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  1. rugfnaf Queen

    rugfnaf QueenDitë më parë

    yay..back to school(not):/

  2. DeformedCash212

    DeformedCash212Ditë më parë

    Oml I love how game theory actually cares for the content they produce like I totally forgot about this game and to see it on the channel and not just used for views makes me respect them more

  3. Phoenix Wolf

    Phoenix WolfDitë më parë

    But I love his videos

  4. Blue Pulse Gaming

    Blue Pulse GamingDitë më parë

    Wow I honestly cried when I heard this story

  5. TheAres1999

    TheAres1999Ditë më parë

    5:22 "There are triangles in Mexicoland" ^me trying to explain quesadillas


    GODOFAWSOMENESS1Ditë më parë

    So when is Doomguy going to appear in Kingdom Hearts.

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    Matt- is link stronger than Steve? Steve: /gamemode creative Matt: 😐😑😐

  10. Hatsune Miku

    Hatsune MikuDitë më parë

    Video: posted 2014 AL-gos: This is gameplay of Mario Odyssey (2017)

  11. Mark Rivera

    Mark RiveraDitë më parë

    I think people in parts of the world that like greninja like to take their enemy by suprise

  12. TK

    TKDitë më parë

    Still waiting for Ghost 2🙋‍♂️

  13. Gerrek Urquidez

    Gerrek UrquidezDitë më parë

    I always knew the economy in Pokémon was wonky. If they’re gold resource is gold plated slabs of famous Pokémon that’s sold in McDonald’s kids meals which are only worth $10 /slab in the real world, economy there can’t be stable.

  14. Mark Rivera

    Mark RiveraDitë më parë

    Not to be rude but... what if u use miis?

  15. Gabriel Hutchins

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    I think it’s a trailer for the movie

  17. TragikHavik

    TragikHavikDitë më parë

    3:34 Alright, I'm not the biggest fan of MatPat, but I gotta appreciate the Letterkenny love.

  18. warpey

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    How about any other color?

  19. Raphael_Courage

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    it's just a game bro

  20. Shady The wolf

    Shady The wolfDitë më parë

    Mangle becuase her orgin and theorys uwu

  21. TheAres1999

    TheAres1999Ditë më parë

    11:30 Hold it! You call this a multimedia event? This is a slide projector and a bed sheet! And what on Earth is a cebu, anyway?

  22. Wolfalynn

    WolfalynnDitë më parë

    I flew up to the point where I could see the Earth in Minecraft, and it was a square...I am *confusion.*

  23. Vanessa Suydam

    Vanessa SuydamDitë më parë

    You're serious wrong dude San's and Papyrus was created in a lab by a.d gaster so it is wrong and yeah

  24. JettytheYeti

    JettytheYetiDitë më parë

    Just a thought, if Michael is Henry’s son, then why doesn’t Henry mention him in pizzeria simulator at the end? He only mentions Elizabeth. Also why doesn’t Charlie talk about two brothers in the books (unless she does, i haven’t read them. I just assume Mat would’ve mentioned that). What if mustard man is William afton, because that mini game is from his perspective. And he sees himself as golden Bonnie because he says in the books “I’m one of them” plus he’s only purple from the spirits perspective because he is in shadows. In a game that is in his own perspective, he wouldn’t be purple, he would be golden. That’s just a theory tho

  25. White Jester

    White JesterDitë më parë

    I think we should remember Charlie had a twin brother, Sammy. Remember the first time we saw Mike's name? Mike *S*qwmitz

  26. Rock rough

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    RubyDitë më parë

    that's just a monkia :)

  28. Lemuel Rafael Abotanatin

    Lemuel Rafael AbotanatinDitë më parë

    "Heat-seeking" sonar's a thing mate

  29. Rock rough

    Rock roughDitë më parë

    No no undertail... Me and my mom are sick of it and the music!

  30. Abraham Jalamneh

    Abraham JalamnehDitë më parë

    I honestly feel like video games help me get rid of stress, and I think that because of that a lot of people may be the same so I think that because of a new way to relieve your rage it’s help people get rid of that feeling

  31. Recinber's Voice

    Recinber's VoiceDitë më parë

    Minecraft April fools 2019!

  32. Kavish Parab

    Kavish ParabDitë më parë

    My theory is that the ancient civilisation was so advanced( as they could make end portal blocks) , that they also managed to make a command block, which in turn they thought they could use to ‘control’ the wither, kinda like giving a brain to it, as the wither is just empty souls, with no control over their powers, which makes them destructive. But unfortunately, they ended up making a WITHER STORM! It exists in minecraft storymode, where a wither plus command block made it into a wither storm. Thats whats killing the civilisation, thats what made them flee. Also, we might be the wither storm, just highly stabilised over time, which explains why we respawn on dying cuz control blocks cant be destroyed right? Hmmmmm

  33. Rock rough

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  34. mochimoe haru

    mochimoe haruDitë më parë

    All of you are stupid.. clearly Minecraft is a pyramid

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    DappleFoxDitë më parë

    Vote to call the new bunny mask from the bunker Cult Trap

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    Alex GeorgeDitë më parë

    I feel like David returns in machine king look at the man, it looks like he is a grown up david.

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    settle downDitë më parë

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  38. Aaron Branham

    Aaron BranhamDitë më parë

    Actually it means that they got married. So it's hard to be an adventurer when you have a wife and kids.

  39. I'm am so cool

    I'm am so coolDitë më parë

    "End" is no longer in MatPat's vocabulary.

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    I feel like MatPat has something against Mickey Mouse and Disney and Nintendo in general....

  49. Audrey the cat nerd

    Audrey the cat nerdDitë më parë

    I’ve been saying “the midichlorians are the powerhouse of the force” for years and getting NO CREDIT 😤

  50. Derp The Worm

    Derp The WormDitë më parë

    Doesn’t tool look like the thing you killed Tiara with in 1977? Please correct me if I’m wrong. :]

  51. Murloc Knight

    Murloc KnightDitë më parë

    ...I should not be watching this before bed.

  52. Animatic-cat 21

    Animatic-cat 21Ditë më parë

    Wait, I don’t know when those books came out but maybe Minecraft put those discs in as a reference to the GameKnight999 series, b/c that guy in there is sucked in there. Oh and I only know this b/c my little bro is reading them.

  53. Gaby Mtz

    Gaby MtzDitë më parë

    Gt is almost 10 years old

  54. Danielle Beenders

    Danielle BeendersDitë më parë

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  55. Kavish Parab

    Kavish ParabDitë më parë

    I have another theory. What if nor all the people of this civilisation became drowned? What if they became normal land dwellers, like villagers and steve? And what if they converted themselves from religious to scientific beings, creating the the wither and finally ending up in the End? That would mean that they became the Endermen, which makes a whooole ton of sense, cuz endermen are AFRAID OF WATER. It probably reminds them of their horrific past, when they had encountered their first mass extinction event. Also, i think that when they became men of science, creating portals, enchantments and spawners, they also created the command block. This means that it wasnt a wither that was killing them off, it was a WITHER STORM! We know this from minecraft story mode that wither with a command block makes a wither storm. Also, command block means that they could create blocks that make up end portal blocks. Better yet, i have a theory where herobrine fits into this as well

  56. Heinrich Meier

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  57. Tipown

    TipownDitë më parë

    I have a theory why do people worry about games like violence if they put Terrible and sad stuff in the games in the first place.

  58. C h i p

    C h i pDitë më parë

    Notice the show "fred bear and freinds" on one of the nights minigames says "1983" at the bottom other screen, which,by normal standards,would be the copyright year having it the same year as the airing of the show. Which in turn, would make this the bite of 83, and in the Freddy Files, the book explains that mangle was the animatronic to cause the bite of 87.

  59. Wolfalynn

    WolfalynnDitë më parë

    *Mind is currently being blown.*

  60. twistedyogert

    twistedyogertDitë më parë

    So basically, his uppercut turns criminals into rockum-sockum robots.

  61. Headless Mann

    Headless MannDitë më parë

    The nice thing about coming to Dark Souls from Bloodborne is a majority of it’s harder fights also have a three four focus, like Ludwig The Holy Blade

  62. DRCGaming

    DRCGamingDitë më parë

    by the way crash bandicoot has "NITRO" crates, possibly containing nitroglycerine. in fact, we can prove they contain nitroglycerine by looking back at a few crash games. coco in (i forgot the name of the game) explains something along the lines of nitroglycerine in relation to these crates.

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    Rachel HeicherDitë më parë

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    Joshua Davenport-HerbstDitë më parë

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    Tyrell LoweryDitë më parë

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    True MeaningDitë më parë

    I find theories to be interested... and if others don't want to accept it then I personally have no hope for them... so don't worry about them... and I love your theories, keep up the good work... and remember theories are just theories til proven correct. ..

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    jessica guzmanDitë më parë

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  91. MacGamer Media

    MacGamer MediaDitë më parë

    11:43 Oh don’t be stupid Mat, it mean the Train of Thought.

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  93. DontBother_ YT

    DontBother_ YTDitë më parë

    What if Nintendo went "Mass Effect" on BotW 2? If you take into account the fact that there is a "true ending" where you have gotten all the memories from around Hyrule and became the "True Hero of the Wild" like Zelda remembers Link to be prior to the Shrine of Resurrection, and BotW 2 continues to the true defeat of Demise/Ganon by Ganondort either sacrificing himself because he remembers what the curse does from every timeline or just straight up refuses to be mislead by Demise any longer and **actually joins up** with Zelda and Link to truly beat Demise once and for all? But then, think about the mirrored world that would be created if Link *didn't* get all the memories. Ganondorf takes the lack of the Hero's memories and twists it to his advantage to completely destroy the world and end the cycle that way, trapping the spirits of the Eternal Princess and the Hero in a purgatory that is inescapable and unbreakable. Demise/Ganon/Ganondorf now becomes the one and only tyrant ruler of Hyrule, with no one and nothing to challenge him. But hey, that's just a theory. A darn good one at that. And hey, if Nintendo actually pulls this off, which I personally hope that they do. Then BotW 2 will both be a fitting end to the Zelda series as a whole, and a potentially bigger cliffhanger for future games. Bigger than their trailer drop for BotW 2! P.S. Hey Matt, I hope you come back to this comment and try to present this nice bit of text in another full fledged GT Episode. Or don't, I'm mostly just hoping for a shout-out at this point. Keep Theorizing!

  94. ivace

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