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2020: A Vision of Self-Love
Ellen Wants YOU to Vote!

Ellen Wants YOU to Vote!

19 ditë më parë

  1. Turtles

    TurtlesDitë më parë

    " AAAAH " *stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp*

  2. Jennifer Rose

    Jennifer RoseDitë më parë

    Tears immediately fell from my eyes before I even realized I was getting emotional. Wow.

  3. Admire M

    Admire MDitë më parë

    guys imma brb gotta make a dance challenge i’m tryna get 5k too. 😂

  4. krysis7

    krysis7Ditë më parë

    Shout out to Ellen. This queen deserves it. The same people that down play talent are the same people that benefit of its monetization.

  5. Jo Jo

    Jo JoDitë më parë

    I always come back to this when I need to laugh 😂😂😂 warms my heart every time 😂

  6. its just ash

    its just ashDitë më parë

    i’m sorry but the renegade is dead now, it lasted a solid two weeks and now i don’t see anyone dancing to it anymore.

  7. MaFess ABR

    MaFess ABRDitë më parë

    I like thick women ...

  8. Madison Plays

    Madison PlaysDitë më parë

    Rip :(

  9. Tellytelly K

    Tellytelly KDitë më parë

    *You are american so you can be racist to non-american BUT YOU'RE LESBIAN SO PEOPLE CANNOT OFFEND YOU* *Ohhhhhhhh Ellen I see*

  10. Ilse Romero

    Ilse RomeroDitë më parë

    Yess! 🙌

  11. Cabello Canary

    Cabello CanaryDitë më parë

    hands down the movie is AMAZING one of my favorites for sure and the acting OMG the whole cast was perfection

  12. Sara M

    Sara MDitë më parë

    excuse me but this aint a real episode of spill the tea without carol

  13. Claire Zukowski

    Claire ZukowskiDitë më parë

    lololl what

  14. Goundo Doucoure

    Goundo DoucoureDitë më parë

    jalaiah need 100M followrs

  15. Voxel Pro

    Voxel ProDitë më parë

    I just can’t with that periodic table🤣🤣🤣

  16. Nicole Saldana

    Nicole SaldanaDitë më parë


  17. Kae

    KaeDitë më parë

    I’m glad Ellen invited her and not the other Tiktokers like Charlie, etc, that just got famous for doing her dance. I’m happy she’s getting the recognition she deserves!

  18. Dea Glows

    Dea GlowsDitë më parë

    Ok... is it just me or she was too calm about receiving 5000🤣🤣🤣I would’ve been on top my lungs

  19. Sarahlizze

    SarahlizzeDitë më parë

    I've watched this video like ten times😂

  20. Michele

    MicheleDitë më parë

    Airline seats should not recline PERIOD!!!

  21. Sarah Hubbell

    Sarah HubbellDitë më parë

    Thank you for giving her recognition


    ММА WITH BOXINGDitë më parë

    please conor mcgregor get's scare from nate diaz

  23. carpe diem

    carpe diemDitë më parë

    Sorry Dude but only eunuchs can do that!!

  24. Latoya Craig

    Latoya CraigDitë më parë

    I love her voice

  25. Phlyer 34

    Phlyer 34Ditë më parë

    Rosie: talented Me: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. 舞良

    舞良Ditë më parë

    JB def has suffered & is still suffering mental & emotional issues. And he ‘ s been off cam for what 3 or 4 yrs and here is is tryin to pick up where he left off & tryin to be better and people be like, he is jumpy, he’s twitchin on his seats, he’s nervous... 🙄

  27. Muhammad Ibraahiim

    Muhammad IbraahiimDitë më parë

    rip Kobe Bryant. When I spelled Kobe with a lower case it autocorrect me. youtube has respect to him

  28. fearful_hour515 The clan

    fearful_hour515 The clanDitë më parë

    Rip Kobe

  29. AshitaNoKanousei42

    AshitaNoKanousei42Ditë më parë

    The five of them in one shot, is just, wow.

  30. Kgirl64

    Kgirl64Ditë më parë

    Thee perfect man.

  31. Native American Girl

    Native American GirlDitë më parë

    This video made me unbelievably happy

  32. Damaris Rodriguez

    Damaris RodriguezDitë më parë

    Love it love it love it you're such a great prankster!!!😂🤣😭👍🏾👍🏾🥰

  33. Leyla Zobel

    Leyla ZobelDitë më parë

    Love love Kate🤗❤️

  34. Maureen Raffray

    Maureen RaffrayDitë më parë

    I LOVE Carol! It’s so awesome how Ellen keeps bringing her back!

  35. Nikita Lauren

    Nikita LaurenDitë më parë

    Oh look there’s my purse another thousand dollars . Ellen does wonders

  36. Dxrkavenger

    DxrkavengerDitë më parë

    Them hits though✊🏾💯

  37. Tanya Casey

    Tanya CaseyDitë më parë

    She killed it ❤️

  38. Izzy Williams

    Izzy WilliamsDitë më parë

    do y’all see this flavor? she IS the next level

  39. Aniah Monay The Kid

    Aniah Monay The KidDitë më parë

    She can dance 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾😭

  40. Joselyn

    JoselynDitë më parë

    This girl got moves 😊

  41. Zyniya Williams

    Zyniya WilliamsDitë më parë

    happy 10thbithday

  42. Guhlorius

    GuhloriusDitë më parë

    Feel like she gon get more famous than charli one day

  43. Logan Murray

    Logan MurrayDitë më parë

    Obviously as you can tell sheldon has used his science skills and found immortality

  44. Zallain R

    Zallain RDitë më parë

    God’s healing for all of you! Stay strong! Love Ellen, Diddy and Shutterfly even more.

  45. Jayesh Y

    Jayesh YDitë më parë

    New year?

  46. jan1ya_ _

    jan1ya_ _Ditë më parë

    Some people literally owe there life to her bcs they wouldn’t be rich without her.

  47. susan lynch

    susan lynchDitë më parë

    real life andy dwyer.

  48. Flaw'd

    Flaw'dDitë më parë

    When your two AL-gos worlds collide!!! This feels like a fever dream!! So proud of the BA crew for the crossover success they’re having. I’ve seen Claire and Carla on late night shows and now this!!! I’m so proud of them I could cry!! ❤️❤️❤️

  49. Darrin Lewis

    Darrin LewisDitë më parë

    Being an Iowa native, I was like where? Dez Monnes. it's pronounced Duh Moine, or De-Moine the 's' are silent... lol.

  50. Itzi Bitsy

    Itzi BitsyDitë më parë

    The puts the right spice to it too! Cuz she created it she’s the og go girl get your dreams!

  51. Bella K

    Bella KDitë më parë

    Finally! Take that Charli 😂😂 get her the hype

  52. _moodykayla _

    _moodykayla _Ditë më parë

    YESSSS!!! She deserves all the credit:)) She got movesss👏👏👏

  53. Evey and Renee Luv Jones

    Evey and Renee Luv JonesDitë më parë

    Lmbo! Jalen said THATS NOT SAFE! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  54. Sandra Chajon

    Sandra ChajonDitë më parë

    I always watch Ellen when I’m feelin sad everything she does is just so amazing to people ❤️

  55. Kandis Journey

    Kandis JourneyDitë më parë

    I love Ellen!!!

  56. Arnold Rothstein

    Arnold RothsteinDitë më parë

    Oh come on. You shared the questions before the interview so that he would answer them in the most virtuous way.

  57. wrny

    wrnyDitë më parë

    Saoirse is too adorable I cannot 💗

  58. _ꙅɘʏƎᴎɒɘɔO_

    _ꙅɘʏƎᴎɒɘɔO_Ditë më parë

    I wonder how this kid feels right now...💔

  59. Jared Seagull

    Jared SeagullDitë më parë

    I miss you

  60. Liah Roberts

    Liah RobertsDitë më parë

    She deserve it ☺️

  61. Mukesh G S

    Mukesh G SDitë më parë

    I would love to see Ellen as the president

  62. Daniel Rojas

    Daniel RojasDitë më parë

    The 2nd girl should audition for America’s got Talent


    AMAN SRIVASTAVADitë më parë

    Moral:people never think your baby is cute....

  64. 1,000 subs No videos

    1,000 subs No videosDitë më parë

    Lol be lookin like tofu except it taste better

  65. Elizabeth Ruiz

    Elizabeth RuizDitë më parë


  66. Jisel Em

    Jisel EmDitë më parë

    Happy she finally was credited 😁

  67. Eve Sunshine

    Eve SunshineDitë më parë

    😁😄I'm so happy 4 her.

  68. Becca Luna

    Becca LunaDitë më parë

    Omg I love Will he is the one with out an arm but we go to school together he is the best!!!!!! We love you Will!

  69. A’zyhia & Mom

    A’zyhia & MomDitë më parë

    yassss she made it on here!!

  70. Isabela Gordin

    Isabela GordinDitë më parë

    Vim do futuro pra avisar que o Shipp é real

  71. Kyle Tate

    Kyle TateDitë më parë

    Hard to imagine someone doesn't like Freddie Highmore.

  72. Jane Panjaitan

    Jane PanjaitanDitë më parë

    So racist.

  73. Alexis

    AlexisDitë më parë

    White people LOVEEE to take whatever we have, huh?

  74. Dr. Kojimon

    Dr. KojimonDitë më parë

    Ellen seems somber

  75. Patrick A

    Patrick ADitë më parë

    I’m so happy you are real friends! Love your chemistry ❤️

  76. An_Asian. YT

    An_Asian. YTDitë më parë

    Plot twist. The audience members were recruited

  77. Medusa Medusa

    Medusa MedusaDitë më parë

    That's totally different from the 'white girls' one that the whole world knows 🤣. So basically this one is more complicated & the white girl stole it simplify it and made it big ? Without giving this young lady the credits. Typical 🙄

  78. Kenny & Jose

    Kenny & JoseDitë më parë

    Just to tell you the kid is now 18 and is probably shooting for his king

  79. ZOBIX

    ZOBIXDitë më parë

    everyone who saying it doesn’t matter cause it’s just dance, omg the door is open for you to leave👋🏼 it’s the same thing if you created a song but something else copied it and got all the credit. It’s something you took time and thought into making and she deserves to get the recognition from that!

  80. Sabryna Smith

    Sabryna SmithDitë më parë

    AHHHHHHH JERRY!!!!!!!!

  81. It’s Aaliya! -Tiktok Compilations!

    It’s Aaliya! -Tiktok Compilations!Ditë më parë


  82. fear ak official

    fear ak officialDitë më parë

    rip kobe

  83. GALAXY

    GALAXYDitë më parë

    Kid in blue is not embarrassed or anything, he is really confident. 8:25

  84. Gabby Gershom Bassey

    Gabby Gershom BasseyDitë më parë

    I love how real ellens show is , with other talk shows especially james corden it feels scripted

  85. Ariana

    ArianaDitë më parë

    His impersonation of her coughing had me dead 💀😂

  86. Sheyanne Barton

    Sheyanne BartonDitë më parë

    Love these guys

  87. Shahrzad Modiri

    Shahrzad ModiriDitë më parë


  88. gloria mass

    gloria massDitë më parë

    You got what you deserved, girl! Victory will always be with the right person.

  89. Phyu Thi

    Phyu ThiDitë më parë

    Rip Kobe

  90. Rosalinda Garcia

    Rosalinda GarciaDitë më parë

    Love it 💖💖🎶🎶🎶

  91. Maya and Autumn

    Maya and AutumnDitë më parë

    On the dress I see blue and gold and I hear ysnny

  92. pranjal jha

    pranjal jhaDitë më parë

    The table is a paid actor.

  93. ight imma head out

    ight imma head outDitë më parë

    Yes finally she deserving the hype

  94. Jay C

    Jay CDitë më parë

    Facepalm.... SPOILERS. Not that hard Ellen.

  95. Yeeyee Bubba

    Yeeyee BubbaDitë më parë


  96. stan BLACKPINK and TWICE

    stan BLACKPINK and TWICEDitë më parë

    TWICE on the Ellen show?! How have I not seen this?!!! I'm crying😭😭😭

  97. Eziee 1995

    Eziee 1995Ditë më parë

    Dances Gets a jacket Gets money

  98. Millie Mill

    Millie MillDitë më parë

    ngl she wants clout and there different ways of every dance and charli deserves everything’s shes got. no offense to this girl but i like the renegade that everyone knows..

  99. Dr. Kojimon

    Dr. KojimonDitë më parë

    Love Charles! Genuine guy!

  100. TentacleTestified

    TentacleTestifiedDitë më parë

    If trump supporter was a perosn