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Fun With Audio - Strings

Fun With Audio - Strings

5 muaj më parë

  1. Wa Ge

    Wa GeDitë më parë

    The grandma looks like she went face first into a bag of cocaine

  2. Richard Siddaway

    Richard SiddawayDitë më parë

    Holy sh!t! Is W.R.Monger Prince Andrew? Monger lost his tear ducts in the war and Handy Andy lost his 'sweat ducts' in the Falklands war. And there are other parallels with Reese With-A-Spoon's character is like Megan markle . Her size mirroring her lady bratship's ego. Harry must surely be Dr. Cockroach, you know, without the Ph.D. just blindly following his D list wife like the well behaved poodle he is. Good boy, Ginge.

  3. NiconachoZ Studio

    NiconachoZ StudioDitë më parë

    Why did I got this recommended?

  4. LoneDragon

    LoneDragonDitë më parë

    "Can't they give Lurch a bigger room?" Dat's the joke.

  5. El Peligroso

    El PeligrosoDitë më parë

    Sin 53 should be erased. Sarah already knew the Terminator was coming bc a cop pulled out surveillance pictures from the mall fight between the T1000 and T800. GET UR FACTS RIGHT PAL

  6. Oreo Is life

    Oreo Is lifeDitë më parë

    18:30 If you see it, comment it

  7. Freddy M Morales

    Freddy M MoralesDitë më parë

    Hes just trippin

  8. Freddy M Morales

    Freddy M MoralesDitë më parë

    Nothings wrong with the movie

  9. Desire Rhymes

    Desire RhymesDitë më parë

    I recommend Jordan's other movie, "Ma" pretty please 🙏🙋🙏

  10. Brendan The Hedgehog / TailsKirby

    Brendan The Hedgehog / TailsKirbyDitë më parë

    Let us remember that Star Wars: the phantom menace had more sins

  11. Andrew Durham

    Andrew DurhamDitë më parë

    Is it just me or does certain shots of the Vger Cloud remind anyone of those 3D cross your eyes pictures that were so popular in the 90's? Wonder if there is any hidden images in some of those shots.

  12. smartbunny

    smartbunnyDitë më parë

    Jared Kushner is DEF a ventriloquist dummy.

  13. lobbit the pirate adventure gaming

    lobbit the pirate adventure gamingDitë më parë

    i saw thing addams family

  14. Noseface 123

    Noseface 123Ditë më parë

    So is the guy in the mask the ghost or a creep with a mask?

  15. Unlimited Shrimp

    Unlimited ShrimpDitë më parë

    Who thought it would be a good idea to make a movie on the shitty comic reliefs that are the worst part of a movie

  16. Aidan Barnett

    Aidan BarnettDitë më parë

    How could you

  17. rideery the dragon rider

    rideery the dragon riderDitë më parë

    I would have added 50 points for the be prepared song THEY RUINED IT!!!!

  18. David Castaño

    David CastañoDitë më parë


  19. Seymour Buttz

    Seymour ButtzDitë më parë

    CinemaSins broke my brain. I was watching Bob's burgers and I was watching the scene were Tina first kisses Jimmy jr and I thought "scene does not contain a lap dance" +1 sin

  20. EWOODJ

    EWOODJDitë më parë

    So Wednesday's the older sibling here. They tend to switch them around in different versions. In the original comic, the 60's TV show, and 90's cartoon, Pugsley's the older sibling. While in the movies, it's Wednesday.

  21. Dee Cipher

    Dee CipherDitë më parë

    Dude. Wolverine has regeneration powers. It should be pretty obvious how he survives the near drowning.

  22. Edward Chance

    Edward ChanceDitë më parë

    Sexy push up nothing to see here move along.. Isn't the omega device from galaxy quest? Your videos are better than the movie often. because reasons

  23. ETN FAN 24

    ETN FAN 24Ditë më parë

    I would not want to be your girlfriend.

  24. Robbie Rist

    Robbie RistDitë më parë

    Late to the party and its probably been said. YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN SCENES FROM THE CLASS STRUGGLE IN BEVERLY HILLS? How DARE you say Paul Bartel did nothing else, sir. And I used to respect you.....

  25. Memelord Catwoof Dogmeow

    Memelord Catwoof DogmeowDitë më parë

    *No, no, he's got a point*

  26. EmiMac20

    EmiMac20Ditë më parë

    Wait. It’s Chucky meets Phantom of the Opera!? The TV spots scared me for nothing, then.

  27. Harman Edwards

    Harman EdwardsDitë më parë

    Are you nigga dumb

  28. Cdhearn14 Hearing

    Cdhearn14 HearingDitë më parë

    Kyle Reese isnt John Connors father never was she had to be pregnant already im guessing by the guy that canceled the date with her in the first one

  29. Content Writer

    Content WriterDitë më parë

    For the people that are saying Pocahontas is bad because Disney's version is not historically true, I'm going to say, *YOU ARE THE BIGGEST IMBECILES IN THE WORLD.* Yeah, let's make a movie about pocahontas with rape and kidnapping! Murdering people too! Let's do this horror instead of this amazingly beautiful tragedy - romance story and fairytale for kids that teaches tolerance and that money can't buy everything!

  30. BruggleStar

    BruggleStarDitë më parë

    Um... snipes... snipes actually exist. They're a type of bird that are incredibly swift. That's where we get the term sniper; people who managed to shoot one were called snipers for their incredible marksmanship.

  31. Sanova Bocchii

    Sanova BocchiiDitë më parë


  32. Jordan Henry

    Jordan HenryDitë më parë

    Missed nitpick, Harry said,” Hermione, he doesn't know,” instead of ”she” doesn't know.

  33. Myles Pinto1300

    Myles Pinto1300Ditë më parë

    Man, nothing's wrong whit 8 mile But something sure is wrong whit you!😤


    AJtheJUICEMANDitë më parë

    You can’t piss on hospitality 😂

  35. Burt Gummerfan

    Burt GummerfanDitë më parë

    The movie is full of references to classic Hollywood. The driving scenes are obvious tributes to Birdemic. Surprised you didn't catch that.

  36. ThatGenZKid

    ThatGenZKidDitë më parë

    The boy is actually getting a sequel

  37. Daniele Di Marca

    Daniele Di MarcaDitë më parë

    bruh in the version of cars i watched (i'm canadian [don't know if that matters]) had lightning's agent have an american accent not british. If this is the english version are there two english versions?

  38. Darth Awar

    Darth AwarDitë më parë

    In most Asian Culture especially China you call Older Men Uncle and Older Women Aunty as a term of Respect!!!!

  39. Austin Woods

    Austin WoodsDitë më parë

    #BestOf Love how much is poured onto this series. Passion and great comedy.

  40. Dajeff Games

    Dajeff GamesDitë më parë

    10:39 OREOS

  41. Hincks 2

    Hincks 2Ditë më parë

    I once saw a TV Spot for this movie and thought it was for another Star Wars movie until I saw the title at the end.

  42. Dragon Hitman

    Dragon HitmanDitë më parë

    Biggest sin is how they treated my boy Gomez.... he has a way sexier stash then that poorly animated mess.

  43. Lit_Jaker

    Lit_JakerDitë më parë


  44. ImKs_Stamina_

    ImKs_Stamina_Ditë më parë

    Eat your cereal

  45. MsShadows

    MsShadowsDitë më parë

    One: it’s animated

  46. Sir Skittle

    Sir SkittleDitë më parë

    Now I don’t know which bear Phil Harris is Little John or Baloo

  47. Scott Halbert

    Scott HalbertDitë më parë

    Everything wrong with Castaway. Let's see, every second of it. 3 hours of my life I will never get back. Why Wilson? WHY?!

  48. Lugiaskr

    LugiaskrDitë më parë

    ppl sick of the new jersey sucks punchline are clearly not from new jersey

  49. McKenziethe Wolf28

    McKenziethe Wolf28Ditë më parë

    You only needed one sin, and what is that exact sin emoji movie creators: what did we do me: oh I don't know, EXISTING

  50. Clell Harmon

    Clell HarmonDitë më parë

    I quite liked the film, maybe because I was introduced to the Addams Family via the Charles Adams comics.

  51. Sun Hat

    Sun HatDitë më parë

    "They got ahold of Quentin Tarantino's laptop." So in order for it to be a sin, we have to be constant viewers of your previous videos? That's a sin on you. Rinsing a dish then putting it in the dishwasher is not a sin. I feel sorry for your wife.

  52. Mark -

    Mark -Ditë më parë

    2:09 - I don't have any beverage with my food either, dude. It's actually better for the digestion not to. Hydrate in between meals.

  53. I Am Kyu!

    I Am Kyu!Ditë më parë

    The art style of this movie is so hideous, and it's not even with the macabre theme of the Addams family, it's just a badly done kids-movie artstyle.

  54. c0cksm4ck

    c0cksm4ckDitë më parë

    "Liability only" - oh really? On a new $40,000 truck?

  55. Miss Meg Winter

    Miss Meg WinterDitë më parë

    Thank you for this. Didn't think I'd enjoy it to begin with, now I know I would have hated it had I gone to see it.

  56. Luke Moloney

    Luke MoloneyDitë më parë

    50 sins 😂😂😂

  57. Toi O'Kelly

    Toi O'KellyDitë më parë

    The Happening called it's wants it's crappy plot back.🙄

  58. brodiekfx 90

    brodiekfx 90Ditë më parë

    In respect of Paul Walker there should be like 0 sins because at the end you should’ve taken off 100,000,000 sins

  59. 1 of the foolish grapeFruits

    1 of the foolish grapeFruitsDitë më parë

    So all the sins of all the sins in cinema sins are sins with sins?? WHAT SORCERY IS THIS??

  60. Geek Boy

    Geek BoyDitë më parë

    Cinemasins: Everything wrong with Shrek The Law: Sir, you’re coming with me.

  61. Katheryn

    KatherynDitë më parë

    19:10 She's dead and later reincarnated as a Wonder Woman

  62. William TA

    William TADitë më parë

    Why is this one only 5 minutes?

  63. Rob Funkhouser

    Rob FunkhouserDitë më parë

    How does Eddy belong to Venom when Venom is using Eddy as a host? That doesn't track at all, lol.

  64. Hannah Davies

    Hannah DaviesDitë më parë

    just went to watch the boy 2 and let me tell you don't waste your money to go and watch it . Its crap , hardly scary and the story plot is crap

  65. Sun Hat

    Sun HatDitë më parë

    Hey, you really need a break from making these videos. It's becoming ever more clear that you are getting more angry at this job, and not enjoying it. Please take a few weeks or months off, and enjoy life outside of produced media.

  66. terrybob4

    terrybob4Ditë më parë

    Haven't seen this film......... suddenly feeling very happy about that.

  67. Kenneth Banks

    Kenneth BanksDitë më parë

    Gum is icky, gum is gross, gum is what I hate the most

  68. Taylor Craig Newbold

    Taylor Craig NewboldDitë më parë

    Imagine a money-grabbing remake in 2020: "It rubs the *Aveeno Daily Nourishing Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF* on its skin or else it gets the hose again"

  69. The Wontonsoup

    The WontonsoupDitë më parë

    If i made this video it would be as long as the movie

  70. DangerZoneOfficial 1

    DangerZoneOfficial 1Ditë më parë

    I’m the Lorax I speak for the trees If you burn the trees I’ll burn you along with your fucking Knees

  71. DUM DUM Crack a FaT

    DUM DUM Crack a FaTDitë më parë

    wow i through that very first sin off was legit Oh SNAP

  72. John Kuczwara

    John KuczwaraDitë më parë

    11:26 How did this not knock off a sin?

  73. Wade Mckenney

    Wade MckenneyDitë më parë

    What gets me in this movie the most, Angelina Jo!ie sucking her dick so much.

  74. J Alvi

    J AlviDitë më parë

    Dude... Seriously, your sense of humor tied with impecable timing of splicing scenes is Flippin awesome 😁 😂🤣 Kudos to you and your crew! 👌

  75. Mr Brownstone

    Mr BrownstoneDitë më parë

    What if Rabbit some how lost the first round against Lickity? Would Lickity move on and battle everyone from the Free world? Always wondered that

  76. Iago Sevatar

    Iago SevatarDitë më parë

    The characters are fucking ugly. How could you draw so badly?

  77. Pony Empires Unite

    Pony Empires UniteDitë më parë

    The only Shrek movie that has not been used for meme material. That is a signal that nobody thinks that this movie is good.

  78. TheCumberCoIlective

    TheCumberCoIlectiveDitë më parë

    That feeling when you see a new EWW and realise you had no clue the movie being sinned even existed: "oh, whatever *click*"

  79. Earl Rubian

    Earl RubianDitë më parë

    this guy talks too much.

  80. keir

    keirDitë më parë

    1:30 big deal in Scotland don’t underestimate this insult

  81. VinylDuke Storm

    VinylDuke StormDitë më parë

    I hate this movie

  82. GTC Productions

    GTC ProductionsDitë më parë

    But it was made in the 80s....

  83. Nadar Ramadhani

    Nadar RamadhaniDitë më parë

    What you said is all bullshit

  84. mechasentai

    mechasentaiDitë më parë

    These kids diet is the pits!

  85. Ruby

    RubyDitë më parë

    Monster house is the worst movie ever

  86. Jared Beilstein

    Jared BeilsteinDitë më parë

    5:42 *When you realize that's exactly what your parents made you do*

  87. Kevin Chung

    Kevin ChungDitë më parë

    "He's the only one who's ended up winning an oscar out of this group." Well that changed recently hasn't it

  88. Lorrie Rothstein

    Lorrie RothsteinDitë më parë

    now they have to do everything with the boy 2

  89. Shadow Coyote

    Shadow CoyoteDitë më parë

    4:40 Obvious cut is obvious

  90. APerson WithMemes

    APerson WithMemesDitë më parë

    That's a sin, I'm sinning the fact that you didnt sin the sin that you were going to sin. That's a sin again for making me type sin so much.

  91. GSG

    GSGDitë më parë

    you are the dumbest person in the entire multiverse

  92. Robert Morris

    Robert MorrisDitë më parë

    15:45 500 sins for you. The flag raising on Mount Suribachi inspired the entire planet. There is color footage shot by Marine Sergeant William "Bill" Genaust.

  93. The Wontonsoup

    The WontonsoupDitë më parë

    Sorry but this is not allowed


    JASOWN CHECKOVDitë më parë

    This movie isn't even Addams Family..

  95. Gregory Hibbs(ST)

    Gregory Hibbs(ST)Ditë më parë

    *laughs in joker* -Joaquin Phoenix

  96. Quietivy

    QuietivyDitë më parë

    What about the fact that the land person and the lava giant are supposed to be the same person but are shown in the beginning together does that count

  97. FingerflipBuLLet s

    FingerflipBuLLet sDitë më parë

    13:02 man I almost died laughing that was funny, what movie is that audio from?

  98. DABOSS_Fadez

    DABOSS_FadezDitë më parë

    I totally forgot abt this movie 😂

  99. heintz256

    heintz256Ditë më parë

    Never liked this movie mostly due to the animation style giving me a headache and the humor.

  100. Travis Tull

    Travis TullDitë më parë

    The animation style is really offputting. Like downright ugly.