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Tanner Fox
Tanner Fox

I have a passion for making videos, and have a blast doing so! Thank you for stopping by my channel and for being a part of my fun!

I crashed my car...

I crashed my car...

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  1. ii BROKEN

    ii BROKEN11 sekonda më parë

    𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝚐𝚞𝚒𝚝𝚊𝚛 𝙸𝚗𝚜𝚝𝚊: 𝚖𝚙._𝚞

  2. jordan brewer

    jordan brewer47 sekonda më parë

    i want the million orbis!! ig: _jordan_brewer_

  3. Brandon A

    Brandon AMinutë më parë

    Boxing gloves [email protected]

  4. azidz gaming

    azidz gamingMinutë më parë

    “Done jake Paul’s guitar or Logan’s gloves. Because I like playing the guitar and I’m getting into boxing and I really need them I’m trying to get healthy

  5. Olivia Wolfy

    Olivia Wolfy2 minuta më parë

    "Done" Hi Tanner! When I first started watching your videos and subscribed to your channel it was probably 2-3 years ago! I starte to watch when I was 10 and I'm 13 now! I realized that the videos of you driving in your cars is a place in Temecula. I probably live like 5 mins away from you, depends on how far you live in wine country. Anyways, I would love to win the James Charles makeup palette and hoodie because I always love trying new eye shadow and makeup looks. Also James is a huge inspiration when it comes to trying new looks and styles. Sorry I'm two days late but I'm still willing to try to win! Winning isn't important to me, whats important to me is supporting my favorite AL-gosrs. I don't have insta but my email is: [email protected]! Thanks!

  6. rishi jain

    rishi jain2 minuta më parë

    I want the Nelk full send drop because I have been watching Nelk for so long and still haven’t won anything from them. I have never won their giveaways, and every time I try to cop the merch it sells out. I would be so happy if I could get the Full Send drop. Ig: rishi.jain44

  7. Brandon A

    Brandon A2 minuta më parë

    Boxing gloves [email protected]

  8. Ben Blunck

    Ben Blunck2 minuta më parë

    hi tanner i would love it if i could win the faze rug shoes if not thanks any way.

  9. Brandon A

    Brandon A2 minuta më parë

    Boxing gloves [email protected]

  10. Brandon A

    Brandon A2 minuta më parë

    Boxing gloves [email protected]

  11. Edith Flores

    Edith Flores3 minuta më parë

    i wnat the air force because i never had thos shoe i i wnat them and my ig is jacksonandrade501

  12. Brandon A

    Brandon A3 minuta më parë

    Boxing gloves [email protected]


    XXSKILLBROXX3 minuta më parë

    Done I would want the guitar bc it is cool and I HV always wanted to learn it

  14. Brandon A

    Brandon A3 minuta më parë

    Boxing gloves [email protected]

  15. Aleesha Hutchinson

    Aleesha Hutchinson3 minuta më parë

    Done ☺️ I would really like to win the James Charles pallet and hoodie as I have just recently started to get in to makeup or that the Marcos shoes to give to my boyfriend for our anniversary and they are his size Instagram @aleeshahutchinson

  16. Syd Lamb

    Syd Lamb3 minuta më parë

    “Done” ✅ The James Charles palette and hoodie as my sister is a makeup artist and loves the palette but cannot afford it. I would love to be able to win this for her as it would mean the world to her 🥺


    TROKIANDO TROKIANDO3 minuta më parë


  18. aimx_assassin

    aimx_assassin3 minuta më parë

    I like how they hear a semi truck and freak out

  19. Brandon A

    Brandon A4 minuta më parë

    I really want the logan pall boxing gloves im a athlete i box and i would love those i really like him and you guys are great and it would be a dream to own them my [email protected]

  20. Elijah Nix

    Elijah Nix4 minuta më parë

    Hey tanner I would like the i first off wanted to say your a great influence in life and you inspire me and other kids everyday to have fun in life and I want the Logan Paul boxing gloves because it inspires me to push myself when things get tuff but all respect if I don’t get anything.

  21. John Mackenthun

    John Mackenthun5 minuta më parë

    Done. I would like the full send merch because I try to get there stuff but it sells out to fast


    TROKIANDO TROKIANDO6 minuta më parë

    I want orbes cus I never felt orbes and my phon broke and your video make me smayo

  23. adrian robinson

    adrian robinson6 minuta më parë

    Done I want rugs yeezes

  24. chelsea nawrot

    chelsea nawrot6 minuta më parë

    "Done" Hey Tanner!! I would love the custom shoes by Marko they go crazy!! I love shoes and I could see myself wearing them with so many outfits. I love your videos congrats on 10 mil!! Instagram: Chelseanawrot

  25. Captain Ricky

    Captain Ricky7 minuta më parë

    "DONE" I would really love to win Logan Paul's boxing gloves. I've been subscribed to him for a while now, and he's one of my favorite youtubers. His boxing match was great, even though he lost. My Instagram is @iitsricky

  26. Lorysa Redd

    Lorysa Redd7 minuta më parë

    Hi tanner love your videos . I would love the James Charles makeup pallet he inspires me to do makeup and to feel confident. My insta is new_york_city1_2_0

  27. SG_JSTN

    SG_JSTN7 minuta më parë

    Done, Hi tanner i would love to win the Jake paul guitar because i have always wanted to get a guitar to learn how to play it, so i would play my guitar to my future kids Instagram: @s._jstn_.g

  28. Rainier Gernale

    Rainier Gernale8 minuta më parë

    I hope i win the air force 1 cuz mah shoes is dirty asf full of dirt, i wish i will get those ;) tanner please be meeee.. im ur biggest fan

  29. Carter Bauer

    Carter Bauer8 minuta më parë

    I want the yasys👟

  30. Aus10E

    Aus10E8 minuta më parë

    Done! I would like Logan's Gloves - cause every now and then I kick the living SHIT outtta meee

  31. Harley Bolton

    Harley Bolton9 minuta më parë


  32. Harley Bolton

    Harley Bolton9 minuta më parë

    I need them because I love Logan Paul tyreece bolton 19

  33. Smash_It

    Smash_It9 minuta më parë

    0:23 what kind of editing is this 🤣🤣🤣 it’s awful

  34. Axel Flores

    Axel Flores10 minuta më parë

    Tanner please I what the boxing gloves. Watching since 800k and Jake Paul like 1mil

  35. Gavin Gavin

    Gavin Gavin10 minuta më parë

    Done I would like the funk bro’s pool with one million orbies because I am a long time fan and really want to swim in them

  36. Jordy Diaz

    Jordy Diaz10 minuta më parë

    i want the basketball because he is my inspiration and he is one of the reasons i play basketball and my ig is nyc._freshest.999

  37. Mr N

    Mr N11 minuta më parë

    Done, I would really like the logan paul boxing gloves as I am a big fan of him and yours. Great job on hitting 10 million btw. My Instagram is @nathan.vanderhorst

  38. Holden Webster

    Holden Webster11 minuta më parë

    i want nelks clothing line because its sooo Freda and im going to give it to my brother who loves nelk so much insta Holden.webster

  39. Fredo Hirmiz

    Fredo Hirmiz11 minuta më parë

    hey tanner I’ve been supporting u for so long Nd I really hope your okay because I wouldn’t want to loss my favorite AL-gosr but I hope I could get the custom shoes because my family’s having a hard time I hope u see this comment Nd understand where I’m coming from love you so much Nd hmu on instagram @dbd_fredo._

  40. Derek Escobosa

    Derek Escobosa11 minuta më parë

    Done bro, I really want the Custom Ball by brawadis. [email protected]

  41. C

    C13 minuta më parë


  42. C

    C13 minuta më parë


  43. Fredo Hirmiz

    Fredo Hirmiz13 minuta më parë

    What’s up tanner I hope your safe Nd your family’s safe. I would like the custom shoes bc honestly my family’s having a hard time Nd I really need them but you could hmu on instagram @dbd_fredo._

  44. C

    C13 minuta më parë


  45. Nolan Moore

    Nolan Moore14 minuta më parë

    I really want the rug yezzys because I love shoes and I also support faze rug and tanner fox my Snapchat is @nolansmoore

  46. C

    C14 minuta më parë


  47. Lorenzo Martinez

    Lorenzo Martinez14 minuta më parë

    I want the James Charles makeup pallet because I didn't have enough money to buy a gift for my mom on her birthday

  48. FeliFeli TV

    FeliFeli TV15 minuta më parë

    To anybody who's reading this, I pray that whatever is hurting you or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better. May the dark thoughts, the overthinking, and the doubt exit your mind right now. May clarity, replace confusion and the fire of God burn any kind of Virus in your way! May peace and calmness fill your life. I love you ♥ You don’t have to subscribe on my channel ♥️♥️

  49. Jason Courtney

    Jason Courtney15 minuta më parë

    Done I would really love to have faze rug’s shoes he is one of my favorite you tubers. Hope I win thank you for all the amazing content @jason_courtney0419

  50. Alec Goins

    Alec Goins15 minuta më parë

    done" i want the stradman hoodie because im a huge fan of him and i love cars. Also, he inspires me insta: alec_goins

  51. vg_isuck

    vg_isuck15 minuta më parë

    Done: I want the Air Force 1 shoes bc I’m a huge fan of you guys <3 [email protected]_isuck._

  52. Jaime Espiago

    Jaime Espiago15 minuta më parë

    tanner,i would like logan paul is boxing gloves

  53. Viveshan Raju

    Viveshan Raju15 minuta më parë

    I really want the brawadis basket ball because I am one of his first and biggest fan Facebook :@Kennedy raju

  54. Bukhari Abdullah

    Bukhari Abdullah15 minuta më parë

    I want the yeezys please I love you and love rug and a big sneaker head if I win could you please sign it too I want them because they are from you guys and it will be unbelievable pic in my collection I think I will be the only one who appreciate the shoes the most or costume Marco shoes

  55. Jayce Bush

    Jayce Bush16 minuta më parë

    Done I want the yeezy Jayce_bush44

  56. Lisa Lineweaver

    Lisa Lineweaver16 minuta më parë

    I really want Jake Paul's guitar because my mom said I could never play a guitar and I want to learn contact me on tik tok @trump_parkerlineweaver

  57. Daniel Chacon

    Daniel Chacon16 minuta më parë

    “Done” please the Nelk boy stuff I am a big fan for them and you and I wanted some of there full send stuff and right now I don’t have the money please my Instagram is theGoatedone06

  58. Hannah Stefanski

    Hannah Stefanski16 minuta më parë

    Plus I only have one pair of shoes they are a plane blake and white trainer so I would love them pls 😊😊😊

  59. vlach jee S. lahora

    vlach jee S. lahora17 minuta më parë

    Hey tanner 🤗 i like jake paul guitar to learn my new passion playing guitar to pursue my dream to become a best guitarist someday i hope you choose me tanner thank you so much for motivating message in you some videos 🤗 Ig: vlachlahora Facebook : vlach jee sunico lahora From :philippines God bless you tanner 🤗

  60. Carley Haygood

    Carley Haygood17 minuta më parë

    I want the Funk Bros 1 Million Orbeez @carley_haygood [email protected]

  61. Alex Galupo

    Alex Galupo17 minuta më parë

    “Done” I would love to win Faze Rugs sneakers! It would really be nice to have a nice pair of shoes especially Faze Rugs since I look up to him and you. I have been watching you and Faze Rug for a long time now. But, totally understand if I don’t win but it would be very cool if I did! (IG: alexgalupox)

  62. Alec Goins

    Alec Goins17 minuta më parë

    done- I would want James Charles hoodie or pallet. Since I love him so much and have been watching James forever. Also James Charles is such an inspiration to me. Or faze rug since my brother watches him and my brother's birthday is coming up and I want to give him a gift. Since I can’t get anything in quarantine. insta-alec_goins

  63. Harley Bolton

    Harley Bolton17 minuta më parë

    Can I have Logan Paul's boxing gloves please 😭

  64. Selim Aydilek

    Selim Aydilek17 minuta më parë

    basket ball plz

  65. Oscar M

    Oscar M18 minuta më parë

    I'm not sure why all the comments start with done so hopefully this still counts but I would love the custom air force 1s. The reason being I've been searching for some af 1s for a while now and all the ones I've wanted have been out of stock due to me not wanting the plain white ones and instead something differently which these pair are so perfect, i also happen to be size 11.5 so they would fit perfect as you go down half a size for air forces. I've also been watching the channel for a long time now and am a big fan so congrats on 10mil ig-oscarmaxwell_

  66. Ali Mill

    Ali Mill18 minuta më parë

    Done😎 i always wanna win in life thats just my mentality but you don't always win so if i win, i would like to get the gloves because logan wanted to win && he really won but judges were pretty much high lol 😁👌 ig ali_m669

  67. Alec Goins

    Alec Goins18 minuta më parë

    “Done” Hey Tanner I really would like the Custom Marko shoe or ball. I feel like if people see me around with it they will be inspired to be more creative and open minded to things like that. Also I’m a basketball player and my ball is worn out and boring. All my shoes are black too so that doesnt help. Either one of your choosing would be fine if I win Instagram: @gregcasimir

  68. Jose Casas

    Jose Casas18 minuta më parë

    I want Yeezy please your AL-gos videos make my day

  69. joshisagamer 123

    joshisagamer 12318 minuta më parë

    Hey I would love the nelk full send drop I’ve been a big fan of them for years now and it would be much appreciated insta:joshclifford15

  70. Hannah Stefanski

    Hannah Stefanski19 minuta më parë

    I would love the Mario shoes pls 😊😊😊inster gram is avaseggoedits love your channel keep up the good work ❤❤

  71. Jorge Ortiz

    Jorge Ortiz19 minuta më parë

    I want Logan Paul's gloves because I love his videos and it would make me happy asf 😂 my Instagram is Ortiz ludim so pick me if you can please I love your videos by the way

  72. Rosie

    Rosie20 minuta më parë

    ~done I would like the Logan Paul boxing gloves becasue my cousin is a martial arts teacher and I would really appreciate it because I would be giving him the gloves. m sorry I dont have a instagram but here is my email: @[email protected]

  73. itsalixclark _123

    itsalixclark _12320 minuta më parë

    Done I want the James Charles palit because my sister loves James my insta is @donaldlancaster

  74. Nash Miller

    Nash Miller20 minuta më parë

    Logan Pauls boxing gloves cause he is the goat. Instagram- nash.miller

  75. Robert Linares

    Robert Linares21 minutë më parë

    Done ✅ thereal_oghtx713

  76. Kenny Gonzalez

    Kenny Gonzalez21 minutë më parë

    Done I would like the Faze rug shoes because I’m a really big fans of his and it would be really cool if I could get his shoes.He makes me a better person everyday and I like how he is not greedy with his money. Ig:kennyken1129

  77. Cooper Morrison Morrison

    Cooper Morrison Morrison22 minuta më parë

    I want the Logan Paul boxing gloves because I’m into boxing and i don’t even have boxing gloves . My Instagram is @coopermorrison2 with a football profile . This is nice of you to do this . Thank you

  78. Donavon Polk

    Donavon Polk22 minuta më parë

    I want the faze rug shoes because I want to add those to my collection to

  79. Maggie Smith

    Maggie Smith22 minuta më parë

    “Done” I would love to get the yeezy’s or the stradman hoodie I’ve watched you for so long and your such an inspiration to me after I started watching you I bought myself a scooter and started learning how to do tricks like you can do. I don’t have an Instagram but I do have an email. [email protected]

  80. Bossy Biscuit

    Bossy Biscuit22 minuta më parë

    Instagram: @againes2 Would be incredible if I could get the Marko shoes! Congrats on 10 Million!

  81. Jessica Groce

    Jessica Groce23 minuta më parë

    **Done** I would really like to win the Stradman hoodie for my 13 yr old son. He's really big into cars and just purchased his first drift car and he's going to paint it purple like Stradmans cars. @drift_mom

  82. Jose Trujillo

    Jose Trujillo23 minuta më parë

    Men I would love to get the yeezys from faze rug I been subscribe since he trick shot. Good job on 10 million @josetrujillo15 on insta

  83. Donavon Polk

    Donavon Polk23 minuta më parë


  84. RI0Tx Bugara

    RI0Tx Bugara23 minuta më parë

    I want costume shoes b and lave you fox. No homo

  85. Michael Morgan

    Michael Morgan23 minuta më parë

    "Done" hey would love to get the Faze Rug's Yeezy's and I have been a huge fan for a long time love him and you Hey would really appreciate it bro and goodluck to everyone else Ig - mikemorg23192 Email - [email protected]

  86. Ernest Christian Uy

    Ernest Christian Uy24 minuta më parë

    "Done" Ig: @ec__uy I would love to win Brandon's signed Basketball because I am a huge fan of brawadis and his brother faze rug plss it will really be the best birthday gift of my life my birthday is coming next month Thank you and Congrats

  87. Kyle Oswald

    Kyle Oswald24 minuta më parë

    strad huddy @ kposwald

  88. Donavon Polk

    Donavon Polk24 minuta më parë

    I want the shoes because I am a big fan and also I am a shoe collector and I want to add it to my collection plzz pic me I really love you plzz

  89. Junior Valle

    Junior Valle24 minuta më parë

    Honestly I dont care if i win but follow my ig:jvalle07 LMFAOFO SORRY IF YOU DONT WANT TO FOLLOW DONT I DONT REALLY CARE

  90. Jennifer Hernandez

    Jennifer Hernandez24 minuta më parë

    “Done “ I would really like to win faze rugs special item because I’m a huge huge fan of him and you of course .and also it’s really special 1 I can’t afford yeezys 2.They are signed by the man HIMSELF !! 🚨❤️ IG :_x_.jennifer_.x_

  91. Anuel Anuel

    Anuel Anuel25 minuta më parë

    “DONE” I would like the Logan Paul boxing gloves because he means a lot to me and his boxing carrier inspired to chase my dreams. My Instagram is @nalliemanuel

  92. RI0Tx Bugara

    RI0Tx Bugara25 minuta më parë

    I want the costume shoes because I only have 5 pair of shoes

  93. Sanne Hoogeterp

    Sanne Hoogeterp25 minuta më parë

    "Done" i would really like the guitar. Because i play en would like to play better at it. And that guitar would really help. Insta: sanie203x

  94. Gavin Ralston

    Gavin Ralston26 minuta më parë

    Done I neeeed the full send line I'm running low on clothes Instagram gavin.ralston.123

  95. Pedro Hernandez

    Pedro Hernandez27 minuta më parë

    I hope I win and congrats tanner 🥳🥳so happy for u

  96. Eli Barcenas

    Eli Barcenas27 minuta më parë

    Done - I would like Jake Paul’s guitar because I’ve been trying to save up for one for about a year now so I can jam with my dad. Also congrats on 10mil very well deserved 🙏🏾 Ig: @oofdaddy_

  97. Matthew McClenan

    Matthew McClenan27 minuta më parë

    I don’t have instagram but it do have tic tok so maybe you can talk to me though that it is Matthewm_02

  98. luis torres

    luis torres27 minuta më parë

    “Done” I would love to have the James Charles Makeup and Hoodie as my gf will start her own AL-gos of different types of makeup. I’m sure if I win she will die of happiness haha. Thank you! IG:luistorres27_

  99. Celena Potter

    Celena Potter27 minuta më parë

    "Done" I would really want the James Charles hoodie or the pallet because my 1 best friend loves James Charles and if I did win it I would give it to her like as an early birthday present and also I love James Charles too or I would also love to win on the funk Bros Orbeez because the summer me and my friends can fill up our pool and do like last to leave the Orbeez wins and I would love to recreate the funk Bros last two with the Orbeez challenge my Instagram account is at dangie_girl24 and also will mean so much to my best friend if I won the James Charles sister hoodie or the pallet cuz she loves James Charles and she also loves makeup as well and by the way I love your videos Tanner💚😇🤗

  100. Clackzy YT

    Clackzy YT27 minuta më parë

    “done” I would want the nelk boys June drop because they are so funny and I don’t have enough money rn to buy their merch. And merch is a big way to support them. Insta- cade.comer91