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    MOANA AE CHANGDitë më parë

    Oh I guess I've been eating crepes my whole life thinking they were pancakes. I guess in america pancakes are the thicker, smaller kind

  2. Christopher Huynh

    Christopher HuynhDitë më parë

    Gabby: "It's dead"

  3. ColdMoviez

    ColdMoviezDitë më parë


  4. Lami DeLeon

    Lami DeLeonDitë më parë

    Me: you know what would be cool to make? Claire: NO PLEASE STOPPPP Me: TERRY’S CHOCOLATE ORANGE 🍫🍊

  5. RMH100888

    RMH100888Ditë më parë

    Is there a sourdough butter croissant recipe? I tried one I found online but it was a fail. I bet you guys have a great one!

  6. ilyazzar

    ilyazzarDitë më parë

    we want that

  7. Leo Hawkins

    Leo HawkinsDitë më parë

    It's Alive: Cooking with babies... I mean, cooking while holding a baby!

  8. K

    KDitë më parë

    This episode was so fun to watch, I loved the baby, I loved seeing Claire so happy, loved everything! :) It's alive is the best show

  9. MrCrockaG

    MrCrockaGDitë më parë

    It would've been hilarious if she spend the whole episode wearing a tuque in honour of Brad

  10. V Kelsey

    V KelseyDitë më parë

    Goin' places with Claire and Sohla! I'm so up for!

  11. Damon Drury

    Damon DruryDitë më parë

    The editors of UNHhhhh and Bon Appetit definitely share some braincells

  12. BringMeTheDawn

    BringMeTheDawnDitë më parë

    It’s so precious how she gets distracted every 5 min bc of the baby 😭😭😭😭 “So about the starter Claire...” Claire: I only know baby

  13. Gelyn Topacio

    Gelyn TopacioDitë më parë

    Omg is Carla gonna do Molly's series and then Andy is gonna do reverse engineering???

  14. Vanargand

    VanargandDitë më parë

    Crepe is french for crap cause that's what you say when you make em.

  15. Emily Pfeifer

    Emily PfeiferDitë më parë

    Brad was really craving something savory

  16. Gail Renee

    Gail ReneeDitë më parë

    I want more episodes with happy Claire. BREAD please! Do all the bread, so much bread. Bread, everywhere.

  17. Sarah Benoit

    Sarah BenoitDitë më parë


  18. GeografoNerd

    GeografoNerdDitë më parë

    7/10 - No garlic or worder reference.

  19. BigK

    BigKDitë më parë

    Claire and Matty skin a moose.

  20. Percival de Rolo

    Percival de RoloDitë më parë

    *Mike: Father of Mike’s Child* lmao

  21. Juan koffman Frischknecht

    Juan koffman FrischknechtDitë më parë

    Gaby is the "one", aguante bokeee

  22. Veronica P

    Veronica PDitë më parë

    "..or birthday candle" lmfao

  23. Adrianna Valentin

    Adrianna ValentinDitë më parë

    Having a photo shoot in the background 10:25

  24. Expand Your Thinking

    Expand Your ThinkingDitë më parë

    I'd like to know what her dad, noted It's Alive fan, thought of this.

  25. Sean Nuttall

    Sean NuttallDitë më parë

    Can we get claire's playlist?

  26. Redemis123

    Redemis123Ditë më parë

    10:15 la remera de boquita el mas grande en el fondo

  27. Mai Anh Nguyen

    Mai Anh NguyenDitë më parë

    Claire being genuinely happy is the best thing ever!!

  28. gymnastoman1

    gymnastoman1Ditë më parë

    Is it bad that the baby was more coherent than Brad is most of the time?

  29. Michelle Howrad

    Michelle HowradDitë më parë

    Petition to send Claire to Tonka for it's alive. If we rally, they will listen. Like! Reply! Flood the comment section! Fly my pretties!!

  30. notiv

    notivDitë më parë

    Was this recorded before the virus?

  31. 「レモネン」Shashlova Milena

    「レモネン」Shashlova MilenaDitë më parë

    No, holding baby is essential! If you don't do this your dishes won't have so much flavor and love!

  32. K

    KDitë më parë

    Petition for BA to make "PHASE II: Goin' Places with Claire and Sohla" happen!!

  33. Rachelle Bourbon

    Rachelle BourbonDitë më parë


  34. Bruce Lane

    Bruce LaneDitë më parë

    "When you're 51? *looks at watch* I don't wanna wait 20 years". Brad is a national treasure and needs to be federally protected.

  35. Dennis van der Horde

    Dennis van der HordeDitë më parë

    We want more, we want more, we want more!

  36. Michael Hunter

    Michael HunterDitë më parë

    Next Gourmet makes, Choco Taco?!?

  37. Tristan Francis

    Tristan FrancisDitë më parë

    Brad: "We need a laser engraver" Brad *back on it's alive* : "So today in the test kitchen, I'm making some laser engraved bread.

  38. JV Formoso

    JV FormosoDitë më parë

    I can't believe she didn't say "water"

  39. Nigel Williams

    Nigel WilliamsDitë më parë

    14:03 that Leprechaun thing made me laugh way too hard.

  40. Lonelyheartsclub

    LonelyheartsclubDitë më parë

    Claire and a baby 🥺the most wholesome episode

  41. Renny Secret

    Renny SecretDitë më parë

    Why am I not surprised Chris drives a manual

  42. sapphire

    sapphireDitë më parë


  43. Tommard

    TommardDitë më parë

    Might be the easiest, but also the most entertaining

  44. Karly Marcantel

    Karly MarcantelDitë më parë

    I would die for a show of Claire just making different types of bread

  45. Sara Takkoush

    Sara TakkoushDitë më parë

    This episode was AMAZIIINGGG on every made me laugh so much! Fantastic job BA team!

  46. Florence Stewart

    Florence StewartDitë më parë

    When brad called Chris dad I died

  47. Isaac Chavez

    Isaac ChavezDitë më parë

    Oh to be a baby being held by Claire

  48. Vanessa

    VanessaDitë më parë

    "I'm not being called insolent or insubordinate for not doing certain things." Yikes 😬😬😬

  49. AR Shoe

    AR ShoeDitë më parë


  50. PD The Man

    PD The ManDitë më parë

    Accurate : Lots of fun Inaccurate : Speech way too proper and not going into unrelated tangents. And what about miss-pronunciations i.e. 'wurdur' And unfortunately no "DELANEY" even though Alex was in the episode. Yay for the Baby with the prettiest blue eyes.

  51. TheVirologist

    TheVirologistDitë më parë

    It is interesting that it is easier to subtitle a baby than Brad at times.

  52. Lav Mohabir

    Lav MohabirDitë më parë

    Everyone wants to see Claire drive manual.

  53. ignacio poblete

    ignacio pobleteDitë më parë

    That pizza just need more things on it. What even is that?

  54. Nya Hernandez

    Nya HernandezDitë më parë

    Brad's "I have no feeling in my fingers" reminded me of when my Abuela makes tortillas and like just picks em up off the hot pan like its nothing.

  55. Megan Knapp

    Megan KnappDitë më parë

    I love what BA is doing with these videos, swapping everyone with their shows

  56. Luky

    LukyDitë më parë

    Oh my god Claire and I are the same person in regards to Driving.

  57. Gael Guerrero

    Gael GuerreroDitë më parë

    Put claire in a race car

  58. puxorb

    puxorbDitë më parë

    The editing on It's Alive is always what made the show so great for me, so I'm glad its still just as funny with Claire taking the lead!

  59. Joseph Boyette

    Joseph BoyetteDitë më parë

    Love that Gabby is a Boca fan!

  60. Thomas DeLorenzo

    Thomas DeLorenzoDitë më parë

    Chris having a manual transmission car is very much in character for him.

  61. markanthmore

    markanthmoreDitë më parë

    Claire is so fricken cute.

  62. Ana Zhang

    Ana ZhangDitë më parë


  63. Chelsea Hurd

    Chelsea HurdDitë më parë

    this video singlehandedly cured my quarantine depression

  64. Dr. Agasa

    Dr. AgasaDitë më parë

    Love that Edna Mode reference

  65. TheRealDerohneNick

    TheRealDerohneNickDitë më parë

    13:59 I did not expect closed captions.

  66. A Person

    A PersonDitë më parë

    Pass this along to Claire: If you point your ring at the metal (the top, where the diamond is) you'll hear the snap before the ring touches the surface and at that point you're mostly/totally grounded. You'll feel a tingle if it's a big shock, but it won't hurt.

  67. AlexMeow bleufeline

    AlexMeow bleufelineDitë më parë

    What Claire doesn't understand is that we don't really care what she's good at, we just want to see her drive Chris' car 😂😂😂😂😂

  68. armchairmaster

    armchairmasterDitë më parë

    2:20 Well there goes my plans for the weekend as a fellow baby.

  69. V Kelsey

    V KelseyDitë më parë

    Relieved leprechaun sound... hahahaha perfect

  70. zenxoxx

    zenxoxxDitë më parë

    This feels like an unedited footage lol.

  71. Lily Kok

    Lily KokDitë më parë

    8:16 CHOCOLATE TEMPEROR SOHLA lmao this cracks me up

  72. Khalid Kashogi

    Khalid KashogiDitë më parë

    Boca Juniors REPREZENT!!!

  73. Funny Valentine

    Funny ValentineDitë më parë

    Pastry chef makes gourmet baby

  74. danikcong

    danikcongDitë më parë


  75. Callum Moodley

    Callum MoodleyDitë më parë

    Watching them make travel plans makes me sad given the current situation

  76. Hexi Huang

    Hexi HuangDitë më parë

    Flambe is Claire's two part epoexy

  77. Joey Walden

    Joey WaldenDitë më parë

    Love that all the BA team is switching shows, but I beg you do episodes where the camera crew and the members of the test kitchen swap places. Would be hilarious

  78. slothfulcobra

    slothfulcobraDitë më parë

    It's weird that the baby is just sticking a whole orange slice in its mouth. I wonder if it tastes the bitter rind and doesn't care or if it just can't figure out that one side of the slice tastes better than the other

  79. Kingjay814

    Kingjay814Ditë më parë

    It's so weird watching this show without subtitles lol

  80. Jenna Light

    Jenna LightDitë më parë

    I sort of love that 3 minutes in it’s still just.. Claire and a baby

  81. Noah Tvrs

    Noah TvrsDitë më parë

    graphic design is my passion lmao

  82. 6rasta6bhoy6

    6rasta6bhoy6Ditë më parë


  83. Lopsided Frogs

    Lopsided FrogsDitë më parë

    “They’ve been publishing this show? Yikes”

  84. elaine

    elaineDitë më parë

    there's a lot going on right now and it's causing me so much anxiety and bon appetit eases it so i just wanna thank you 🥺👉👈 (especially claire, she's my favourite)

  85. Mary McHarg

    Mary McHargDitë më parë

    honestly watching claire have a great time is all i've ever wanted

  86. David Hickey

    David HickeyDitë më parë

    The continuity of have a baby on ITS ALIVE is off the charts

  87. Lauren Donovan

    Lauren DonovanDitë më parë

    Claire came out like a freaking angel with that teal jumpsuit!

  88. Lilian

    LilianDitë më parë

    The energy is definitely Claire and not Brad, you would not know that they are doing “It’s Alive”.

  89. Craig Mitchell

    Craig MitchellDitë më parë

    Has anyone in the test kitchen experienced the pain of using a Crepe Iron ? ? ? I tried to learn how to use it at the Hotel I was working in as a Comis Chef OMFG that was the worst two weeks of my life and thankfully I got moved to a different shift rota for unrelated related reasons.

  90. Alexis Cedano

    Alexis CedanoDitë më parë

    Dreams do come true.

  91. Ryan Ramos

    Ryan RamosDitë më parë

    Last time I was this early brad was talking to Vinny

  92. Bry DeCuir

    Bry DeCuirDitë më parë

    Who knew Claire with a baby was what I needed this day

  93. KD MC

    KD MCDitë më parë

    This made my day!

  94. Emile Lord Ayotte

    Emile Lord AyotteDitë më parë

    Oui oui oui, make kouign amann please !!

  95. Nicholas Fenouil

    Nicholas FenouilDitë më parë

    I feel like the LaCie joke probably went over a lot of people's heads

  96. Tiffany Wong

    Tiffany WongDitë më parë

    it feels weird to not have "wourder" jump out on screen every 2 mins

  97. Jayleen Lu

    Jayleen LuDitë më parë

    i thought this was claire's show

  98. Alex West

    Alex WestDitë më parë

    Those crepes look soooo good!! More Claire on It's Alive please <3

  99. SeisSieteTresAWSF

    SeisSieteTresAWSFDitë më parë

    Claire, if anyone, and I mean ANYONE talks to you sideways anymore, you just tell me. I'll bury them alive.

  100. Rachita Srivastava

    Rachita SrivastavaDitë më parë

    We NEED Claire and Sohla on a Goin' Places: Vanilla Beans episode