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Brennen Taylor
Brennen Taylor

One time i elbowed a 7 year old in the face to get a picture with Kylie Jenner.

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  1. Preston Hill

    Preston HillDitë më parë

    My mom actually ownes a açaí bowl business and it’s a frozen fruit type thing which you have to blend it frozen and you put like some juices and Berrys as well as the frozen berry

  2. D And J Gaming 25

    D And J Gaming 25Ditë më parë

    The Clorox works on the checkered vans

  3. Natasja Vinther

    Natasja VintherDitë më parë

    Please come to Denmark and try “stegt flæsk med persillesovs” 😂🇩🇰

  4. Kelsey Steel

    Kelsey SteelDitë më parë

    Well Brennen obviously clorax would bleach your shoes🌚 still love you dumbass❤️😂

  5. Emma Brown

    Emma BrownDitë më parë

    Eat some now and eat the rest later and then leftovers

  6. Jennifer Fuller

    Jennifer FullerDitë më parë

    On your microwave at the top there’s a phone number I screenshot it it and I’m calling it

  7. Chloe Daniel

    Chloe DanielDitë më parë

    So you think just because someone is white they can’t cook the food the same?

  8. Emma Brown

    Emma BrownDitë më parë

    Poor Kobe hang in the baby boy

  9. Andres Molina

    Andres MolinaDitë më parë

    you related to mike taylor?😂

  10. Dreama Ward

    Dreama WardDitë më parë

    Sam is King of 3 A.M. you thought the devil was NO SAM IS plus I'mJaystasoin is just a knock of version of Sam Golbach 😂

  11. Harry Frost

    Harry FrostDitë më parë

    I love the first one it worked for me

  12. Goku Monkey

    Goku MonkeyDitë më parë

    When he pulled out the gun though.

  13. Kevin Nuno

    Kevin NunoDitë më parë


  14. Kevin Nuno

    Kevin NunoDitë më parë

    I think the tattoo is harder on the face to work

  15. Aditeya Das

    Aditeya DasDitë më parë

    My cereal box says 30% free. But free from what 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔


    WOLFQUEENDitë më parë

    He’s Mexican?? He looks straight up Filipino or something . In my culture Mexicans who look Asian, we nickname them chino or china.

  17. John Alvarez

    John AlvarezDitë më parë

    Smoking is bad 2 years you still smoking your dead

  18. Love Mimi

    Love MimiDitë më parë

    2020 😂

  19. Angirson Lopez

    Angirson LopezDitë më parë

    The McFlurry hack was impressive.

  20. spbustarhymes

    spbustarhymesDitë më parë

    I love those guys. They should go on TV or Movies or whatever!!

  21. Shonae Jakupovic

    Shonae JakupovicDitë më parë

    It does work

  22. GalaxyMoon :3

    GalaxyMoon :3Ditë më parë

    Wrong printer that’s why is Dosent work- laser printer works tho

  23. Dreama Ward

    Dreama WardDitë më parë

    Jake:it would be a shame if Colby went missing Me:if Colby goes missing I will hunt this guy down 😈AND MURDER HIM IN COLD BLOOD don't touch Colby or the trap boys or Brennen

  24. xSmOkinGunZx

    xSmOkinGunZxDitë më parë

    LMAOOOOOOO 🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

  25. Bri W.

    Bri W.Ditë më parë

    What about K?

  26. K1ng Dav1d

    K1ng Dav1dDitë më parë

    Part 50 ?

  27. Fortintemaster girl

    Fortintemaster girlDitë më parë

    anyone watching the video in 2020

  28. Kakashi_Sean

    Kakashi_SeanDitë më parë

    The walk-in entry was awesome

  29. Paula Barnard

    Paula BarnardDitë më parë

    How is soap a life hack

  30. Paula Barnard

    Paula BarnardDitë më parë

    How is soap a life hack

  31. Chris Garza

    Chris GarzaDitë më parë

    Omg it's sandy shores in gta 5 😂

  32. Jeff Mullins

    Jeff MullinsDitë më parë

    Try the broom thing on another day.

  33. Karon Harris

    Karon HarrisDitë më parë

    That is not CaptainCrunch they are fruity pebbles

  34. Dreama Ward

    Dreama WardDitë më parë

    Elton I feel like he got a little Jelly when Brennen out the camera on shirtless Colby 😂

  35. Orne Arce

    Orne ArceDitë më parë

    Cajeta is like saying pussy in Argentina hahaha

  36. Rebecca Heeson

    Rebecca HeesonDitë më parë

    You guys would not be so excited to play with tampons if they were a woman and knew itss use

  37. lv-Dirty- Playerz-vl

    lv-Dirty- Playerz-vlDitë më parë

    4:20 buy some crep protect

  38. Infinite Master

    Infinite MasterDitë më parë

    Jay station: what’s poppin up guys ? Me: SHUT UP! It’s my popcorn 🤦🏻‍♂️

  39. Infinite Master

    Infinite MasterDitë më parë

    Jay was looking like faze rug in the title picture anyone ? No? Just me ? Okay 🤷‍♂️

  40. house latino

    house latinoDitë më parë

    Thia dude funny asf😂😂😂

  41. DeM ApPlEs

    DeM ApPlEsDitë më parë

    Its like people are paid to make the rooms like that Like hella paid!

  42. Chloe Owens

    Chloe OwensDitë më parë

    He portecc He attacc But mostly he got her bacc 😆🐨🖤

  43. Adrianna Michalski

    Adrianna MichalskiDitë më parë

    Anyone else CRINGE when he put his shoes on the counter🤢🤢🤢🤢

  44. Katia Martinez

    Katia MartinezDitë më parë

    You have to fill it halfway

  45. fishboy28

    fishboy28Ditë më parë


  46. fishboy28

    fishboy28Ditë më parë

    turn the tatu over

  47. Cedrick Buldutch

    Cedrick BuldutchDitë më parë

    Ang aarte amputa🙄

  48. Anne Eikrem Hestad

    Anne Eikrem HestadDitë më parë

    Everyone negative:( i enjoyed this vid👍

  49. Kennedi Bowling

    Kennedi BowlingDitë më parë

    brennen and colby are f****** fine

  50. Holly Ryan

    Holly RyanDitë më parë

    uh is that sushi grade salmon??!?!?!

  51. Michaela Suorsa

    Michaela SuorsaDitë më parë

    I love Denny’s tho lol but that insect wing 🤢

  52. Robloxking28 !

    Robloxking28 !Ditë më parë

    Bro you are gonna get Possesed!

  53. Jessie J

    Jessie JDitë më parë

    the tattoos one work i tried it before and i do it whenever i’m going to a party or something to look a bit cool you just have to press your pictures with a towel until it dries so the ink in the paper can stick to your skin, try it again this way

  54. Mobile Extreme

    Mobile ExtremeDitë më parë

    That tatto hack said let it sit in water for 30 mins

  55. AceImagination

    AceImaginationDitë më parë

    for the tattoo one, you need to use a laser printer and warm water

  56. Ansh Gupta

    Ansh GuptaDitë më parë

    16:02 he went fr a fist pump 🤣

  57. ALLY Trys

    ALLY TrysDitë më parë

    Not cool dude still love you though

  58. Doodly Jimmy

    Doodly JimmyDitë më parë


  59. Helin Korena

    Helin KorenaDitë më parë

    No the tatto works i got one it is so coll

  60. Armaan Z

    Armaan ZDitë më parë

    You could of send Gordon Ramsay in there

  61. Leatile Tsekiso

    Leatile TsekisoDitë më parë

    Can you do me, can you do me , can you do me , can you do me , can you do me , can you do me , can you do me a favour

  62. Kyle Miller

    Kyle MillerDitë më parë

    Lol Brennens brother is laughing his face off when Brennen tries to do a southern accent 😂

  63. Leo Fox

    Leo FoxDitë më parë

    I see that Henny Brennen be getting lit

  64. Slash8Flash

    Slash8FlashDitë më parë they are in need of help :(

  65. SadieMae

    SadieMaeDitë më parë

    holy shit that hologram thing is cool af lol

  66. Aimee Gilfillan

    Aimee GilfillanDitë më parë

    10:01 , “crack snapple pop” 😂

  67. irae tk

    irae tkDitë më parë

    at 12:06 your can hear like a little whisper and it sounds like a women

  68. Liz h

    Liz hDitë më parë

    Thanks I want down the rabbit hole of TikTok. Love it been Binging on your videos

  69. Bhavin Barbhaya

    Bhavin BarbhayaDitë më parë

    Hey dude dude u gotta check out the most fakest one his side partner stromedy it's his name channels name and also kinda real or fictional channel named life of luxury this one has some real shit tht u can see thts upto u though but pls pls react to this two channels pls

  70. mario herrera

    mario herreraDitë më parë

    It has to be a laser printer to work

  71. Tony Contreras

    Tony ContrerasDitë më parë

    Why don’t u quit chasing the hype and actually do some food reviews and one star hotel!! Who else agrees

  72. Bhavin Barbhaya

    Bhavin BarbhayaDitë më parë

    Does anyone wonder how many 3 am challenges are made up most of them ??

  73. Tanya Monreal

    Tanya MonrealDitë më parë

    How can i sign up of movies ?

  74. Bhavin Barbhaya

    Bhavin BarbhayaDitë më parë

    I agree I saw first 20 secs and I disliked evry one of them XD

  75. Albus Dumbledore

    Albus DumbledoreDitë më parë

    Use rubbing alcohol instead of perfume

  76. Bhavin Barbhaya

    Bhavin BarbhayaDitë më parë

    🤣🤣🤣this guy is like a clown

  77. FreeZy

    FreeZyDitë më parë

    Many people are saying that she is on some drugs etc. but I think that is not the case. Kim spent 20 days in jail. She's genuinely excited to be free. Let her be. I totally agree that Brennen should see her again. That would remove the misunderstandings that we all have.. #WhereisHomelessMukbangWoman

  78. Anthony ALVAREZ - RUIZ

    Anthony ALVAREZ - RUIZDitë më parë

    Haha that hole had a std. it burned his finger so bad 😂😂

  79. Cairon De vera

    Cairon De veraDitë më parë

    Omg why you have to put the lid first ehhh why

  80. David Bean

    David BeanDitë më parë

    You should date her

  81. MK3 Andrew

    MK3 AndrewDitë më parë

    And now the watermill companies stocks are gonna drop like crazy



    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 1:27 💗💝 👇👇👇👇👇💛

  83. Dafne Carina Sidi

    Dafne Carina SidiDitë më parë

    2:04 what is that sound

  84. Yeet Feet

    Yeet FeetDitë më parë


  85. Sanot Lee

    Sanot LeeDitë më parë

    At 0:15 thought there was a person in the back

  86. sam football

    sam footballDitë më parë

    I skipped to 2 random times and the first word was "discusting" 😂



    🔥🔥 0:47 💞 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💙

  88. Monty Wormald

    Monty WormaldDitë më parë

    The owner should be SHOT



    🔥🔥 1:03 💯 👇 👇 👇💛

  90. j0ellyfish

    j0ellyfishDitë më parë

    Notice the way they met her vs. the way she is now. She's on something. I know druggies.

  91. Nadia

    NadiaDitë më parë

    You have to use a laser printer in order for the tattoo to work

  92. OmqItzKingSavage

    OmqItzKingSavageDitë më parë

    I have tried that tattoo ones and they do work.

  93. N3v3rf0rg3tm3 XD

    N3v3rf0rg3tm3 XDDitë më parë

    For the tat hack you need a laser ink printer it cant be normal printer ink


    JAPPI HAPPIDitë më parë

    The marshmallow is reversed lol

  95. Tosh Bean

    Tosh BeanDitë më parë

    Probably used a color safe bleach

  96. Adisynne Hb

    Adisynne HbDitë më parë

    The pens he used are frixion pens because I have left my writing outside and the writing was gone

  97. Enchanting Sky

    Enchanting SkyDitë më parë

    Dirty butthole poop🤣🤣

  98. j0ellyfish

    j0ellyfishDitë më parë

    I felt worse for the duck... These people were fucking rude.

  99. Dion Wang

    Dion WangDitë më parë


  100. j0ellyfish

    j0ellyfishDitë më parë

    What a handsome dude. Inside and out - even though it's obvious the drugs got the better of him in some cases he seemed really interesting. Hope he's doing well now.