Billboard’s first-ever Trailblazer Award recipients continue to build their ever-expanding empire of innovative artistry and entrepreneurial endeavors throughout their colossal career. With their romantic roots-infused “Simple” surging Country charts, as the lead single off their anticipated fourth studio album, the kings of collaborations are shattering records with 3X PLATINUM-certified #1 “Meant to Be” with Bebe Rexha [14th #1 overall as artists plus leads the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart]. Exceeding 4.2 billion streams, 31 million tracks and more than 4.3 million albums sold worldwide, BMLG Records’ duo remains the first and only Country act to achieve RIAA’s DIAMOND certification for their breakout “Cruise,” which is the best-selling digital Country single of all time (SoundScan). Since 2012, FGL has earned prestigious honors from the AMAs, ACM Awards, CMA Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and CMT Music Awards, plus left their mark on several chart-crushing songs as writers.

Florida Georgia Line - Dirt
Florida Georgia Line - Dirt
Florida Georgia Line - Stay
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    My favorite men all in 1. That's what's up. # 1luv

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    This song is a hit no matter what but I honestly liked the original version that was on songland better than this one. They should’ve recorded it just the way it was because the original version was even sweeter and more from the heart than this one imo

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    this is country music?


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    Ugh not in love but hope to be one day! Love Florida Georgia Line and this song bangsssss in 2020!


    ALEXIS STEWARTOrë më parë

    Ugh not in love but hope to be one day! Love Florida Georgia Line and this song bangsssss in 2020!

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    murica, styrofoam and hill billies!

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    It’s pretty hypocritical how songs like this are celebrated while rap songs about weed are for criminals. Go beer! Hell to weed! I know most people support complete legalization of weed, but personally, I can’t wait until marijuana is seen just as patriotic and positive as beer.

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    2020 gang


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    Who is here listen to this awesome song in 2020 yee yee

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    i love my contry too we do stuff just like this

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    I cry every time I watch this

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    When I had this song on my dog was shaking and then she stopped this song can even get to dogs. Keep doing wut ur doing Florida Georgia Line

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    Best part was seeing imthejay in this!

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    I used to pack my husbands lunch with a little note.. He always came home drunk..stuck his hands down..you know where. And all I GOT OUT OF THIS LOUSY DIVORCE..WAS MY OWN RESPECT.. YAAYY. FOR ME

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    I listened to this song everyday through my cheemo ... glad to say that I’m cured of Kancer now. I’m not residing in Georgia

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