AJR is a New York City based indie pop band comprised of three brothers:
Adam Jack and Ryan. Self produced and recorded in their living room, their music inspires comparisons to both contemporary and classic artists, while still sounding completely their own.
The brothers' collaborative style spans their writing, vocals, production and instrumentation. Adam, 23, and recent graduate of Columbia University, sings, plays bass and writes lyrics. Jack, 16, sings, plays guitar and contributes to songwriting all while still being in High School. Ryan, 19, currently studies at Columbia University and is the primary writer/producer for the group; in addition he plays guitar, ukulele, piano and sings. Growing up in New York, Adam, Jack and Ryan started performing together in 2007 and are constantly inspired by the creativity and individuality that their city brings to the table.

AJR - BANG! (Official Video)


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AJR - Beats (Official Audio)
AJR - Karma (Official Audio)
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AJR - Pitchfork Kids [AUDIO]
AJR - I'm Ready [Acoustic]
  1. Bay2bayboy

    Bay2bayboyDitë më parë

    there is a good reason why you guys are competing with TOP and ID for my favorite band to become super popularf in the 2010's

  2. Neon approves17

    Neon approves17Ditë më parë

    I honesty think that this song is ajr expresses how they are thankful for being apart of the 'music industry' and by saying " a minute ago i did not exist" ' they are not talking about being born and youth,they are talking about fame and being recognized after a long time and by 'relatives' they mean other artists and when they say "This hospital’s got lots of crying kids" they mean how a lot of new artists are not ready for it yet.

  3. Akiima Soto

    Akiima SotoDitë më parë

    I like this


    ANDRES MANCILLASDitë më parë

    Damn that M E T R O N O M E hits different

  5. Fern Fox

    Fern FoxDitë më parë

    Did you see the end it’s dark

  6. holy ._water

    holy ._waterDitë më parë

    Argh discribes the dance I just went to

  7. ツBlu

    ツBluDitë më parë

    Like 2 minutes in the video I noticed all the Easter eggs yOuR nOt SlIcK

  8. Ella Graves

    Ella GravesDitë më parë

    If 100 bad days make 100 good stories then does 100 good days make 100 bad stories

  9. Woomypie // Gachacrystallised

    Woomypie // GachacrystallisedDitë më parë

    Me: can we please have the click? Mom: no we have the click at home The click at home: cOMe hANg oUT

  10. ipodstoled

    ipodstoledDitë më parë

    but this song sucks.

  11. BonnieTheFirst

    BonnieTheFirstDitë më parë

    Ryan looks like he is about laugh

  12. smith

    smithDitë më parë

    One sip bad for me too much sugar bad for me one hit bad for me

  13. Ethan Campbell

    Ethan CampbellDitë më parë

    i really like this song and to think i was released on February 12 2020 good job ajr impressed again never fail to make me smile

  14. Gabriel Prado animates

    Gabriel Prado animatesDitë më parë

    I knew the band but not the amazing song I feel like I’m the only one

  15. Pheonix Reaper

    Pheonix ReaperDitë më parë


  16. DaPierce

    DaPierceDitë më parë

    Bruh AJR is freaking epic my favorite band

  17. Soccer Girl

    Soccer GirlDitë më parë

    This was my favorite when it came out and it is still my favorite! Its not even that bad!🤩🤍

  18. StarCatWarrior 7

    StarCatWarrior 7Ditë më parë

    Ryan just be vibin. He always movin and groovin. He's going absolutely nuts in every music video when he plays an instrument I think he's vibin to hard.

  19. lakeluvsyou

    lakeluvsyouDitë më parë

    *gets a boner*

  20. Allen Dishman

    Allen DishmanDitë më parë

    This song is so bittersweet.

  21. Mc Kat

    Mc KatDitë më parë

    Ok so idk if anyone actually know what Danplan is but this relates to it SO MUCH rn!-

  22. Casey joo

    Casey jooDitë më parë

    I wish they’d make more raw music like this.

  23. EKN

    EKNDitë më parë

    Underrated is all I'm gonna say...

  24. Lacey Driscoll

    Lacey DriscollDitë më parë

    OMG I saw the tik tok behind the scenes

  25. EliteBlackDragon Gaming

    EliteBlackDragon GamingDitë më parë

    Bro this is awesome I love it!

  26. Angel Lps

    Angel LpsDitë më parë

    I love this, this is sweet. I love how the father doesn’t care if he’s gay he just cares if he is happy.

  27. Everyday_ Shea

    Everyday_ SheaDitë më parë

    This look like a movie where they set up a plan to steal money from the biggest people in the world in one place. like Now You See Me.


    CALEB CAMETDitë më parë

    I really hope they're just joking and they're not actually quitting


    CALEB CAMETDitë më parë

    I can't wait! I have tickets for May 10!

  30. paulina

    paulinaDitë më parë

    who’s here from tiktok lmao

  31. LirYcaS

    LirYcaSDitë më parë

    ustedes merecen mucha mas fama

  32. Allen Dishman

    Allen DishmanDitë më parë

    The king puppet at 2:43 reminds me of the one from Mr. Rogers.

  33. that dude

    that dudeDitë më parë

    ahh so this is where they got armor up from

  34. invisible fox

    invisible foxDitë më parë

    If this song was published on january we would know who made Australia burn, but seriously, love this song <3

  35. Nela

    NelaDitë më parë

    Your spotify isn't working!! why???

  36. yellow paint & buttered toast

    yellow paint & buttered toastDitë më parë


  37. Raymond Jamin

    Raymond JaminDitë më parë

    Crazy nice

  38. The ADHD Kid

    The ADHD KidDitë më parë

    I feel like this song is trying to subliminally tell me to go out and do some crazy shit and then come home and shoot myself in the head.

  39. Meredith grote

    Meredith groteDitë më parë

    This is the cutest song ever!!💕

  40. Aličia

    AličiaDitë më parë

    everything about this song is beautiful

  41. Cheetahgirl27

    Cheetahgirl27Ditë më parë

    Love you guys I listen to you everyday

  42. Kailee Kue

    Kailee KueDitë më parë

    When ur at a casino and you got scammed and found the person with ur mafia group

  43. christopher gangoy

    christopher gangoyDitë më parë

    You can kinda see the lip singing

  44. Vulcan Winter

    Vulcan WinterDitë më parë

    so is he basically just saying "its not for me, but if you like it, smoke it"

  45. Mr. Krabs look - alike

    Mr. Krabs look - alikeDitë më parë

    Who else saw this on tik tok?

  46. masterpig5 S

    masterpig5 SDitë më parë

    What do you think the next tint colour would be?

  47. Afae Words

    Afae WordsDitë më parë

    1:14 So, the blonde lady on the left.. Your hand. Move it up.

  48. dragonairfair !

    dragonairfair !Ditë më parë

    The sarcasm leaking off this song is unreal

  49. Bluu Tee

    Bluu TeeDitë më parë

    Finale: You’ve been outside. Don’t throw out my legos:It’s cold out there, you’re standin there.

  50. Oliver Sanderson

    Oliver SandersonDitë më parë

    TL;DR "time is passing and I don't like" which I think is something we can all sympathise with

  51. Dan

    DanDitë më parë

    this song in 1.5 speed is a banger

  52. Conor Foster

    Conor FosterDitë më parë

    For the love of all that’s holy, Anthony Fantano, please don’t review this. Leave poor AJR alone

  53. Yo_ Yo

    Yo_ YoDitë më parë

    These guys need more attention omg. They’re so talented :,)

  54. Charles Winter

    Charles WinterDitë më parë

    This is mildly intriguing, considering that my name is winter

  55. His Sala

    His SalaDitë më parë

    Who’s here from tik tok

  56. Kat Robin

    Kat RobinDitë më parë

    question, what souls trailer?

  57. Lovely Clark

    Lovely ClarkDitë më parë

    The white lighting on the side looks like you were edited in the video.

  58. Erick Thomas

    Erick ThomasDitë më parë

    That was actually sick

  59. Ashlie Turk

    Ashlie TurkDitë më parë

    Damn. Hello everyone who got his in their recommendations 5 years later

  60. Strat OS

    Strat OSDitë më parë

    This perfectly represents how you gamble ngl You just gotta steal

  61. MrPringles

    MrPringlesDitë më parë

    Excelent training song !!!!

  62. The Unicycle Gang

    The Unicycle GangDitë më parë

    This sounds like it’d be in a movie about a group of people getting ready to kill a bunch of rich people by inviting them to a gathering. I don’t know where this thought came from 🤷‍♀️

  63. El Critico

    El CriticoDitë më parë


  64. Cameron m

    Cameron mDitë më parë

    song still slaps in 2020

  65. Cameron m

    Cameron mDitë më parë

    i’m going to kill myself to this song

  66. Mrs. Pickle

    Mrs. PickleDitë më parë

    Does anyone else think Jack looks naked in a way without his hat?

  67. Dance God

    Dance GodDitë më parë

    This song sounds like a theme song for a Nickelodeon show

  68. Raposo

    RaposoDitë më parë

    1:04 Ryan just looking at the guy :3

  69. RoastedHbr

    RoastedHbrDitë më parë

    Who else came from the tiktok ?

  70. Julia Loffredo

    Julia LoffredoDitë më parë

    It's so weird seeing Jack without his iconic hat

  71. Hades Plays

    Hades PlaysDitë më parë

    this song is a banger

  72. Leigh Animations

    Leigh AnimationsDitë më parë

    This is the definition of epic and awkward

  73. Johny_Play_Music

    Johny_Play_MusicDitë më parë

    Kto od reziego ?😂

  74. Exolotic

    ExoloticDitë më parë


  75. CuroaFX

    CuroaFXDitë më parë

    its a little too late their already in space

  76. lazrpo

    lazrpoDitë më parë

    Why is this song so damn slow? Like, they kinda have something going on here but its goes NOWHERE in 3 minutes.

  77. thamsan101

    thamsan101Ditë më parë

    My only complaint is that this banger doesn't last longer.

  78. Kelynn Rose

    Kelynn RoseDitë më parë

    This sounds like a Disney movie

  79. Gian Roque

    Gian RoqueDitë më parë

    Listen at 1.5x speed

  80. astqicle

    astqicleDitë më parë

    Anyone else here from tik tok?

  81. Lorraine Sinnett

    Lorraine SinnettDitë më parë


  82. tamara maciel

    tamara macielDitë më parë

    I was in ajr concert with my big sister 3moths ago in Paris,now she past away and she never heard this beautiful song, I think she will be love it so munch...

  83. Jadan Toribio

    Jadan ToribioDitë më parë

    “It ain’t all that now” - jack

  84. MomIThinkIPooped Helppp

    MomIThinkIPooped HelpppDitë më parë

    Who else saw the bts of this on tiktok

  85. Joselyn Elliott

    Joselyn ElliottDitë më parë

    Am I the only one that watched them make a part on Tiktok

  86. Graham Gibson

    Graham GibsonDitë më parë


  87. JoshPlayz:D

    JoshPlayz:DDitë më parë

    spongebob did a collab with ajr

  88. Allen Dishman

    Allen DishmanDitë më parë

    People do know me, and they like me, so I'm technically famous. Also I like it.

  89. Personal Lama

    Personal LamaDitë më parë

    Remember discovering AJR from I’m ready. Music is still neato now

  90. The unknown Person

    The unknown PersonDitë më parë

    Basically kakeguri

  91. xX EARTH Xx

    xX EARTH XxDitë më parë

    I know this before tiktok and PUBG created

  92. austin hodgeson

    austin hodgesonDitë më parë

    Anyone from TikTok? Lol

  93. in go

    in goDitë më parë

    Let the games begin Let the games begin Passed out, all my friends went and passed out So much for the night Last round for A.M. lovers That's how I come alive I'm gonna be a people person in a room of people-people I'ma keep on running this shit Let the games begin A people person in a room of people-people I'ma be the kid for the win Let the games begin Let the games begin Let the games begin Let the games begin Let the games begin Let the games begin Let the games begin Cab ride, just up here on the right side Two more for the road Sometimes when that game hits the wrong vibe You take it home I'm gonna be a people person in a room of people-people I'ma keep on running this shit Let the games begin A people person in a room of people-people I'ma be the kid for the win Let the games begin Let the games begin Let the games begin Let the games begin Let the games begin Let the games begin Let the games begin Keep on running this shit Be the kid for the win, singing Let the games begin A people person in a room of people-people I'ma keep on running this shit Let the games begin A people person in a room of people-people I'ma be the kid for the win Let the games begin (go) Let the games begin Let the games begin Keep on running this shit Be the kid for the win, singing Let the games begin

  94. Katsuki Bakugo

    Katsuki BakugoDitë më parë

    “I’m not Famous.” ~this song goes viral on the radio~ Me:you were saying?

  95. El Pupro

    El PuproDitë më parë

    Aww los amo >:'3 son lo mejor <3

  96. gibus giver

    gibus giverDitë më parë

    The house will rob you blind

  97. Todoroki Shouto

    Todoroki ShoutoDitë më parë

    I always listen to this song the first time I found it,it just made me like it and it was my favorite but I can relate to it at school


    DEAD SW1TCHDitë më parë

    Me( 0:33 ): wtf these edible ain’t shit 5mins later : 0:44

  99. Kief L

    Kief LDitë më parë

    Yo, isn't that older lady on the right the one who's the ho? Noel did a live stream and talked ab her.

  100. Josh Cooke

    Josh CookeDitë më parë

    this song straight slaps