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Thailand feat. Rip Taylor
  1. under the empty sky

    under the empty sky23 orë më parë

    Vince McMahons head doesn’t look like it belongs with that body. Like his head is obviously too small and tanned to go with that super wide pinstripe torso, like a reverse Pez dispencer.

  2. Parankusam Srivathsa Raja gopal

    Parankusam Srivathsa Raja gopal23 orë më parë

    John Oliver is obsessed with Adam Driver 😆


    SWISSPOWERJETDitë më parë


  4. General Ablon

    General AblonDitë më parë

    Imagine if they combine Adam Driver coming to the show with him reciting some Ted Cruz Seussian poetry about John.

  5. Audrey Strouse

    Audrey StrouseDitë më parë

    Wait, WPGH is part of Sinclair, oh god

  6. Sumi Dumi

    Sumi DumiDitë më parë

    Am i the only one or has anyone else noticed that John Oliver's hairstyle in this video has been his best look ever.

  7. Reagan Luigi

    Reagan LuigiDitë më parë

    Dude, you are a fucken legend. I’m def tuning in June 21 😊

  8. b Negative

    b NegativeDitë më parë

    When you gaze into the abyss... The abyss gazes into you.

  9. Rachel Ward

    Rachel WardDitë më parë

    Thank you for this, John. So many people don't know the real story and you have summarized it so so well. I worked for USPS for five years, had to leave to become a caregiver to relatives. The work is VERY hard and it's completely essential. Anyone who thinks the US can be a real country without the USPS has no idea what they are talking about.

  10. Laura Henderson

    Laura HendersonDitë më parë

    You "need" sports? Unless that is how you feed your babies, that's pathetic. Employed by sports? That's totally different. "WAAAAAA!!!! BUT I WAAAAANT IT!!!!" Mad pathetic

  11. amanuel teshome

    amanuel teshomeDitë më parë

    The thing is everywhere else is different in values and belief so what we see as very horrible it’s normal to them.

  12. miskel products

    miskel productsDitë më parë

    #bestvideoof2020 This drumph is a worthless fuck-wad!

  13. Gronmaster

    GronmasterDitë më parë

    John is next level funny!

  14. neejoy sola

    neejoy solaDitë më parë

    No USPS, no vote-by-mail. One move that MIGHT keep Trump and Co., out of prison.

  15. Teag Brohman

    Teag BrohmanDitë më parë

    the Only Reason I want to go to Antarctica is because of Weddell Seals

  16. Loren Abell

    Loren AbellDitë më parë

    Duuude the marbal Olympics are the shit, your all a few years late!

  17. BlueMasteress2012

    BlueMasteress2012Ditë më parë

    Best bit ever! :D

  18. MAKS6665

    MAKS6665Ditë më parë

    I watch you and OAN , I prefer OAN by a mile

  19. Steve Zelaznik

    Steve ZelaznikDitë më parë

    Check out Brian Kilmeade's face at 2:00. He looks so glum. I'm guessing he knows there's no defending the Trump administration here but he likes his seven figure paycheck so he has to keep his mouth shut.

  20. Athom Klo

    Athom KloDitë më parë

    I think one good effect the statues have is that without them the whole debate wouldn't exist and thats exactly why they are still standing, because they bring people to think about the history. Here in germany some concentration camps are still standing but not to celebrate anything. They are still standing to show people the history and why something like that should never happen again.

  21. MAKS6665

    MAKS6665Ditë më parë

    Liberalism is a sickness that can’t be cured , in my view the comments quoted make more sense than the host

  22. Wolf Titan Reading

    Wolf Titan ReadingDitë më parë

    2020 here, and still no wall not even an attempt to build it not even money for the thing even when he shut the government down for almost 2 months over it. so yeah that walls never going to exist fuck some republicans tried a go fund me for it. imagine a billionaire setting up a go-fund me basically to build this stupid wall.

  23. Sarb Nitrof

    Sarb NitrofDitë më parë

    Crazy idea; only the athletes who've tested negative for corona all gather up and continue playing their sport, and we televise it.....

  24. SaraRVW

    SaraRVWDitë më parë

    Bolsonaro is the worst human being of the world! He is the Nazi who supports Israel and makes deals with Jews for development and to bring water to dry regions of Brazil, is the racist who has a black foster brother, his great friend, a father-in-law Paulo Negão-Black Man, is the homophobic adored by many gays, is the xenophobic who wants contact with the world in general and not only with left-wing countries, he is the sexist who protects women, makes coffee for his wife and guests, he is the forest destroyer that takes out of the land bandits, drug traffickers, and foreigners that destroy it, Bolsonaro is the destroyer that protects the forest and sovereignty of the country. Bolsonaro is the dictator that wants to reduce the power and size of the State and wants Brazilian people to have access to guns to defend themselves. He is the killer who wants to save people from bankruptcy, despair and hunger caused by the coronavirus pandemic, used for corruption and production of lies to cause panic to people. Thousands of terrible Brazilian voters campaigned voluntarily for him, including me. Unfortunately, the Brazilian media has infected the foreign media, but that will change soon.

  25. Nikhil Gupta

    Nikhil GuptaDitë më parë

    Jonah did try his best to end Daylight Savings Time

  26. Ailin Ell

    Ailin EllDitë më parë

    Life is a beach?? Lol that sounds like a “Life is a bitch”. Questionable advert 😂

  27. tashi sangpo

    tashi sangpoDitë më parë

    F.cking xi pi si gi is a moron ... he looks damn ugly with that tiny eye ... xi AKA Corona virus

  28. Joe Ubil

    Joe UbilDitë më parë

    If America can do everything on the internet, then now is the time to prepare programs and policies to vote on line...but only by those that have a federal social security number...let us pray for all.

  29. Roman Darius

    Roman DariusDitë më parë

    why is John so upset about protecting the borders of a country? Try crossing North Korea illegally, and you will receive 12 years of hard labor with very little food.

  30. Canadien697

    Canadien697Ditë më parë

    Why are you picking on Ivanka and Jarhead? They are only known living relatives of the"MUNSTERS"? Or do you think Ivanka looks more like Cousin ITT from the Addams Family?

  31. How zer

    How zerDitë më parë

    I know the Chinese will take a shit anywhere. I was in amsterdam and was walking down the shopping street on the way to dam square and saw a Chinese dude taking a shit in one of the side streets. It wasnt just an alley way theres loads of shops along it and he was just out side the kadinsky coffeeshop.

  32. Al

    AlDitë më parë

    rewatching this in 2020, wondering how much worse things are now?

  33. Canadien697

    Canadien697Ditë më parë

    Your English,I get the joke! But William has more looks than Jarhead!

  34. Belle Lopez

    Belle LopezDitë më parë

    Awesome Show! Objective yet Funny. Great job Marketing Dept while Helping. 👏

  35. PB & J

    PB & JDitë më parë

    My son is currently wrapped up in the legal system. He is 100% innocent, but looking at jail time. This is all very true!!!!.....Hire a good attorney if you are charged with anything guilty or not, but especially if you are not guilty.

  36. Mohamed Aathif

    Mohamed AathifDitë më parë

    For man of that iq he has a great eq Simply he has great sense of humour

  37. How zer

    How zerDitë më parë

    So the south sound like the SJW's of today because they are the type that say do as we tell you not as we do.

  38. NiGo

    NiGoDitë më parë

    Wife cut my hair like bro.

  39. Zusiphe Bulani

    Zusiphe BulaniDitë më parë

    In Hindsight..... the joke "in hindsight the year to look forward to is 2020" didn't age well.

  40. How zer

    How zerDitë më parë

    If you forget history its bound to happen again.

  41. Simshine95

    Simshine95Ditë më parë

    Sports are the most important things of all the least important things

  42. shyam. p.n.

    shyam. p.n.Ditë më parë

    You are absolutely wrong on Modi you making anti Hindu documentary and he is from minorities he also guilty from supreme court and asking what the world terrorist from where you are paid from is ant caa is not against Muslim citizens our land having so many outsiders from Bangladesh

  43. How zer

    How zerDitë më parë

    America land of the free, yeah right.

  44. Devin Trager

    Devin TragerDitë më parë

    Weirdly, despite the subject matter and the fact she probably doesn't need assistance, the painter actually does fabric pretty well

  45. Bruno Lira

    Bruno LiraDitë më parë

    Elon Musk went on Joe Rogan saying covid19 is ten timeless dangerous than what is being said and that people should be capable of doing what they want because freedom blablabla. Like a guy said there, he cant play with his rockets without his workers. He might be going mad.

  46. Albert Stegeman

    Albert StegemanDitë më parë

    People gullible enough to send their money to these televangelists deserve to be saved. Jesus have mercy on them.

  47. mandolo

    mandoloDitë më parë

    Testing capacities are not at their limit here in Germany, which is one reason why the Bundesliga (Highest Soccer League in Germany) has resumed its competition without audience in the stadiums last week, with german basketball soon to follow. For these leagues, continuing without viewers makes more sense financially than not playing at all, and they have a testing and quarantine system in place quite similar to what Dr. Fauci suggested. Still, it's important to keep in mind that many leagues, for example the handball and ice hockey main leagues in germany, rely heavily on audience revenue because they do not earn as much from TV rights, so they are, to put it mildl,y absolutely screwed right now.

  48. Shawn Zuercher

    Shawn ZuercherDitë më parë

    Buinsness men who want more and more money and power are sociopaths

  49. Will Thix

    Will ThixDitë më parë

    thought China was only about 70 years old... since 1949 Mao proclaims the establishment of the People’s Republic of China... when the actual National Chinese govt was kicked out to Taiwan? Where did they get 3000 years from? A drop in the ocean compared to the Australian 60 something thousand years...

  50. nanda mari

    nanda mariDitë më parë

    John Oliver is refreshing as he’s not a constant Trump-one-note.

  51. DarkMadder

    DarkMadderDitë më parë

    Was this a paid advertisment? There is VERY GOOD reasons the USPS is failing...bc their customer service is shit.

  52. nanda mari

    nanda mariDitë më parë

    Anyone else get goosebumps watching those marbles race around the track?

  53. Sebastian 127

    Sebastian 127Ditë më parë

    Im not American so can someone vouch for me if most of the news clips from the 6pm news

  54. Godfrey Jemand

    Godfrey JemandDitë më parë

    Koort Wallien: Sorry I can't find your comment where you said you are not about religion, but you sure sound like you are. I said I think it should be "In Law We Trust and you comment it should be In God's Law we Trust and now you say religions fight evil. Get a slightly objective brain. You are a religious propagandist. But you believe the is free-will. That's an interesting conflict.

  55. Zeani Banks

    Zeani BanksDitë më parë

    Foh. Phillies fans are not that bad. We are just protective of our teams!! We been through a lot ! Don’t talk shit if you can’t back it up 👐🏾. We ride for our team lmao

  56. Jonathan Bennetts

    Jonathan BennettsDitë më parë

    Trump isn't just wrong, he is just lying for Jared and nutteryahoo.

  57. Jonathan Bennetts

    Jonathan BennettsDitë më parë

    By the way, Israel is not part of the IAEA, IT NEVER SIGNED UP.

  58. BartJ583

    BartJ583Ditë më parë

    Watching his show as a European always gets the same reaction out of me: "That can't be true. Is that really true? That is something that exists in the U.S.?" Every - single - time. The U.S. really is a third world nation, only that they have money. But there is no structure, no tradition, no nothing. The U.S. is the mobile home of nations.

  59. Brandon Wei

    Brandon WeiDitë më parë

    Whenever I see an R below a person's name as he...or she...but largely making a speech about business or their state, trust levels plummet as quickly as the current economy

  60. dirtbiketours

    dirtbiketoursDitë më parë

    "Donald j Drumph is the leading cause of death in America for the year 2020", is what Search domain will say in years to come. It will also say, he "grabs young girls by the pussy", "he had sex with porn stars while his wife is nursing his newborn son Barron", etc.tec.etc. maybe after this sociopath is ousted, indicted & gaoled, #45 might end up like G.Epstein???

  61. Jack Towers

    Jack TowersDitë më parë

    11:03 are we gonna ignore the “Tigger”

  62. -X- Dx

    -X- DxDitë më parë

    Je me suis bien marré 😂. Excellent ! Bon heureusement on a pas fucked upé.

  63. Jonathan Bennetts

    Jonathan BennettsDitë më parë

    After the CIA and MI5 overthew the elected government the UK and American oil companies basically stole 75% of the countries oil. I have many Iranian friends in the UK. none ae radical Islamic nutters.

  64. Jack Towers

    Jack TowersDitë më parë

    2:11 But isn’t that Russell Crowe thing also another NZ story?

  65. parrotprodigy productions

    parrotprodigy productionsDitë më parë

    I believe OAN should rename itself the STDN: "Suck Trump's Dick Network"... 🤔🙄

  66. R B

    R BDitë më parë

    21:46 - listen up cause you can’t say nuthin

  67. Ajarn Spencer

    Ajarn SpencerDitë më parë

    Spencer Littlewood 4 hrs · Sports and other things after COVID-19: Each Stadium seat will have Perspex walls around it to prevent viral infection. Face scanners, will detect your temperature at entrances, and if you have any signs of any illness, you will not be admitted to public places, Such as underground railways, train stations, cinemas, stadiums, concert halls, and shopping malls. even shops, bars and restaurants, will have Perspex shields between the customer and the staff. Restaurants will also be shielded with Perspex, a little bit like when you go visit somebody in prison. It is even possible that such mass open air gatherings such as sport stadium and concert stadium events will become a thing of the past, and Virtual Reality will become the alternative, and we will live like in the movie 'Surrogates' with Bruce plum in cheek Willis. We could play badminton in VR together, or even have skin sensor suits and have sex together on Mars or some fantasy world in Virtual Reality space. Virtual Stadiums will be designed in 3d and virtual seats will be sold with better or worse views of the action for differing prices.. The players will suit up at home on running rubber circular moving belts and play with their team from home on the virtual pitch, and the virtual viewers will cheer through their headset microphones, we could even add firework displays at button push in VR. Now THAT'S Social Distancing at the highest level. Action Replay or recording could be activated, or even 'look through the eyes of a certain player' by public sharing of his headset camera video stream live on the pitch. BE Christiano Ronaldo! Governments took advantage of 9/11 to make stricter security laws and the people willingly accepted instead of complaining, and they will use the pandemic to to make new public hygiene laws and catapult the removal of people gathering together en masse, for we are many, and the ruling forces are few, and they fear us. Sport will not Die, but the sports we enjoy will be virtual, be it live VR real people physically playing with their whole body, or a team of kids with joysticks on a playstation mass major league competition of online gamestreaming.

  68. Peter Burton

    Peter BurtonDitë më parë

    Here’s a wacky idea no delegates the person who gets the most votes in a state wins then whoever wins the most states is the candidate. I think I’ll call it Democracy, one person one vote.

  69. Andreas J

    Andreas JDitë më parë

    Haha loser

  70. Jonathan Schmidt

    Jonathan SchmidtDitë më parë

    In 2020, this feels weird :D

  71. Baili Sinha

    Baili SinhaDitë më parë

    Insanity is doing the same f*cking thing over and over again expecting sh*t to change -Vaas Montenegro

  72. Martin Badger

    Martin BadgerDitë më parë

    Please someone tell me, why should anyone pay a tax on their estate?

  73. Robert Quinting

    Robert QuintingDitë më parë

    Why do TV shows still think we are so stupid to know the crowd laughter is just a bad recording?

  74. Bruno B

    Bruno BDitë më parë

    The person doing the captions needs to do better. What the hell is Kovac-19? Please folks, get your absentee ballots now or be ready to suit up and vote come November.

  75. Roxy Velez

    Roxy VelezDitë më parë

    lol. "don't buy other's breast milk"... Get it only from your mom, THE COW, like they got no babies...... milk from another species sounds so healthy! hahahaa--- right.... What the hell hahaahaha

  76. Hiroshi loves You

    Hiroshi loves YouDitë më parë

    That man has to be Donald Trump's secret idol.

  77. Joe Weis

    Joe WeisDitë më parë

    Trumpster has Destroyed Funding of EPA !!!

  78. ShadeyBladey

    ShadeyBladeyDitë më parë

    Is Turkmenistan the place where political dissidents were boiled alive in a cauldron? >:8o PS no, sorry, it was Uzbekistan.

  79. Psychotic Bob

    Psychotic BobDitë më parë

    And now...a comment. Great video!

  80. mygoat0604

    mygoat0604Ditë më parë

    Since the pandemic began I've been waiting for Last Week Tonight to do a deep-dive exposé piece of WHO à la your legendary FIFA episode. But now seeing that even in this 20-min piece solely on sports you once again failed to mention how Taiwan has basically overcome this whole crisis and maintained its professional league sports events while broadcasting them multilingually around the world, it's become clear that you're never gonna do one on WHO's failure, because you're essentially the same suck-up to big international powers like China and internationalist corporations. Keep doing your Adam Driver bit and your SLAPP lawsuit parody numbers and your sponsorship for the marble race and your HBO or AT&T jokes, because that's all you can do.

  81. Arpan Kumar

    Arpan KumarDitë më parë

    CAA is for minorities apart from Muslims because we r surrounded by 3 Islamic countries Moron! And you r a renowned media platform...get your facts right 🤦🏻‍♂️

  82. Arpan Kumar

    Arpan KumarDitë më parë

    This video is so amusingly evident about the Western ideology about India. Only showing n highlighting the struggling factors n aspects. Especially coming from a country who has banned Muslims in their country. As I said this is amusing!

  83. Fatih Kaya

    Fatih KayaDitë më parë

    Просто клоун

  84. Jack Towers

    Jack TowersDitë më parë

    16:51 no laughs only tears

  85. Alfonso Hernandez

    Alfonso HernandezDitë më parë

    I mean I would just end districting. Let them go to any school they want. If you get too many kids you go proximity then lottery. You get 20 kids from the city then the city should have to pay for the bus. Problem Solved.

  86. Sharleen Davis

    Sharleen DavisDitë më parë

    Australia has this problem. I went to a University named after James Cook - strangely while there I learnt about “blackbirding” Australia’s version of slavery. James Cook is considered a hero, our founder but for me all memorials of him and places named after him should be replaced, we should be making a better history for our children.

  87. New Cars

    New CarsDitë më parë


  88. Malcolm Anon

    Malcolm AnonDitë më parë

    Lol so basically these guys are grifters and the congregation the rubes they are fleecing.

  89. Tom Dockery

    Tom DockeryDitë më parë

    The PO went downhill when they stopped hiring whites.

  90. Peter Oarsman

    Peter OarsmanDitë më parë

    In 1995 I worked as a non emergency medi van driver... I went to several dialysis clinics and after 8 months it was too much... at the dialysis clinic it really does become a community like a deathwatch community. Some patients get a transplant only for the transplant to be rejected and they wind up back at the dialysis clinic anyway. Myself I think if I was to be put on dialysis I would hit the streets and buy myself a Brampton’s cocktail And party my way to the here after. I say that because in 1995 I saw this report... in real time. One patient I took home to die with a morphine machine... Most of the dialysis clinic staff were superb... their patients were treated well... it was a community all its own. And yes... thankyou for validating my worst fears in 1995 about how this med cash cow business would deteriorate. Good job John Oliver... keep um coming

  91. 10ktube

    10ktubeDitë më parë

    I would have paid to sit on the Zoom call where John pitched this idea to the HBO execs and had to ask for the money to do it. I thought they’d cut his budget after he made the largest sheet cake ever, but nope, now he’s sponsoring a marble racing league race.

  92. Michael Stewart

    Michael StewartDitë më parë

    I had a teacher at a college i was attending try to get me to join Amway. I went to a meeting at this guy's house. he was boasting how thanks to Amway he was able to afford the house and car that he has in his driveway. On the way out I told him he has a nice house and car but my parents owned a much larger house with a much larger yard and we have two classic cars each worth 200,000USD as well as two minivan. My father earned his money by producing products such as carparts and parts for submarines. The best part was that he was always home because his machine shop was behind the house. i did not know there was a recession in the 1980s until the 2008 recession. the teacher asked me if i wanted to join amway and I told him i would consider it but he would have to pay the membership fee as I would not pay a fee to work for someone. Especially seeing that all the products being sold are ones I could create at home or buy at the supermarket for a fraction of the price.

  93. you know the funny thing is

    you know the funny thing isDitë më parë

    Maybe senior citizens shouldn't be running the country

  94. David Groß

    David GroßDitë më parë

    Wait , so UFC is just doing the plot of Dead or Alive now ?

  95. Peter Smith

    Peter SmithDitë më parë

    The 19 minute mark of this clip was depressingly prophetic.

  96. herauthon four

    herauthon fourDitë më parë

    So Marblous !

  97. Jennifer Dermendjieva

    Jennifer DermendjievaDitë më parë

    wait a moment...does this meen that you can buy your own deed, and then just not pay it of?? Wouldn't that be possible?

  98. chellefell 13

    chellefell 13Ditë më parë

    Dear World, please laugh at TRUMP. not us Americans.... we tried to get rid of him....

  99. Shubham Dutt

    Shubham DuttDitë më parë

    The Marble League starts on my birthday... I could not have asked for anything better than this.

  100. Tania Monroy

    Tania MonroyDitë më parë

    In Switzerland most people have their checking accounts, ect through the post office... So why not in the US? :)