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Will A Dryer POP Popcorn?
  1. Aayush Katoch

    Aayush KatochDitë më parë

    Hey can I use lpg instead of propene gas

  2. Avan aquarium

    Avan aquariumDitë më parë

    You have address to the problem at the start of the video that this type of CO2 dispenser is not a quiet as powerful as commercial CO2 dispenser ,that might be the problem.

  3. 死 izayoi_1p1 死

    死 izayoi_1p1 死Ditë më parë

    i tried storing uhu glue in some plastic container it melted too just use metal...

  4. Dark Skull

    Dark SkullDitë më parë

    The hot dog is anyone with ED

  5. Meller belles

    Meller bellesDitë më parë

    how was I was able to eat this stuff as a kid ._.

  6. Scooter taj206

    Scooter taj206Ditë më parë

    You put to muck liquid into the bottle that’s why you not getting a fully carbonated drink

  7. Siberian Orange

    Siberian OrangeDitë më parë

    Slightly higher internal pressure, longer time to sit under said pressure... These are both necessary for more dissolved gases

  8. Aleksa Velimanovic

    Aleksa VelimanovicDitë më parë

    oh nvm

  9. Aleksa Velimanovic

    Aleksa VelimanovicDitë më parë

    i think you shoud freze dry it then try making coton candy idk maybe its gona work

  10. Sunny Huang

    Sunny HuangDitë më parë

    Have you tried blending the hot dogs?

  11. ULTRA

    ULTRADitë më parë

    Miss you m8

  12. Mr Taylor

    Mr TaylorDitë më parë

    Washing machine on trampoline?

  13. The_Phillip Lee

    The_Phillip LeeDitë më parë

    Carbonated soup, Lemonade, smoothie, pickles

  14. Rubicant

    RubicantDitë më parë

    Should have done a Yoohoo

  15. New Member

    New MemberDitë më parë

    ALil bit of the Bubbly

  16. Michael Jones

    Michael JonesDitë më parë

    Who’s the survivor guy

  17. gamer waymer

    gamer waymerDitë më parë

    I’ve always wanted a carbonated hot dog

  18. Wouter Grit

    Wouter GritDitë më parë

    Put molten hardcandy in a vacuum chamber and make the opposite of pop rocks

  19. Ari Bossy

    Ari BossyDitë më parë

    We all know *You didn’t search this up*

  20. BaileyBlue95

    BaileyBlue95Ditë më parë

    This is crazy but maybe you could try microwaving a car battery

  21. Manny Vang

    Manny VangDitë më parë

    😆 the AEW cameo!!!

  22. Kabir Khanna

    Kabir KhannaDitë më parë

    Carbonate a saturated solution of water and cotton candy

  23. Nik Lang

    Nik LangDitë më parë

    My dad eats powdered sugar with his nose.

  24. TeamVorTex

    TeamVorTexDitë më parë

    Dry freeze magnetite powder and see if it hold it shape. Then try burning it / melting it

  25. Sarah Wade

    Sarah WadeDitë më parë

    Cali’s hair change and she changed people and the t-shirts and the children the child Nate speaks some strange language

  26. AkaThat Dippa kuz

    AkaThat Dippa kuzDitë më parë


  27. Arsen Musayelyan

    Arsen MusayelyanDitë më parë

    I stuck a key into a light switch when I was little. I actually recall liking the feeling (thankfully I was not directly connected to ground.)

  28. David W Johnson Sr

    David W Johnson SrDitë më parë

    Next time, purée the hotdog before you carbonate it.

  29. kodez79

    kodez79Ditë më parë

    The pressure is essential.

  30. Addy Brekhus

    Addy BrekhusDitë më parë

    Can you guys try to freeze dry toothpaste?

  31. Sarah Wade

    Sarah WadeDitë më parë

    Cali you look like a peacock 🦚

  32. John Mooney

    John MooneyDitë më parë

    6:14 you had to feature the G.O.A.T.

  33. thecrazy8888

    thecrazy8888Ditë më parë

    Would work better if you put the jellow in a mason jar, filled to the top and seal it real hard.

  34. Jason Greer

    Jason GreerDitë më parë

    Can you just break a bug and try to repair it with a 3-D pen????

  35. Emerald giss

    Emerald gissDitë më parë

    Carbonate weird fruit juices

  36. Leandro Baden

    Leandro BadenDitë më parë

    You know you should push the button till the machine makes a loud pressure release sound..then you can lift the bottle and unscrew it...maby thats why you have a weak carbonation

  37. Coolnathanisawsome1 hall

    Coolnathanisawsome1 hallDitë më parë

    U should try to carbonate soda

  38. Viraj Singhania

    Viraj SinghaniaDitë më parë

    Water? Freeze dry water... ...Also alcohols like ethanol

  39. Jae Williams

    Jae WilliamsDitë më parë

    What happens if you freeze dry and/or vacuum seal dairy and grain foods

  40. Frank Barrios

    Frank BarriosDitë më parë

    Can you recarbonate flat soda or make a lemonade and make a fizzy lemonade or orange juice. Also try and make a cocktail like a mojito or margaritas with the soda stream one day

  41. David W Johnson Sr

    David W Johnson SrDitë më parë

    I love this video. I have some suggestions of things you can carbonate. Try some condiments. Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, and some salad dressings such as ranch, french, italian, thousand island, and honey mustard.

  42. Oscar Hines

    Oscar HinesDitë më parë

    And this is what happens when you have to work from home.

  43. cool gamer

    cool gamerDitë më parë

    I love Nate

  44. Fish and Chips

    Fish and ChipsDitë më parë

    Do pickle juice

  45. puellanivis

    puellanivisDitë më parë

    Carbonate clamato! Do it, you cowards!

  46. Charles Gertos

    Charles GertosDitë më parë

    6:13 As I thought of Chris Jericho... Someone at TKOR is a definitely a wrestling fan

  47. WestTech

    WestTechDitë më parë

    carbonate chicken broth

  48. puellanivis

    puellanivisDitë më parë

    Kefir is normally also kind of carbonated as well, due to the same reason beer was originally carbonated: fermentation. :)

  49. tze sin

    tze sinDitë më parë


  50. Nyx Daymos

    Nyx DaymosDitë më parë

    All I wanted to know, can you cook a bag of popcorn just by unwrapping and chucking it in there? Yes. An answer to a lifelong question.

  51. noob gamer

    noob gamerDitë më parë

    Silly TKOR that's not an angle grinder...

  52. Greg K

    Greg KDitë më parë

    Kefir, depending on how 'mature' it is can be naturally carbonated and also have a bit of alcohol in it.

  53. Patrick D'Cruz

    Patrick D'CruzDitë më parë

    *What if - we carbonate COVID-19 ?*

  54. Ethan Ng

    Ethan NgDitë më parë

    Can u pretend to do the cross slash

  55. Sinsus

    SinsusDitë më parë

    The soul of the show needs to be thicker

  56. Dolan Clips

    Dolan ClipsDitë më parë

    it is currently 3 am and i have no clue why I’m here

  57. Plãnęt Põlãrbęãr

    Plãnęt PõlãrbęãrDitë më parë

    My cat LOVE cucumber ❤️😂

  58. Echorser

    EchorserDitë më parë

    Germany sells carbonated caprisuns called Caprisun Bubbles.

  59. Crazy Killer51

    Crazy Killer51Ditë më parë

    Try to carbonate hot dog water

  60. Tyler Thompson

    Tyler ThompsonDitë më parë

    Can you make a firework gun

  61. Simple Shades

    Simple ShadesDitë më parë

    I had to brush my teeth after this

  62. SouLMadhaN GAMING

    SouLMadhaN GAMINGDitë më parë

    You are not doing please do fast with out talking

  63. Kathleen Boyer

    Kathleen BoyerDitë më parë

    I love Tamora Pierce's books! My favorite charachter was Briar Rose. Plants are great!

  64. Vivienne Fonseca

    Vivienne FonsecaDitë më parë

    Anyone in a toilet paper crisis cause we are and then Calli and Nate are just experimenting with it then again they did this ages ago

  65. Jenny :D

    Jenny :DDitë më parë

    Brett and Eddy better come here fasttt

  66. secret_darkzz z

    secret_darkzz zDitë më parë

    Carbonate thick water

  67. Sarah M

    Sarah MDitë më parë

    Can you re carbonate

  68. Eunice Dela Cruz

    Eunice Dela CruzDitë më parë

    Now i just wanna eat chocolates

  69. Anton K420

    Anton K420Ditë më parë

    You guys should carbonate a banana!!!!!!!

  70. shania lilkizzy

    shania lilkizzyDitë më parë

    you should put balloon in liquid nitrogen

  71. Redneck Patriot

    Redneck PatriotDitë më parë

    She is so annoying

  72. Dennis Wächter

    Dennis WächterDitë më parë

    What kind of rods did you use for the arc furnace? Answer would be appreciated, thank you.

  73. Rumi

    RumiDitë më parë

    9:22 the kumquat was so sour nate turned canadian lmao

  74. keldon letts

    keldon lettsDitë më parë

    can you try building a rope with tree bark

  75. Donald Stansbury

    Donald StansburyDitë më parë

    Carbonated ice cream

  76. Akane Aoi

    Akane AoiDitë më parë

    * now every kid will lick their toes*

  77. Hopi Schwopi

    Hopi SchwopiDitë më parë

    We had the batterypowered pink bunny. He was fun.

  78. Raymond Tillotson

    Raymond TillotsonDitë më parë

    Mercury actually isn't toxic. Thats a myth


    JOTARO SANSDitë më parë

    Kira yoshikage

  80. tamalemonster

    tamalemonsterDitë më parë

    Try bread dough and muffin batter.

  81. Floof Flff

    Floof FlffDitë më parë


  82. Aqsa Maslehuddin

    Aqsa MaslehuddinDitë më parë

    blend liquid oxygen with heated diamonds

  83. Fun Roblox Gaming with ya nigga

    Fun Roblox Gaming with ya niggaDitë më parë

    The way Nate was talking about raid is the way I feel about raid lmao .

  84. Ligit Godlyy

    Ligit GodlyyDitë më parë

    Nate: I was to aggressive with the- Cali:STABBING?!?! Nate:popping.....

  85. Jack the normal YouTube browser

    Jack the normal YouTube browserDitë më parë

    If ypu want to make the jelly more fizzy, it would make sense to leave the carbonated jello mixture in an air tight bottle. Therefore less CO2 can escape and more will be trapped jn tge jello

  86. Blood 165

    Blood 165Ditë më parë

    Carbohnat some oil

  87. David Sohn

    David SohnDitë më parë

    Freeze dry pre cooked meats

  88. Blood 165

    Blood 165Ditë më parë

    Carbonat some tea

  89. Herbert Sulin

    Herbert SulinDitë më parë

    Can u try to make gummy chair and sit on it pls

  90. Gideon Snowdon

    Gideon SnowdonDitë më parë

    Try cutting up the hot dogs and carbonating with dry ice.

  91. Alyssa Fuller

    Alyssa FullerDitë më parë

    You should try to carbonate sweet tea!

  92. Mike Li

    Mike LiDitë më parë

    Try to carbonate ice cream !

  93. Elliot Veng

    Elliot VengDitë më parë

    The “yogurt” is kefir not yogurt BUDDY

  94. Viktoria Margetts

    Viktoria MargettsDitë më parë

    Can you carbonate pickle juice?

  95. Sir Lucian/サー・ルシアン

    Sir Lucian/サー・ルシアンDitë më parë

    Carbonated Ragu _Sam O Nella flashback intensifies_

  96. Gnarly JoJo

    Gnarly JoJoDitë më parë

    love the review brah reference

  97. Michael Racist

    Michael RacistDitë më parë

    When i was in school, I saw a rock and Broke it but i saw that inside it.... IT HAD CHALK/DIAMONDS

  98. Thanks Google

    Thanks GoogleDitë më parë

    Oh noo.. The kefir already feels carbonated in your mouth without doing that

  99. Eieght D

    Eieght DDitë më parë

    Joe Barnard did it first

  100. Ahmed Musleh

    Ahmed MuslehDitë më parë