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WWE Raw Full Episode, 25 May 2020
  1. Imagi Bless

    Imagi Bless16 orë më parë

    Wtf, really!!! What is this!!!! Smh.. What is Jeff and WWE doing 😫🤨

  2. Jacob Wright

    Jacob Wright16 orë më parë

    1:00-1:04 got me dying with that laugh

  3. VAN VAN

    VAN VAN16 orë më parë


  4. Santos LopezJr

    Santos LopezJr16 orë më parë

    2011. Edge retires Goodbye WWE 8 years later 2020 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Fans who is it going to be Music "You Think You Know Me" Fans Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh *Screams* EDGE IS BACK

  5. M Saini

    M Saini16 orë më parë

    0:47 Lmao, the way he nearly fell off the top rope.

  6. Iftee Talukder

    Iftee Talukder16 orë më parë

    1:18 : the best reaction to Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit and Batmobile

  7. KiingEzzy_

    KiingEzzy_16 orë më parë

    We have to admit, we loved this storyline but hated it because Roman was at a disadvantage the whole time.

  8. Devils Poet

    Devils Poet16 orë më parë

    Jeff HARVEEYY! Never forget.

  9. Tuğberk Sepetci

    Tuğberk Sepetci16 orë më parë

    i really love that :D

  10. Sarooj Hirunyaprathip

    Sarooj Hirunyaprathip16 orë më parë

    Who remembers j and j security.

  11. Generater Rihanna

    Generater Rihanna16 orë më parë

    1:17 Spinning MISS kick!!!

  12. Emma May

    Emma May16 orë më parë

    Naomi has turned to the new kofi kingston in the royal rumble xd

  13. Greg Boyea

    Greg Boyea16 orë më parë

    Phenomenal 👏👏👏

  14. Ma. Daisy Morse

    Ma. Daisy Morse16 orë më parë

    What's brock lesnar doing 😳🤔👀

  15. Screwjob

    Screwjob16 orë më parë

    I habe Al Bundy flashbacks 😄

  16. Daquan Marshall

    Daquan Marshall16 orë më parë

    She hit her with a bull dog

  17. Linda M

    Linda M16 orë më parë

    This skit here just blew my mind!!! All the way around. And when she gets soaked 🤣🤣. Just don't see it.

  18. Daquan Marshall

    Daquan Marshall16 orë më parë

    “Im not little like el Torito “😂

  19. Bro Da2019

    Bro Da201916 orë më parë

    i like john cna from Cambodia 🇰🇭

  20. Jalen WALKER

    Jalen WALKER16 orë më parë

    I’m a huge wrestling fan

  21. Angie Alvey

    Angie Alvey16 orë më parë

    Nia how do you know that infromation?

  22. Alexis Meade

    Alexis Meade16 orë më parë

    Boys and cake mmmmm

  23. Dennis Barrondo

    Dennis Barrondo16 orë më parë

    Homeboy can’t kiss

  24. Becky Lawson

    Becky Lawson16 orë më parë

    Two things... 1. If you're going to have 'officers' arrest someone, at least get Rent-A-Cops, not your own refs as the officers. 2. This... is pretty disgusting, tbch. I don't care if Jeff was okay with it; some things should stay private.

  25. Swag Asur

    Swag Asur16 orë më parë

    Worst PPV Of 2018

  26. Angela Beltran

    Angela Beltran16 orë më parë

    the guy the guy when Braun strowman or talking about was Sheamus he was the one that caused this accident

  27. Extraordinary 7

    Extraordinary 716 orë më parë

    Nice drama

  28. jason sims

    jason sims16 orë më parë

    pause at :37 camel toe your welcome :)

  29. Beerus

    Beerus16 orë më parë

    At 0:25 Maryse’s Face says... My man is very pissed off

  30. Shadow Knight

    Shadow Knight16 orë më parë

    Btw what is the needle meant to do

  31. Joaco Acerbi

    Joaco Acerbi16 orë më parë

    I can't stop watch this, it's just epic and incredible, what a moment

  32. Gabriel

    Gabriel16 orë më parë

    Let's Go Jeff Hardy! He believe in you!

  33. Ra Pe

    Ra Pe16 orë më parë

    You big noob

  34. Mr Quacky - Creative maps, Montages

    Mr Quacky - Creative maps, Montages16 orë më parë

    Why did I just see Jeff hardy getting arrested Elias injured and Braun strowman here saying I saw a guy running

  35. miz390 king kim

    miz390 king kim16 orë më parë


  36. Iftee Talukder

    Iftee Talukder16 orë më parë

    The best caption in 1:18 when Otis successfully cashes his money in the bank

  37. Jonathan Haynes

    Jonathan Haynes16 orë më parë

    0:21😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Kyle O'Reilly

  38. Dustin Congello

    Dustin Congello16 orë më parë

    Owen Hart rolling and flipping out of a arm ringer was always so smooth.. U see the lucha libre do stuff like that but they all do that stuff. In early to late 90s u didnt see that much flipping and flying. Owen was the best

  39. cookiefan 152941

    cookiefan 15294116 orë më parë

    THAT WAS THE STUPIDEST MATCH I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. BPWD

    BPWD16 orë më parë

    this is very sweet but the background music is unnecessary

  41. Ain't Givin' A FUCK

    Ain't Givin' A FUCK16 orë më parë

    I know Sasha is married, but I really hope they kissed. I thought Bayley would grab her wrist, turn her around and crash her lips onto hers. My mind. 😩🤦🏻‍♂️

  42. Éen Paard

    Éen Paard16 orë më parë

    Remember when champion had to tag team with their opponent? Good days

  43. Axl Krow

    Axl Krow16 orë më parë

    This might be the most abusive relationship I've seen between the crowd and the wrestlers lol

  44. Birendra Dadal

    Birendra Dadal16 orë më parë

    Forever here John cina


    THE CYBER WARRIOR16 orë më parë

    KOFI GETS IT!!!! the show ended in a decent way imo and not everyone gets a perfect ending.

  46. Ziyaad Qureshi

    Ziyaad Qureshi16 orë më parë

    Andre is stupid

  47. C.J _20

    C.J _2016 orë më parë

    7:29-7:31 Love how the Rock checked on TaKer to see if he was ok... The Rock: "You good bro ?" UndertaKer: "Yeah, I'm good" 👍💪🤷‍♂️

  48. The Great1002

    The Great100216 orë më parë

    Shad is now ded

  49. Shiva T Santosh

    Shiva T Santosh16 orë më parë

    UnderTaker is in my Top-5 of all time!

  50. THE NGEL

    THE NGEL16 orë më parë

    2:16 punch strike and bionic elbow

  51. RPG迷

    RPG迷16 orë më parë

    哈哈哈哈……Oh yeah

  52. Kris Tian

    Kris Tian16 orë më parë

    Kofi is make so much incredible save but he never win the Royal rumble

  53. Four Brothers

    Four Brothers16 orë më parë


  54. Kumar Krishna

    Kumar Krishna16 orë më parë

    I am indian but i really feel bad for cena...

  55. Sam Talukder

    Sam Talukder16 orë më parë

    Cena is a silly on the ring.

  56. Moe E.

    Moe E.16 orë më parë

    you can legit see the goosebumps on The Rock's Arm...

  57. Karen Lee

    Karen Lee16 orë më parë

    What a difference from this arrest and how the police handled white man who just ran someone over compared to how george floyd was handled over 20$ check

  58. Reid Schnitzer

    Reid Schnitzer16 orë më parë


  59. Diego Sepúlveda

    Diego Sepúlveda16 orë më parë

    Resumen de Smackdown y ponen de fondo a los campeonatos de RAW :v

  60. Dr-Pele Pele

    Dr-Pele Pele16 orë më parë

    The Miz 😅😂😂😂.

  61. VOY

    VOY16 orë më parë

    John Cana 💖💖

  62. Buddy Holly

    Buddy Holly16 orë më parë


  63. Razel Lapiz

    Razel Lapiz16 orë më parë

    Bayley's ebtrance music is weird

  64. Shelden Cherubin

    Shelden Cherubin16 orë më parë

    why edge

  65. Raja Rameez

    Raja Rameez16 orë më parë

    03075674597 my WhatsApp number

  66. Jae Car44

    Jae Car4416 orë më parë

    I hope Daniel Bryan wins the intercontinental title

  67. Vanessa Gutierrez

    Vanessa Gutierrez16 orë më parë

    1:12 LMAO Best Moment EVER

  68. Reid Schnitzer

    Reid Schnitzer16 orë më parë

    He can’t jack hammer the Big Show!?!

  69. JDLittleMix

    JDLittleMix16 orë më parë

    imagine if nia jax and braun strowman came fec to fec in the royal rumble

  70. Heist 42

    Heist 4216 orë më parë

    Jeff wearing a Project Rock shirt, he definitely did it da The Rock.

  71. Conan The Barbarian

    Conan The Barbarian16 orë më parë

    pro wrestling is Dead

  72. butcher of blaviken

    butcher of blaviken16 orë më parë

    Cesaro again !! again !!! lmao

  73. Phead Sorondo

    Phead Sorondo16 orë më parë

    the higher they rise...the fatter they are!

  74. Nazmi A.

    Nazmi A.16 orë më parë

    Make Shorty G Chad Gable again


    LA DIVERSIÓN CON NOA Noa16 orë më parë

    Fed z

  76. Bro Bh

    Bro Bh16 orë më parë

    WWE is cool

  77. Caitlin Guest Roxy Derry

    Caitlin Guest Roxy Derry16 orë më parë

    she do be the best doe

  78. Балабек Мусабеков

    Балабек Мусабеков16 orë më parë

    Шоу не интересно

  79. Gustavo franco

    Gustavo franco16 orë më parë

    Nenhum brasileiro ai

  80. Freddie Lees

    Freddie Lees16 orë më parë

    Interesting hair choices

  81. Ibrahim.m M-512

    Ibrahim.m M-51216 orë më parë

    big show and kane they tall up to 7 feet wow they giant, who remember Garry Robbins wow he was so big

  82. M games

    M games16 orë më parë

    Yyeeeesssss Matt riddle on SmackDown this is going to be good BRO