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Heimler's History
Heimler's History

Every student should feel confident in their AP History classes. On this channel I have produced a mixture of seriousness and buffoonery in order to help students of AP U.S. History, AP World History, AP Government, and AP Macroeconomics build the confidence and skills they need to get an A in their class and a 5 on their AP Exam.
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AP World History Exam AFTER PARTY
AP World History 1750-1900 REVIEW
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    You have never heard of idle or zero player games have you? They literally play themselves. Antimatter Dimensions is the best example for an idle game and Progress Quest is one of the most iconic ZPGs to date.

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    I have a question, I just want to be safe since I know it says AP Exams which I guess it means ALL the AP exams but I want to double check. So I have AP Euro and the I'm taking it on June 2nd for the people who have taken the test already it only HAS DBQ NO Multiple Choice, NO LEQ, and NO Short Answers correct? Thank you for your time :)

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    Hey Heimler you should really do a follow up video on all of the WHAP Prompts!! That would be awesome to see examples on how we should've answered them so we are more confident about what we got, whether good or bad.

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    its funny how you mentioned New Orlines a battle that took place after a ceasefire had alredy been agreed but not Washington getting burnt to the ground or the failure to conquer Canada. infact arguably if any one could be said to have won the War it was Canada is the war of 1812 helped to solidify a Canadian identity of its self as separate from the USA and hell the Canadian patriotic song " the maple leaf forever" makes reference to two major battles of the War those being Queenstone Hights and Lundies Lane where as there are no populer american patrotic songs i can think of to reference the war

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    “Everything’s going to be just fine.” (Immediately starts to cram)

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    Heimler can you make a video that explains the different docs and prompts tomorrow as they will be released to AP Teachers on May 26?

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    You left out the essence of the entire document protecting people from their government removing liberty and the context of having just won a battle breaking away from a restrictive government. Furthermore, you gave zero focus to the part that says in order to keep freedom. You missed the whole point, (comma) of protecting freedom, (comma) which is VERY clear. Perhaps your judgment is being read into it? You can argue that this right is to supplement the national army only but doesn't protect freedom include protecting all freedom from those wishing to take it domestic and foreign? With your understanding of private gun ownership only being in place to supplement the national army you must also argue that the government can become as oppressive as they desire to and the people can do nothing about it. This same ideology says the government can remove freedom of religion and speech and that the people have no right to form a militia to stop their own government. I find this interpretation yoi are proposing to have lost the clear essence in context of the clearly written context of restricting government. The following ammendments also address these restrictions. A government can't be governed by the people and be truly representative unless there is a clause allowing rhe people to recapture the government should corruption arise. While the founders couldn't fully see the future, I believe the second ammendment was created to make sure guns couldn't be restricted by a government in order to control the people beyond agreed upon restrictions with representation. If the government only wanted supplemental support with this ammendment then how does this ammendment achieve that? Couldn't the government simply supply arms to the people when they needed supplemental support? Why would a government even address arms when everyone at the time clearly had arms? Didn't they just go through the unfair restrictions of the king who used dhose restrictions to try to pound them back into submission and taxation? I find it to be clear and well written. Commas don't confuse me as much as you are struggling with them. Its just a continuation of points that are related in the same collection bound together. Commas are very common in legal writing.

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    “Everything’s going to be just fine.” (Immediately starts to cram)

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    Thank you Heimler for all that you have done for us AP World students! If I get a 5, I'll donate $80 (I spent $20 on the Ultimate Review Packet)!

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    Hey here are the four possible prompts for this exam. I tried to record them as accurately as I could. 1. Evaluate the extent to which Mongol cultural practices changed in response to interactions with people in the period circa 1200-1350. 2. Evaluate the extent to which states in the period 1450-1750 practiced religious tolerance. 3. Evaluate the extent to which the modernization of non-Western elites differed in the period 1800-1900. 4. Evaluate the extent to which the environment or knowledge if the environment impacted imperial expansion in the period 1450-1750. Each prompt had 12 possible combinations of documents. Anyone have any corrections to make? They're in order of least to most difficult according to my AP teacher, by the way.

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