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    I always prepare myself every april 1 for Chris's vids

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    Next how to Install a smart radio in your car or truck

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    This is how many times he said farts. Click the like button for the amount of times he said fart

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    Chris won’t like this comment :(

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    I can't find the original hot chocolate you made with car throttle guys!! I have to see it again😅

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    Daniel Vargas11 orë më parë

    I woke up to this and i first knew it was april fools thing

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    Antonio Vidal11 orë më parë

    How many times I get to fart before I gotta switch out the filter 😂

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    Will definitely do this on my brand new Bentley Continental whenever I have a chance. You Chris...always thinking ahead!

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    No Covid-19 outbreak in your state?? Lucky you...

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    World: is dying Chris: Makes a fart remover

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    Del Sol, special edition, equipped with AFS anti fart system

  14. Nocturne Motoring

    Nocturne Motoring11 orë më parë

    color me surprised, nice video! thanks for the idea on how to remove the seat cushions, I got good ones top put in my car and I have no idea how to transplant them, but thanks for giving me the know how.

  15. TheConspiracy Realist

    TheConspiracy Realist11 orë më parë


  16. Jan Kosamo

    Jan Kosamo11 orë më parë

    And here I was thinking the s-class was well equipped.

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    Imagine if he installed the fans the wrong way around and when someone farts the fan blows the fart into the car 😂

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    lol at that picture of Alex in the US (when there are no flights) lol

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    knowing its April 1st ... but watching the video just because i like Chris !!

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    This is the best April fools video to date thanks

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    Is it working in my room?

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    James Christopher Dalisay11 orë më parë

    turbo delsol?

  26. Iron Will

    Iron Will11 orë më parë

    btw i know this was fun but the ending was a good idea for making cool seats, its normally 38C here in summers i am thining of doing this would help a lot.

  27. D'Andre Poyer

    D'Andre Poyer11 orë më parë

    I love his energy keep doing yuh thing Chris taught me a lot.

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    was waiting to hear u say April Fool🤣🤣😅😅😅 u tricked again 😅😅

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    Alexis ayala11 orë më parë

    This is great if your driving your girlfriend in your car for the first time.

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    Etuate Racolo11 orë më parë

    I’m just 2mins in and I can’t take this video seriously of course it’s posted on April 1st, the fact it’s posted on that date makes me uneasy like I can’t take this video seriously and from your last upload this was a real quick upload 🤔 but I’m gonna continue with the video now let’s see how far this goes and how serious it is 🤔

  35. DD GAMER TIME pls help me

    DD GAMER TIME pls help me11 orë më parë

    WTF chris past gas damm so u pass a lot of gass

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    mondy611 orë më parë

    Would it work as a seat cooler if I reverse the fans and add a tube from the fans to the air vent under the dash, where you can cool your legs? Probably would have to add a valve that set's it to 70/30 ratio that the seat and legs would be cool.

  48. Miguel Medina

    Miguel Medina11 orë më parë

    Aaaaaa shit here we go again

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    ha ha ha, you almost had me, then I suddenly remembered the date, the age old tradition of 1st of April, Nice going Chris.

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    Nimblejokester11 orë më parë

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    TheDuckSCP11 orë më parë

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    Please make a video on front hood gas damper installation of a car which have not a provision earlier.

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    Richie 9311 orë më parë

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    A grown man modded his car to make an April Fool's video for his audience, and at the end of it he came up with a legit modding idea. I want 4 units with the Piston return springs, please.

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    Im at 1.27 and I know where this is going,but Im not sure.😂😂Last time you got me good ChrisFix😆😂❤

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    Do a proper seat AC install - it annoys me i have a car where it was an option but the original buyer didn't have it done. Also, thanks for cleaning that seat rail!!

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    KRSS83VLOGS /GAMING11 orë më parë

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