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I quit my job to play with smartphones.
OnePlus messed up.

OnePlus messed up.

10 ditë më parë

Huawei's Operating System of the Future?
Is your Smartphone Overpriced?

Is your Smartphone Overpriced?

18 ditë më parë

Mystery Xiaomi Smartphone Unboxing.

Mystery Xiaomi Smartphone Unboxing.

22 ditë më parë

Top 13 BEST Smartphones of 2020 (Mid Year).
OnePlus 8 vs iPhone 11

OnePlus 8 vs iPhone 11

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The 2 Fastest Phones on the Planet.
Top Smartphones of 2020?  ft. MKBHD
Mystery Samsung Smartphone Unboxing.
Dear Smartphone Makers.

Dear Smartphone Makers.

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Unboxing the $399 Foldable Phone.
Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11
The $100,000 Smartphone Unboxing.
Smartphones are evolving.

Smartphones are evolving.

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What you didn't know about Google.
Charging a smartphone with Light?
Mystery Samsung Smartphone Unboxing!
20 Android Apps for 2020.

20 Android Apps for 2020.

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Features!
What you didn't know about Samsung.
Top 20 BEST Smartphones of 2019.
The Biggest Smartphone Unboxing EVER?
The realme X2 Pro surprised me.
25 Questions with MKBHD

25 Questions with MKBHD

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Mystery Unboxing from Samsung.

Mystery Unboxing from Samsung.

7 muaj më parë

What you didn't know about Apple.
The Ultimate iPhone 11 Pro Camera.
The Ultimate iPhone Comparison.
Dear Smartphone Companies.

Dear Smartphone Companies.

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OnePlus 7T Unboxing and Review.
15 Smartphone Gadgets for 2019.
35 Hidden Android Features.

35 Hidden Android Features.

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What you didn't know about Huawei.
A Very Special Smartphone Gadget.
Huawei's Fastest Smartphone ever!
are smartphones getting weaker?
Smartphones are changing...

Smartphones are changing...

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The Ultimate Samsung Galaxy Comparison.
People react to the iPhone 11

People react to the iPhone 11

10 muaj më parë

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    Escobar: Sends phone for a review Arun: Don't buy this Hitman: Well hello there

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    Please review Xperia 1 ii. I'd like to know your thoughts on it

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    Lew said the otherwise, bet he jizzed in his pants

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    So you basically bought a refurbished phone?

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    maven6 orë më parë

    Irresponsible........return to sender and don't make videos to inadvertently give a company such like Escobar Inc publicity....if you're saying bad publicity is good publicity.

  14. dustin cerda

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    that camera shutter sound in the beginning really sets a scandalous tone

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    Voice is very good

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    Kind of feeling bad for Escobar 😓 it sent a iphone 11 pro max to him and he recommends us not to buy this đŸ˜‚đŸ˜„

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    If you’re willing to pay for Escobar device, you really deserve to be scammed

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    Escobar - lets send Mr whose the boss ower phone to get good reviews out there MWTB - Don't buy it Escobar - shocked pikachu face

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    The only people actually in profit are those women getting paid for the ads

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    He could of make the joke of exploding while opening the box lol

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    4:10 its possible there was a poisoned dart in the box ehich fired as soon as he opened the box, its ESCOBAR INC afterall 😂

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    HMS android sounds like a British aircraft carrier

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    Good stuff, I hope Unbox therapy does a warning video like you did

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    Just my curiosity is ur name Aron or Arun ?? Cauz u might write ur name as "Arun" but surely sounds like the former . .

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    Scammer's are just everywhere!!! Why?? because they want to be Rich by others Work :) Also Known as Hopeless Human Being can't resist the luxury of looking others Property bank!!!

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    Both you and mkbdhd or what ever his acronym is( i have a terrible memory) explain very well why this is sketchy and both have very entertaining videos on this topic.

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    It has the name of a criminal... What did people expect?

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  54. Malayali Pada - Food, Tech, Travel, Vlogs & More.

    Malayali Pada - Food, Tech, Travel, Vlogs & More.7 orë më parë

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    So they want to compete with big brands by using and selling said big brand products while not delivering said products to customers. I guess due to the fact that they are not U.S.located / headquarters are not in the U.S. they feel that the U.S. government cant intervene with a law suit or something. So they just keep going with their scam.

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    @Mrwhosetheboss i have been watching you're videos on AL-gos for about a year now my brother I so wish I can get just one smartphone from you. I'm from South Africa Pretoria. i will really appreciate it if you concede request.

  96. Emiliano PL

    Emiliano PL7 orë më parë

    Also take a part the payment that we get in Mexico one iPhone 11 pro is between 20k to 18k but a month normal people make around 16k a month leaving you around 4k pesos around 200 USD that also might be a reason it's cheaper here

  97. kutta5310

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    Hey Mrwhosetheboss, I agree you are sharing the truth about the scam, but I feel they keep sending these products to you or MKBHD because any publicity is good publicity for a scamster.. shouldn't we just ignore them ?!?

  98. Mobile Master

    Mobile Master7 orë më parë

    I STRONGLY DISAGREE, samsung is just comparing there phones to other brands, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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