Riverdale has completely lost its mind...

Riverdale Season 4 Animated Reaction
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how is Riverdale still on tv...
Riverdale: The Musical
how is Riverdale a real show
Riverdale Season 4 is a mess...

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  1. Dog Lover 101

    Dog Lover 10121 orë më parë

    Riverdale Writers: how utterly ridiculous are we going to make the plot this time Season 5: Yes

  2. Gatomon Sophie

    Gatomon SophieDitë më parë

    My friend: so what do you think about riverdale so far? Me after watching this video: problematic like digimon adventure tri. So confusing. My Friend: ...

  3. Danny Tsai

    Danny Tsai2 ditë më parë

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="399">6:39</a> When you finally get back home after 4 years of college but also super horny at the same time


    BULELWA MBALEKWA3 ditë më parë

    "nothing means nothing until it means something" lmfao 😂

  5. Tyshian Christine

    Tyshian Christine3 ditë më parë

    That’s it that’s the comment.

  6. Tyshian Christine

    Tyshian Christine3 ditë më parë


  7. Kylie Fire

    Kylie Fire3 ditë më parë

    The CW ruins everything. The writers/showrunners get addicted to their personal 'ships' and shows become all about dumb romances of couples that never should have been together anyway. Plot and sensability go right out the window. That's why I stopped watching any of their shows years ago.

  8. The Pickle

    The Pickle4 ditë më parë

    I dont think riverdale had a brain in the first place..

  9. Tanner Lanaras

    Tanner Lanaras5 ditë më parë

    Hey BTW you can watch riverdale on Netflix. Just to let ya know

  10. Kammeran Harrell

    Kammeran Harrell5 ditë më parë

    What person in riverdale dosent have dark secret that they can tell anyone intil like 20mi later

  11. Ana Greene

    Ana Greene7 ditë më parë

    remember when this show was about Jason

  12. skeddadly skidoodle

    skeddadly skidoodle9 ditë më parë

    "Forsythe Jones Harry styles" Well Betty be damned.

  13. Hannah Ciaran

    Hannah Ciaran9 ditë më parë

    I hoped mr chipping would stay very dead cuz Sam witwer is too cool for this dumpster fire

  14. Langelihle Ndiweni

    Langelihle Ndiweni11 ditë më parë

    “We ArE aT tHe PhAsE Of YoUr INiTiAtIoN wHeRe We ReAlLy GeT tO kNoW you” ...interesting go on..... “TeLl Us YoUr DeEpEsT dArKeSt SeCrEt”...is this a fifth grade sleep over??

  15. Genesis Jimenez

    Genesis Jimenez11 ditë më parë

    Ok and

  16. Pug Love

    Pug Love14 ditë më parë

    How is this show getting five + seasons and a spin-off show.

  17. /Mystical Fandom Person\

    /Mystical Fandom Person\14 ditë më parë

    _"Based on the Archie comic characters"._

  18. Isla Salamon

    Isla Salamon15 ditë më parë

    I mean, what are we expecting from Riverdale at this point. The bar is very low.

  19. Lystra Aberdeen

    Lystra Aberdeen15 ditë më parë

    I fine Riverdale is a good show

  20. NewGeneral

    NewGeneral15 ditë më parë

    The Cheryl and Kevin parts though XD

  21. Arabella Misluhani

    Arabella Misluhani15 ditë më parë

    No offense but all of the shows i watch, this guy hates or rants abt it. Lol but for me Riverdale SEASON 1 WAS GREAT BUT WHEN IT WENT TO S2-S4 ..... EH IT KINDA //

  22. Natsuki Najimi

    Natsuki Najimi17 ditë më parë

    What surprised me is the fact that Toni is STILL a River Vixen.

  23. Hun Lim

    Hun Lim18 ditë më parë

    noone: not even trina vega: cheryl: h e l l o d a d d y

  24. Leah K

    Leah K19 ditë më parë

    Alex, can you please do a video on the amazing show Merlin, and on the fantastic new movie Little Woman?

  25. Sudan Peters

    Sudan Peters19 ditë më parë

    Please do Grey's Anatomy

  26. MrDjBigZ

    MrDjBigZ20 ditë më parë

    i would never watch the TV shows you reviews but dude you are awesome at it also dam the girls are hot in this show

  27. Tyler Coonce

    Tyler Coonce20 ditë më parë

    Would it be appropriate to say that Riverdale has reached the status of a telenovela?

  28. Trex

    Trex20 ditë më parë

    I love that Alex is teaming up with teemill. He is so far the only youtuber that I’ve seen making a conscious decision with his merch

  29. Dino Ravo

    Dino Ravo20 ditë më parë

    so glad i stopped watching after season 2....thank you

  30. Alekandra Dul

    Alekandra Dul21 ditë më parë

    I've literally stopped watching the show because I couldn't do it anymore and now I'm just catching up using your videos. I'm still curious what craziness they come up with, but don't want to put myself through it. So thank you thank you!

  31. Joana Silva

    Joana Silva21 ditë më parë

    Can you do sex education?

  32. ILiKe NEtfLix

    ILiKe NEtfLix21 ditë më parë

    You lost your's mind

  33. MulanTheWriter

    MulanTheWriter21 ditë më parë

    why are they still in high school

  34. Matthew Nemeth

    Matthew Nemeth22 ditë më parë

    What the fuck happened to this show 😂😂

  35. Baby Foxworth

    Baby Foxworth22 ditë më parë

    Veronica has absolutely no hold on Archie...Betty can get him to do anything she honestly is theee safest person in riv between jug and arch.

  36. Anita Cade

    Anita Cade22 ditë më parë

    I pray that Riverdale is literally just some type of Fan fiction Jughead is writing about his friends

  37. Ollyoxenfree

    Ollyoxenfree22 ditë më parë

    I think for season 5, they will all end up going to the same college that just happens to be located in Riverdale

  38. Maria Ximena Otalora Cordoba

    Maria Ximena Otalora Cordoba20 ditë më parë

    Well we'll have to wait for season 5 as production has been suspended

  39. Cash Revival

    Cash Revival22 ditë më parë

    Just to remind you: -What happened to Chick and Charles weird relationship? -What happened to the Stalker tapes? -what about the "serial killer genes" -why tf has the uncle Andrew's storyline just disappeared like it's nothing 😂 - why tf doesn't Hiram threat Veronica to call the police because she is a minor who is producing fckn alcohol -since when did Archie start again experiencing the highs and lows of high-school football? -what about Batdrews? -and why do I have to watch this shit 😂

  40. McAvi

    McAvi22 ditë më parë

    Can you watch Jane The Virgin??!?

  41. Corvus

    Corvus22 ditë më parë

    It’s gotten to the point where you can’t watch riverdale seriously, whenever you watch it it’s always to laugh at how exaggerated everything is or how bad the writing is, also remember when the southside serpents were a thing , yeah because the show doesn’t either

  42. SarahM

    SarahM10 orë më parë

    or the pretty poisons? what happened to them😂

  43. Megan Fetterly

    Megan Fetterly23 ditë më parë

    The kids on this show are supposed to be KIDS but they cast a bunch of literal 20-30 yr olds just so they could do gratuitous sex scenes and it's icky

  44. Amira ASMR

    Amira ASMR23 ditë më parë

    Ther theprpost said she is obsessed, not "not in love" god some people are thick. You don't have to be in love to be obsessed. In fact it is because they are a bit narcissistic. They both want to be the sole focus of each other's attention. The enjoy all the fighting and rivalry because of all the attention. Hiram wants to be the favourite parent, and ronnie wants to be not just the fave Child but the one who is loved most out of everyone. Her parents are not all cuddles and kisses, so any kind of attention will do for her...

  45. toast chan

    toast chan23 ditë më parë

    This is just gossip times 30 million crack. Gossip girl X0X0

  46. karo picazo

    karo picazo23 ditë më parë

    It's been so much with this series,I dont even remember what happened in season 1

  47. Inês Rocha

    Inês Rocha24 ditë më parë

    I loved Riverdale S1. I don’t know what happen but I can’t watch it anymore NOTHING MAKES SENSE

  48. HUMUZZ

    HUMUZZ24 ditë më parë

    "Hello DADDY Hello MOM" I-

  49. Nina J R.

    Nina J R.24 ditë më parë

    honestly when the writing of this show was going downhill i knew it wasn't good anymore and i thought of it as just good fun but that's also because i didn't know the writing was going to continue going THIS FAR DOWNHILL. The show almost seems like a social experiment at this point like how bad can we make this writing and still maintain our audiences???

  50. ridhi p

    ridhi p24 ditë më parë

    Your dedication to Riverdale concerns me. Please take care of yourself

  51. Demel Medina

    Demel Medina24 ditë më parë

    Riverdale is just so unreal, that's why I love it 😂😂😂

  52. Nikki Martin

    Nikki Martin24 ditë më parë

    ~dEvIls TaNgO~

  53. Gwn Annabelle Jak

    Gwn Annabelle Jak25 ditë më parë

    go please make a new

  54. Omara Oliver

    Omara Oliver25 ditë më parë

    What kind of moronic name is jughead!?

  55. Melinda Piette

    Melinda Piette26 ditë më parë

    Alex, now that Jug's officially NOT DED, we need a new video! Or maybe after next week's wacky reveal?

  56. Robyn Blackstar

    Robyn Blackstar27 ditë më parë

    Are you making a new video for the new episode? And like ask about the videos from the beginning of peoples houses. Cause I don't remember what happened with that if anything?

  57. Janita van der Kuur

    Janita van der Kuur27 ditë më parë

    can you please give your opinion on suits? It’s on Netflix and my sister and I would really love it if you gave your opinion

  58. Canadian Disclosure

    Canadian Disclosure27 ditë më parë

    I really liked the animation at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="407">6:47</a>

  59. little women

    little women27 ditë më parë

    Why hasn’t the cast graduated yet LOL I feel like they’ve been in high school for 12 years

  60. Luis Moreno

    Luis Moreno27 ditë më parë

    you should watch "elite"

  61. Naomi Gomez

    Naomi Gomez27 ditë më parë

    Can you pls make a shirt with the “you know what I’m saying” written on it and the image as well. That way when people see it they’ll ask “what are you saying” and thus mimicking the same facial expression. It’ll be hilarious 😂

  62. ShmolKid

    ShmolKid28 ditë më parë

    Wow I left when Archie was in jail. How do they move on so fast

  63. Gabz_ MSP

    Gabz_ MSP28 ditë më parë

    I really miss season 1, back when things were decent 😂😭

  64. A K

    A K28 ditë më parë

    your riverdale videos give me life.

  65. Not Accessible

    Not Accessible28 ditë më parë

    Riverdale will never die

  66. Vape

    Vape28 ditë më parë

    The writing is cringey yes but the show is compelling and entertaining. Riverdale is just escapism and I love it.

  67. FunkyPanda

    FunkyPanda28 ditë më parë

    why isn’t it on netflix

  68. SA TA

    SA TA29 ditë më parë

    “And has at least 3 fur suits bc I mean come on “ I’m dying

  69. Christine Gray

    Christine Gray29 ditë më parë

    Ok I might be the only one but season 3 is my favourite season

  70. Afro Adam

    Afro Adam29 ditë më parë

    For yall that actually keep up with the show, watching the blooper reels online from the first two seasons helps me remember the classy times of the show lol

  71. Poop Spaghetti

    Poop Spaghetti29 ditë më parë

    Remember Season 1?? Yeah, me neither

  72. NoobyGay

    NoobyGay29 ditë më parë

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="107">1:47</a> wtfff?

  73. Sophie Young

    Sophie Young29 ditë më parë

    When you realize there is a rule in chess where you can't purposely put yourself into checkmate.

  74. Lain Warisa

    Lain Warisa27 ditë më parë

    Maybe they meant that in the next move he could be easily checkmated, idk I didn't watch the show but I thought they meant that, at least I hope so. I hate when in shows after all the bad writing they can't even do basic game rules right.

  75. emmasteashitt

    emmasteashitt29 ditë më parë

    what was that dance💀

  76. emmasteashitt

    emmasteashitt29 ditë më parë

    I just realized in that one episode when all the parents called their children they were all having sex and that shows how most of the characters life’s just evolve around that

  77. Alice Lily

    Alice LilyMuaj më parë

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="196">3:16</a> jughead and harry styles? u get it alex, new otp someone come up with a name for the ship

  78. Alice Lily

    Alice LilyMuaj më parë

    Quick Trivia: What do you think is more likely? Jughead being dead or my urine turning into gold?

  79. Cius P.

    Cius P.Muaj më parë

    Apparently all of the Riverdale writers do nothing good that sabotage your own characters. This team TV show started up as something refreshing and mysterious And I just feel like it just drifts so far from where it supposed to be. And I don't even know what is the main premise for these writers to cling on to in order to proceed to story.

  80. Josh Rolle

    Josh RolleMuaj më parë

    im the 2 millionth subscriber

  81. Itz me Lily

    Itz me LilyMuaj më parë

    DUDE U HAVE 14 VIDEOS ABOUT RIVERDALE AND YOUR WHOLE CHANNEL IS *movie or show* is a mess Kinda dumb Pretty great The weirdest show Litterly makes no sense Creepiest show Etc COME UP WITH SOMETHING NEW GOD DANG I UNSUBSCRIBED AND I STILL GET YOUR CRAP STOPPPP

  82. Sofia Ivanova Elvira

    Sofia Ivanova ElviraMuaj më parë

    Riverdale is stupid 😂 killing off Jughead?! Do you want to lose all your views?!

  83. KetHeadAnky

    KetHeadAnkyMuaj më parë

    Do a video on Money Heist