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JRE Clips
JRE Clips

  1. Christian

    ChristianDitë më parë

    Youd never fight izzy because you're a biiitch

  2. THE New England Cultivator

    THE New England CultivatorDitë më parë

    Whats up with the space suits

  3. LibertarianUSA1982

    LibertarianUSA1982Ditë më parë

    I would like to see less "made in China" and more "made in USA." We could do this by the government realizing they should stop regulating everything so heavily thus artificially inflating the price. Lower the prices and the cost of business by deregulating.

  4. gipsytree

    gipsytreeDitë më parë

    Got fix the money first & end central Banking (Federal Reserve)..the everything bubble was firmly in place prior to the covid19... covid19 was just the pin that popped the bubbles & exposed all the fraud lies... luckily we can opt out of this fiat debt based model into $Bitcoin. Decentralized, immutable, censorship resistant.

  5. abileneman

    abilenemanDitë më parë

    South Korea had the best response

  6. stomachegg0

    stomachegg0Ditë më parë

    Virus tornadoes? Hes back at it again

  7. tweekbomb

    tweekbombDitë më parë

    Vaccines are dead inocuos viruses that mimic the real virus.

  8. Chris Baines

    Chris BainesDitë më parë

    20 men would kill a lion with bare hands

  9. jim cork knee

    jim cork kneeDitë më parë

    i thought the same its like animal farm now. there using this virus to do a whole lotta stuff they have been wanting to do . and now they get to do it because it's for our protection

  10. Dave

    DaveDitë më parë

    I'm glad he lost all that weight. But when the heck is he gonna buy some clothes that fit.

  11. Martin van Huizen

    Martin van HuizenDitë më parë

    Bullshit. People dont work good home, only real driven people like you guys

  12. hard target

    hard targetDitë më parë

    No they are really shit

  13. 3xtra Terrestrial

    3xtra TerrestrialDitë më parë

    The greatest civilizations find the positive in a bad situation. Now democrats trying to use that philosophy for political reasons IS DISGUSTING!

  14. Dan Newth

    Dan NewthDitë më parë

    Joe can be wilfully ignorant sometimes and then he surprises me with insite and kindness.

  15. jose mendoza

    jose mendozaDitë më parë

    I mean 90% of things we “know” are from other people telling us what is real, so anything can be possible. Unless you’ve been in outer space and seen it for yourself, you can have your doubts.

  16. Crawdaddy

    CrawdaddyDitë më parë

    And yet no 9/11 style inquiry for H1N1 lol

  17. jim cork knee

    jim cork kneeDitë më parë

    what's the silver jacket joey? you flying off this screwd up planet

  18. Pussy

    PussyDitë më parë

    Joe “💧” Rogan

  19. Jason Brown

    Jason BrownDitë më parë

    @JRE Clips you guys need to get @Mike Maloney on the show he can break down so much of this. Heres a video from 4 years ago that explains whats happening with the credit market. And what to expect financial to happen as we not onlt have a health crisis but also a credit/economic crisis. al-gos.info/video/nn6Ba5idzLjXfmw.html

  20. Tom Wilson

    Tom WilsonDitë më parë

    The spaceman says, everybody look down It's all in your mind…

  21. scarmenl

    scarmenlDitë më parë

    People are nuts. Simple as that!

  22. Amogh Thorave

    Amogh ThoraveDitë më parë

    "Oh my god, I think it's just 'Hilary ous' hahahaha."

  23. Dillon c

    Dillon cDitë më parë

    Economic collapse. Currency collapse. Societal collapse. If you want a vision of our near future, look at the Weimar republic, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and greece. Once Venezuelans couldn't find food in the dumpsters, they ate their pets, once they ate all their pets, they ate all the zoom animals. The great depression of 1929 will look like a picnic compared to the depression that's coming. We don't have a single factory that makes asprin or vitamin c. Preppers who where laughed at and mocked will live longer once supply chains completely collapse (which they already are) leaving those who didn't prepare for anything dying of famine. Gold and silver will propably go back to being the currency of exchange (or atleast it should) while the black market will try to use crypto, which won't last. If you don't know, collapsing country's have problems with keeping the lights on. War will likely come not long after as America will be weakend and others will try to capitalize on that and suck what's left of us dry. Pensions, 401ks are getting wiped out. Hyperinflation. Venezuelans were carrying money in wheel barrows just to buy things like milk bread and eggs because their currency collapsed aka became worthless. Debt to GDP will be beyond 200%. Americans lack savings. America is already taxed to death. Printing money doesn't solve anything. If it did, why have taxes to begin with. Why hasn't 30 trillion dollars fixed America's problems by now, why is it worse. Because printing money has never worked. It didn't work in 2008 and it won't work now. The worst thing the government did was get involved. Now government has to stay involved which is just going to accelerate our problems and make them worse. Every country that has done exactly what we are doing right now has become a third world country. We won't be any different. The cats out of the bag, there is no fixing this, unless you know someone who has 60 trillions dollars lying around. 30 trillion to pay off our debt and another 30 trillion to jump start the economy. Which is pointless because we would just be 60 trillion in debt and not able to pay it back anyway so, square one. Buy as much food as you can now, canned and storable foods. Buy medical supplies. Buy gold and or silver. Buy ammo. Buy firearms. Buy vitamins and minerals. You can't wipe your a$$ if you're dead. I would take a listen and see what economists like Peter schiff, Gregory mannarino and Mike Pento has to say if you think I'm full $h!t. Or you could just study the Weimar republic, Zimbabwe, greece and Venezuela. They'll tell you what everyone else is trying their best to avoid saying. Hence why they get censored and the people who tell you everything will be unicorns and rainbows soon are promoted. They don't want the cattle being startled and turning into a stampede.

  24. Nigel Uzarski

    Nigel UzarskiDitë më parë

    How many Joe's videos 4:20 long?...Alot

  25. Francis Burns

    Francis BurnsDitë më parë

    Taiwan has the best results!

  26. John Gonzales

    John GonzalesDitë më parë

    They literally banned my page from twitter for typing that in 😂😂

  27. Rene Daniel

    Rene DanielDitë më parë

    China released this to gain better control over their people, since the Beijing rioting!

  28. Tom Hewitt

    Tom HewittDitë më parë

    ..And now if you don't let your kid's teachers put your kid on hormone blocking pills, they'll take the kid away from you.

  29. Shivendra Chand

    Shivendra ChandDitë më parë

    Joe would not believe the Chinese numbers but when Germany has even less cases then he applauds them for their health care system. Thats so hypocritical and mildly racist. White folk and others in the "1st world countries" think that they are the fountain head of all things superior. I love it when their biases gets destroyed one calamity at a time. Western world is going to be the Asia of 21st century. Inefficient, complaining and trying to punch above their weights. China and other asian tigers are going to zoom past them. Almost all asian countries have handled the virus well except iran. Germany got lucky. Rest are falling apart like a pack of cards.

  30. Kyle Bushnell

    Kyle BushnellDitë më parë

    Apparently Carol Baskin started the coronavirus so we all stayed in & watch Tiger King

  31. Edz

    EdzDitë më parë

    I cant be the only one that thought m2k was on jre gor a second 🤣

  32. Reznov 1911

    Reznov 1911Ditë më parë

    This must be a parallel universe where Dana White owns a podcast

  33. Royal K

    Royal KDitë më parë


  34. stomachegg0

    stomachegg0Ditë më parë

    Why is he dressed like a burrito?

  35. Seferino Rino

    Seferino RinoDitë më parë

    Jr sell out

  36. Francisco Millan

    Francisco MillanDitë më parë

    Ha you think corporation would be willing to pay americans more than cheap labor hahaha capitalism baby

  37. Robert Bowles

    Robert BowlesDitë më parë

    Jaguars don't live in Africa

  38. Bram Casteur

    Bram CasteurDitë më parë

    🦧🦧Hello freak bitches

  39. Marc Martinez

    Marc MartinezDitë më parë

    "I wish he had stayed Silent!" Bruh that sense of humor is so on point, I love Kevin!😂😂😂


    THATMOFODIRTDitë më parë

    And now they’ve succumbed to SJW PC bullshit. Sad.

  41. michael cosentino

    michael cosentinoDitë më parë

    Harry S. Truman ‘You Can’t Get Rich in Politics Unless You’re a Crook’. EXCELLENT BOOK I read 40 years ago " The Quotable Harry S. Truman Not sure if this quote is in that book but I highly think it would be .

  42. Essence

    EssenceDitë më parë

    Those aren't his girlfriends, those are forced escorts that could be kiIIed if they turn him down.

  43. stockyjohn

    stockyjohnDitë më parë

    Of all the ways to go, I think being fucked up by a grizzly bear would be one of the most terrifying.

  44. Tom Wilson

    Tom WilsonDitë më parë

    Joe is baked!

  45. cm. CG

    cm. CGDitë më parë

    china is asshoe

  46. steve gable

    steve gableDitë më parë

    What happened to "freedom of speech" ? ??

  47. hiphophead555

    hiphophead555Ditë më parë

    It rips your fucking heart out when you lose a dog. they're family! Anyone that's never had a dog couldn't possibly understand that. I appreciate two grown men showing their actual emotions. Sign of a real man!

  48. Paul Baker

    Paul BakerDitë më parë

    joe should check out harpy eagles

  49. Hugo Gutierrez

    Hugo GutierrezDitë më parë

    Unless there is real Smart people like Brian greene

  50. Aaron Ronnquist

    Aaron RonnquistDitë më parë

    “Daaaam look how big that is” I wish.

  51. The Juiciest Lemon

    The Juiciest LemonDitë më parë

    Agreed Gal Godot and the rest of those celebrities were such smug assholes.

  52. Hugo Gutierrez

    Hugo GutierrezDitë më parë

    Joe isnt worried about people dying but worry about his assets with the economy going to shit , You know i really miss that Joe rogan that like to think for himself ,Even if his opinión was stupid (witch it wasnt most of times)but now he goes with what everyone tells him to believe thus o don't watch the podcast

  53. Cole Lawton

    Cole LawtonDitë më parë

    Holy Fuck Ben Crenshaw is only 28

  54. Eric Daniel

    Eric DanielDitë më parë

    7:11 wow, that shit got real in a hurry

  55. Skylab14

    Skylab14Ditë më parë


  56. ph_hacker_d

    ph_hacker_dDitë më parë

    Huge flex 😂😂

  57. maedele lawhorn

    maedele lawhornDitë më parë

    Yo i feel so good right now because what JR said is exactly what I do at the park 4× a week in my neighborhood. Pushups, pull ups/chin ups/ sit ups n bodyweight squats. No one told me this regimen...was jus common sense to me. Just feels reassuring to hear it said by one of the greats✊💪✌

  58. Big K

    Big KDitë më parë

    A cassowary can and will kill you if you piss it off. No surprise though, it is Australian.

  59. Саша Тринин

    Саша ТрининDitë më parë

    You dont like the numbers and the fact that your health system is NOT able to handle this shit and your answer to that #Chinaishidingthetruth .... Just get your heads out of your arragant asses and face reallity

  60. Tyler Wiseman

    Tyler WisemanDitë më parë

    Jack and Jill... yeah... totally underrated

  61. Vaibhav Patil

    Vaibhav PatilDitë më parë

    Did this guy just call Coronavirus a pussy

  62. Edward Muller V

    Edward Muller VDitë më parë

    How about the parent that encourages their awful kid 😂

  63. DSG

    DSGDitë më parë

    What executive team will come back from a shutdown and say let's pick up on those expansion plans. Its just not going to happen. The economic downward spiral has commenced, it's always the same but the event that starts it is always different.

  64. Brian Olendorf

    Brian OlendorfDitë më parë

    Just wait for the weird ass crime to kick in when when people really start to freak!!!

  65. hiphophead555

    hiphophead555Ditë më parë

    "She looks at me like you're trying to pitch anal sex to your wife. She's like C'mon. For real It's not gonna go well, no ones gonna be happy!" HAAHAHAHAHAHA

  66. TheFinalBoss

    TheFinalBossDitë më parë

    Joe Rogan qoute of 2020 - It would be nice if everyone worked it out! lol

  67. MaRs Oblivi0n

    MaRs Oblivi0nDitë më parë

    Digital currency 2020

  68. Eat Yo Veggies

    Eat Yo VeggiesDitë më parë

    Obesity requires therapy, even if you shed the weight off you can have the mind of an obese person.

  69. Gregory Nicholas

    Gregory NicholasDitë më parë

    They should have showed the video longer! Haha.

  70. Bill Mazowski

    Bill MazowskiDitë më parë

    Thank you Joe! Like President Trump or hate him, the CNN, NBC, and toilet papers like New York Times and Washington Post is so wrong. Its not reporting anymore its a spins on the truth. Thank you Joe for being open and understanding this!

  71. Sean Kearney

    Sean KearneyDitë më parë

    Unions do not hurt industry, industry is greedy and ruthless, general electric or Hershey were both making huge money and profit, no need to go over sea, but they both did for raw greed, and ruined working people's lives, that is justtwo examples, greg fitzsimmons should smoke another blunt, that was a super ignorant comment!!!!!!!!

  72. preston snyder

    preston snyderDitë më parë

    1:49 when I look on Google classroom and see all the homework my teacher's posted

  73. Andrew Rogers

    Andrew RogersDitë më parë

    I still say radiation I’m sorry shi just don’t act up

  74. Schizo AK_47

    Schizo AK_47Ditë më parë

    '"The poison hand technique you have to turn the person's head extremely over to the other side" "Although I'm not showing you how to strike to penetrate the skin of which we have a way to do that, I'm going to show you the motion that we use to get through there." This Savelli guy man shit's off the wall funny but really dangerous too because vulnerable people fall victim to his bullshit, he's like a cult leader. Seriousness aside I peed myself watching this one al-gos.info/video/n4SZlaZm2qrRbqs.html. What the fuck they doin'?? Havin' a seizure. Mr. Rogan, have a good one picking this one apart.

  75. LCdaniel5

    LCdaniel5Ditë më parë

    i wish jaime was my friend so every time i wanna watch a video he will look it up

  76. chris4072511

    chris4072511Ditë më parë


  77. King Richard the Lionheart

    King Richard the LionheartDitë më parë

    Imagine corporations footing the bill to bring the labour back home... China is the reason they can have a 2nd yacht.

  78. Gregory Nicholas

    Gregory NicholasDitë më parë

    Reminds me of Alien (wow imagine if that happened to people - babies growing inside them).

  79. Chris J

    Chris JDitë më parë

    MSM is totally corrupt and are trash - great to see Joe talking about it!

  80. Caleb Sevick

    Caleb SevickDitë më parë

    That scream reminds me of the wizards in Destiny, specifically Omnigul from that dreaded strike when it was the nightfall.

  81. corposap

    corposapDitë më parë

    That exchange at the very end is so funny

  82. MsRainbow Brite

    MsRainbow BriteDitë më parë

    BUT ... He got up early early early

  83. Prateek Rajput

    Prateek RajputDitë më parë

    link to that instagram please

  84. Lawrence Grimes

    Lawrence GrimesDitë më parë

    This guy is a moron.

  85. Shaun G

    Shaun GDitë më parë

    They still question you in Australia if you were in the UK during mad cow if you wish to donate blood today.

  86. Kobra Klutch

    Kobra KlutchDitë më parë

    I like these 3 braddas. Good chemistry

  87. Sir Caco

    Sir CacoDitë më parë

    Man... When we finally get to go out again, people are gonna be falling over on the street cause they forgot how to walk properly

  88. Noah Porter

    Noah PorterDitë më parë

    when her husbands will said "upon my disappearance", i decided then that this bitch did it

  89. Ur Moms Landlord

    Ur Moms LandlordDitë më parë

    Joe is SOOOO! high

  90. thelordofmusic. gaming

    thelordofmusic. gamingDitë më parë

    I've played video games for 11 years now and I've learned to be social by playing video games. I've also played violent video games and brutal violence chills me to the bone when I see picture of the massacres of history

  91. St.George SixthMay

    St.George SixthMayDitë më parë

    Bro Eddie hahahahah dont know if Joe Bravo or Eddie Rogan

  92. Chrisquila

    ChrisquilaDitë më parë

    Joe would get more conversation talking to an empty cereal box

  93. Rachel As She Paints

    Rachel As She PaintsDitë më parë

    Or perhaps coverage of Trump’s BS is causing people to hate him 🤷🏻‍♀️ He’s pretty hateable.

  94. Myles Bankhead

    Myles BankheadDitë më parë

    Love how Joe acts disgusted by the women kneeling down in front of him, but that lip lick says what he’s really thinking

  95. rareasfunk

    rareasfunkDitë më parë

    Joe Shootin them fear based Loads Rogan

  96. Emanefo F

    Emanefo FDitë më parë

    Joe R. is somewhat dumb.

  97. Gregory Nicholas

    Gregory NicholasDitë më parë


  98. Keith Byrne

    Keith ByrneDitë më parë

    Baby wipe done and done. Nothing worse than having to have a crap after a shower when goin out......back in shower.

  99. Panache Automotive

    Panache AutomotiveDitë më parë

    Trump is the greatest president ever

  100. Restate Clothing

    Restate ClothingDitë më parë

    Joe: I mean the economy will suffer heavily but have you smoked dmt?