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The Women of KLAUS | Netflix
  1. beatjunkybg

    beatjunkybgDitë më parë

    If the Netflix people are smart they'll make these guys their default animation studio, great movie

  2. 승현

    승현Ditë më parë

    OMG Ross's crop top so sexy and gavin too

  3. John _

    John _Ditë më parë

    The netflix version of euphoria

  4. SMK Bernie

    SMK BernieDitë më parë

    I can’t wait

  5. The Nachos

    The NachosDitë më parë

    What about SACRED GAMES SEASON 3

  6. Colonel Frontline

    Colonel FrontlineDitë më parë

    0:20 - 0:38 *_"Yet again the Autobots have escalated this conflict to point where we must answer their aggression with force. I encouraged you Decepticons to bring this painful chapter of our history to a close."_* _- Megatron leader of the Decepticons._

  7. Kage Karrett Gonzales

    Kage Karrett GonzalesDitë më parë

    This is the cooking show collab I never knew I needed

  8. Steven Hoshiko

    Steven HoshikoDitë më parë

    At 2:00, I was all “WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUU 😱😱😱😱🤯🤯🤯🤯 Bricklberry and Paradise PD CROSSOVER???!!!! That’s a biggest surprising moment that I’ve ever seen on this trailer. I hope it’s like an awesome finale episode or maybe like half of the season episode

  9. Liam Robertson

    Liam RobertsonDitë më parë

    Excuse me, where is Peter Cullen?

  10. shermaine sheldee

    shermaine sheldeeDitë më parë

    *i’m lowkey jealous*

  11. Liam Robertson

    Liam RobertsonDitë më parë

    I hope this ties in with the game.

  12. Joshua Channell

    Joshua ChannellDitë më parë

    I hope that this series will be a brutal dark war story. I am disappointed that this isn't a movie trilogy with the level of CGI of Bumblebee, but as long as this is good all is forgiven. I just hope that this wont be a PG series, but at least rated 12 (PG-13) or keep it unrated and add as much kinds of dark and war elements as you can get away with.

  13. Michael Valentine

    Michael ValentineDitë më parë

    So Carrie meets Chronicle?

  14. Mel  Duffus

    Mel DuffusDitë më parë

    Where is billy why wasn’t he shown in the video

  15. AncientEsper

    AncientEsperDitë më parë

    Seems like we may not be ready for this gem, most reviews take it way too seriously and looking for logics or reasons. The plot of the show is actually very simple and a lot of it is meant to be silly. There are some messages to be learned and they may be new for some people, but nothing harmful and very relevant to current politics and culture.

  16. melissa094790

    melissa094790Ditë më parë

    Really hoping for season 2 & more to come

  17. Patrick star but Hes covered in ketchup

    Patrick star but Hes covered in ketchupDitë më parë

    Cliffjumper be like ah shit here we go again

  18. David Copperfield

    David CopperfieldDitë më parë

    whos the latina at the end ???? I hate it to not remember where i ve seen an actor before

  19. Fauzan Fadhillah

    Fauzan FadhillahDitë më parë

    I hope in season 2 bode didnt meet clown key or paper boat key

  20. Dulio

    DulioDitë më parë

    Todd is a grown up version of Buster from Author

  21. NeoShot

    NeoShotDitë më parë

    I wish David Kaye and Garry Chalk would voice Megatron and Optimus once again.

  22. TopBoy

    TopBoyDitë më parë

    Anybody else notice the seasons are flipped on Netflix it starts with 2 down to 1 I feel like that means something💀

  23. NothinButRags

    NothinButRagsDitë më parë

    Will defiantly watch, but kinda wish they looked more like their game versions from war/fall of cybertron

  24. fookoff mate

    fookoff mateDitë më parë


  25. David Copperfield

    David CopperfieldDitë më parë

    I think amongst the 3 he would prefer to stay black and we all here know god damn well why, and its not the new super powers

  26. you know i am right

    you know i am rightDitë më parë

    Corronna virus.

  27. Cory Bove

    Cory BoveDitë më parë


  28. Just Drayson

    Just DraysonDitë më parë

    Hearing that old school transforming sound had me grinning like a kid at Christmas!

  29. Leah curtiss

    Leah curtissDitë më parë

    Netflix you put The Vampire Diaries and The Originals on Netflix can you put legacies on there please

  30. Jahaziel fuentes

    Jahaziel fuentesDitë më parë

    Why they have Mexicans actors pretending to be Colombians I'm sure Colombia has many talented actors that could've played all these characters so this story could actually be more realistic. That's why Narcos Mexico is better cuz they don't have colombian actors pretending to be Mexicans.

  31. Nightshark

    NightsharkDitë më parë

    The intro that started it all... damn this is the greatest show of all time

  32. mmanz hunter

    mmanz hunterDitë më parë

    The vfx didn’t bother me I just enjoyed the movie

  33. Laura Shadle

    Laura ShadleDitë më parë

    I am a super fan.

  34. John Smith

    John SmithDitë më parë

    A Netflix... Original... series?

  35. Blaize Cato

    Blaize CatoDitë më parë


  36. mandy x

    mandy xDitë më parë


  37. Schwarzes Herz

    Schwarzes HerzDitë më parë

    ¡Netflix ve el anime esta vez por favor! No queremos que se repita lo de deathnote ¡Confiamos en ti!

  38. Kirsan

    KirsanDitë më parë

    Showed this to carbon now it's cabron!

  39. Elijah Butterfield

    Elijah ButterfieldDitë më parë

    Wait a minute. That doesnt sound like Peter Cullen... --this isnt really transformers is it!

  40. Super Cartoon Universe

    Super Cartoon UniverseDitë më parë

    Michael bay approves

  41. Tim Webb

    Tim WebbDitë më parë

    Looks dope, looking forward to this. Been a Transformers fan since the 80s

  42. Ty3-T brofist Productionz

    Ty3-T brofist ProductionzDitë më parë

    Season 1:Mike Season 2:Lucas Season 3:Dustin

  43. Nady Evans

    Nady EvansDitë më parë


  44. Justin Reid

    Justin ReidDitë më parë

    They took the turning saiyan reference from dragon ball z

  45. JayStack5

    JayStack5Ditë më parë

    I only want to see one thing in this season: Death. The character, duh

  46. Saeed Anwar

    Saeed AnwarDitë më parë


  47. Sandwich Sultan90

    Sandwich Sultan90Ditë më parë


  48. Yamil Silva

    Yamil SilvaDitë më parë

    BoJack is like a hug to my soul when i'm depressed, it's a shame it's over

  49. Swan Kelly

    Swan KellyDitë më parë

    "Dude you did it! You won a fight!"

  50. zala beh

    zala behDitë më parë

    Its like Carrie I like carrie

  51. Mariela Vázquez

    Mariela VázquezDitë më parë

    Noah ^_^

  52. Berries 20

    Berries 20Ditë më parë

    She called him Hasan-san 😭💖 what a cutie

  53. D C

    D CDitë më parë

    Those two disgusting beanbag parents should be lynched

  54. Galaxy Lucia

    Galaxy LuciaDitë më parë

    I 👏🏾Am 👏🏾Ready👏🏾For👏🏾THIS!!!!!

  55. Gose One

    Gose OneDitë më parë

    Any good??

  56. Michael Irazori

    Michael IrazoriDitë më parë

    Totally looking forward to see how much ass Gina kicks in this season. Oh shit crossover!!

  57. Heartbreaker

    HeartbreakerDitë më parë

    Season 3 already😭😭

  58. A-man1998

    A-man1998Ditë më parë

    I don't care what anyone says, I am excited for this!

  59. Osbaldo Cruz

    Osbaldo CruzDitë më parë

    Rooster Teeth, the guys that made Red vs Blue and RWBY are the ones producing this so, I have total confidence on this

  60. Timepiece80

    Timepiece80Ditë më parë

    Good, same old designs. I wish they used the original theme too.

  61. Nico Cabeza

    Nico CabezaDitë më parë

    yes!!! bumblebee its a repaint of cliffjumper

  62. Fishkenstein88

    Fishkenstein88Ditë më parë

    I will only watch if they change Poe to a black guy too.

  63. Leah Gonzalez

    Leah GonzalezDitë më parë

    Why is it all Netflix originals? I don’t see any like other stuff besides Netflix originals....

  64. W O K E。 W O K E

    W O K E。 W O K EDitë më parë

    She’s gonna take Millie bobby browns spotlight🤭😱but yk what she deserves to get recognition she seems like she will go places and her character seems interesting. She has powers too but she talks more and acts more human. Lol

  65. Rhys O

    Rhys ODitë më parë

    Damn.....and I ain't even gay🤔

  66. Thandeka Xhosa

    Thandeka XhosaDitë më parë

    🇿🇦 South Africa stand up 🔥🔥🔥 this is a must watch, I’m all in this weekend.

  67. Maria Ignacia Burgos

    Maria Ignacia BurgosDitë më parë

    Let's be honest. This is the best show that Netflix has.

  68. Ahmad Istanbouli

    Ahmad IstanbouliDitë më parë

    Shitty movie like the ones who made and performed in it

  69. Mckinley John Duran

    Mckinley John DuranDitë më parë

    Season 2?

  70. xavier

    xavierDitë më parë

    malloy, this is critical stfu!

  71. Keitumetse Kgaabi

    Keitumetse KgaabiDitë më parë

    How to I get my Screenplay in Netflix?

  72. Panda Curioso

    Panda CuriosoDitë më parë


  73. Whoknows ?

    Whoknows ?Ditë më parë

    They kept showing the same people. I was over Jessica and Barnett the first episode. I feel like there were a lot more people who had to have a better personality than those two.

  74. tamera

    tameraDitë më parë

    another month, no horror. sick.

  75. Adalberto Janeiro

    Adalberto JaneiroDitë më parë

    This serie is insanally awesome!! 🤣 I wonder who came up with these ideas!!!

  76. Varaydein

    VaraydeinDitë më parë

    This looks amazing.

  77. Daniel Guerra

    Daniel GuerraDitë më parë

    Gentrification sure has changed most of the east side. I’m from echo park and man it’s nothing like it was before...

  78. Jayden Troeger

    Jayden TroegerDitë më parë

    Hey Netflix for this year I want a 4th season of skylanders academy please

  79. Nw izg

    Nw izgDitë më parë

    Why not release another season of stranger things than this?

  80. Shivanjay Bajpai

    Shivanjay BajpaiDitë më parë

    When stranger things season 4 will be

  81. MacrossDynamite 7

    MacrossDynamite 7Ditë më parë

    G1 Skyfire... er... Jetfire! Love it. Not sure why he's a Decepticon though.

  82. yo bie

    yo bieDitë më parë


  83. Ih Shaon

    Ih ShaonDitë më parë

    Elite season 3 yesssssssss

  84. Tiffany’sjbhu Ggvgg

    Tiffany’sjbhu GgvggDitë më parë

    I really want to see this TV series, because both actors from IT: Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff is in this. And, I’m excited to see this! I bet Sophia and Wyatt are going to be amazing in this series because it looks like it’s going to be really interesting!

  85. Adnan Ansari

    Adnan AnsariDitë më parë

    I love white helmet

  86. Peace Akinsola

    Peace AkinsolaDitë më parë

    Kedar has a smolder😍

  87. Shimeih

    ShimeihDitë më parë

    I'm sorry, I'll see all this from April onwards. 28th February is F1 Drive to survive season 2 and I'm watching only that in March 🤗🤗

  88. Bi Tran

    Bi TranDitë më parë

    If you combined Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, Say Anything, Beautiful Girls, Some Kind of Wonderful = You would get this perfect teen movie! I’m 52 & grew up on this genre of John Hughes movies and am somewhat surprised that it didn’t get much press when it was out in theatre. Bravo to the director for making such a cool movie 🍿 Who agrees with me?

  89. john5nguyen

    john5nguyenDitë më parë

    Started watching transformers since the 80's. I will not accept any other series because it won't be the same. Smh. Yes I'm adding this to my list.

  90. Golden F

    Golden FDitë më parë

    Omg this is amazing I missed brickleberry so much sucked they canceled it. Good thing they made this show. 😊

  91. Zachary Joseph

    Zachary JosephDitë më parë

    OK I clearly missed an episode and I don’t know whether to be pissed or excited as hell that I have another one to watch

  92. Cantara Bella

    Cantara BellaDitë më parë


  93. Kavya Pant

    Kavya PantDitë më parë

    Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter

  94. Lakshya Raj

    Lakshya RajDitë më parë

    Is that Johnny Harris as narrator?

  95. XL Dub

    XL DubDitë më parë


  96. Destiny Watkins

    Destiny WatkinsDitë më parë

    Kid with no legs: exists Tall girl: you think your life is hard? I wear size 13 nikes. MENS nikes. Kid with no legs: "I-"

  97. davidjarjo

    davidjarjoDitë më parë

    their both actually good english speakers

  98. Father Legna

    Father LegnaDitë më parë

    Unnecessary crossovers? More like unnecessary shows ever

  99. Uno Reverse card

    Uno Reverse cardDitë më parë

    Why do I have a feeling it’s rośa