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Chika: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
Tiny Desk Fest

Tiny Desk Fest

6 muaj më parë

  1. Mia Paros

    Mia ParosDitë më parë

    Omg I still can’t believe I’m going to your concert I love you sooo much😍🥺😩❤️

  2. Nicholina

    NicholinaDitë më parë

    I swear he’s from England what’s with the accent? 😂

  3. Sita Li

    Sita LiDitë më parë

    this whole video just cured depression

  4. gok gan

    gok ganDitë më parë

    i think this group is her slaves :)

  5. Olivia Farmer

    Olivia FarmerDitë më parë

    thank you NPR music for sharing this!! i’m watching in 2020 - the show is giving me the chills - and can i just say how freakin refreshing it is that NO ONE in the front row during Your Hand on Mine has their cell phone out filming?!?! they’re just captivated, totally blissed out in the moment. that’s amazing

  6. AboutMillions

    AboutMillionsDitë më parë

    😫😫😫 this version of Buy You A Drank got me ready to give this bih her taxes back smh

  7. MrSincerity88

    MrSincerity88Ditë më parë

    Black folk, we are so welcoming to others into our culture.. snoh gets it as a visitor. Beautiful music and voice.

  8. Suiyou

    SuiyouDitë më parë

    Chris Martin has such a gorgeous voice. I listened to Coldplay all the time as a kid and so listening to him sing just as beautiful now makes me so emotional.

  9. Edwin Flores

    Edwin FloresDitë më parë

    I'm here listen to Harry styles , instead of working out

  10. alexander k. villach

    alexander k. villachDitë më parë

    sensation, and these beautiful ladies, wow

  11. Evalyn Githina

    Evalyn GithinaDitë më parë

    Aaaaamaaaaazing ❤️💕🔥💃🏾💃🏾👏🏿🙌🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Dan R

    Dan RDitë më parë

    2:38 Tina: Son, You're going to watch me and Aunt Vicky sing. And YOUR'E GONNA LIKE IT!

  13. Kody Delnick

    Kody DelnickDitë më parë

    837 people are idiots to date

  14. AboutMillions

    AboutMillionsDitë më parë

    22:17 never knew i needed this version before

  15. cjwonderstruck25

    cjwonderstruck25Ditë më parë

    Am I the only one who notice that “lover” album behind Harry/ the drummer

  16. tanasys

    tanasysDitë më parë

    Is not on spotify right?

  17. Eric Ivel

    Eric IvelDitë më parë

    This is my favorite video on the internet,

  18. slippery whenwet_46

    slippery whenwet_46Ditë më parë

    What accent is that Also where’s Brent faiyaz tdc

  19. koolman Gaming

    koolman GamingDitë më parë

    hope Wallows gets to perform here too

  20. Puvin Terumalay

    Puvin TerumalayDitë më parë

    extreme class. punk souls

  21. Nicolas Hoang

    Nicolas HoangDitë më parë

    He looks older than the time when he was in a boy band, but still very handsome and sweety

  22. whohatesthebeatles ?

    whohatesthebeatles ?Ditë më parë


  23. Brooke Boudreaux

    Brooke BoudreauxDitë më parë

    Still the same cheeky boy I fell in love with back then. When everything around me is changing. I look to Harry to make me smile cause he always remains the same inside. He will never know how many of us he saved or made smile when we thought we couldn’t.

  24. Abby Lanham

    Abby LanhamDitë më parë

    She ain't a person, she's a presence 👏👏👏

  25. nkule mhlongo

    nkule mhlongoDitë më parë

    wow !! A Goddess

  26. r a f t k k

    r a f t k kDitë më parë

    the way he looks down at his guitar melts me and re builds me.

  27. Jamon Taylor

    Jamon TaylorDitë më parë


  28. Kingstongreen 165

    Kingstongreen 165Ditë më parë


  29. Ryan Jacob

    Ryan JacobDitë më parë

    I don’t listen to country but they are soo smooth lol

  30. Роман Куличихин

    Роман КуличихинDitë më parë

    Last song. It seems to me that it is the voice of a man from Kings of Leon

  31. samgator05 Sam

    samgator05 SamDitë më parë

    This whole video is helping me get all my school work done so im not failing and so i can make my family happy after all the rough times we had and how they are struggling with money i want a good job and i want to make music for peopel to inspire people and to help with people i want to help my family i wanna make peoples life better and i want everyone to be happy

  32. Carnage SSB

    Carnage SSBDitë më parë

    at 12:56 an ad came up and it destroyed my whole vibe. thanks

  33. Jonathan Sofi

    Jonathan SofiDitë më parë

    somehow he reminds me of mark foster, hmmm

  34. Dr. Dion Peoples

    Dr. Dion PeoplesDitë më parë

    Just showing my little son, so he can see him rap and drum at the same time... as we hear this first song in an Iron Fist episode.

  35. Bluez KLewz

    Bluez KLewzDitë më parë

    That settles it, I NEED to see Rex live at least once

  36. Alter Hofilena

    Alter HofilenaDitë më parë

    Mos Def after covid-19, please.

  37. Padraigh Desmond

    Padraigh DesmondDitë më parë

    This was so good

  38. FishNiBBa

    FishNiBBaDitë më parë

    The fact that he was laughing throughout it made me happy

  39. bea alonso

    bea alonsoDitë më parë

    Mi ángel 😇

  40. Fajar Suryantoro

    Fajar SuryantoroDitë më parë

    240p 😑😑

  41. Wanderingmag99

    Wanderingmag99Ditë më parë

    We all need real music like this in times of a pandemic, and not the trending pop/rap music most listen too - this is transcendent, not noise.

  42. Evy Juniastina

    Evy JuniastinaDitë më parë

    When she sing about heartbroken i'm listening 🙂

  43. miranda kerr

    miranda kerrDitë më parë


  44. Bertely K

    Bertely KDitë më parë

    Yo the 2nd song I like, she also got the voice you can tell that she can sing too and the backvocals are on point. 100%

  45. safira firdausa

    safira firdausaDitë më parë

    Thank you so much npr music !!!!!

  46. thanutt432

    thanutt432Ditë më parë

    Gangsta gibbs

  47. Sophia Espina

    Sophia EspinaDitë më parë

    Love you Hozier!

  48. mayabrazy

    mayabrazyDitë më parë


  49. Bryan Tran

    Bryan TranDitë më parë


  50. Ms.Robin

    Ms.RobinDitë më parë

    Didn’t realize he was fine too!!

  51. Harry Sachs

    Harry SachsDitë më parë

    The keyboardist looks like the kind of guy who leaves the office exactly at 5.

  52. Nathan Willis

    Nathan WillisDitë më parë

    Kick the truth to the young black youth

  53. A R

    A RDitë më parë

    0:08 - Loving is Easy 3:26 - Pluto Projector 8:13 - Always 12:26 - Sunflower

  54. mixio hili

    mixio hiliDitë më parë

    My bisexuality: Through the roof. Harry, an angel but also the girls omg

  55. Nathan Willis

    Nathan WillisDitë më parë

    Kick the truth to the world wide youth,oh really.

  56. Harry Sachs

    Harry SachsDitë më parë

    I feel like this is how Kevin Hart would sound if Kevin Hart could sing.

  57. Clothedia Felder

    Clothedia FelderDitë më parë

    dope AF

  58. Brendan Kelley

    Brendan KelleyDitë më parë

    Sorry for my rant, but 1.3K people who disliked this are fscking ignorant. Listen to it, hear it and then understand it, and ultimately enjoy it. .... flame on!

  59. Ananya Sahay

    Ananya SahayDitë më parë

    2:53 😍😍

  60. tanneranner

    tannerannerDitë më parë

    C H I K A

  61. Yaslon Defenda

    Yaslon DefendaDitë më parë


  62. Sabilla

    SabillaDitë më parë

    ganteng bgt anjing suka ga kuat liat yg gini gini

  63. kiggy07

    kiggy07Ditë më parë

    I loveeee this whole set but that tuba player made me mad.. he was supposed to BRING IT

  64. Grey River Hawk

    Grey River HawkDitë më parë

    Welcome in the new GOAT Mr. GCJr😇

  65. るい

    るいDitë më parë

    歌詞わかんないけど笑 すんごいかっこいい!!!🤍

  66. M. Johnson

    M. JohnsonDitë më parë

    Elena Pinderhughes should have her own NPR Tiny Desk.

  67. Erica

    EricaDitë më parë

    Love it...

  68. psyjager

    psyjagerDitë më parë

    The drummer is cruel. Mostly not in time he ruins almost every song because of his bad timing.

  69. Demitrival

    DemitrivalDitë më parë

    Did something happen to his voice.

  70. sexhaver420

    sexhaver420Ditë më parë

    So you're telling me they seceded

  71. M. Johnson

    M. JohnsonDitë më parë

    Diggin that shirt the keyboard player is wearing. I see you Philly.

  72. Micah Boyd

    Micah BoydDitë më parë

    I cannot say how much I’ve need this, life brings so many things to your front door and this truly brings an absolute smile to my face. I hope that anyone that watches this Coldplay tiny desk feels as genuinely happy as I’m feeling right now. God bless....good night.

  73. Lindsay Nevitt

    Lindsay NevittDitë më parë

    is there an acoustic album? bc i need it. lord, he's amazing. and extra points for the aliens reference :)

  74. Mariela Segura

    Mariela SeguraDitë më parë

    Thank you for such beautiful music❤️

  75. Snobby Politics

    Snobby PoliticsDitë më parë

    The background singers are INCREDIBLE!!!!

  76. Raúl Luis

    Raúl LuisDitë më parë

    SiR is dopeeeee, and it's really nice he keeps his family close. PD: NPR, PLEASEEE WE NEED SOME BRENT FAIYAZZZZ

  77. Alex Howe

    Alex HoweDitë më parë

    Great guitar mate, have the same

  78. Royel

    RoyelDitë më parë

    I closed my eyes and was hearing Eric benet... dvsn talented

  79. Кирилл Шишканов

    Кирилл ШишкановDitë më parë

    What a cute atmosphere!

  80. Jeimmy Obando

    Jeimmy ObandoDitë më parë

    True artist : a man, his voice and guitar 👌🎤🎵 lyrics who gave me chills most of the time . He gets better with the time and age. like a fine wine 🍷🍷❤

  81. Alya Esa

    Alya EsaDitë më parë

    help i'm in love

  82. sophie

    sophieDitë më parë

    that version of sunflower better than the original no cap

  83. Alisha Still

    Alisha StillDitë më parë

    This gives me so much joy. I love everything about it!

  84. Yanni Rayala

    Yanni RayalaDitë më parë

    Hozier on tuba 🙏

  85. Vanessa V.

    Vanessa V.Ditë më parë

    Does anyone notice the “lover” Taylor album behind him haha

  86. Pradhee Sandeepana

    Pradhee SandeepanaDitë më parë

    Music can be learned but consciousness comes with birth.

  87. Arjuna Ramasubramaniyan

    Arjuna RamasubramaniyanDitë më parë

    Very thought provoking music / lyrics! Thank you!

  88. Ivy Sumbi

    Ivy SumbiDitë më parë

    Elizabeth Gilbert and Taylor Swift, omw, i cant express how much i admire Taylor, her writing, he singing and her as a person. Such a force of a woman.

  89. Pradhee Sandeepana

    Pradhee SandeepanaDitë më parë

    Basist on fire ❤️😈

  90. Tracy Scott

    Tracy ScottDitë më parë

    Thank you Tiny Desk for exposing us to EXCELLENT and new and exciting music! I play this band over and over!!

  91. Caleb Miguel

    Caleb MiguelDitë më parë

    This is absolutely the best NPR Tiny Desk I have ever seen, so beautiful and awesome to see Rex on a live platform. Thank you.

  92. Pablo Franklin

    Pablo FranklinDitë më parë

    It's too bad the band never really made it or maybe Jeff could get a haircut.Jes wondering

  93. Sunshine Lynee

    Sunshine LyneeDitë më parë

    When he speaks everyone in the band looks at him kinda protectively, and kinda like they're holding their breath, hoping he doesn't say something too embarassing in his profound un-selfaware arrogance

  94. Natalia Villalobos

    Natalia VillalobosDitë më parë

    I loved sucker, and I believe and o my human but please for our sake let.kevin.sing thank you and good night or day

  95. jimmy davis

    jimmy davisDitë më parë

    So nasty!!!!!!!!! TPain dude!!!! I can’t get enough!!!

  96. Chena A

    Chena ADitë më parë

    Aww i wish George, Adam and Ross were there too

  97. The Gorn

    The GornDitë më parë

    Millennials are so awkward and sexually confused


    IN KATS KITCHENDitë më parë

    yyeesss hunny i love it

  99. Charmian Lee

    Charmian LeeDitë më parë

    Blessing to my ears ❤️

  100. Mack Grout

    Mack GroutDitë më parë

    I love this it makes me so happy