Three Aussies React to Toilet Paper Wall Challenge

Hi guys! Welcome to our very first video on our new channel! Here we challenged 3 very unruly Aussies to jump over a tower of toilet paper . Watch to see how they handled the challenge...
PS: don’t worry, no toilet paper was wasted during the making of this video :)

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    i just found myself watching three dogs lick peanut butter while i was eating tippies

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    sypher,im gonna have the same dog breeds as you are! (except for my german shepard

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    This is Syphers way of flexing his toilet paper

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    I feel like this is more of sypher's wife's channel, no offense. It's really good as well. The dog's subtitles are hilarious.

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    This is Syphers way of flexing his toilet paper

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    I love you Yuna💖

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    My dog did this it was hilarious 😆

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    Its good if u say somting by not showing only dogs .plz

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    Sypher’s dogs: smash into the toilet paper Toilet paper: am I a joke to you? Btw, WE R AT 99.9K SUBS1!!!

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    is it me or do I just like the life of Aussies video without even watching them 😊😂

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    Does it annoy anyone else that he says Aussie like ohsi and not like Oz

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    Sorry but i am new to syphers dogs, so why is the channel called "life with aussies"(not to be rude)

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    Music is kinda annoying/repetitive

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    Now i know where all the shelves of toilet paper wentđŸ€ȘđŸ˜č

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    This is honestly such a toilet paper flex.

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