VALORANT is Riot Games' 5v5 character-based tactical shooter, coming SUMMER 2020.
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  1. Hello Friends

    Hello Friends22 orë më parë

    My man got W as his ult button

  2. Drywinner

    Drywinner22 orë më parë

    Yaaaaay on my birthday

  3. SirWinterFox Gaming

    SirWinterFox Gaming22 orë më parë

    valorant in closed beta is better then a majority of games out right now and is less buggy then games released by other triple A titles im lookin at u Warcraft 3 reforged and Activision-Blizzard great work though riot <3

  4. Brian Goncalves

    Brian Goncalves22 orë më parë

    Can u guys put valornt on google stadia

  5. MPI Skouizi

    MPI Skouizi22 orë më parë

    hello riot games do you intend to optimize your games better because my pc is really bad thank you again and good day.

  6. Jeff _

    Jeff _23 orë më parë


  7. spiritual Angel

    spiritual Angel23 orë më parë

    Is it gonna be in console

  8. Silence II

    Silence IIDitë më parë

    Middle East servers please 😭😔

  9. pot of greed

    pot of greedDitë më parë

    run and gun run and gun

  10. HighLanderPony

    HighLanderPonyDitë më parë

    0:40 Actual info without the babbling.

  11. iMark

    iMarkDitë më parë

    i suggest philippines server but idk

  12. Justin Lewis

    Justin LewisDitë më parë

    Is this for console too?

  13. xDRhein

    xDRheinDitë më parë

    All I have to say is Poggers

  14. すにー/Finale

    すにー/FinaleDitë më parë


  15. CR4CK3T

    CR4CK3TDitë më parë

    I hope, with the release. The stupid Brains from Gamer will be patched too.His mean Valorant isn't a team play Content, is Only CoD Style, Fragging and good Self Stats is all what this Noooooobs neeeding..... In no Ranked i Listing, is noRanked = noTeamplay neeeding. Ranking is Beta in one Week Released no Teamplay needing. WTF. I think player IGNORING pings or don't work with the team (Sharing Infos on Map(Capslock)) need one WEEK BAN. The selling packs need Better price., Bundle cost 5325 Valorant Dollar is shitting all normaly Love. 5300 normal price. I buy Valorant Dollar so i become for 54€ 5500Valorant Dollar. 5500 - 5300 = 200. 200 = one Level, for an Hero. THX for reading..... PS: With your Price i have 175 rest, what i doo whit 175??? you stole an hard worked people money,. you think i sell so one SKIN hahahaha, never!!!!!

  16. HappyEmigrant

    HappyEmigrantDitë më parë

    Deal with hackers and ragepluggers in beta please they riun the fun.

  17. Mohammad Huzaifa

    Mohammad HuzaifaDitë më parë

    I thought they changed the date... My heart almost stopped

  18. 겐유

    겐유Ditë më parë

    나오기전에 뱅가드부터 고치자 제발

  19. Aniket Maurya

    Aniket MauryaDitë më parë

    I uninstalled CSGO after 5 years playing it because I don't have any friends to queue with and solo queuing is cancer, probably will try.

  20. Manuel Cruz Rodrigues

    Manuel Cruz RodriguesDitë më parë

    Can u solve the problem whit riot vanguard, i dont want my pc melted. Btw r u gonna talk about it or just ignore the people that r having problems whit it ?

  21. Idk Junior

    Idk JuniorDitë më parë

    Pleaseeee game for PS 4

  22. WelpNathan

    WelpNathanDitë më parë


  23. ArteCHnaS Gaming

    ArteCHnaS GamingDitë më parë

    Maybe someone can tell me the solution: My friend trying to open valorant and the game just not oppening please help me and my friend.

  24. Uğur Yörük

    Uğur YörükDitë më parë

    Seviliyorsunuz be! Sayenizde csgo'ya yıllardır gelemeyrn güncellemeler 1 ayda tonlarca güncelleme geldi ve adam olacak gibi! Ama yine sizinleyiz! İyi çalışmalar🍀

  25. Salim Yaser

    Salim YaserDitë më parë

    Change the riot vanguard!!

  26. Dustin T

    Dustin TDitë më parë

    But this game has still sooo annoying bugs why u are not fix that before

  27. Süleyman Balbulmus

    Süleyman BalbulmusDitë më parë

    Ulan orda türkçe tarihi görünce bile riot games in türklere ayrımcılık yapmayıp türkçe seslendirme yapmalarıyla gurur duyuyorum baZı oyunlar türkçe altyazı bile getirmiyorlar (RİOT GAMES) 💖

  28. Fani Sanya

    Fani SanyaDitë më parë

    Жоскоо жду!

  29. Emorissia

    EmorissiaDitë më parë

    Wooooooooooooaaaaaaw Niceeeeee?!?!???!!!??!?

  30. L0st Polaris

    L0st PolarisDitë më parë

    Let’s go

  31. The Maine One

    The Maine OneDitë më parë

    I thought they were gonna pull a fortnite

  32. Bob My friend

    Bob My friendDitë më parë

    First fix ant cheat error pls. :/

  33. NguyenPC VN

    NguyenPC VNDitë më parë


  34. Cherophobic

    CherophobicDitë më parë

    I expected some news about a change to the anticheat system, because it's so aggro, but okay :(

  35. XD_ JuiceBox

    XD_ JuiceBoxDitë më parë

    But where on their website or on steam or somewhere else

  36. QarteX

    QarteXDitë më parë

    Сделайте нормальные стрельбу и зажим, пожалуйста


    ROHLÍČEKDitë më parë

    please make czech lokalization for valorant

  38. Dominik Šimončič

    Dominik ŠimončičDitë më parë

    I dont even have beta rewards -,-

  39. Lisandro Lorea

    Lisandro LoreaDitë më parë

    CS with abilities might be a cool idea but when I watch and hear this game I can only think of this: It has no identity.

  40. sook oner

    sook onerDitë më parë

    that was classic, good on em cant wait to play it

  41. Pejkov

    PejkovDitë më parë

    They had me in the first half but it's launching on my bday Edit: Will the game be more optimized on launch?

  42. Velvet

    VelvetDitë më parë

    Oh shhhhhhhiiiiiiitttt i will be f----n waiting for this game!!!!

  43. Matthew Ash

    Matthew AshDitë më parë

    CS:GO E 10+ version

  44. Кройдэвер

    КройдэверDitë më parë

    Емыбымбым. Вот это новость

  45. TheSimpleNavy

    TheSimpleNavyDitë më parë

    plz solo q

  46. Justusaurus

    JustusaurusDitë më parë

    Hell yeah

  47. Lucas

    LucasDitë më parë

    Vocês são fodas.... O jogo tá foda A rito é foda Às vezes ..

  48. Ts V3xx

    Ts V3xxDitë më parë


  49. 유튜버가 되고싶음언젠가는

    유튜버가 되고싶음언젠가는Ditë më parë

    대깨옵에서 이젠 대깨발 로 넘어 가야 겠군

  50. carlos ribeiro dos santos

    carlos ribeiro dos santosDitë më parë

    puta merda que foda mano mais oque esta acabando com a minha animação é o fato que junto com o jogo vai chegar muitos hacks, pois o jogo é de graça. e se no beta já tinha hacks que o anti-cheat não pego magina quanto lança o jogo oficialmente

  51. siiberian

    siiberianDitë më parë

    As a US South player it is amazing to see a Riot Direct ISP in Texas. I have had some of my best games in Valorant playing on the servers.


    TTV DOMDINHHDitë më parë

    yes its time

  53. iShadowZ YT

    iShadowZ YTDitë më parë

    I mean I wouldn’t have really been affected because I have the beta but damn that surprised me

  54. Thiago Lapa

    Thiago LapaDitë më parë

    Are you going to launch a game that is infested with hackers? solve the main things or the game will end soon. Understand that even if you ban the hacker you will create another account and use the hacker again, please watch this video. Plz, stop the hackers. I love this game. :)

  55. laskin riubn

    laskin riubnDitë më parë

    I have high hopes for this game. The interaction with the community from the devs has been amazing.


    INFINITE GAMINGDitë më parë

    Here we go baby! Let's go! xD (watched it two times just to be sure xD)

  57. Paraguayan1811 Mapper

    Paraguayan1811 MapperDitë më parë

    No me buscabas pero soy tu comentarionen español

  58. Krishna Gupta

    Krishna GuptaDitë më parë

    Me wasted 3 days by watching valorant twitch live stream to get drop beta key but sadly 😔 I didn't get.

  59. Sakidō _

    Sakidō _Ditë më parë

    Hope they make the game smoother for every pc version/type cuz in lagging the shit outta thst game

  60. jandecka_s

    jandecka_sDitë më parë

    @Valorant is true that if i bought ingame items i would get credits/points back + 20% on top when the game is out?

  61. error705

    error705Ditë më parë

    South African servers would be nice to, you could take players from the currently thriving CS:GO and Rainbow 6 scene here. Those games have local servers but a lot of those players are interested in Valorant

  62. error705

    error705Ditë më parë

    Fix the shitty servers. Rubber banding and no hit reg continuously

  63. Charles Trafelet

    Charles TrafeletDitë më parë

    Best juke a game studio has given me. I didn’t realize it till like the last minute

  64. William

    WilliamDitë më parë

    i just want ask a question about the BUG,that every time I enter the game to do a novice task, it will jump out at the end of the anti cheat error,i can play this game...... :(

  65. NeFro Xd

    NeFro XdDitë më parë

    Im about to get viper on the beta but now im going to lose her in 5 days, that sucks

  66. Aurelion Sol

    Aurelion SolDitë më parë

    Waow awesome

  67. Dome

    DomeDitë më parë


  68. Zikez

    ZikezDitë më parë

    "we are not launching in a few months, we are launching in a few weeks" biggest uno reverse card activation

  69. Ryan Black

    Ryan BlackDitë më parë

    the one thing that is keeping me from spending my whole day playing is the lack of ultrawide support. I know yall need to keep it fair, so why dont you lock it to 60 fps or make sure everyone is using the same equipment. it is unfair for you to single out a community just because it is small enough to not make a difference. almost nothing is banned except for cheating and USING ULTRAWIDE MONITORS. pls take into account everyone that plays

  70. Bassel Ankiri

    Bassel AnkiriDitë më parë

    is there ever gonna be PVE in Valorant for ppl who are bad at competitive ?

  71. Yovel Amsalem

    Yovel AmsalemDitë më parë

    RIOT " This game is not ready, but we don't care "

  72. Painsensei

    PainsenseiDitë më parë

    India ?

  73. FIFTY-THR33 L30N

    FIFTY-THR33 L30NDitë më parë

    intresting im into stuff like that thanks for showing me valorant development!

  74. ffyou

    ffyouDitë më parë

    Crash test servers кстати саундтрек крутой

  75. drttyu liqm

    drttyu liqmDitë më parë

    Valorant Dev: we're not going to be lauching this game in a few months Me: damnit! Valorant Dev: But we lauching in a few weeks Me: HELL YEAH!!!

  76. Wolf_Juwain Power

    Wolf_Juwain PowerDitë më parë

    2 weeks left nice edits

  77. Mystic

    Mystic2 ditë më parë

    Just not in South Africa though oof

  78. Daniel Xiao

    Daniel Xiao2 ditë më parë

    I love developers sometimes 😂

  79. Coder Monk

    Coder Monk2 ditë më parë

    I was going to play this, but that rootkit tho... can't get past that. No valorant for me.

  80. Luraxx

    Luraxx2 ditë më parë

    Also for real das Game ist Müll ich weiß nicht wer sich diese scheiß ausgedacht hat. Ich habe mir extra eine neue Festplatte gekauft, um es spielen zu können, hatte den Download Link und den Key sowieso. Und 2 Tage später geht einfach nichts mehr mein Download Link ist weg die ganze Anmeldung und Verknüpfungen waren sinnlos und zu guter letzt ist auch noch die Webseite für den Download Link nicht mehr erreichbar. Ich würde allen von dem Spiel abraten, da die überhaupt nicht auf die Wünsche ihrer Spieler eingehen und alles verkackt haben.

  81. Rohan Borah

    Rohan Borah2 ditë më parë

    Hey can we get in India😅😅 it's is very difficult to play in Europe server with a ping of 100 to 300 and if we get disconnected from the server it is more difficult to join the server and if we join the game then also we cannot play the second game for 2 house please can you make a Asian server i can give you the guarantee it will sell like a hot cupcakes in a market because you have to download on 7.89 GB of the game and Indian casual community has lots potato PC so can you please make a server for Asia 😅😅🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  82. Joker

    Joker2 ditë më parë

    Take 1 hour of punishment because you went to the bathroom and didn't choose an agent ... ... 2 shots to the head and don't die from a espectre gun? 1 shot in the head, 4 in the chest and doesn't die from spectre gun? Only make it better, correct that! Valorant doesn't have deathmatch (kill-kill)!

  83. Joker

    Joker2 ditë më parë

    Take 1 hour of punishment because you went to the bathroom and didn't choose an agent ... ... 2 shots to the head and don't die from a espectre gun? 1 shot in the head, 4 in the chest and doesn't die from spectre gun? Only make it better, correct that! Valorant doesn't have deathmatch (kill-kill)!

  84. Joker

    Joker2 ditë më parë

    Take 1 hour of punishment because you went to the bathroom and didn't choose an agent ... ... 2 shots to the head and don't die from a espectre gun? 1 shot in the head, 4 in the chest and doesn't die from spectre gun? Only make it better, correct that! Valorant doesn't have deathmatch (kill-kill)!

  85. Joker

    Joker2 ditë më parë

    Take 1 hour of punishment because you went to the bathroom and didn't choose an agent ... ... 2 shots to the head and don't die from a espectre gun? 1 shot in the head, 4 in the chest and doesn't die from spectre gun? Only make it better, correct that! Valorant doesn't have deathmatch (kill-kill)!

  86. Sayan Kundu

    Sayan Kundu2 ditë më parë

    kaha ho indian dosto....! jab e game ayega tab download karoge toh...? agar karke kheloge toh is comment me reply dedo jara hum bhi toh dekhe kitne he jo india se exited he....?

  87. ArthyzLive

    ArthyzLive2 ditë më parë

    Allready got beta, ingame name Nguyen #1500, my stats average kills per match is about 20 plus and over, highest 50 kills 2 deaths, add me ingame Euw

  88. NeyoZz

    NeyoZz2 ditë më parë

    Nooo , all fortnite players gonna come

  89. DPOKOH

    DPOKOH2 ditë më parë

    Лучше бы задержали, мне еще 100000 опыта до брелка беты

  90. luchingba wangkhem

    luchingba wangkhem2 ditë më parë

    I wish they have and indian server

  91. AunSung

    AunSung2 ditë më parë



    THE BLASTZ2 ditë më parë

    Ok I hyped goddamn

  93. XD_ JuiceBox

    XD_ JuiceBox2 ditë më parë

    So that means its free in eu and you dont have to watch streams?

  94. Juan Barufi

    Juan Barufi2 ditë më parë

    Vanguard deu tela azul no meu pc no meio da rank

  95. Tudi

    Tudi2 ditë më parë


  96. Vivek Pal

    Vivek Pal2 ditë më parë

    CS GO 2 launching on June 2

  97. Matthew

    Matthew2 ditë më parë


  98. Hex ツ

    Hex ツ2 ditë më parë

    Türk var mı lo?

  99. vtjlm

    vtjlm2 ditë më parë

    i wont be special anymore.. :(

  100. Viktor Shevtsov

    Viktor Shevtsov2 ditë më parë

    Everything cool and all, but give us Russians voice chat.