANA11 orë më parë

    Check This Remix out 🔥🔥🔥al-gos.info/video/1KB7ZtqRxpnVpY0.html

  38. iTonyC

    iTonyC12 orë më parë

    “I walk into the stu & put my heart in every bar” He wasn’t playin y’all🤷🏽‍♂️

  39. tyler schessl

    tyler schessl12 orë më parë

    Such a calm but lyrical artist

  40. fixion2304NZL

    fixion2304NZL12 orë më parë

    i love his flow fireee and hes spitting facts

  41. BIG ATK

    BIG ATK12 orë më parë


  42. ktosiek shoty

    ktosiek shoty12 orë më parë

    Pozdro @Trapl

  43. Logan Hastings

    Logan Hastings12 orë më parë

    He still ritch and living large #pologforlife

  44. koldsteppin

    koldsteppin12 orë më parë

    It don't matter if polo g has 10 seconds in a feature that shit fire no matter what he say❤️

  45. Rai G

    Rai G12 orë më parë

    Say th@ shit again Polo " I ain't Kno u is VL!!" All is well Yung king🔥🔥💪💪

  46. Pedro Ramos

    Pedro Ramos12 orë më parë

    Insta @pedrogotdab

  47. Tamia Orr

    Tamia Orr13 orë më parë

    Where can we get the hoodie from

  48. Doc

    Doc13 orë më parë

    “This new glock got 33, Scottie Pippen”

  49. Cameron

    Cameron13 orë më parë

    polo will go down as one of if not the best of this generation

  50. Dusty Hersh

    Dusty Hersh13 orë më parë

    Polo g is the 🐐 real shit! This whole album is 🔥

  51. raybandzz muzik

    raybandzz muzik13 orë më parë

    I’m going be the biggest thing in hip hop one day mark my words💯‼️🔥 subscribe to my music💯🗣

  52. C X

    C X14 orë më parë

    This young nigga so ahead of the game it’s crazy he top 3 right now idc what nobody say

  53. Hill Top Dan

    Hill Top Dan14 orë më parë

    Polo ain't have a bad song yet🔥🔥

  54. Diego Granadosargueta

    Diego Granadosargueta14 orë më parë

    Were can i get that fire hoddie. I loved the.album its as if you telling me a.story and i can really imerse myself into it . Like a good movies

  55. Daddy Clan

    Daddy Clan14 orë më parë

    polo g bro watch out dont trust anyone bro or its gonna be like 6ix9ine

  56. Daddy Clan

    Daddy Clan14 orë më parë

    dis song is the best bru

  57. YaB0i OnFleek

    YaB0i OnFleek15 orë më parë

    merch is empty drop some more brow

  58. gamerK

    gamerK15 orë më parë

    polo g wont reply to this

  59. LifeWithoutBigBrother

    LifeWithoutBigBrother15 orë më parë

    Enjoy this life now polo G because once it’s over satan is coming to collect bro. All you people are brainwashed into thinking this is music for one but to think this is actually trending is a joke. He sold his soul and this is his payment. I know life is rough and sometimes the easy way out seems legit but Jesus (Jeshua) tells us to endure till the end. „“the goat“ you mean baphomet (satan) got the horns and all. You want out so bad and to be rich but all your music is about violence and drugs and a few lines talking about feeding your kids or a friend dying just to get a little sympathy so people can relate but your actually the problem. Music, drugs, politics, and government has corrupted our youth and created gang culture. Why do you think gang signs and shakes all involve stars. Last I checked God doesn’t promote or stand for the pentagram. You have all been tricked and are under satans spell and Hollywood and the music industry is laughing as your souls get more and more lost. WAKE UP and pray before it’s to late. Do u rather go to hell after living in hell on earth or endure till the end and stop giving two shits about Gucci and being cool and respect the only person that literally died for your sins. Yo Jesus was freakin tortured for you so you can have salvation. Don’t waist this little bit of time on the things that you can’t bring to the grave with you. Work on your mansion in heaven and love your God and Christ before it’s to late

  60. Manolis Tube

    Manolis Tube15 orë më parë

    Bro tell me why u dislike this video (pls tell me)

  61. Suology music Channel

    Suology music Channel16 orë më parë

    Star polo G you've made it

  62. MersaYT

    MersaYT16 orë më parë

    song is good but the album cover speaks for itself wtf polo get out of the game because I already see you going down a spiritual path you dont want to be in

  63. BDK cheffe cheffe

    BDK cheffe cheffe17 orë më parë

    Tudo 3 passa nada

  64. Karen Gonzalez

    Karen Gonzalez17 orë më parë

    It’s I. Chicago I’m from there

  65. I’m Slyvyx

    I’m Slyvyx17 orë më parë

    Man, polo g vs every other rapper is like a 99 legend vs a 60 Ovr in 2k ong

  66. Abel Joseph

    Abel Joseph17 orë më parë

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="13">0:13</a> true Chicago Bulls Man ❌

  67. Esteban Garza

    Esteban Garza17 orë më parë

    Where can we get dem hoodies doe 🔥

  68. Princeton Duku

    Princeton Duku18 orë më parë

    he a goat

  69. the goats

    the goats18 orë më parë

    Polo g is a new generation of rap he tells a story and inspires you at the same time best rapper out we need him ong

  70. KCG Beats

    KCG Beats18 orë më parë

    MINOR2GO really a goat out here... if ykyk

  71. Clown_killa202

    Clown_killa20219 orë më parë

    It’s been a week an I just got the notification

  72. BabyTfue11

    BabyTfue1119 orë më parë

    He telling his story greatest rapper die legend yo polo g ji and lil tjay collab would be a banger

  73. Piggyboy Style

    Piggyboy Style19 orë më parë

    Polo is def the best rapper out there hello from Motharussia

  74. JabbZter

    JabbZter20 orë më parë

    i wanna know what the editor used for the beginning filter

  75. sxnyx christine

    sxnyx christine20 orë më parë

    🤮🔥 this man has gone places 🚀

  76. Denise PR

    Denise PR20 orë më parë


  77. Tarrence Conyers

    Tarrence Conyers20 orë më parë

    Dead or Alive Chicago got the best rappers of all time.


    SHE_SCREAM_RAY _20 orë më parë

    Polo g just can’t make a bad song stg

  79. Brian Brown

    Brian Brown20 orë më parë

    I love you polo g and rip to juice we love big bro😓💜😘

  80. Bigg Smokaa

    Bigg Smokaa20 orë më parë

    CVL to Mickey Cobras we banging Cz and raising the 5 ☪️⭐️

  81. alisuo toko

    alisuo toko21 orë më parë

    “Still want that point for Gucci, look his killer in his eyes”..sheesh, chills 🔥🔥

  82. Moody Hoodie

    Moody Hoodie21 orë më parë

    you can tell Polo G words come from his heart