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  1. TrashDemon YT

    TrashDemon YTDitë më parë

    I know this video is pretty old at this point so it's unlikely anyone would see this comment, but this theory could also explain why, as the speaker says in help wanted, "it's true that some we're loosely based off real events". That's even more evidence to Oswald being the game developer who has made the games, he knows what truly happens at Freddy's, he knows the true events so it would make sense that he would be able to make things based on true events and killings and kidnappings and whatever that has happened at the pizzeria and in the Fazbear brand

  2. Shay Lee

    Shay LeeDitë më parë

    What's the formula for calculating this alongside the selfishness of the human race who don't know how to stay away from each other?

  3. Shy gaster

    Shy gasterDitë më parë

    Longest thumb nsil title

  4. Andrew Thislethwaite

    Andrew ThislethwaiteDitë më parë

    Forgot New Zealand :(*

  5. birds eye

    birds eyeDitë më parë


  6. Mike Pascoe

    Mike PascoeDitë më parë

    I don't know who ninja is and I'm OK with that.

  7. All About April

    All About AprilDitë më parë

    And then she was buried under a tree

  8. Jm Gudao

    Jm GudaoDitë më parë

    Well... Steve can't actually die he can respawn so stop this comments saying like he dies to a silverfish or dies to a zombie and etc so yea...

  9. Olivia Lytle

    Olivia LytleDitë më parë


  10. WASPY beetle

    WASPY beetleDitë më parë

    Ok. I know this isn't a fnaf theory but i wanted to bring up some quotes/stories from Mr.Hippo after his jumpscare. I feel that there is more to his "stories",... ya know?If someone could either verify this, look into it, and/or disprove my point, thank you. PS: I'm still looking back into fnaf because I'm obsessed with it and I am not trying to do anything else to risk my chances of getting the Heineken Flu. I'm very sorry if I disturbed your comment surfing and I do not mean to bother you.

  11. KevinSupreme ph

    KevinSupreme phDitë më parë

    Gamers: why some cops & solders don't survive a zombie outbreak? Me: it's because they're noobs, they don't even aim for the head to destroy the brain!

  12. ElectriX

    ElectriXDitë më parë

    Yet he dies of hunger

  13. Sean Kjell Narag

    Sean Kjell NaragDitë më parë

    Leauge of legends reigns supreme everyone

  14. ZRovas117

    ZRovas117Ditë më parë

    Yoh, where can I get that bomping music at 14:08 though????

  15. Tea laBlu

    Tea laBluDitë më parë

    What about airplanes traveling between the americas and Eurasia/Africa?

  16. Brielle Henderson

    Brielle HendersonDitë më parë


  17. Light Hyper

    Light HyperDitë më parë

    Fnaf theory

  18. Michael Haflich

    Michael HaflichDitë më parë

    **Click** Nintendo: Oh no... “Dear Capcom,” Nintendo: “Sigh”.......

  19. Jax Cottrell

    Jax CottrellDitë më parë

    “It’s not called that because it’s super into the Lifestyle” omg I just let out the most ignorant laugh

  20. Zakk Jackson

    Zakk JacksonDitë më parë

    Matpat my ears are bigger then normal

  21. Hornet Is not void

    Hornet Is not voidDitë më parë

    If the ender men are the old civilization how did they get ender pearls?

  22. Eirik

    EirikDitë më parë


  23. ROEMON Chris

    ROEMON ChrisDitë më parë

    5:18. ITS A SIGN

  24. Moshe Ackman

    Moshe AckmanDitë më parë

    I actually literally took a class in the history of zombies, which was super fun

  25. Matthewzard

    MatthewzardDitë më parë

    Anyone else react with him because the have the same thoughts on the subject and laugh when he laughs and say ( at least in there mind) b******* when he says it

  26. Damaging 09

    Damaging 09Ditë më parë

    Mojang should add some ammonium updade where we could peice the picture together

  27. Barankai-Erős Barnabás

    Barankai-Erős BarnabásDitë më parë

    Why do you have to yell all throughout the video

  28. Dante Ribeiro

    Dante RibeiroDitë më parë

    You mentioned three but what about Sammy Lawrence

  29. Hornet Is not void

    Hornet Is not voidDitë më parë

    How would the ender men have gotten to the place where the end city is? You have to defeat the ender dragon to get there, but since they couldn’t, they wouldn’t have been able to get chorus fruit. Idk, prove me wrong idc. Just pointing that out

  30. Kyraptor 456

    Kyraptor 456Ditë më parë

    The Assassin's Creed 3 dlc was a "fever dream" though. A what if shown by the apple. Nothing that happens in the gameplay part of the dlc is history. Yeah maybe drinking the tea of a red willow could give Connor those abilities but we never see a red willow in the game and the Apple's purpose is to mess with the minds of humans.

  31. Nikolas Pollak

    Nikolas PollakDitë më parë

    If FNaF 4 is in a hospital, why is there a Grandfather Clock in the same spot as the mini game? I get the clock thing but not the FNaF 4 Grandfather Clock in a hospital if you said there wasn't

  32. Paza

    PazaDitë më parë


  33. ROEMON Chris

    ROEMON ChrisDitë më parë

    Ummm. Hey

  34. exalaskevas

    exalaskevasDitë më parë

    my up next: the $1.7 million lie

  35. MotoCat

    MotoCatDitë më parë

    Laughs in Australian *News update, Australian PM allows 7 more cruise ships to dock in ports during 1 week period amid outbreak without proper containment protocols... Unlaughs in Australian At least it's only a coronavirus, right?

  36. Gold skull

    Gold skullDitë më parë

    I am a Muslim,God ordered prophets Mohammed and Ibrahim to build it to be his home

  37. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf HitlerDitë më parë

    Why does every AL-gosr refer to covid-19 as “the thing” AL-gos being AL-gos I bet people are getting demonetized for saying coronavirus

  38. Jansa Tamme

    Jansa TammeDitë më parë

    You say that steve can carry multiple universes in his inventory but being 3 times his own weight is too much?

  39. InVinCIble gAMinG

    InVinCIble gAMinGDitë më parë

    well that went to just explaining to plague Inc

  40. Alejandro Lopez

    Alejandro LopezDitë më parë

    Coronavirus,but it's a video game

  41. Casey Ballard

    Casey BallardDitë më parë

    wait....Springfield....THE SIMPSONS......NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. TurtleYoda

    TurtleYodaDitë më parë

    The nether update for Minecraft is actually 1.16, and not 1.6, as he says in the video.

  43. Damaging 09

    Damaging 09Ditë më parë

    The game isnt real What if the overworld mobs( zombies skeletons creepers) What if steve is real but the world isnt let me explain Mobs attack steve also does mental illness zombies could represent the victim feeling attacked and not understood Skeletons could represent the ability to never be able to escape Creepers could be depression you cant feeling until its too late it will always sneak up on you

  44. Haruka Hino

    Haruka HinoDitë më parë

    g man... g mod.... Garry?

  45. Anthony Bury

    Anthony BuryDitë më parë

    Nothing exactly to do with the lore, but there’s a chance that the Vindicators’ and Evokers’ separated eyebrows could’ve been a sign that they resent the Villagers, and remove from themselves what they can that relates the two together. I mean, yeah, razors don’t exist in the game, but shears could *potentially* be used if they’re careful enough... I think.

  46. Aning Lucu

    Aning LucuDitë më parë

    Theres a face in the tree 6:59

  47. Marco Tello

    Marco TelloDitë më parë

    If the zombies were created by the illagers, how were the ancient ones affected by zombies 😗??

  48. super dzack

    super dzackDitë më parë

    All of this should be the minecraft story mode the whole time cuz its a story game and you just made a story like once upon a time there was aincent builders

  49. Pichada Saeheng

    Pichada SaehengDitë më parë

    If you play disc 13 and 11 at the same time, the audio seems to merge together...

  50. Ace Medios

    Ace MediosDitë më parë

    I think it’s ‘bangungot’. That’s what we call ‘nightmares’ here in the Philippines.

  51. Destin

    DestinDitë më parë

    monetization stone = Raid Shadow Legends

  52. SinclairAtomos

    SinclairAtomosDitë më parë

    ok but when we getting a science of or game theory video on Changed? its got a virus that wiped humanity out mostly, strange experiment gone wrong monsters, certain type of spontaneous augmentation.

  53. jeremias lopez

    jeremias lopezDitë më parë

    Pretty scary dude, pretty scary

  54. Seong Moon

    Seong MoonDitë më parë


  55. annbe1l

    annbe1lDitë më parë

    This end music is bopping. I really like it. Where's it from?

  56. Blue-light Shadow

    Blue-light ShadowDitë më parë

    B*tch please, you completely ignores day and night cycle, if we using sentrifugal force than the flat earth need to face the sun all the time (no night time).

  57. DEEPDARK01

    DEEPDARK01Ditë më parë

    You forgot that it also can’t become night

  58. David TPHK

    David TPHKDitë më parë

    "Someone got together their little summoning circle of Funko plushies..." Editor's note i am making up: Pops will do

  59. Abduchi

    AbduchiDitë më parë

    Okay but if it makes you fast when you force slow one thing everything still moves the same

  60. Abduchi

    AbduchiDitë më parë

    Okay but if it makes you fast when you force slow one thing everything still moves the same

  61. space crocodile

    space crocodileDitë më parë

    Matpat you forgot literally any robot

  62. Kerwin Borney

    Kerwin BorneyDitë më parë

    Hey Game Theory, in the new VR game Half Life, Russel said he downloaded the entire internet before it went down; what kind of tech would be required to do this and how long would it take. Just in case I need to do it myself in the future. Lol 😓 Jk i hope

  63. CADByo Minecraft player

    CADByo Minecraft playerDitë më parë

    I built an army of mobs and trap them in a cave and summon a wither and fight question why does mons fight against wither

  64. Teaghan Shackelford

    Teaghan ShackelfordDitë më parë

    DUDES, That's how Steve carries all those blocks!!!! Even if the Overworld is smaller than the actual in-game bounds of travel, the physical effect of gravity on the mass of say, a gold block, would be partially counteracted by the centrifugal phenomena, thereby making it easier to lift. The inertia of the block, however, would be a different story as Steve himself would have to be incredibly dense/strong in order not to be slowed down by moving the mass, unaffected by gravity, of all those blocks laterally. It is, in some ways, the opposite of John Carter of Mars. Corollary to that, assuming Steve and Alex are literally God-like creatures of nearly immeasurable power, and that the life forms of the overworld and the materials thereof are resilient enough to keep their shapes at the poles, then, of course, that explains the otherwise physically impossible feats of strength Steve and Alex are capable of. if they migrated from the poles to the habitable zone of the overworld, they would once again reflect earlier referenced, John Carter of Mars.

  65. Nick Nack's Crafts

    Nick Nack's CraftsDitë më parë

    "ITS 2016!" He says happily. He had no idea what was coming. This did not age well.

  66. Cayden Miller

    Cayden MillerDitë më parë

    Wait what gender is Kris you said he and she. Your confusing me

  67. Mickey Marcos

    Mickey MarcosDitë më parë

    Wait a minute if zombies sink in water so the villagers you show the zombies killed the villager turn them into a zombie villager and the drowned

  68. BizzareTutorial

    BizzareTutorialDitë më parë

    Hey matpat i have a question, the new zombie pigmen are cool and all but theres something i think needs a theory on, because the new pigmen are scared of the new zombie pigmen on the minecraft pe version, maybe because there scared because they are zombies? Or theres another reason than that, please respond if you saw this thank you.

  69. ScoobySmasher9

    ScoobySmasher9Ditë më parë

    Many the illagers made herobrien

  70. Legendary noob

    Legendary noobDitë më parë

    This game breaks the fourth wall more then undertale Edit: oops I should have waited

  71. Endery Craft

    Endery CraftDitë më parë

    12:38 Thats my religious im from indonesia

  72. Nate Rangel

    Nate RangelDitë më parë

    MatPat: I FINNALY SOLVED FNAF!!!!! Scott: I'm gonna ruin this mans whole career. also scott: 'releases fnaf 5, 6, VR, AR, novels, and fazbear frights book series'

  73. Agustina Ausda

    Agustina AusdaDitë më parë

    How is it schary (sorry l can't spell ) when im 11 l play music disk no 11 and 13 im coviust but not that schary for me and my sis CUZ me and sy sis is used to wacha horor all day but l don't even khow why my sis wants to wacha a horor filem

  74. Schie 'The Shy Girl'

    Schie 'The Shy Girl'Ditë më parë

    You did forget one thing... Something that has actually happened during this pandemic and actually happens in the games. People infecting others or themselves on purpose!

  75. lord ssundee

    lord ssundeeDitë më parë

    completely forgot that U.S. military is a thing.

  76. gamer boy234

    gamer boy234Ditë më parë


  77. Rick James

    Rick JamesDitë më parë

    hes assuming they move as a zerg hivemind.

  78. Mr WizardPencil

    Mr WizardPencilDitë më parë

    Shucker box

  79. Bluebellindy

    BluebellindyDitë më parë

    There is also the fact that Lapis is used in Enchanting further cements the fact Lapis has "magical properties'. Another thing i thought of is that the zombies are not the only failed experiments but Steve is also a failed experiment along with Alex. I think essentially they are trying to resurrect a deity that has been alluded to in the lore. I like to think of it as Minecraft Adam and Eve 2.0; a failed science project by emo villagers to resurrect Herobrine.

  80. J-HUNTER

    J-HUNTERDitë më parë

    I'm sorry I didn't take trig or calc, what actually is a coefficient

  81. •S̸m̷o̷l̶.̷R̶a̴t̴•

    •S̸m̷o̷l̶.̷R̶a̴t̴•Ditë më parë

    I’d like to have you solve this Theory about a video game, called ‘Danganronpa’: Why up till now, did Monokuma break his rules? (Please Watch all 1-4th game of Danganronpa it’s a good self aware game only if you want though)

  82. Ahmad Yusran

    Ahmad YusranDitë më parë

    This theory is so MIND BLOWING !!!

  83. ??SHadow?? lo

    ??SHadow?? loDitë më parë

    Wait , that means withered foxy was an afton and the crying child was the brother of withered foxy

  84. The Rice Potato

    The Rice PotatoDitë më parë

    It just occurred to me, dammit mat, those two chords you play at the start feel inconplete and it always drives me nuts

  85. TheMightyAkkYleX

    TheMightyAkkYleXDitë më parë

    You still haven't done a video on a heist with Markiplier

  86. Damien Messick

    Damien MessickDitë më parë

    Not to be rude as this video was extremely well made and had a lot of good science and fantastic work out in but canonically it was a thermobaric missile strike (like the MOAB) that destroyed raccoon city on October 1st 1998.

  87. Asian Thomas

    Asian ThomasDitë më parë

    u have no idea how greatly prepared people are when it comes to zombie infections.

  88. Vishesh Vyas

    Vishesh VyasDitë më parë

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  89. Sam Reitich

    Sam ReitichDitë më parë

    Yeah but I’m not a huge fan of red...

  90. The Pineapple

    The PineappleDitë më parë

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  91. Brooke Riley

    Brooke RileyDitë më parë

    lol ok Austin, but I am soooo coming for you in three to four years for this calculation...... sorry man, but I wanna see it. Not to mention great work!!!!!

  92. 見崎未咲

    見崎未咲Ditë më parë

    If you've seen any zombie movies, you know that the main reason of wide spread infection is NOT the result of zombies walking, but those are infected yet haven't become zombies escape from infected area then become zombies in "safe" areas. Those people can run all over the world very fast via cars, trains or even planes. Like the current virus outbreak we're experiencing, it's not expanding from one central place, but exploding everywhere!

  93. Stefan B.

    Stefan B.Ditë më parë

    Iceland and Greenland are going "Boy, I get no respect, I'm telling ya!"

  94. FLAGS 914

    FLAGS 914Ditë më parë

    0:27 W T F

  95. Awwkaw

    AwwkawDitë më parë

    In the video at 8:00 you write dZ=gamma(dS+dI) I think you ment dZ=gamma(dS+dIn), and hopefully this is what you did in your simulations ;-)

  96. Kaas Van Hazendonk

    Kaas Van HazendonkDitë më parë

    ocarina of time is good so if you dis ocarina of time you must die

  97. M0xiimas Sun

    M0xiimas SunDitë më parë

    As yes, *Funtime Freddy on crack*

  98. my life as a simp

    my life as a simpDitë më parë

    What if Illagers are the good guys? I've been working on this theory for a while, and I'm wondering what people think about it. First off, minecraft is evolving. I dont mean the gameplay or updates, I mean the people. They went from just having small villages that were practically useless to highly specialized villages, and humans (because illagers are still human) who are learning to use more complex technology and magic. And one thing that I think is overlooked in this game a lot is lightning. Minecraft lightning is certainly nothing like lightning in the real world, in fact, it seems to have almost magical qualities in many cases, being able to transform several mobs. Keep that in mind, it's important later. Eventually, these technologically and magically advanced humans began to quarrel with the ones more focused on tradition, and tensions built up. Then one day, the end realm was discovered, a place ruled by the ender dragon, who had the power to destroy all of them if it wished. A group of humans banded together to try and find a way to fight this powerful being, by creating the ultimate human. Steve. (Hear me out). They experimented with creating life, their prototypes resulting in snow golems and iron golems. Everything was progressing well when they made a mistake. It seemed like true life wasnt something easily tampered with, and their Steve experiments created the zombie, the most dreaded foe of the villagers. The villagers who valued tradition saw this as a reason to exile the advanced villagers, who became known as illagers. However, they did not give up. They knew that they couldn't harness the power to create this ultimate human, so they focused on something else instead. A beast with the strength of an iron golem and the utility of a horse. The ravager. Unfortunately, they still needed life for that, so they raised nearby villages to kidnap villagers and iron golems, and fuse them together into the closest thing they could create to a boss monster. The ravager experiments were successful, and they abandoned the steve experiments, leaving the materials where they stood. Maybe they finally stood a chance.Eventually, they were ready. Armed with magic, technology, and their ravages, they launched their attack, only to be utterly destroyed. The ender dragon created the wither. The wither tore the surface world to bits, clouding the sky with ash and twisting all life into hellish creatures. The wither, as you may remember, seems to have a lightning like shell around itself. The power of this lightning converted the world as we know it into a charred warped version of itself, which over the centuries became the nether. The illagers that made it to the endwere trapped there and eventuallybecame endermen, slaving away to construct ender cities for all eternity. Gradually the power of the lightning left very few creatures left, but the humans were fortunate enough to evolve. The ones with powerful enough magic to survive the blast became piglins. Piglins are very humanoid, with inventories, bartering, structures, and the fact that they only fight when attacked. The piglins tried to recover the remains of their civilization before the wither, butdidnt find much. Until centuries in the future, when the earth surrounding the Steve experiment withered away. The powerful lightning from the wither had been just what was needed to give Steve life, and he had been trapped there for a long time, unconscious. The piglins saw their opportunity to change fate, so they taught him everything they knew, including training him on using his inventory. Finally, when the time was right, they sent him back in time te try and change the way events turned out.

  99. MayaConnolly

    MayaConnollyDitë më parë

    Wait, if this game came out in 1999, then wouldn't it be 21 years old and not 22 years?

  100. Julanne Gaines

    Julanne GainesDitë më parë