I haven't decided yet, give me some time okay, I am new to this.

When she gets morals

When she gets morals

4 ditë më parë

When a Chinese person sneezes
Voice automated systems
Getting drafted for WW3
Ordering from Starbucks
People who read Manga

People who read Manga

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Getting pulled over

Getting pulled over

2 muaj më parë

People with messy cars

People with messy cars

2 muaj më parë

How to pick up women

How to pick up women

2 muaj më parë

When Gay people get to Heaven
When a woman uses "Manscaped"
When she's a freak

When she's a freak

3 muaj më parë

A Day at Comic Con LA 2019
Airport job interviews

Airport job interviews

4 muaj më parë

Dudes that still gangbang
Teammates in any shooting game
When you're on the Aux

When you're on the Aux

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Get Groomed with "Manscaped"
How mass shootings happen
Anime Expo 2019 (VLOG #6)
Asking for the name of a song
When she get caught cheating
Working in retail part 3

Working in retail part 3

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Anime backstories

Anime backstories

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Mispronouncing a word

Mispronouncing a word

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When you propose to her

When you propose to her

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When they ask you to babysit
Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood

9 muaj më parë

When your flight gets delayed
When women lie about rape

When women lie about rape

10 muaj më parë

Final Destination Movies

Final Destination Movies

10 muaj më parë

Crips be like

Crips be like

11 muaj më parë

Arguing over the best chips
Being a Waiter

Being a Waiter

11 muaj më parë

1 Million Subscribers!
When the sub takes roll
ICE deporting 21 Savage
Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

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God during Slavery

God during Slavery

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People with AirPods

People with AirPods

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Diversity in Hollywood
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    I love you, Griffy. You're a hero.

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