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  1. Ruth Gonzalez

    Ruth Gonzalez15 orë më parë

    Is 541 stop while you're ahead

  2. Ruth Gonzalez

    Ruth Gonzalez15 orë më parë

    What are you a hacker what are you

  3. Deborah Juliani

    Deborah Juliani15 orë më parë

    I made over £77,500 with Bitcoin but not the way you guys did this. First and foremost I save,invest,and have a £160,000k/yr career and retiring early.

  4. jackie burgess

    jackie burgess16 orë më parë

    It should be more than that people have lost homes, jobs businesses. Do anybody care?

  5. Diane Hendricks

    Diane Hendricks16 orë më parë

    20000 dollars a month until this is over would be fair! Thank you!

  6. Jerome Tate

    Jerome Tate16 orë më parë

    Stop with the up dates

  7. Galina Bird

    Galina Bird17 orë më parë

    What is the best investment NOW Thank you

  8. Edith Coxfield

    Edith Coxfield17 orë më parë

    I am praying that we get 2,000 dollars. We sure need it. I hope they hurry and get it to us.

  9. Claude Wood

    Claude Wood17 orë më parë

    you know before all this Corona stuff came in if you didn't pay your taxes are you didn't pay your utility bills your car payment or your house payment the government will take your stuff he wouldn't care who it hurtso I think they should take care of the American people in a time of need likebut I also believe once all this is settled down that the American people do need to get back to work you get their lives back on track it is hard for a lot of people and all this all we need to do is pray to God and ask him for our forgiveness and his guidance cuz remember what it says in the Bible money is not the root of all evil the last for money is hope I spelled all this ride doing it by microphone God bless to all the take care

  10. Rock girl

    Rock girl17 orë më parë

    They need to look in to the bill and break it down so that they can give us 2000.00 a mo

  11. Michael Jeffcoat

    Michael Jeffcoat18 orë më parë

    Ok i have a ? Is there a program that my wife can get paid for taken care of her daughter that is fully disabled An her daughter is 18 an not in school any more ?

  12. Michael Hays

    Michael Hays18 orë më parë

    Old news

  13. Bruce7

    Bruce718 orë më parë

    Professional Detachment

  14. Eugene Fedorov

    Eugene Fedorov19 orë më parë

    Roth IRA is about tax advantages. So only #3 is related. Everything else here is about how much risk you want to take and related to any type of account. I do not think this guys knows what he is talking about.

  15. Ladii Gigglezz The Gamer

    Ladii Gigglezz The Gamer19 orë më parë

    I got my tax money in April around the 30th.. I didn't include my direct deposit so they mail me my tax return but I still have not recieved any stimulus check yet. I tried the usps website but they won't accept my cell number so I can't use informed delivery. I even asked for the code to be mailed still no code. I've called irs only to hear prerecorded messages. I've tried IRS. Gov and my payment status still isn't available. 😩😩😩 I don't kno what to do.

  16. Rita Bohannon

    Rita Bohannon19 orë më parë

    Talk talk talk that's all I hear talk no action put your money to us working people in dead of the ones sitting at home DON'T GIVE 600 TO PEOPLE NOT WORKING

  17. Rita Bohannon

    Rita Bohannon19 orë më parë

    Why they on vacation people is hurting I can't believe we pay out taxes and their salary so why don't we all takes their money and another thing who came up with 600.00 plus what you were approved for not fair to the working people I am pissed because what do the working people get that has worked through it wouldn't be fair if they go back to work and get this not fair they about to make war against people that has worked while they sit at home

  18. Rita Bohannon

    Rita Bohannon19 orë më parë

    That ant gona happen

  19. Johnny Johnston

    Johnny Johnston19 orë më parë

    looking like "click-bait" brother

  20. joseph poirrier

    joseph poirrier19 orë më parë


  21. Raymond Thompson

    Raymond Thompson19 orë më parë

    We the people ,who have sound proven information , too help our leaders bring this. U.S. market back on course should. Do so. We must build a more firm Foundation for long range balance improvement. And at the same time put on place a transition. From old systems to new ones. Most importantly keeping in mind cost. We are a great nation with many great minds.

  22. 1

    120 orë më parë

    Covid: heres your economic collapse

  23. songbird cloud

    songbird cloud21 orë më parë

    do we have to pay this money back?

  24. drew2 fast

    drew2 fast21 orë më parë

    Giving people free checks isn't about whether or not they deserve it. It's about spending. You need people to spend money. Spending saves the economy. People's motives are irrelevant.

  25. Donna Sukeforth

    Donna Sukeforth21 orë më parë

    So when I people that's on SSIA that people has carried on their taxes why are they not getting the service check

  26. Iuis Soto

    Iuis Soto21 orë më parë

    Is there going to be a number two check

  27. Joseph M Hulbert

    Joseph M Hulbert22 orë më parë

    I don't think any 16 year needs $2000 a mouth maybe $200 to $300 a mouth

  28. Goingincircles pepipepi

    Goingincircles pepipepi22 orë më parë


  29. Norwalk Ches

    Norwalk Ches22 orë më parë

    2000 dollars not enough.

  30. Timme Hallaenious

    Timme Hallaenious22 orë më parë

    The Republicans better or else come election time - " goodbye Trump& hello Democrat President Joe Biden".

  31. power Blade

    power Blade22 orë më parë

    Really? I know you know your full of shit. All the sudden tons of people are making videos for the "2nd round of stimulus checks" your video is click bait with no actual answers, in fact you raise more ?'s than you do answers. I feel like I'm watching ancient aliens, they dont give answers either. Make a video when you actually have answers, at the moment you sound like a clueless dummy

  32. Michael H

    Michael H23 orë më parë

    No more stimulus money is needed by the banks. Money is never appropriated for taxpayers. It is always for the rich or the banks. The stimulus money is for the banks. It all comes back to the banks. The banks are okay now and the stock market is good. The latest proposed stimulus bill was purposefully full of wasteful and bloated expenses that the Senate would never approve. The politicians are all wealthy fat cats who don't care about helping people.

  33. Shawn Barrett

    Shawn Barrett23 orë më parë

    I earnestine Batista think it's the government is responsible y Americans people

  34. Mike Breler

    Mike BrelerDitë më parë

    Money to the people is money to businesses. Money to businesses will not trickle down to the people. People will not spend money they don't have just because businesses have survived a while longer. Money to the people will prevent much death and despair. Money to the people will recirculate. Money to businesses will make a few people richer. No money to the people will bury them under the inflation that will soon come and already here from all this money creation with no offset in the form of a lump sum. Many will die.

  35. Joy Mensah

    Joy MensahDitë më parë

    Joyce A Mensah the job is shut down and no job for me l need money for my housing

  36. Joy Mensah

    Joy MensahDitë më parë

    l need money for accommodation

  37. Suddan Phuangkaeo

    Suddan PhuangkaeoDitë më parë

    Do we have to file again to reciever second stimulus?

  38. Reverend Paula Brice

    Reverend Paula BriceDitë më parë

    I'm on disability why haven't I GOT STIMULUS THE first one

  39. Reverend Paula Brice

    Reverend Paula BriceDitë më parë

    Why I haven't got the first check

  40. Nayak kumar

    Nayak kumarDitë më parë


  41. Flexllex

    FlexllexDitë më parë

    Still no unemployment applied for pua 2 weeks ago after waiting 10weeks for regular ui.lord Jesus my patience has ran out.

  42. Rose Falsetti

    Rose FalsettiDitë më parë

    He is great

  43. Carrie Cook

    Carrie CookDitë më parë

    Hope everyone gets one god bless my rent will soon be due and like I say Ian to old to live on the streets

  44. Timme Hallaenious

    Timme HallaeniousDitë më parë

    Yes Mr. Jeff at first IRS took a long time 2 answer. Then a few days back I got thru. The Rep said, "IRS is still processing the last of SSA/SSDI stimulus money, but can't give a specific date for sending it to ALL direct deposits or mailing". He added, "if you owe on an "EXTREME" case of back child support (because a Treasury agency will seize it 1st) getting the Unavailable notice in the Get My Payment tool simply means they haven't processed u yet-but they will so it's a waiting game at this point because we are still processing & backed up". 2days later I find I'm pending on Direct Express for the 28th.....Also because some peoples direct deposits can for unexplained reasons show up on a paper check or this new card, it wouldn't be a bad idea to sign up On Line for the free, quick & easy application for the post offices INFORMED DELIVERY service. After making up your own pin, you can daily see pictures of the mail or money/card envelope coming to you.

  45. Johnny Johnston

    Johnny JohnstonDitë më parë

    Hi, can you do a breakdown of the math to come up with the $23,400 amount? The federal PUA is $600 per week for 4 months if you get all of it til the end of July totalling $9600 not counting any State minimum benefits. The 39 weeks is the TOTAL # of weeks you can collect regular unemployment I believe so if your state minimum is $235 per week then you get that plus the $600 til the end of July then you will get just the $235 per week until your claim is exhausted is what I believe to have read, of you can explain the other Federal $$ that would be GREAT, please show me and break down yhe #'s. Thanks

  46. Katherine Collins

    Katherine CollinsDitë më parë

    Hey People be happy this is free money when did you ever get free money be humble and thank these people who gave the money be humble!!! Thank them.... its a great time for people who need it!!!

  47. Katherine Collins

    Katherine CollinsDitë më parë


  48. Miguel Desarden

    Miguel DesardenDitë më parë

    This corona virus sounds fishy like the government knows about it so much i think is no accident i think is was air borne by ISIS or a terrorist group and the after 3 months pass they want you to wear a mask when its to late and stay home thats where all this people are dying home they should come straight for ward the truth

  49. que regresses la keremos tavarez

    que regresses la keremos tavarezDitë më parë

    Well I personally can tell you 1,200 will not cover not even one month of my rent ..Im from NY....Very valuable information what we are getting from you...Thanks for keeping up informed 👍👍

  50. robert rodriguez

    robert rodriguezDitë më parë

    they don't care about people just money it takes about three months for one check

  51. Anarchist No government

    Anarchist No governmentDitë më parë

    Lol who the f would donate to nurses and doctors? They are making people more sick, and already make a fortune!!! Shame on you for stealing money from mindless people to fund these evil high paid pesticide associates! What about feeding hungry children? You suck ass

  52. Jim Beam

    Jim BeamDitë më parë

    Please help neligh nebraska

  53. Jim Beam

    Jim BeamDitë më parë

    Nebraska I called Ford and it was cozed from there faulty water pump in the motor, that is what blew up my motor, n they don't care

  54. Jim Beam

    Jim BeamDitë më parë

    Or maybe someone else who sees me, has one the can donate

  55. Jim Beam

    Jim BeamDitë më parë

    Any volunteers to help me out with a 2011 Ford Taurus just as this dark lonley scary situation is going on, I have not even tried to get unemployment, coz I wanted for some one else who might need it more, to get. And now I just blew my block, I guess I'm a female 38, and no ppl I'm on my uncles user ID and name, but I'm begging you to help me with this I need to have my car for work.. I don't and can't wait to ask the government , when they are not even sure what time it is.. please Ford Taurus 2011 I think I need the motor, poease

  56. Maureen Diver

    Maureen DiverDitë më parë

    I’ll believe it when I see it in my bank account.!

  57. Susan Lawson

    Susan LawsonDitë më parë

    I will believe when I see it every thing the president trump says is Doa

  58. Ana Alger

    Ana AlgerDitë më parë

    Election time so he is going to win again. It's as simple as that.

  59. Daniel McHale

    Daniel McHaleDitë më parë

    Thanks for your information

  60. Michael Barnes

    Michael BarnesDitë më parë

    To the desk of wealth hacker.Jeff rose.are the one how have send .the money to psocial security.772411

  61. Jackie Brown

    Jackie BrownDitë më parë

    We didn't get hour check yet

  62. Brock Milner

    Brock MilnerDitë më parë

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  64. Cindy Tucker

    Cindy TuckerDitë më parë

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  65. Cheng Lee

    Cheng LeeDitë më parë

    Being an immigrant and the laws literally working against us, I literally fed from hand to mouth till I met HACKERTROJAN007 via instagram. Now I can afford to pay my rent and live life at a better rate. I really do appreciate sir

  66. Simi Lesnar

    Simi LesnarDitë më parë

    I believe everyone knows how rigid the banking system is. 8 years of work and my credit score was still low. HACKERTROJAN007 on insta helped clear all my debts and I still had extra 20 stacks!

  67. Kristoff Murdock

    Kristoff MurdockDitë më parë

    My student loan seemed insurmountable till a friend recommended HACKERTROJAN007 on insta to me. I can now say I'm free of all loans and I can now focus on other things in my life

  68. Gloria Ware

    Gloria WareDitë më parë

    If a person paying child support will they get a stimulus check

  69. Ann Huff

    Ann HuffDitë më parë

    It would definitely help

  70. Harley SR

    Harley SRDitë më parë

    My dads a nurse and gets crazy hrs. Dealing up front with the covid 19 patients with no boost. While others are getting paid more at home. To top it off he is the only one in our household working 👏🏼 while my mother and many others look for a job. In the end making us live on the edge currently

  71. Frank Matthew

    Frank MatthewDitë më parë

    I just received my credit card from Aprilzino on IG and it has been activated with the exact money I asked for, am so grateful

  72. keith johnson

    keith johnsonDitë më parë

    I haven't heard anything yet.

  73. Peter Searls

    Peter SearlsDitë më parë

    I get so sick of our government! They start out doing a fairly good job and then when they need to step it up and do more they go home for the weekend and nothing gets done. The $1200.was like spitting in the wind for millions of people. I thought that President Trump would be more in favor to help people at a time like this. We need $2000 a month for 6 months. End of story!!!

  74. bill james

    bill jamesDitë më parë

    ok while they are on break my 3 children and my self will be on the street in two weeks. i give up i will now become a welfare and every government program i have fought and worked since i was 15 paying ss and taxes so im done the govt will now give me a check for more than their bullshit 1200 and get all i can and probably be better off financially tada

  75. Clarence Thomas

    Clarence ThomasDitë më parë

    Why is DHR getting my check for I need it

  76. Jesse Blake

    Jesse BlakeDitë më parë

    How can i switch from betterment to vanguard?

  77. Donna Mcclenton

    Donna McclentonDitë më parë

    I don’t want to be a downer but please think about this .. I think we will get another$1200 not 2g the unemployment rate is now at 40 million .. me personally have been disabled since birth so I live on my disability .. I’ll take what I can get.. But my biggest issue is a couple of things 1.many people won’t go back to work because we are still practicing social distancing.. 2.you bailed out businesses but where is the money to the American people to spend? People are trying to keep food and shelter..homelessness is a possibility as well I’m not here to be a downer but people need help fast And as a mother of a former military son I’m pissed that the vets haven’t gotten their stimulus yet . It’s just heartless they fought for our country..Happy Memorial Day to all on this platform stay safe and be mindful of others if you have health issues..because all you can do is shield yourself..

  78. Jo Geo

    Jo GeoDitë më parë

    Permanent $900 a month for all working age people, bumped up higher for stay at home prinary caregiver.

  79. Kenneth Moon

    Kenneth MoonDitë më parë

    Yes it will happen it’s a must

  80. Jay Hanna

    Jay HannaDitë më parë

    No more one time payments.

  81. Hoa Le

    Hoa LeDitë më parë


  82. Richard Velazquez

    Richard VelazquezDitë më parë

    I'm on SSI and I have a DIRECT EXPRESS card ... I when to the get my payment toll and it said it was scheduled for May 13 to a bank account .... But I don't have a bank account ... Till this day no Stimulus check ... They put my money somewhere else ... What can I do ????

  83. Ray M

    Ray MDitë më parë

    Yo bro..QUIT trying to fool people.u Kno damn well they ain't gonna pass it

  84. jedifrogmstr Odin-son

    jedifrogmstr Odin-sonDitë më parë

    Its cut back to a lousy $1200, after-all, the govt has to share your money will illegals, foreigners, refugees, etc.

  85. Cheryl Greene

    Cheryl GreeneDitë më parë

    I have not got the first check

  86. Randy Cupit

    Randy CupitDitë më parë

    What Goverment should Do know going slow, Get back work payment bills,pay over draft back accounts. What should do give a emergency money for the people But pay as $1,550.oo × 12 months start from Feb,March,April, May, june,july,aug,sep,Oct, nov,dec,and to Jan 2021 End all stimulus payments 1550 x 12 payment single check , USA makes,help all recover from the corona pandemic when the government shutdown in the United States 1550 x 12 month PAYMENTS 18 to oldest with citizenship as well as your social security number. Total amount $18,600.00 payment a year do as said be slow recovery This would off set forecloser housing market,as,well auto PAYMENTS ,Pay rent late fees,set so all could stock up food,$18,600.00 Pay from Feb 2020to Jan 2021. Stop all stimulus checks Do half spend this money not saving it.Or hoarded this amount funds,Go to outlet stores buy radios,TV's, computer, new furniture are new appliances,some may buy better auto,help country remove lot gas smog burning late model off high ways,by ways,clean up air.Lot will plan trips,gas station see cash flow, and vacations these get money,even may pay off CHILDERN schooling cost put good dent in them.Our economy get jump start by new year be stronger better off. Goverment should know lot older workers will not be rehired,down size there firm what be told, just way get rid of older works,bring on younger ones train ,so want have pay higher rate pay to them.Lot firm go into bankruptcy close lot retail store fire workers,Add to unemployment line,As,well do outlet shut down be less money be spent there,Sagging economy with retail outlet shut down hurt citys,town these was in on taxes,and revenues that got from these Outlets.Spin into where see lot not be rehired,bill pile up these loose all have See divorced groups,to suicide. Goverment should see this shall happen if do not step in stop it Now,give 18,600. Stimulus check from Feb 2020 to Jan 2021 Stop them wait watch see if just start our country

  87. Jerry Meredith

    Jerry MeredithDitë më parë

    Turtle head McConnell wants to piss on your leg,and tell you it's raining!

  88. IcyVault

    IcyVaultDitë më parë


  89. Donny Gibson

    Donny GibsonDitë më parë

    Yes the government should give us money they let the damn virus come from my China over here without doing a job right

  90. Donny Gibson

    Donny GibsonDitë më parë

    Yes I need help i can't even buy shoes or food i can't get food stamps so much for getting help

  91. Gerald O'Hare

    Gerald O'HareDitë më parë

    The federal government is not an ATM so forget about getting money.

  92. Andrew Hunt

    Andrew HuntDitë më parë

    When you work your whole life sick with diabettees for the left and they close there doors with no warning in 2019 you collect then a pandemic hits and you can't find a job,even go out,or collect what's waste off time! They 1st thing is the next stimulus should be it only goes too the American people and if they give the unemployment and you worked your whole life and you got laid off and collected in 2019 you should be able to collect and get the stimulus and the left should get nothing for the state governments that have stayed close or any tracer armies too track people money too only the American people and small business so they can open back up the system is fucked up and don't think your ever getting your ssi if you haven't retired yet they Democrats stole that money!

  93. Andrew Hunt

    Andrew HuntDitë më parë

    Is this retro?

  94. Andrew Hunt

    Andrew HuntDitë më parë

    The demon rats won't come back too Washington they are hiding in California tell them to come back to work why are they even getting paid?

  95. kevin ryder

    kevin ryderDitë më parë

    2400 a month awesome never got first one probably have to wait till 2024

  96. Captain Danger

    Captain DangerDitë më parë

    There will be no additional stimulus money. Many have not gotten the original stimulus or unemployment. America is letting people down. What needs to happen is every person who lost their job needs to sue municipal, state, and federal government for constitutional infringement. We should not have ever been locked down over a virus. It was a bipartisan coup to see how passive Americans are. We failed. They now know they can start to herd us into camps and gas us. The blue state governors even took it upon themselves to euthanize our most vulnerable citizens. Anyone who thinks those were accidents is sorely naive. Pelosi's bill should not and will not pass. It's ladened with pork for illegals, planned parenthood, and even her district that she is trying to buy off as election nears. She's 80. She has stolen enough money. She can retire. I did not get 1200. I got much less.

  97. richard shaffer

    richard shafferDitë më parë

    Im also getting of hearing about it it wasn't pass by everyone so stop talking about it until they vote