SCIENCE CLASS #1- WHY Does Helium Make Your Voice Higher?

Live stream with demos your brain will enjoy where we answer a basic question every time.
Does farting make you weigh more or less?!?! Place your guess and give me feedback too-


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    Why does your stomach growl and how can you hear the water in ur stomach when you exercise

  8. Jon Lon

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    When a pilot breaks the sound barrier does he/she hear the sonic boom? Also, while traveling faster than the speed of sound does a pilot hear sound from the jet engine?

  9. Breanna Y

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    I have a question how does whistling work?

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    It Would be so cool to have mark rober as ur science teacher

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    Mark why didn't the helium balloons float?

  13. Brennen Wright

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    So, in a way does that mean that people with lower pitched voices just have "weaker" or "slower" vocal cords because they're moving air slower than the vocal cords of someone with a higher pitch voice? Or is this concept different when referring to just the regular voice of a person.

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    I would love to have Mark as my physics teacher.

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    Chalk drop *he drops the chalk which makes the first one collide with the second one and the second one drops to the ground* Chained reactioned chalk drop Science y'all

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    I think Mark needs to be teamed up with Elon Musk

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    I quote "From the drug world it's like uppers and downers" -T. McKenna

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    Oh that’s why your voice is lower in slow motion and higher when it’s sped up

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    Mark Rober: "Teaching High School physics is like my dream job" Also Mark: "I hate public speaking" Should we tell him?

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    I had the AH HA moment and I LOVED IT That’s so coooollllll

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    The Big Bang can’t actually happen

  22. Kris Kirby

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    Thank you your videos are awesome and I enjoy watching your videos and look forward to them ( also when we started the space unit I got excited and taught the class about the part of the rover you built/helped build) keep going stay safe

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    cool bro... my daughter will be stocked up on science projects ..

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    you look so scared 🤣 I feel bad

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    Mark's such a great teacher. He even left the mouse on the screen while showing a video!

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    1<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="301">05:1</a> like to dislike ratio... *everybody liked that*

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    Thank you so much for doing this you are awesome

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    Me and my family have been offering to buy our elderly next door neighbours their shopping.

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    If he was going to be a teacher I would really want to be in his class

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    this is better than my brain


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    For all of you who wanted him as his science teacher, there you go.

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    So he is going to be someone’s teacher I’m jealous

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    best teacher, thank you so much

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    You are genuinely the best person on AL-gos. No other channel compares to this one

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    Ok maybe except mr.beast

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    Learned more from this video than my hs class.

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    Thank you so much for doing these videos!!!

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    Anyone notice the red balloon slowly shrinks

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    so this means that someone with low voice talks slower than someone with a high pitch voice because of physics??

  40. K-Tar

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    Mark would be a perfect teacher because he forgets the mouse on the screen.

  41. Wiggle Wiggle Are Made of This

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    Oh, hi Mark! I like your humble approach to photosynthesis and biologic sciences in general, it says you know what's going on. To me the saying "knowing things takes the magic of it" seems like a missconception about a missconception. Compared to other fields (and always, with caution trying to make fair comparisons) advanced biology it's a very chaotic, emergent, integrative and with many no-answers field. Just the example about how an organism derivated from LUCA started using the energy from the sun in the most efficient way, invaded Pangea and became the most prolific organism on the entire planet, with complex mechanism and variability to reproduce itself wich involves a co-dependent evolution with other movil species such as animal kingdom, to end being the freaking plant ripping the water molecule and bringing oxygen we know from school. The more you know about specifics of photosyntesis, the more impressive it becomes (and the same goes to microbiology in general). I also appreciate your exposition about going live, you are going well. Congratulations about this initiative and keep it up.

  42. Nafhoon The Ninja

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    Why is he looking under the camera Is he looking at words?

  43. Nafhoon The Ninja

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    You make my life amazing

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    Wow i loved it 🤯

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    Mark- Ark and cause a spark... Me: ENGLISH CLASS PLUS SCIENCE!!!

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    Mark: 15 mins long Me- plus 20

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    When you inhale helium , you sound very weird on <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="76">1:16</a>


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    why are you not a teacher

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    You can tell Mark’s gonna make a fine teacher by the way he keeps the cursor on the screen while the video plays

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    Yo, mark rober can u like move to maryland and work at south river high so you can teach me 11th grade ap physics. :)

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    I'm your fan after today... not because of what you're doing (that's already established that you're amazing at what you do ) but because of seeing you getting emotional while speaking about punching Corona... it says a lot about your personality and how much you really love contributing for betterment of humanity. Namaste.

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    I'm 41, and love thank you!!!

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    I love how he’s doing that nervous sway thing that people do when they’re public speaking and it slowly disappears.

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    This is like a TEDx during social distancing. Doing your presentation speech solo. Cool!

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    Mark Rober does workout in his physics class :P

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1401">23:21</a> the heaviest balloon touched the ground first! This really surprised me. It took a few minutes to figure it out.

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    When he said That "oil sinks and water sinks up" you notice he doesn't notice that he made a linguistic mistake.

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    Mark, you are amazing and I love your enthusiasm and edited videos. Practice these lectures at least 3 times as many times as you have in front of a mirror, or take some improv classes. I am not trying to be discouraging, but its not about how many people are watching. It's about your confidence in the lecture you are presenting. The better you know exactly what you want to present and how, the better it will be received and absorbed.

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    I'm a 13 year old and i watch your videos

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    Replacement for school... I like it

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    I love this, I love how nervous he is. Makes him so much more human lol

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    This is perfect to watch even if you’re not a parent or a student!! 💙Mark!!

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    School teachers: aren’t being responsible and not giving us any work to do over the break Mark: I am now your teacher

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    Plz don't become a teacher make AL-gos videos

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    I literally saw this and said Ooo the first youtube based coronavirus class

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    Isn't the helium and sulfer hexifluoride less dense or more dense, not heavier or lighter?

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    Thank you for not cussing makes my day. Keep up the good work your one of my favorite YT’ers

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    u wsanna know what makes your video good only uploading once a month ngl becuse its like a treat and you dont get boring for making weekly videos and losing the taste of ice cream

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    i am 8 and i love your video

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    I really enjoyed this. Thank you for making it even though it made you scared to try.

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    Imagine having a million people in your science class

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    holy crap

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    The frequency doesn’t change, the amplitudes on the harmonics are modulated so that you weight higher frequencies more (in the case of He).

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    Who thought their screens were dirty at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="503">8:23</a>

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    This is ridiculously cool and useless information that I can’t wait to tell my family.

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    Maybe because helium is less dense than the air, so it always want to float up because the buoyancy force of the air is pushing it upwards. Hence the sound or the vibrated molecules from mouth will always move upwards and sometimes knocking with your vocal cords or the pinch or frequency is disturbed because it is moving upwards really fast which cause your voice deeper or higher.

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    You don’t need to be nervous we all love Mr.Rober

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    Screw bill nye we got Mark the science guy

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    He said thru phone or computer. I'm watching this on my tv. And what about tablets

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    He’s Bill Nye the Science Guy 2.0

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="50">0:50</a> you sound like how people have their voices edited in crime documentaries to hide their identity

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    He does lol

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    Quien más viene del sanpa? A ver este video

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    Really wish you used a Shake-weight for the visual demonstration! 😆

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    you would be the best teacher