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What a World at Home Looks Like
The Allure of Columbine Fandom
How Gangs Control Honduras
  1. Krusty chikenwings

    Krusty chikenwingsDitë më parë

    Being Chinese American, I just want to say there's way more sensible people in China who don't eat bats or any of that shit.

  2. Mohamed Ahmed

    Mohamed AhmedDitë më parë

    Long Live Libya; death to UAE, Saudis and Sissy as well as to the loser Haftat, the puppet!

  3. Car Lea

    Car LeaDitë më parë

    "Dutch coronavirus cases pass 10,000: health authorities" (Reuters)

  4. Jason Hartley

    Jason HartleyDitë më parë

    China has the biggest herd in the world bar India . Hasn't work there has it ?

  5. Foysal Ahmed

    Foysal AhmedDitë më parë

    Killing animals this way is inhumane and violence against them.

  6. Chris Whited

    Chris WhitedDitë më parë

    the guy that called the islamic state the jv...........i think he was right. but later they just laid back and the jv became the starters.

  7. ganjasmoke21

    ganjasmoke21Ditë më parë

    People constantly saying it’s the corrupt government and justice system, I’m sure a lot of officials were forced into corruption by violence.. the whole culture is corrupt iv r there.

  8. MaccaBackPacker

    MaccaBackPackerDitë më parë

    Putin has more balls than any other leader.

  9. Hasnain khan

    Hasnain khanDitë më parë

    Iam indian and my lots of friends visited pakistan for 2 months Now there is nothing like that not even 1 percent everything is Changed ❤️❤️

  10. Scott Johnson

    Scott JohnsonDitë më parë

    So when Liberty University let some students stay on campus he is an idiot. When other universities kick them out they are cruel. Its hard to keep up.

  11. Walid Dave

    Walid DaveDitë më parë

    Mr DONALD everything's will be good TRAP 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 trump: we doing great Corona: Me too

  12. Dean Stangherlin

    Dean StangherlinDitë më parë

    Well your bloody wrong .how many people have to die before the world understands whats happening .from italy. act now not to cry later

  13. vondahe

    vondaheDitë më parë

    This is so sweet and respectful. Very nice!

  14. Katarina Stene

    Katarina SteneDitë më parë

    I`m still remember when one woman was beaten to the stomach of another woman who was staying by the pillory BECAUSE she has at home some ukrainian flag.

  15. wolfslullaby

    wolfslullabyDitë më parë

    6:23, I think it is if you wanna understand their reasonings.

  16. Amar Fawwas

    Amar FawwasDitë më parë

    Just like my President. 😑 I never truly believe government, whatever they said.

  17. A J

    A JDitë më parë

    Not just India but other Asian countries too

  18. Rob D

    Rob DDitë më parë

    Hahaha good old Trump. Well I think it’s only fair he puts it back on the CCP seeing they’re a bunch of bullshitters trying to pin this on the USA. Of course the left wing media is going into a frenzy defending their Communist overlords.

  19. hot Asian

    hot AsianDitë më parë

    Wearing a mask is an effective way to avoid the virus, because the virus can spread through saliva.

  20. Kin Marcus Gabriel Jardeleza

    Kin Marcus Gabriel JardelezaDitë më parë

    Matthew santoro

  21. Makis T

    Makis TDitë më parë

    mutant ninja turtles


    RAFAELA CARLINADitë më parë


  23. Latoya Matson

    Latoya MatsonDitë më parë

    Man that doctor needs help! He knows what he's lacking and what it'll cost HIM but he still gets up and treats his patients. The type of people we have in the world is amazing. I'm beginning to realize not all people are bad because of videos like this. God bless all of those people. I just wish all illness would stop.

  24. Extratrillestrial

    ExtratrillestrialDitë më parë

    Carbon taxes are stupid because governments don't spend or invest money efficiently as the free market. A far better solution would be less taxes so we can all have more money to invest in solutions. If you look at the topic of cleaning oceans we have seen private individuals creating the Seabin in Australia and Adidas has started making shoes out of plastic from the ocean. And there are many other innovative ideas coming out everyday. The same should be said about air pollution! It will not be governments who solve this problem and taxing companies slows down their ability to invest in these issues. Currently, Elon Musk is building tunnels that will clear up traffic. Amazon and Uber are competing to create safe drones for delivery and taxis which will again help with air pollution. Taxing doesn't solve problems. Never has and never will.

  25. chevy vett

    chevy vettDitë më parë

    Leave it to left wing socialist news To blame this on president trump and our government


    8PMFORMULADitë më parë

    I cant think of anyone more deserving of the corona virus than this clown. Notice the over 1000 right wingers down coted this video.

  27. Moon Mushroom

    Moon MushroomDitë më parë

    Next can you cover how the WHO and CDC down played this? Maybe talk about how Trump closed the boarders when the WHO said he was over reacting. Not a Trump supporter but sick of hearing how one person is to blame for everything.

  28. mevin thomas

    mevin thomasDitë më parë

    Herd immunity is only viable if you have vaccine . Before taking such huge risk we need to make sure that country has enough life support systems and medical staff. If there is lockdown you will distroy the economy but what point in having healthy economy if you witness thousands of dead bodies .

  29. Default User

    Default UserDitë më parë

    This is a real stupid idea

  30. katrina vecchiarelli

    katrina vecchiarelliDitë më parë

    I wanna gooooo

  31. radgod

    radgodDitë më parë

    When I'm old imma pop acid tabs

  32. Garen Karapetyan

    Garen KarapetyanDitë më parë

    Take it to Chinese restaurants

  33. Saggy Beez

    Saggy BeezDitë më parë

    That very last sentence out of that mans mouth was the most important one

  34. BodiedTesla

    BodiedTeslaDitë më parë

    The dude doesn’t have alzimers

  35. God Jupiter

    God JupiterDitë më parë

    The New York times is a moronic 'newspaper"

  36. Kekistan Shitlord

    Kekistan ShitlordDitë më parë

    Vice dramatizing geopolitical issues like it‘s a hollywood movie, disgusting

  37. Latoya Matson

    Latoya MatsonDitë më parë

    I see why they say covid has traces of Ebola. That incubation period says it all.

  38. Tasos Chatziargiriou

    Tasos ChatziargiriouDitë më parë

    Παρασκευάς Μέθανα

  39. Alba Gutierrez

    Alba GutierrezDitë më parë

    Sorry to say this but the Mexican government won’t do nothing about, I used to live in Mexico and of course I don’t have anything against my people but the Mexican government don’t give a shit about their people specially the poor for you to be heard you have to be rich and have connections with someone at the government

  40. OneMinuteFixed

    OneMinuteFixedDitë më parë


  41. DaWe - Film

    DaWe - FilmDitë më parë

    Some pictures from Austria and Europe ...

  42. Nicholas Bennett

    Nicholas BennettDitë më parë

    Isn’t it weird that people get excited to kill things

  43. Peppe Ddu

    Peppe DduDitë më parë

    Some people are gonna hate when it gets crowded and noisy again.

  44. juniel93

    juniel93Ditë më parë

    If they don't have the answer why to put in danger the population its absurd

  45. Cos mos

    Cos mosDitë më parë

    This country has fallen since the good news come from the country.. out!

  46. Latoya Matson

    Latoya MatsonDitë më parë

    That poor girl just wanted her momma and daddy. She will die alone just like our NOW dying covid-19 patients. They die begging to see family members one last time. You know your body so you know when your time is coming. I beg u all to take covid-19 AND the crisis in Africa serious. Now that you get a glimpse of what it's like.

  47. FBI Agent

    FBI AgentDitë më parë

    Hitler loved Islam more than Christianity

  48. QueenBeeast

    QueenBeeastDitë më parë

    Dear god. You mean I can get it from all my wild pet bats? Or the stray bats I pet at the park?

  49. Yo idiris

    Yo idirisDitë më parë

    I do

  50. jake vanessa galvan

    jake vanessa galvanDitë më parë

    the US is a two party dictatorship an the EU is Europes dictatorship an the best dictator Queen is in the UK sorry i dont know what this video is trying to prove maybe just maybe the makers of this video just look in their own back yard be4 trying to fix some else's just saying

  51. Eduvigis Robaesteras

    Eduvigis RobaesterasDitë më parë

    At 4:23 he really says "that's the way it is", as in it can't really be helped and one has to accept he may have caught the virus.

  52. Yo idiris

    Yo idirisDitë më parë

    U do

  53. Mark Peacock

    Mark PeacockDitë më parë

    If your healthy, isn’t it better to contract the corona virus and have your immune system build up antibodies to combat it? This strain will probably mutate every year and there will be a problem with it every season, but if your immune system has already fought it, it has the blueprint of this virus ( which is a strain of common influenza) and can combat it every time you are exposed and the symptoms will get less and less every year. The vast majority of people exposed already have built up immunity (from contracting other similar strains of influenza in the past) and have mild symptoms or don't even get sick. If this wasn't true there would be millions dead already. Sooner or later you will be exposed to it and if your immune system isn't ready, you could have real problems as the virus mutates beyond the original strain and your body has no blueprint to fight it. People, stop the fear mongering please.

  54. Yo idiris

    Yo idirisDitë më parë

    U speak Somali

  55. Troll MeBro

    Troll MeBroDitë më parë

    Does not like Nazis uses Nazi tactics... that's fucking irony.

  56. A N G E L

    A N G E LDitë më parë

    bigg upp ganja

  57. KittyKat Gaming

    KittyKat GamingDitë më parë


  58. Fairdove

    FairdoveDitë më parë

    Putin is just doing his work - do yours also and bring us some good journalism

  59. Torish Diavolo

    Torish DiavoloDitë më parë

    12:30 la sqadra

  60. CoolMan Caravan

    CoolMan CaravanDitë më parë

    An object cannot be "racist". That's a meaning that you've made up in your mind and projected onto physical items.

  61. Kelly Black

    Kelly BlackDitë më parë

    Good he’ll have to finally pay for all his bullshit

  62. Bass Player

    Bass PlayerDitë më parë

    My couch is available!

  63. Kingpin Outlaw

    Kingpin OutlawDitë më parë

    The anti Russian propaganda channel

  64. Bendu Nemesis

    Bendu NemesisDitë më parë

    Italy is now at 0,1 % and have 800-900 deaths everyday. Still 59,9% to go. Great theory.

  65. marou on tosti

    marou on tostiDitë më parë

    "A man with an helmet defending his country should get more respect than a man with a helmet on defending a football"

  66. BlkQueenK

    BlkQueenKDitë më parë

    I was a caregiver for some time. The most fulfilling job I’ve ever had. I treated all of my patients like my own family 💜

  67. H. Anthony Ribadeneira

    H. Anthony RibadeneiraDitë më parë

    "Herd immunity???" In the us, a 60% infection rate and a 2% mortality rate would mean 5,000,000 dead.... DEAD. MORE AMERICANS THAN ALL WARS COMBINED... EVER

  68. Lucas George

    Lucas GeorgeDitë më parë


  69. Zyryak

    ZyryakDitë më parë

    Que miedo un tanque sovietico del 75

  70. Eatiblejsegurspace2 RBLX

    Eatiblejsegurspace2 RBLXDitë më parë

    2014-16 Ebola 2020-Presant Coronavius

  71. H. Anthony Ribadeneira

    H. Anthony RibadeneiraDitë më parë

    1:18 that's not 20 seconds.. literally 9 seconds.

  72. Capital Punishment

    Capital PunishmentDitë më parë

    Reminds me of nuketown

  73. Pinto

    PintoDitë më parë

    He’s very wrong just because you cook the meat doesn’t mean that you’re going to kill the bacteria or the virus in it! If the meat is contaminated before you cooked it you will get sick after you cook it

  74. ezgi tatar

    ezgi tatarDitë më parë

    i'm not crying you're crying

  75. Elhan Elias

    Elhan EliasDitë më parë

    Lowkey Wholesome

  76. 0209alcem

    0209alcemDitë më parë

    He is the joke of the world now!!

  77. Chapzino TheDon

    Chapzino TheDonDitë më parë

    Still better than the left....

  78. Mr. Tokyo

    Mr. TokyoDitë më parë

    Where's TI When need him

  79. Kelly Scavella

    Kelly ScavellaDitë më parë

    Africa’s response has been great. I don’t know wth y’all talking about. Stories should be focus on the US and Europe.

  80. Omar Saad

    Omar SaadDitë më parë

    Lol vice is still waging its war against Putin

  81. TheDriftingsmoke

    TheDriftingsmokeDitë më parë

    my cousin lives in madrid doing X-rays. she doesn't come in contact with coronavirus patients. other types of injuries is her specialty. i hope she will be ok

  82. Marc Field

    Marc FieldDitë më parë

    No. They are gonna frame it and hang it on a wall.

  83. matt keese

    matt keeseDitë më parë


  84. My Top Picks

    My Top PicksDitë më parë

    This guy is brain washed and has no idea about the truth, wants his own country to give everything to non Americans which means he’s not a true American, he is a typical SJW

  85. Frank Barone

    Frank BaroneDitë më parë

    I love this. Keeping people calm with weed. Who wants to go anywhere when your paranoid anyway. Great Idea. Now I gotta twist one. 💋🤏Time to bake some brownies for grandma too.

  86. luckybluebird77

    luckybluebird77Ditë më parë

    Miss you Rosseane. The show isn’t the same without you. Hang in there

  87. alex9920

    alex9920Ditë më parë

    It is About Time ! Africa its overpopulated and they have 15 kids per family anyway.

  88. Kamer Plant

    Kamer PlantDitë më parë

    😂😂 I need to laugh how people waste their lives making someone's life terrible.

  89. Mario Milosavljevic

    Mario MilosavljevicDitë më parë

    The shift in his voice from 3:14 and then from 3:19 😂 Only sad thing is that people are dying...

  90. Adam Davidson

    Adam DavidsonDitë më parë

    This is every apocalyptic video game world map ever to and will be made.

  91. mehedi haque

    mehedi haqueDitë më parë

    This is just a dumb person ignoring an educate scientist research

  92. Suzie Q

    Suzie QDitë më parë

    They actually display their ISIL scarfs. It's an invasion. Well dressed and we'll trained fighters aren't refugees.

  93. Hein Verschure

    Hein VerschureDitë më parë

    Absolutely bullshit, I'm Dutch, and everybody is inside, see other Dutch reactions below

  94. Drei Alpha

    Drei AlphaDitë më parë

    Pres Duterte join the group... Operation Tokhang.... I might watching now a dead people

  95. Christopher Diep

    Christopher DiepDitë më parë

    He's rambling bullsh!t

  96. Maggie Hea

    Maggie HeaDitë më parë

    Love this idea!!!

  97. Andys709

    Andys709Ditë më parë

    Scary how brainwashed these people are .

  98. Tyrell TJC

    Tyrell TJCDitë më parë

    I live in America ,and I feel like No one is really taking this super seriously.

  99. chaosXpert

    chaosXpertDitë më parë

    Calling the former Director of the FBI and CIA is probably the worst idea ever

  100. wassuup

    wassuupDitë më parë

    Sikh religion of peace they say. We are not islamic they say