Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G vs Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Full Comparison including hands-on Size, Display, Design, Camera, Performance, Battery & Price.
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The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra features a 6.9" 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED Infinity O Display, IP68 Water & Dust Resistance, Quad Cameras, 108MP Primary, 48MP Telephoto Space Zoom, Ultra-Wide and Depth, 40MP Selfie Camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865/Exynos 990, Up to 16GB RAM, 512GB Storage + MicroSD, 5000mAh battery, Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor, Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 and Wireless PowerShare.
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  1. CPA marketingacademy

    CPA marketingacademyDitë më parë

    This is unfair. You should compare the iPhone to a S8plus or something like that. The s20 is way ahead of the iPhone. It's like comparing a cat with a lion.

  2. zakariye adan official m

    zakariye adan official m2 ditë më parë

    AL-gos kan subscribe dhaha waane I share kare Zakariye adan official m fadalan

  3. Legend The Terror Gamer

    Legend The Terror Gamer3 ditë më parë

    Bro compare Samsung s20 vs iphone 12

  4. Mitu Saha

    Mitu Saha5 ditë më parë

    Samsung S20 Ultra

  5. Antonio Castilla

    Antonio Castilla6 ditë më parë

    iOS is just so boring 😩

  6. is Drone

    is Drone11 ditë më parë

    samsung + apple = alien(?)


    NATURE BOY13 ditë më parë

    I ll go for S20 ultra... absolutely beast in term of quality...

  8. Maya Solar

    Maya Solar13 ditë më parë

    My heart says: Yes My brain says: u have kids pay your rent 😭🤣

  9. Abhishek V

    Abhishek V14 ditë më parë

    S20 ultra is overrated....for 1400 dollars...cameras are jus a marketing gimmick...iPhone still ahead unless Samsung brings a revolutionary software like ios13....mediocre software drags the excellent hardware that Samsung offers.on the other hand apple is both hardware and software balanced giving the best performance.

  10. Anna Davtyan

    Anna Davtyan15 ditë më parë

    Samsung is greate!

  11. Diekoloreoluwa Ogundana

    Diekoloreoluwa Ogundana16 ditë më parë

    Release yourself from the apple bondage today.

  12. Hassan El Deeb

    Hassan El Deeb19 ditë më parë

    And people still buy iphone


    ALJAŽ KOVAČIČ19 ditë më parë

    Samsung s20 ultra

  14. Logan Shelton

    Logan Shelton20 ditë më parë

    Dislikes can"t read or hear or see or touch...

  15. jawad khan

    jawad khan20 ditë më parë

    I Love iphone 11

  16. Jacob Dipietro

    Jacob Dipietro20 ditë më parë

    12 megapixel for a 1000 dollar phone thats hilarious Apple garbage as usual

  17. The Ace Family Supporters

    The Ace Family Supporters20 ditë më parë

    Samsung see,Samsung do

  18. You Dont Know Me

    You Dont Know Me22 ditë më parë

    apple timcook : introducing the new 3w ICharging, and the charger itself cost 500$, & cable cost 1000$, this cable is unique, this made with heart of the enginers Crowd : woo..woo 🤸‍♀️ woo..woo 🤸 *They was possessed Timcook continue speaking : Buy now!! Motherfucker! *Scream while pulling her own hair Buy now! you get 10% discount, tomorrow 60% discount! Dont be late! Isheep : queuing from the Pacific Ocean, to the bermuda triangle half of them become an evil nun & evil kardashian butt


    METEORIC BRAINER22 ditë më parë

    🔥🔥🔥SAMSUNG THE BEST🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

  20. Bruno

    Bruno23 ditë më parë

    Samsung > Huawei >IPhone > Xiaomi 📱

  21. Brite's Universe

    Brite's Universe23 ditë më parë

    S20 better

  22. mimicro83

    mimicro8324 ditë më parë

    Why can't Samsung make enough phones with Snapdragon SoC. It's discrimatory to ship some S20 with Snapdragon SoC to some regions and ship those with less reliable Exynos/Mali GPU to other regions all for the same price.🤔☹☹😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  23. Jitendra Gautam

    Jitendra Gautam24 ditë më parë

    Plz make a video of Camera comparison of iPhone Xs max vs iPhone 11pro max

  24. 10十

    10十24 ditë më parë

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="25">0:25</a> "That's what she said" (laughs).

  25. Mitch Everett

    Mitch Everett24 ditë më parë

    I have the 5s iPhone. I’m getting the s20 ultra next week.


    MTV SLIME24 ditë më parë

    Samsung products look so much more advanced then apple. Seems like apple gotta get their shit together soon.

  27. anowarhossainpatwary anowarhossainpatwary

    anowarhossainpatwary anowarhossainpatwary25 ditë më parë

    Samsung S20 ultra camera king world

  28. Gabriel Tobing

    Gabriel Tobing25 ditë më parë

    I'm happy I just bought a S10 for a 3 year plan as it has a headphone jack instead of a S20 without a headphone jack.

  29. KNG bugg990

    KNG bugg99025 ditë më parë

    I hear people talk down on androids and especially Samsung phones and most people actually claim Apple is the best brand out there. Lemme let you in a little secret: If Apple is the best brand out there, how come their still in a world wide marketing competition with Samsung? Like you dont hear another android brand out comparing to Apple consistantly nowadays, all you hear is "Samsung". Samsung is the best and their not backing down for anyone. "No surrender no retreat".

  30. Feedmii

    Feedmii27 ditë më parë

    Samsung wins lol

  31. Shaun Kehoe

    Shaun Kehoe28 ditë më parë

    Would u say I should trade in my iPhone pro max for this or not

  32. Kayv Green

    Kayv Green28 ditë më parë

    The iPhone 11 is better

  33. Daniel P

    Daniel P26 ditë më parë

    Why is it better? Because it's apple?

  34. santino

    santino29 ditë më parë

    It's okay. *They're both ugly.*

  35. roshan wagle

    roshan wagle29 ditë më parë

    I love this mobile

  36. Kharan Frison

    Kharan FrisonMuaj më parë

    Lmao, it's pretty much a no brainer! Samsung Galaxy s20 ultra blows the iPhone outta the water! 🤣🤣

  37. rıdvan kucuktepe

    rıdvan kucuktepeMuaj më parë

    Samsung android oldugu icin s 100 de cìkarsa iOS un eline su dokemez çokmeye mahkumdur...

  38. Marina Kholodilina

    Marina KholodilinaMuaj më parë

    I am a big fan of samsung, but pictures from iphone I like more... are there in samsung some sittings to improve quality of pictures

  39. Enrique Watchu

    Enrique WatchuMuaj më parë

    Who wears two watches?

  40. Daniel P

    Daniel PMuaj më parë

    There is nothing "pro" about the iPhone lol

  41. Hubert

    HubertMuaj më parë

    I don't understand. iPhone photos are so wash out, and S20 I sooo much pleasing to eyes with deper blacks and more, - WAY MORE details (grass for example)

  42. 40 NINE9

    40 NINE9Muaj më parë

    Pretty soon the whole back of the phone is gonna be a huge camera lens with 4 flashes in each 4 corners 😂😂😂

  43. runkillorun 2

    runkillorun 2Muaj më parë

    I cringe every time these dumb asses complain about finger prints. All I hear is "Oh no! Finger prints! I'm too dumb to know what to do! I don't want this phone anymore! It's dirty! It a FINGER PRINT MAGNET!" Puts it back in its case.

  44. Juan Torres

    Juan TorresMuaj më parë

    The s20 makes the 11 pro look like the regular 11 with those bezels. Only Apple can sell you the same design year after head :/

  45. anowarhossainpatwary anowarhossainpatwary

    anowarhossainpatwary anowarhossainpatwaryMuaj më parë

    King of smartphones world Samsung S20 ultra

  46. Mitha mitha

    Mitha mithaMuaj më parë

    *what is your favorite product?* *Samsung*- #Like *Iphone* - #coment *(write Y)* 😊😊

  47. hol0_protogen

    hol0_protogenMuaj më parë

    bro, you already know it isnt a fair fight, i am an android person, but still, the s20 literally JUST came out. the iphone 11 came out a little while ago

  48. Liberalism is a Mental Disease

    Liberalism is a Mental DiseaseMuaj më parë

    Bought the Ultra and got the Plus for free through Verizon. Otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it.

  49. David Geerdts

    David GeerdtsMuaj më parë

    Does Apple still make phones? Shame

  50. Hew John

    Hew JohnMuaj më parë

    Apple owners nowadays since the resurgence of Samsung are just deluded and living off a name simple

  51. ii8055

    ii8055Muaj më parë

    Just got the samsung today, The zoom is crazy. I have just uploaded a video

  52. SK M

    SK MMuaj më parë

    I disliked just by looking at this video's iPhone supporter thumbnail

  53. Aarti Katte

    Aarti KatteMuaj më parë



    ABDUL HANNANMuaj më parë

    Where is the camera test bro

  55. Alan martin

    Alan martinMuaj më parë

    Anybody know the music in the background

  56. Vidya Ingale

    Vidya IngaleMuaj më parë

    Both are classic, but Samsung galaxy ultra is now only launch we have to wait for its people feedback . But iPhone 11pro is excellent as per people's judgement

  57. Diffirent types of Vlogs

    Diffirent types of VlogsMuaj më parë

    Make video on 11 pro max and s20ultra camera comparison

  58. Ray Nunez

    Ray NunezMuaj më parë


  59. BIG DRU

    BIG DRUMuaj më parë

    S20 Ultra 512GB is about $1599 @ T-Mobile right now, do you think the price will drop by the end of the year?

  60. Toskee71

    Toskee71Muaj më parë

    Im using a J7 2017 and im good😀

  61. RoSSo RoSKy

    RoSSo RoSKyMuaj më parë


  62. thebestmanever3

    thebestmanever3Muaj më parë

    the first 8k vid smart phone is nubia 3s you domass

  63. Alex

    AlexMuaj më parë

    Can you make a speed test, battery life comparison and gpu performace of s20 exynos model vs the s20 snapdragon

  64. Vakar Khan

    Vakar KhanMuaj më parë

    Camera test please

  65. 팩트폭행

    팩트폭행Muaj më parë

    welcome ta samsung tech folks:) Ive just made s20 ultra pre-order nd I can say now is the time to have an experience of kimchi phone. -some guy from Korea-

  66. anglosaxonbreed

    anglosaxonbreedMuaj më parë

    Samsung ultra is the best phone .ulta has the better camera by far. Samsung has m finally beaten Huawei and about time too. Iphone and samsung both got wiped out in the camera by Huawei. Now samsung is king Camera.

  67. Parminder Maan

    Parminder MaanMuaj më parë

    waiting for supersaf style camera comparison...... after watching your comparison i'll preorder my s20 ultra..

  68. vineeth m

    vineeth mMuaj më parë

    Waiting for hands on camera comparison with s20 ultra vs iPhone 11 promax

  69. Saciid Luqman Saciid

    Saciid Luqman SaciidMuaj më parë

    Others waiting for S20 and iPhone 11 Me waiting for Samsung A51❤🤣

  70. Legend Since 2002

    Legend Since 2002Muaj më parë

    bro waiting for your camera comparison of S20 ultra and iPhone 11 pro

  71. lord mind

    lord mindMuaj më parë

    iphone hes better disain on the planet.. samsung hes better performance.

  72. Baidy Muscle

    Baidy MuscleMuaj më parë

    Waiting fot there camera comparison in supersaf style😎😎

  73. EliteWar Zone

    EliteWar ZoneMuaj më parë

    i think that i would still go with the iPhone 11 Pro or the future iPhone 12 Pro because the software is still better and the ram optimization is a lot better in the iPhone as of today, it will be interesting to see if the new iPhone 12 Pro & Pro Max will be able to shoot photos and videos at 8K, this will be an interesting feature to have.. um.. in terms of raw performance i think that the iPhone still has the upper hand here, but like i said it will be interesting to see if it will be able to shoot videos at 8K, but also it will be interesting to know if there will be a change into a more powerful CPU Processor and a bigger battery as well.. time will tell!. Wish all of you a great and awesome day!.

  74. faizal mf

    faizal mfMuaj më parë

    Samsung & Iphone : hey we will fool people sure they do 😁

  75. Jimmy Vee

    Jimmy VeeMuaj më parë

    DO A CAMERA TEST BRO! Pleaseeeeee

  76. Khalid Essafi

    Khalid EssafiMuaj më parë

    لما تقارن هاتف جديد ٢٠٢٠مع ايفون ٢٠١٩ هذا غباء ولما تقارن هاتف به ك

  77. RemiX. 93

    RemiX. 93Muaj më parë

    Thumbs up for the Note 20 Pro/Ultra. Whatever they are going to call it

  78. Besi 777

    Besi 777Muaj më parë

    2015: exellent screen to body ratio 2020: exellent camera to camera ratio

  79. Sushicake666

    Sushicake666Muaj më parë

    I just got the Iphone 11 pro Max and are very happy about it. The only good thing about the S20 ultra is the camera and also the battery but I still prefer a iPhone

  80. Luminoo Oo

    Luminoo OoMuaj më parë

    s20 ultra is good- but iph body is more detail and more beautiful

  81. Bubut Linsangan

    Bubut LinsanganMuaj më parë

    Samsung the best!!?!