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New on Netflix | June 2020

New on Netflix | June 2020

11 ditë më parë

New on Netflix | June 2020

New on Netflix | June 2020

11 ditë më parë

Here's to the moms💕 | Netflix
Becoming | CLIP | Netflix

Becoming | CLIP | Netflix

24 ditë më parë

New on Netflix | May 2020
New on Netflix | May 2020
  1. Rolling Thunder [Perla]

    Rolling Thunder [Perla]8 orë më parë

    So I didn’t watch the previous season bc I think it’s whack but this season tho looks fire on baby 🤭

  2. lapadasas

    lapadasas8 orë më parë

    Wasn't this a live action movie before?

  3. Frozen

    Frozen8 orë më parë

    do witcher next

  4. Daisy Housego

    Daisy Housego8 orë më parë

    When will the order season 2 trailer come out?

  5. RIOT_ Nova

    RIOT_ Nova8 orë më parë

    1:00 I wonder what that was for

  6. Aisha K

    Aisha K8 orë më parë

    I don’t understand how you paint a nude image of your 12 yro sister and not have fears despite that. Your own fault you sexualised a child. Stupid lady

  7. franco santiago

    franco santiago8 orë më parë

    01:09 ocasio cortez jajajaaj

  8. Prophet Wayne Kelly

    Prophet Wayne Kelly8 orë më parë

    We need more episodes

  9. RazTendo

    RazTendo8 orë më parë

    Why not watch in original language and subs?? Dubbing makes no sence what so ever!!!

  10. Menna

    Menna8 orë më parë

    it's a story about fighting for what's right, it's for dreamers, it's for people who get bullied or criticized because of their looks, it's for those who believe that they're able to make a change, and it discusses such important things that did not only happen in the 1890s, they're happening now. like y'all have the nerve to renew ELITE or RIVERDALE and just cancel this. it's not just a show, it's portraying what we are living right now. and apparently it's not just a show with a weak storyline with just hormonal teenagers who like to drink and do nasty stuff, underage i can't deal with people like you.

  11. Lily Quinn

    Lily Quinn8 orë më parë

    Outer Banks should be translated next!!!

  12. Simona Petričková

    Simona Petričková8 orë më parë

    lol am i the only one who hates that movie ?

  13. Rene Els

    Rene Els8 orë më parë

    U look so pretty Lauren. Do some fashion videos. Xx

  14. Ash Kui

    Ash Kui8 orë më parë

    Please make another one of these👌🏻👌🏻

  15. parvathy k

    parvathy k8 orë më parë

    I bet the writers will make a much better plot for Paxton in season 2 and leave us all confused af

  16. Claudia Ngwena

    Claudia Ngwena8 orë më parë

    This song gets me every time. Literally makes me ball like a little bitch😅😭

  17. Bears Not Chairs

    Bears Not Chairs8 orë më parë

    I've been waiting for this announcement for sooo long!!! 😁

  18. Arnav Gakkhar

    Arnav Gakkhar8 orë më parë

    Definitely Getting Michael Scott Vibes

  19. Girish Sunassee

    Girish Sunassee8 orë më parë

    This show deserves so much more...

  20. Diamond Williams

    Diamond Williams8 orë më parë

    Yoooo there’s this girl on TikTok who would legit be perfect for this role @bidibidibumbum, I have nothing against this lady but I’m telling you

  21. Elena Delfin

    Elena Delfin8 orë më parë

    i want more, pliz narrated by henry

  22. Danesh Anbarasan

    Danesh Anbarasan8 orë më parë

    The “Spanish dub” for devi sucks.... didn’t match with her and the lip sync are way off..! The other dubs are okay 👌🏻, I want to see Tamil dub and Malay dub

  23. pratyush deb

    pratyush deb8 orë më parë

    My god this show is now turning star plus

  24. B P M

    B P M8 orë më parë

    Is this meant to be a comedy?

  25. BearBoy80

    BearBoy808 orë më parë

    "You finally got a girlfriend and she's your sister" Me: SWEET HOME ALABAMA

  26. ThatKidJosue10

    ThatKidJosue108 orë më parë

    Wtf what about the seven deadly sins? I’m waiting like it’s been forever wtf bro🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  27. Michael Incata

    Michael Incata8 orë më parë

    I think Season Four is one season too many

  28. Louisa Winkler

    Louisa Winkler8 orë më parë

    Czech and German💯

  29. Jonathan Pace

    Jonathan Pace8 orë më parë

    Ellen doesn't deserve to be in this, she's not funny

  30. courtney parrish

    courtney parrish8 orë më parë

    The only shows ive watched in Spanish is Elite and money hiest. I hope this is good

  31. Avery Hurley

    Avery Hurley8 orë më parë

    Now we wait for Fullest house


    S & J INFORMATION8 orë më parë

    So how many Indians have watched this series?

  33. Godhand

    Godhand8 orë më parë

    Who gives a shit about a FINANCIER? Are you shitting me Netflix? Did you run out of interesting people who are worth to tune in? Full Story of Epstein: He is a financier and allegedly raped women. There you guy I saved you a lot of time watching this shit.

  34. Libero pensatore

    Libero pensatore8 orë më parë

    Messaggio agli italiani: ho letto tanti commenti negativi da parte vostra, e in parte lo posso capire. È sì vero che è la classica serie superficiale in salsa estiva, ma il pubblico al quale è rivolta è composto da ragazzini. Ai ragazzini, specie stranieri, queste cose piacciono. E comunque, l'Italia all'estero viene spesso vista come meta estiva vissuta tra spensieratezza e romanticismo, quindi diamo loro ciò che vogliono... No? C'è anche da aggiungere che tutte le serie più impegnative dopo un po' diventano estremamente noiose e dalla trama confusa, perlomeno questa rimarrà così. È capace non sia poi nemmeno tanto male, quindi non fracassate le palle.

  35. Bobman9420

    Bobman94208 orë më parë

    This show can have it's weird moments, but knowing it's coming from Bill Burr not surprised. This show is great and I love it.

  36. Emily Silva

    Emily Silva8 orë më parë

    Prya: gosh y’all are nerds” Me: YaH I KnOw I AM :3

  37. Liv Davis

    Liv Davis8 orë më parë

    I want to watch "To all the boys I've loved before," but my mom wont allow me to even tho my sister does, and she does all the time-

  38. Tenette Gerzon

    Tenette Gerzon8 orë më parë

    What is his secrets?

  39. Gina InSpades

    Gina InSpades8 orë më parë

    I am very excited and looking forward to this final season. Sad that it's the last. Hoping I'm wrong. I've binged the first 3 seasons in preparation.

  40. Ajit Singh Kang

    Ajit Singh Kang8 orë më parë

    Joy is music!

  41. Claudia Mak

    Claudia Mak8 orë më parë

    do outer banks next please

  42. Hillshire

    Hillshire8 orë më parë

    People making this political wtf? are your minds so politically biased now that you’ve choosing to ignore what your chosen political king does? Whether it’s Republican or democratic, Clinton or Trump, they all need to burn for this. Let go of the politics.

  43. Andrea916797

    Andrea9167978 orë më parë

    1:19 thank me later

  44. Min Criss

    Min Criss8 orë më parë


  45. Bipin Kumar

    Bipin Kumar8 orë më parë

    Black or pink?

  46. DarkAcid Challenges

    DarkAcid Challenges9 orë më parë

    0:49 There is like 12/11 years old kid next to him.

  47. Pranil Dahibaokar

    Pranil Dahibaokar9 orë më parë

    german devi is 🔥🔥🥵

  48. sunny sandhu

    sunny sandhu9 orë më parë

    Seen the documentary but i dont understand these girls why would they go with a stranger to an island what were they gna expect candies and free food ??? Some girls ofcos made plea deals its like they continued with him until he got bored and now they had to get back at him.. 1 girl i saw she said she got raped then she carried on then she even took her younger sister for dinner i mean think for god sake these girls were just opportunistic

  49. Bluefeet

    Bluefeet9 orë më parë

    This documentary left a lot to be desired. No one really dig into how Epstein really became so rich an powerful but we all know he made his wealth from child rape and child trafficking. We also never saw the entire list of wealthy powerful people he was connected to who visited the island and are pedophiles themselves. I am not at all convinced that this monster died in jail Epstein body look like he was asleep or he was pretending to play dead. No corpse look like that after life has left the body. What happened to his island estate and all his mansions and all his money. His homes should have been auctioned off and given to his thousands of victims or burnt down. Someone needs to investigate his finances period. Epstein's brother should be allowed to keep his money because this dude made his living from criminal and deprived activities. Stop trying to fool the public with this water down version of the truth. No one is buying it. What happened to real research and journalistic integrity. SMDH. I give this documentary one and half stars.

  50. Vinay Waghmare

    Vinay Waghmare9 orë më parë

    क्या बात है, भई मजा आ गया जिसका इंतजार था वह घड़ी आ गई, तो हंटींग ट्यूब वाले भैय्या तैयार हो जाओ, देर न करना।

  51. breezy kym

    breezy kym9 orë më parë

    Damn. Netflix has the best movies and tv shows.

  52. AGENT-ENTE47

    AGENT-ENTE479 orë më parë


  53. SanZFr0sty

    SanZFr0sty9 orë më parë

    Starts playing “ The Night We Met “ Me - oh shit here we go again starts crying

  54. LEGEND

    LEGEND9 orë më parë

    No doubt season 1 was better than season 2

  55. Taimoor Waheed

    Taimoor Waheed9 orë më parë

    What's the song name...??

  56. Zahraa Al-Mohammed

    Zahraa Al-Mohammed9 orë më parë

    13 reasons why is so different now that after season 1 its not even abt 13 reasons why hannah took her life, which is probably why they're ending at s4

  57. Rolando M

    Rolando M9 orë më parë

    Let's all cry together

  58. monkiee

    monkiee9 orë më parë

    Stranger Things: **speaks in japanese** me: *IS THAT A* *J O J O* *R E F R E N C E*

  59. Matías Cazador

    Matías Cazador9 orë më parë

    Watch „Out of shadows“ here on AL-gos to learn more

  60. Clement Joubert

    Clement Joubert9 orë më parë

    Best Way to get to the oscar as an actor : playing a famous character in a biopic -Eddie Redmayne won by playing Stephen King -Rami Malek won by playing Freddy Mercury -Jamie Foxx won by playing Ray Charles -Daniel Day-Lewis won by playing Lincoln -Marion Cotillard won by playing Edith Piaf -Helen mirren won by playong Elizabeth II -Meryl Streep won by playing Margaret Thatcher -Gary Oldman won playing Winston Churchill -Hilary Swank for playing Brandon Teena -Forest Whitaker won by playong Idi Amin Dada - Daniel Day Lewis won for playing Christy Brown - Ben Kingsley won for praying Ghandhi -Benedic Cumberbatch was nominated by playing Alan Turing -Michael Fassbender was nominated by playing Steve Jobs - Denzel Washington was nominated for Malcolm X

  61. Clement Joubert

    Clement Joubert9 orë më parë

    Best Way to get to the oscar as an actor : playing a famous character in a biopic -Eddie Redmayne won by playing Stephen King -Rami Malek won by playing Freddy Mercury -Jamie Foxx won by playing Ray Charles -Daniel Day-Lewis won by playing Lincoln -Marion Cotillard won by playing Edith Piaf -Helen mirren won by playong Elizabeth II -Meryl Streep won by playing Margaret Thatcher -Gary Oldman won playing Winston Churchill -Hilary Swank for playing Brandon Teena -Forest Whitaker won by playong Idi Amin Dada - Daniel Day Lewis won for playing Christy Brown - Ben Kingsley won for praying Ghandhi -Benedic Cumberbatch was nominated by playing Alan Turing -Michael Fassbender was nominated by playing Steve Jobs - Denzel Washington was nominated for Malcolm X

  62. Steven Ray

    Steven Ray9 orë më parë


  63. Accoy Zemni

    Accoy Zemni9 orë më parë

    I can tell that 99% of the comment section didn’t watch the whole special and judged her off her appearance alone. If you guys watched it, the first 15 minutes she gave a trigger warning to white male conservatives which is ironic because the same demographic typically says “trigger warnings are for sissies”. This comment section proves her point, that despite the 15 minute trigger warning she gave you...this demographic usually gets more triggered than the SJWs you hate. She makes fun of everyone including feminists, Karens, lesbians, Barrys, woke culture, victimhood but when she makes fun of you, you freak out.

  64. Liv Davis

    Liv Davis9 orë më parë

    So, I watched a video with Noah and Shannon, then I watched the movie. A lot of people hated it, but I loved it. I cried twice while watching it. And, I had to go to bed after it, but I couldn't sleep lol.

  65. Johnathan testicular

    Johnathan testicular9 orë më parë

    Can June hurry up I need this

  66. Ida Eikre

    Ida Eikre9 orë më parë

    Season 2?

  67. LUD1

    LUD19 orë më parë

    truly a game changer! bravada Netflix dub perfectly synced event those subtitles

  68. べきす

    べきす9 orë më parë


  69. FMAL

    FMAL9 orë më parë

    Why didn't 13 Reasons Why end after season 1... They could at least bring Hannah back :(

  70. fila fila

    fila fila9 orë më parë

    Epstein, Weinstein, ...stein, ...stein, ...stein... miért is nem lep meg?

  71. Daniel Santamaría

    Daniel Santamaría9 orë më parë

    Ok, three, two, one, let's jam!

  72. EpicTacoCatGalaxy

    EpicTacoCatGalaxy9 orë më parë

    ¡Esta es la mierda más divertida!😂

  73. Noir Angel

    Noir Angel9 orë më parë

    Godzilla: *"Walks away whistling"*

  74. Safaa Freeman

    Safaa Freeman9 orë më parë

    Doping is big part of any sport around the world. Until very strong punishment against individuals, teams and countries is made doping will continue.

  75. Blue Carbon

    Blue Carbon9 orë më parë

    The downvotes are democrats.

  76. Nutrius Joe

    Nutrius Joe9 orë më parë

    "Dear black people" stop makin riots.


    MARTY PHIL9 orë më parë

    Love this couple! 🥰 they should help host love is blind season 2!

  78. Jr ramirez

    Jr ramirez9 orë më parë

    I hate that Netflix has all these movies in other languages..THEN has them on my Netflix

  79. Liz Abanto

    Liz Abanto9 orë më parë

    *Now BILL GATES paid Netflix, he did the same with BBC to clean his name. It's just a trick, but we are not stupids, we know your intentions.*

  80. Nonox tag Le vrai

    Nonox tag Le vrai9 orë më parë

    ATE de voir la suite jeudi porchen

  81. Keerthana Gurushankar

    Keerthana Gurushankar9 orë më parë

    Wow is this not leftist

  82. Ai

    Ai9 orë më parë

    You know this show is good when Ryan Murphy made it.

  83. HEY STOB IT!

    HEY STOB IT!9 orë më parë


  84. Sahil

    Sahil9 orë më parë

    You guys may have chose teens for the dub 😑😑 (hindi sounds terrific)

  85. Victoria Leffingwell

    Victoria Leffingwell9 orë më parë


  86. NCarmine1

    NCarmine19 orë më parë

    Prince Andrew are you sweating after watching this documentary

  87. kill4hpriest

    kill4hpriest9 orë më parë

    There is Russian?

  88. Cristina Troiano

    Cristina Troiano9 orë më parë

    Love u guys! This was so much fun to watch 😍 Can't wait for S2!

  89. Jar

    Jar9 orë më parë

    Nobody ever likes Vanya, show her some love dude, she's my favorite.

  90. Hike YounG

    Hike YounG9 orë më parë


  91. Kevin Aalberg

    Kevin Aalberg9 orë më parë

    The ship is a rip of queen mary

  92. Daniel Santamaría

    Daniel Santamaría9 orë më parë

    *B I T C H*

  93. Layan Dawani

    Layan Dawani9 orë më parë

    John Ambrose is such a gentlemen but Peter kevinski and lara Jean just sounds right AHHH THIS IS HARD

  94. resolute123

    resolute1239 orë më parë

    Yes Netflix. I know you're trying to make a mockery of the Trump administration with this series, but if you want to give interest to young recruits to Space Force, by all means. You've just spent millions of dollars and the government didn't have to lift a finger to get support this branch. Thanks.

  95. Almightyy Otto

    Almightyy Otto9 orë më parë

    Can’t wait to get my hands on a few Netflix shares

  96. Thereal Toure

    Thereal Toure9 orë më parë

    Why they disrespect her with the thumbnail? She’s gorgeous