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  1. Troll Time

    Troll Time16 orë më parë

    I was a Trump supporter up until the last few months, he has really lost me with his stomping of the constitution and the bill of rights with this virus thing and his gun grabbing red flag laws he supports, he doesn't support the 2nd or freedom, i wish we could vote for no president, the google thought police will remove this comment i'm sure because it does not support their master Trump.

  2. Kavi Stone

    Kavi Stone16 orë më parë


  3. Juhi Wazir

    Juhi Wazir16 orë më parë

    Guys this guy is truthful he is a leader

  4. Yeah but on the other hand

    Yeah but on the other hand16 orë më parë

    They all are getting infected by the Corona virus. You should ask them now about the health care system xD

  5. Jane Peters

    Jane Peters16 orë më parë

    This guy is great

  6. Matthew H

    Matthew H16 orë më parë

    I cried when I watched this and We wonder why We're created such hate on this planet.

  7. That One

    That One16 orë më parë

    Would this also apply to juvenile hall?

  8. Mary T

    Mary T16 orë më parë

    Umm...wouldnt white vinegar be good to soak your produce in?

  9. Morning Star

    Morning Star16 orë më parë

    The poor lion died a few weeks ago people. I can't believe that nobody would be held accountable for this injustice. My heart goes out for the lady 😭

  10. kenneth moparty

    kenneth moparty16 orë më parë

    When he said “You failed to act” was anybody else thinking “YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CITY”

  11. Stalkingwolf

    Stalkingwolf16 orë më parë

    wth. thats overkill. Always wash fresh food, wash your hands, then eat. if you are really not trusting anyone anymore. maybe go into the woods and kill your food bare hands

  12. csknives2140

    csknives214016 orë më parë

    him in the 1860s: "I couldnt possibly be a racist, all my slaves are black!"

  13. Sutanu Gupta

    Sutanu Gupta16 orë më parë

    Such a 'hoax' news channel?!

  14. Yesnog05

    Yesnog0516 orë më parë

    Man, he even squints better than Trump!

  15. Akashdeep Singh

    Akashdeep Singh16 orë më parë

    Stupid people do not deserve to live

  16. Bdeye Bdeye

    Bdeye Bdeye16 orë më parë

    Ohhh poor things didn't go the way Karan wanted. Now she throws a tantrum....

  17. Aditya Sharma

    Aditya Sharma16 orë më parë

    From this guy's accent I can tell he's Indian

  18. young ster

    young ster16 orë më parë

    Man: "will you arrest me?" Cop: "No, you have my permission to slap me". Man: slaps the cop Cop: *Arrests him*

  19. The Baba Yaga

    The Baba Yaga16 orë më parë

    Capitalism baby

  20. Christina blanco

    Christina blanco16 orë më parë

    Seeing this way to late my new groceries are already in the fridge. However I am washing my hands when ever I touch anything. So there's that...😕

  21. Kilal Googlestaffers

    Kilal Googlestaffers16 orë më parë

    When civilization fails and falls, when the coming food riots burn cities to the ground, when water un-boiled will kill you, when barbarism becomes a necessary means of survival, I'm going to start hunting those responsible. No bunker, no saferoom, no security will stop me. I'm gonna be a Rock Star of Karma for the murderers of this good Earth. Everyone at Fox is at the top of the list.

  22. Coby Barbas

    Coby Barbas16 orë më parë

    "You got a camera on that?" You bet he does 😂

  23. In Hawaii

    In Hawaii16 orë më parë

    All my local stores sold out of rubbing alcohol but next to the empty shelve was a full stock of hydrogen peroxide. Same at every store i went to. So i looked up online and it says hydrogen peroxide will kill covid19. However after me buying 10 bottles i went back a week later and they were sold out. Check your stores they may still have some

  24. Leonardofahrer

    Leonardofahrer16 orë më parë

    Elect a clown, expect a not so great circus.

  25. Jose Coss

    Jose Coss16 orë më parë

    Right on..

  26. Shadow on iOS.

    Shadow on iOS.16 orë më parë

    Y they called aliens

  27. Red Oz

    Red Oz16 orë më parë

    Q is real and this becoming more obvious every day.

  28. doug wristen

    doug wristen16 orë më parë


  29. Prash KD

    Prash KD16 orë më parë

    good work ladies : ). Keep up the spirit

  30. pollumG

    pollumG16 orë më parë

    In England the police would have saved her 200 by forcing people to get off the phone and she would have go tf the ticket...facts

  31. hamdard ahmadi

    hamdard ahmadi16 orë më parë

    Modern thief's

  32. Patrick Star

    Patrick Star16 orë më parë

    And later that day Martin was gun down by the same police officer..R.I.P😟

  33. Mo Amien Fird

    Mo Amien Fird16 orë më parë

    Well done Dan! May God bless you.

  34. Ryan Diepstraten

    Ryan Diepstraten16 orë më parë

    Fox News shouldn't be called News. Its Fox Right Wing Opinions

  35. the dandy warhol

    the dandy warhol16 orë më parë

    Man,i feel bad for those newly graduated doctors....theyll need all the help they can get....

  36. Maad Wunz

    Maad Wunz16 orë më parë

    Are you on the mend?

  37. gigharbourite

    gigharbourite16 orë më parë

    Many retirement homes have bars now. And bingo halls. A restaurant to place your order to eat in or delivered to your room. And crafts rooms. Billiards - darts. And field trips. All to cater the elderly. They bring your Meds, and check on you daily. Shuttle service is available too. I have been checking them out with friends tired of maintaining a home. They seem like college dorms.

  38. luis caro

    luis caro16 orë më parë

    Fox incredibles... they career to the ignorant audience...

  39. Mark Brown

    Mark Brown16 orë më parë

    This gave me goose bumbs we all need hope and inspiration in these dark times well done italy.

  40. dumbo7429

    dumbo742916 orë më parë

    Here in Australia still grouping in parks etc Mon 31st March.

  41. Share Greats

    Share Greats16 orë më parë

    Yes, I understand that very few artists will be able to climb over the new Trump wall, but not thousands per day. Those few artists can be collected like dung shots of an old cow and thrown into prison for a good while before being sent back to where they came from. Trump's wall is and stays a blessing.

  42. Georgia Jeff

    Georgia Jeff16 orë më parë

    Please soneone, tell us who this is. He is brilliant. Such a great impersonation of trump and so funny. 👏👏👏👏👍😂

  43. Jacob Cooper

    Jacob Cooper16 orë më parë

    Abe Lincoln would be a Democrat in today’s world😂

  44. Judith Osorio

    Judith Osorio16 orë më parë

    We are so eager to give our power away to people who are so eager to use that power against us.

  45. kIroTV

    kIroTV16 orë më parë

    I hope the police get the coronavirus

  46. Ariey

    Ariey16 orë më parë

    She is chewing on her words.

  47. Blake still in the game

    Blake still in the game16 orë më parë

    That's got to be the real Donald Trump wearing a mask 😂😂

  48. Suresh M

    Suresh M16 orë më parë

    Great job at this juncture thank u

  49. D Hiddo

    D Hiddo16 orë më parë

    Would be some ship if he does fire him on good Friday..

  50. 环球中国人民解放军 Global Chinese Army

    环球中国人民解放军 Global Chinese Army16 orë më parë

    We Chinese are the smartest, strongest and greatest race. its good to see its being acknowledged by those who love China, More countries should follow and obey china.

  51. billy velasquez

    billy velasquez16 orë më parë

    Aoc what a placater ..Bs galore..narrative of 8th grade students body...rep ..pathetic

  52. Mo Amien Fird

    Mo Amien Fird16 orë më parë

    Well done Representative!

  53. Spillage Studios

    Spillage Studios16 orë më parë

    I love the beautiful irony of using Hannity to call it "transparent" at the end

  54. asdfk3188 Turtle

    asdfk3188 Turtle16 orë më parë

    This is an obvious edited and cut video nurse was America but it will hit here too...just its misleading

  55. RebelCave85

    RebelCave8516 orë më parë

    These idiots didn’t even have anything and ingested fish tank conditioner? Natural Selection.

  56. manuel meza

    manuel meza16 orë më parë

    I will never see Dr. Drew the same again.

  57. 21yrold

    21yrold16 orë më parë

    BERNIE 2020 !!!!!!!!!!

  58. keo keo

    keo keo16 orë më parë

    Oh America the beautiful, what has happened to you. This is corporate greed on STEROIDS. This virus is showing all that is wrong with America for the 21st century. It is time for REAL change. Not fake 45 chump Change.

  59. Siddiq Patel

    Siddiq Patel16 orë më parë

    Its MAKKAH not mecca ❗uneducateds

  60. Mo Amien Fird

    Mo Amien Fird16 orë më parë

    She's really something! Like a precious diamond to Americans.

  61. Ted Ray

    Ted Ray16 orë më parë

    yea him and all the other Democrats are real concerned about the American people rejecting the bill twice so they can add BS to it not saying the Republicans shouldn't have acted quicker but there's wrong on both sides

  62. Tdawgz Da slaya

    Tdawgz Da slaya16 orë më parë

    I would be dead if he saved her the $200 but then gave her a $200 ticket

  63. dumbo7429

    dumbo742916 orë më parë

    Australia dosent care...only the older people.

  64. Revel G

    Revel G16 orë më parë

    Would you like to buy a slurpee? Only $0.99. Thank you come again

  65. strom trooper

    strom trooper16 orë më parë

    With Respectfully i just wanna say these Two old woman brain are already expired... i always Wonder why amarican healthcare and education messed up.After seeing some amaricans interview videos on youtube.i got my answers

  66. random guy

    random guy16 orë më parë

    Jeff bezos is soo rich that the people waste their time making videos on how much money he has.

  67. Hakam Virk

    Hakam Virk16 orë më parë

    Why didn’t you weigh the 1 billion dollars worth of rice and multiply that by 122 to save you like 5 hours?

  68. Otaku hunter

    Otaku hunter16 orë më parë

    like every other day workers all over the world.There's no right answer

  69. scout 1

    scout 116 orë më parë

    Okay, I’m not pro-Trump, but this is not his issue, these people are pure, untampered-with idiots.

  70. Investing & the like

    Investing & the like16 orë më parë

    now do how much rice for the 2.2 trillion dollar bailout

  71. keo keo

    keo keo16 orë më parë

    And now its anti yellow.

  72. Leahh823

    Leahh82316 orë më parë

    This man is so ridiculous, he doesn’t need anyone to make fun of him ; he does the job himself.

  73. S. T. Browne

    S. T. Browne16 orë më parë

    With ALL the stories I've seen I've come to the conclusion that America is a ''dangerous'' country to be around ''cops.''

  74. John Secret Spirit

    John Secret Spirit16 orë më parë

    Thought she went to Walmart

  75. John Silva

    John Silva16 orë më parë

    O my sister of Christ Jesus, my Abba is coming and He will deal with all of these people. One by one, and He is Mighty God, and if you dilgently seek Him. He will the Lord will fight 💪 for you. He is coming to the rescue, Jesus is at the doorway ready to come and rescue His church. O my sister of Christ rise up, and be still and know that our redemption draws nigh. You are loved, you are cared for, you are strong in Christ Jesus Read Romans chapter 8 verses 28 thru 39. Paul talks about this intently, in Jesus name maranatha hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah in Jesus name I pray for you. God bless you 🙏❤️. Remember what a Mighty God we serve. God bless you in Jesus name amen.

  76. kayden king

    kayden king16 orë më parë

    Ths is to fool a few simple minded , he knows there’s someone dumb enuff listening to fall for his lies , and he’s right this country is full of ppl who are not thinking about what’s best for us all.

  77. jjmah7

    jjmah716 orë më parë

    I think the question isn’t ‘who’ is Laura Ingram - but rather, ‘why’ is Laura Ingram.

  78. Mo Amien Fird

    Mo Amien Fird16 orë më parë

    I mean, if he minus $567 from $1 million, he still has $999, 433 in his account. I mean, the balance is still HUGE!

  79. Ricky Parrilla

    Ricky Parrilla16 orë më parë

    This is really Sickening!!! I get why trump praises Fox news.

  80. Christian Dela Cruz

    Christian Dela Cruz16 orë më parë

    hypocrites. just look what is happening to america today.

  81. atlantiana62

    atlantiana6216 orë më parë

    hola, yo lo encontré, pero no sale nadie hasta el minuto 45 ??? antes no se ve a nadie, raro no?

  82. catalinacurio

    catalinacurio16 orë më parë

    Where the masks!!!! In Portugal nursing home residents are dropping like flies! 😱😱😱😱😱

  83. Michael xxx

    Michael xxx16 orë më parë

    I think he sounds more Indian

  84. Harish Prasad

    Harish Prasad16 orë më parë

    Make her WHO head

  85. shane hunat

    shane hunat16 orë më parë

    At the end of the day only those who really experience the thing would they really understand what is it and how it feels.

  86. csknives2140

    csknives214016 orë më parë

    and if you thought NowThis News couldn't get any more condescending... now, this.

  87. JT T

    JT T16 orë më parë

    The greatest Americans comedian President...

  88. Jose Ramos

    Jose Ramos16 orë më parë


  89. Hwangster

    Hwangster16 orë më parë

    Ima just start smacking kids who's outdoors in da face without a ward until they go home.

  90. muttley hehehe

    muttley hehehe16 orë më parë

    There should be laws against these people...should have to do some hard labour teach them god dmned lesson to think before they spew out dangerous garbage!

  91. Fadel_novalhidayat novalhidayat

    Fadel_novalhidayat novalhidayat16 orë më parë


  92. Ghostgamingent

    Ghostgamingent16 orë më parë

    Bernie has been fighting for the people for so long all for them to turn their backs on him he’s the president we so badly need yet don’t deserve tbh...

  93. Harish Prasad

    Harish Prasad16 orë më parë

    Excellent this people deserve more what they get , and that's is Respect

  94. Realistic Man

    Realistic Man16 orë më parë

    it is a cult

  95. ツAztecRor Deexs

    ツAztecRor Deexs17 orë më parë

    I don’t really care and I didn’t search for this.