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From viewer Bob Frazier on my Oroville Dam series-
"Juan, I think you've demonstrated the true power of the fourth estate - reporting information, facts, observations, and informing the public. Nobody has to watch unless they're interested, but thousands of us bystanders are, and we thank you. "TV News" can't do what you've done, they don't have the time, but you really did show how powerful a smart capable person with a camera can be. It amazes me how much more information you covered than anyone - and without drama or sensationalism. Thank you!"
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blancolirio1 second ago
Thanks Bob! This sounds like a good testimonial for this channel!

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  1. KaitouKID mer

    KaitouKID mer12 orë më parë

    Both engines touches the ground , i think that's cause of both engines failture

  2. SamAbbasi

    SamAbbasi12 orë më parë

    I don't know if you'll read this comment but I have some info for you.. The plane was coming too high as in they were doing 5000 when they should be doing 2500.. Controller advised to go around at 1500 but pilot said no need they're comfortable.. At the last moment the pilots decided to go around and before the thrust could take full effect they agreed on retracting the landing gear and the engines rubbed on the runway

  3. Theone !

    Theone !12 orë më parë

    Karmas a bitch! Ain’t it!

  4. sadiq khan

    sadiq khan12 orë më parë

    Thank you for your information Juan....pls tell us once you get the information about black box n FDR I wanted know what really happend in that flight PIA flight

  5. Sajjad Haider

    Sajjad Haider12 orë më parë

    Thanks for this! Great reporting! Your analysis was so much better than most aviation experts on the Pakistani news media. And you also keep the ethical side in check by making sure you stick to just facts without throwing the blame around and jumping to conclusions.

  6. dillon james

    dillon james12 orë më parë

    There's safety standers suck


    FALCON S12 orë më parë

    In video of final moments of impact , plane was literally pitched up suggestive of stall on final moments as speed was low also had missed approach .

  8. Robert smee

    Robert smee12 orë më parë

    You were the first with the story and evidence. We know it still has to be sorted out. You are the go to guy for aviation news. People are copying your hard work, but you are mentioned on many sites as an important source for news.

  9. The Unknown Evidence

    The Unknown Evidence12 orë më parë

    Are pilots trained to land without a landing gear?

  10. Ram Dash

    Ram Dash12 orë më parë

    Chilling! The ATC recordings show the Pilot's voice quite calm and confident though. Had he no idea that the landing gears were not down? Was he trying to land at >260kn airspeed? These advanced aircrafts have so many ways to keep you safe! Seems none were explored.

  11. Rod Hebert

    Rod Hebert12 orë më parë

    The mystery will be how did two trained pilots attempt to land without knowing their gear wasn't down. I've flown on jets for almost 50 years and I can't remember a flight where the gear wasn't lowered at least 10 minutes before we got to the airport. So how is the pilot telling the controller, oh by the way, we are going around as his gear indicator is ringing off the panel. We'll probably never know. Pity. Prayers for the innocent people who lost their lives.

  12. Hasan Jamil

    Hasan Jamil12 orë më parë

    PIA - Poor Incompetent Airline. Run by a so called air chief marshall who is no longer an air chief marshall and flown by a bunch of "pilots" who lack motivation, passion and most importantly, competence and are only on the job because they knew some bigshot in management. This airline is a playground of corruption for the military and the government.

  13. MrMonotone

    MrMonotone13 orë më parë

    Released memos etc show that Boeing actively discouraged airlines from doing additional pilot training for the 737max, so that needs to be considered in relation to 'inadequate training'

  14. Julian Halliday

    Julian Halliday13 orë më parë

    Reading all the PPRUNE thread up to this moment, and listening to your useful commentaries, my jaw is dropped in astonishment at what appears to have happened. I look forward, very much, to hearing what the Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses makes of the FDR, because I suspect it'll show that, as you suggest, the gear was selected down above 260 kt to get the plane back on slope, but they never checked for green or realized it hadn't gone down, blanked out (cognitively) the gear warnings, and were hell bent on landing the bloody thing, stabilized or not. A terrifying scenario; at PPRUNE the argument has been made that the CRM question will involve a two-captain, equal-status situation on the flight deck -- neither wanting, perhaps, to blink. Once they were committed to landing, I suppose it was much too much to hope that they'd retard the throttles on the second or third bounce on the cowlings... That would require a presence of mind that their focus did not permit. Your exposition on the accessory gearbox assembly was fascinating and gave me one more thing to worry about when I'm flying. :)


    ACCAFLITE13 orë më parë


  16. Fahim Lodhi

    Fahim Lodhi13 orë më parë

    I have family in Pakistan and news reports out of the country have said the pilot tried twice to land the plane but the gear would not come down. On the third attempt, the pilot sent a may day call to the control tower.

  17. Tyler Padgett

    Tyler Padgett13 orë më parë

    Pakistan airlines is the absolute last airline I would fly. Total idiots over there

  18. Judy Motto

    Judy Motto13 orë më parë

    Thanks for all updates subscriber

  19. kimmer6

    kimmer613 orë më parë

    Please remember AA flight 191, a DC-10, which crashed right after takeoff at Chicago O'Hare 41 years ago today, May 25, 1979 at 3:03 PM Central Time. 271 passengers and crew perished along with 2 men on the ground. This will always be a sad day for me until the day I die. It affected my entire life. Rest in Peace Captain Lux and Flight Attendant Nancy Sullivan and all of the others who lost their lives that day.

  20. Luke S

    Luke S13 orë më parë

    Did the drag marks indicate fluid leakage?

  21. Khan Abid

    Khan Abid13 orë më parë


  22. Evan Keal

    Evan Keal13 orë më parë

    Not a single camera over the airport? Or is that footage being held?

  23. TDM MCL

    TDM MCL13 orë më parë

    juan, toss YT a bone and insert orange man bad...couple just need to get with the "program", I AM NOT all.

  24. Christopher Johnson

    Christopher Johnson13 orë më parë

    Hey! New Shot Of the World Headquarters! CJ

  25. Muhammad Zaid

    Muhammad Zaid13 orë më parë

    on the day of accident and when i saw this photo i told my friends about that it might be pilot error because there are so many evidence that i noteced by eye eyewitnesses and according to survived person that in 1st attempt plane touched the runway and many time i go through from this airport area and i know what is actually flight path and landing path but when i saw footages and compare with google map i was shoked that plane was not on its path it was very left side from runway 25L and also we all heared about landing gears but if you notice in video all landing gears are down but due to hit on runway engines were dameged.

  26. Afaq H

    Afaq H13 orë më parë

    There is a possibility that the pilot lowered the landing gear, but it failed to open (the ding ding). So he went for a go around. He should have been able to do a go around at this stage. But somehow, he lost altitude & just scraped the engines, before climbing. The scraping was very light. You can hear the engines revving as the pilot requests a go around. I am not an aviation professional.

  27. Taimoor Ali

    Taimoor Ali13 orë më parë

    I condemn AL-gos for demonetizing this video

  28. Tracey Love

    Tracey Love13 orë më parë

    Thank you for what you do you are the future I’m so happy that there is men like you that are well spoken and able to analyze and put it in layman’s terms. Thank you and God bless you and God bless America!!

  29. phil gary

    phil gary14 orë më parë


  30. TDM MCL

    TDM MCL14 orë më parë

    pure speculation (based on some heavy check experience) system jockeys are notorious about conducting all manner of shade tree troubleshooting ..I've seen it all! One such practice (highly offensive to ALL STANDARDS) is to pull c/b's in cockpit AND AVI bay on l/g system when performing gear drop and retract tests....Often these tests are required from a variety of real world events...hard, soft faults of sufficient frequency, and hard landings While it might seem remotely unlikely that pilots would not notice l/g systems inop upon first CAN HAPPEN! Meaning, without a reliable indication, a pilot can not ascertain correctly the actual l/g it stowed, or extended? you kill the indications and you really have no means to determine. now, on the same general experience I have ALSO seen system jockeys (deemed not airworthy to walk down steps), who have actually pulled RELAYS...and not just a few...but handfuls...and also disconnected cable cannon connectors at the bogie! You might think I am making this up..I am NOT...I've seen some incredibly terrible actions...even pencil wiping the signoffs without an inspection....mostly because these steps are NOT IAW with any standard practices, NOT documented, and thus there are no paper records of what actions these systems maroons have actually done to the aircraft while they "sort through" l/g issues and other systems related work cards....(to be fair this is NOT to suggest all system techs are maroons...but I've seen enough of them to give me nightmares) again the same thing can present a challenge to pilots...but we also know that they would have been aware of any of these possible causes for l/g failure...i.e, lack of reliable indications...on first launch...or would they? the master warn is still going to "work"..but the indications are not going to present reliably. We need to see the maintenance records....we need to FDR/CVR this..and we need to see if what failure trends for the l/g systems were logged in prior flights leading to this. I am persuaded these are not reasons for this incident, but they cannot be fully ruled out as of yet. While it appears this is likely pilot error...complacency to take direct and immediate action from down and locked indication....what that implies is very severe: that the pilots CHOSE to continue to land this aircraft SEEING AND HEARING THE WARNS that l/g indications were at LEAST unreliable...Does it make sense these pilots would do goes against every fundamental safety and situational awareness training AND experience.... to early to know what actually happened and what was root. Not a complete picture of all the information yet. please do not assume my theories represent anything other than pure speculation....the investigators will most certainly be zeroing in on the maintenance side of this factors....must rule them out in order to achieve solid conclusive evidence of root cause.

  31. D V

    D V14 orë më parë

    I think I never forget as a pilot. When you get into a aircraft, you have your passengers, yours and innocent lives on the ground in your hands. Never take it lightly!!!

  32. lepompier132

    lepompier13214 orë më parë

    Sounds like both pilots acted as amateurs or newbee in the cockpit to do this type of mistake of landing the plane and forgetting the most important part of the process - to lower the gear! Now the question we should ask: are we in the presence of inexperience pilots on this specific aircraft that assumed the gear is always down. I think the answer will come when they look at the flight recorder and the crew cabin recorder to see what happened.

  33. Dennis Guentzel

    Dennis Guentzel14 orë më parë

    Thanks for the great analysis of this incident! Are any radar airspeed readouts available for the approach? Certainly appears that they were way too fast on approach.

  34. Imran

    Imran14 orë më parë

    Excellent video!

  35. 808 R I D E S

    808 R I D E S14 orë më parë

    I dont give a damn about no dam. see what i did there?

  36. windy49

    windy4914 orë më parë

    What is just as incredible is that I've heard nothing to suggest that anyone in the tower said anything about them not having their gear down or the obvious that sparks were flying as the plane did that scrape and go. Nobody on the ground saw it said anything???? Nobody was watching anywhere around the airport???

  37. darold1966

    darold196614 orë më parë

    Good info. I am in Mountain Gate for the last 10 weeks. Thx

  38. Ytxmak

    Ytxmak14 orë më parë

    Why was the channel demonetised? Who makes the decisions?

  39. Fawad Q

    Fawad Q14 orë më parë

    it was all pilots fault once he did the belly landing why did he took off again i don't understand must be drunk usually Pakistani pilots enjoy alcohol and air hostess in the cabin , its a known fact fuckin bastards destroyed to many families and so many innocent lives . and people are calling him a Shaheed and hero . bloody morons .

  40. Ron Packwood

    Ron Packwood14 orë më parë


  41. Nazia Shabana

    Nazia Shabana14 orë më parë

    This is what happened. Pilot error

  42. Mine summary

    Mine summary15 orë më parë kindly check this video... before the first trial for landing u can hear warning landing gear’s alert, like teet teet teet... so i think pilot did engage landing gears but he wasn’t familiar to the warning alerts of failure of landing gear being engaged... kindly make a look....

  43. Michael Payne

    Michael Payne15 orë më parë

    Watched part of the livestream on his channel. I’m surprised you mentioned the airline you fly for when he asked how you were doing.

  44. Grace Ace

    Grace Ace15 orë më parë

    Want to hear the CVR audio .. it's almost certain that this was pilot error and also the pilots were observing fasts during Roza/Eid and their sugar levels were low and hence poor reflexes. They should have made landing on first attempt when engines scraped the asphalt.. Also the pilots of Pakistan are mainly from airforce, they have high tendency for "High & Hot" during landing and its evident here from ATR voice recording. Last thing we will hear from ATR will be - allah hu akbar ..! RIP all

  45. mushtak2917

    mushtak291715 orë më parë

    beggars belief!....Unbelievable !!!


    AOC RETALING15 orë më parë

    Fellow in the control tower forgot his glasses home by mistake so he couldn’t see the landing gear are down. He was The culprit. C A A is coving up big time. Truth Reveal by Survivor.

  47. blastman8888

    blastman888815 orë më parë

    Probably distracted by the sudden alarm not understanding at first what is going on but continued their landing hit runway. Reminds me of that gear up landing that guy did in Florida and took off again flew back to his home airport with Bent Props in that twin.

  48. Johnny D's

    Johnny D's15 orë më parë

    Asshat pilot.

  49. MrUranium235

    MrUranium23515 orë më parë

    getting closer to 100 000 death in America

  50. Naeemuddin Khan

    Naeemuddin Khan15 orë më parë

    Black list and ban PALPA

  51. *

    *15 orë më parë

    I am a former Flight Attendant and can not understand how it is that every place we go and whenever we step out our door we are being filmed. Airports of all places, especially mounted on short final and rotation with tag and follower cameras .. why? Why don’t they install decent cameras? I mean my house has more sophisticated cameras.

  52. Conspiracyphreak Phreaka

    Conspiracyphreak Phreaka16 orë më parë

    earth filled damns... mmmmk ive heard enough lol...

  53. Nine Hundred Dollar Luxury Yacht

    Nine Hundred Dollar Luxury Yacht16 orë më parë

    The chime was apparently ignored. Why doesn't the plane yell at them "Lower Gear" the way it yells at you for other things like "terrain, fly up"?

  54. dero doka

    dero doka16 orë më parë

    Wind 8 kts gusting to 9 ?? hehe any pilot in a normal situation would have laugh until engine are down...

  55. Rick Flaherty

    Rick Flaherty16 orë më parë

    What pilots? These were not pilots.

  56. mikentx57

    mikentx5716 orë më parë

    I always come to this channel for the facts for things like this. Juan you are the best source that we have for information. I also want to give my condolences to all the families involved. I do want to ask why is this and the other videos on this crash been demonetized? It is respectful, factual. Besides I had to sit through two commercials before this video started so someone is making money off of it.

  57. Christopher Johnson

    Christopher Johnson16 orë më parë

    Nice 👍 Job with our Mentour yesterday! Another Beautiful Day in Nevada City! Thnx! CJ

  58. Abdi Piano

    Abdi Piano16 orë më parë

    This dude is extremely suspicious. He sounds like he is accusing the pilots as terrorists. Shit happens and this incident was another shit happened. Get over with it. You didn't lose anything.

  59. Thomass Trivetti

    Thomass Trivetti16 orë më parë

    thanks Juan!

  60. Sami Sami

    Sami Sami16 orë më parë

    Juan, thank you for taking the time, and thank you for your insights. I believe whatever mystery there is about the sequence of dumbfounding events of this accident, it will be revealed almost entirely by the CVR, long before the FDR analysis is completed. My rough calculations show that he missed initiating descent, which should have commenced around OPNH. There’s some talk going around amongst the pilot community in Pakistan that the captain had been up all night, praying in observance of Laylat al-Qadr (Night of Destiny), that is observed on odd numbered nights (lunar calendar) during the final days of Ramadan. If true, he was not only sleep deprived, but he was most likely fasting as well. It’s not difficult to believe that he would have had difficulty staying awake around 2:30 PM on a southerly heading with the warm sun coming through. There is no dearth of highly intelligent and qualified people, amongst a population of 210+ million, in Pakistan, including pilots. Just look at the quality of the pilots in the PAF. Unfortunately, the civilian sector is a mess. Only those with connections get good jobs, and total idiots are promoted based on "who is your daddy". Keep up the good work Juan. You are providing great service to the oft lied to, and cheated, people of Pakistan


    LOVE HUMAN BEINGS16 orë më parë

    You did a great job in providing your analysis and opinion about this sad plane crash incident. Thanks. Take care.

  62. FluffySheep 69

    FluffySheep 6917 orë më parë

    Rolls Royce didn't test there engines for that

  63. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty17 orë më parë

    Seriously....most excellent coverage, explanation, visuals concerning this unfortunate situation 👍

  64. willyboy256

    willyboy25617 orë më parë

    Why have you been de-monitized?

  65. Gerrit Methorst

    Gerrit Methorst17 orë më parë

    A belly landing may have been less damaging, than trying to go around with damaged engines. I guess it's hard to make a split decision in that situation!

  66. catalogueservice

    catalogueservice17 orë më parë

    Excellent Analysis so far. One question i have is that is it possible to mute warning notifications/sounds in the cockpit. It's hard to digest how pilots did not know that gear was NOT down on the first approach. If its possible to mute the sounds, may be they muted warnings and missed to realize whether the gear was down!

  67. Aftab Lakho

    Aftab Lakho17 orë më parë

    It'd good video u made and media should bring and don't again lia as we Wil not travel by Pia if pilot are not investigated and they should tested again and then allow to sit in plane .

  68. phillip kalaveras

    phillip kalaveras17 orë më parë

    Each of the pilots assumed the other pilot had a real license that was earned and not purchased.

  69. Aftab Lakho

    Aftab Lakho17 orë më parë

    It was complete pilot fault I have travel with PIA and the maintenance is also major issue I thing all pilot training should checked again as killing so many innocent people it's criminal offense we must check all PIA plane an safety procedure and pilot training should be investigated by any cost . As lives of people is most important .

  70. The Flying Cyclist

    The Flying Cyclist17 orë më parë

    Nice video! Thank you. I’m thinking maybe the whole thing started because they were high and fast trying to get down? The PM said they were now “comfortable” and could continue with the approach. Either way, seems like this was unnecessary.


    BIOTERRORISM 202017 orë më parë


  72. Arctic Wanderer

    Arctic Wanderer17 orë më parë

    Great work Juan. I have always been intrigued about PIA flight 404, a Fokker F27, that was apparently lost in the Himalayas in 1989. What's your take on that? Something fishy about the official version?

  73. Larry Schweitzer

    Larry Schweitzer17 orë më parë

    I'd sure like to see AL-gos's explanation for what amounts to censorship. Far better news on this channel than all of the 24 hour "newsless" outlets.

  74. Wolf

    Wolf17 orë më parë

    Good explanation and analysis. .

  75. herrkaliyuga

    herrkaliyuga17 orë më parë

    Very restrained reporting by Juan at Blancolirio channel, especially when this begins to look like negligence by the aircrew, the likes of which are difficult to measure. Personally I am unsure if there was ever a landing gear fault. I've got an awful feeling it was never extended due to excessive airspeed on the first approach, the crew totally missed it until the engines contacted the runway & by the time it was extended on the second approach the engines were already failing. If this turns out to be true it will be an indictment on PIA for many years, which will be tragic.

  76. Dwight Barnell

    Dwight Barnell17 orë më parë

    I understand that the pilot did not have an instrument rating ....

  77. Nacho Friend

    Nacho Friend17 orë më parë

    Heart breaking for family's effected..I can't even imagin

  78. TranquilizerDJ

    TranquilizerDJ17 orë më parë

    Thank you for the analysis, we need unbiased investigations like this go be able to put pressure on our government to improve aviation safety in our country. We all know that many departments are corrupt and mismanaged so we need to find out exactly where we stand transparently. Let's call spade a spade when it comes to conclusion of this investigation and question the training and SOPs of our aviation sector. Regardless of machine failure or human error, it is still someones fault somewhere and we need to correct this to save lives in future. We have had enough of this

  79. Jewelz

    Jewelz17 orë më parë

    Canada hasnt caught a break this year. Mass shooting in NS. Canadians in Iran plane attack. Canadian plane crash in Russia... the list goes on.. :(

  80. Altaf Gohar 77

    Altaf Gohar 7717 orë më parë

    What happened

  81. Sunny D

    Sunny D17 orë më parë

    Large Buidling on left is Isphahani Hanger

  82. TranquilizerDJ

    TranquilizerDJ18 orë më parë

    Is there any responsibility on your ATC as well? Are they required to watch the planes land with a binoculars to see if the landing gears are down. Because if so then both Pilot and ATC would be at fault for allowing the plane to land without gears down at first attempt (If that is what happened). If this comes out true then we will surely see a whole structural reform of CAA CAA Pakistan and PIA.

  83. B-Thrash

    B-Thrash18 orë më parë

    This was a great update, seems they came in too hot and tried to force the landing. Next I'd like to hear the experience stats and hours of those pilots.

  84. Nuhaid Naushad

    Nuhaid Naushad18 orë më parë

    That large reference building on the left is PIA hangar sir and it's located at the far end of the airport in maintenance apron to the west, but not the building that you've marked on Google image.

  85. soliv27

    soliv2718 orë më parë

    I would like to understand why the 'windvane' was out after the scrap pass, are the hydraulic and electricity for the aircraft control powered by the main engines or the APU ? Is the APU only for light and fridge ?? Anyway if the 'windvane' (dont know the name) got out, what is the more plausible explanation ? If the damages of the engines caused not only their stop but also a drop in hydraulic/electric pressure/power, that could explain the crash. Something I don't understand neither is the fact some say the scrap pass could have been above 260kts.. Even with a false speed indicator wouldn't they have noticed that very excessive speed ?! Still an enigma to me, I don't understand all which is said here, lacks in english, excuse me. Is it possible to shut down the alarm, supposing it was annoying during the beginning of the approach, 260kts, they thought gear would finally get down, but no alarm anymore, ground without gear. Or was the computer thinking 'demo mode' ?! Indeed if the plane could bounce three times isn't it a proof he was very fast while at the normal landing speed he could maybe not have taken off the ground (spoilers). Or maybe they push the throttle before touching as they just understood the no gear pass.. If someone could summarize I would be grateful. Be safe.

  86. Courtney Cherry

    Courtney Cherry18 orë më parë

    Great coverage! Please tell me, is flint also affected and evacuated? Everyone is in my thoughts!

  87. ziggy 2shus

    ziggy 2shus18 orë më parë

    In 1986 a Pakistan PIA 747 belly landed when the pilots forgot to lower the landing gear. No injuries. Photos on Google Images.

  88. kalle wirsch

    kalle wirsch18 orë më parë

    still curious how the “they did not touch the ground on first attempt“-people explain the damage seen on the engines with birdstrikes. if you take the altitude- graph of that flight on one hand and the explanations on that vid on the other hand, everything suddenly makes sense. so whos trying to hide pilots error here? good vid, thx 4 that.

  89. Avenger69

    Avenger6918 orë më parë

    First flight 2017, 15 years ago ??

  90. agmessier

    agmessier18 orë më parë

    Slight correction on the interpretation of the logic diagram. That is an "OR" gate with airspeeds "LESS THAN" 260 knots, meaning if any of those 3 conditions are satisfied while the lever's down, the gear can lower. Also, it seems as though if the lever is left down even when above 260 kts, it will lower the gear as soon as either airspeed indicator goes below 260.

  91. Mr Human

    Mr Human18 orë më parë

    Ok. Repeating for the 3rd time. Where is the conversation between the pilot and the control tower at the time of first landing attempt. It seems to be missing from all the sources I've come across.

  92. Ryan Happy Gilmore

    Ryan Happy Gilmore18 orë më parë

    Juan that thank you for always posting accurate news.

  93. George Suchenstein

    George Suchenstein18 orë më parë

    An Airbus pilot in another video mentioned they possibly captured false glide slope. What is false glide slope?

  94. ST Havoc

    ST Havoc18 orë më parë

    The computer probable decided the wheels where not needed, The computer can override pilot commands like the first flight that landed in a forest at the end of the runway

  95. SouthPark

    SouthPark18 orë më parë

    Does the airport actually have cameras to show the footage of that particular plane when it first came onto the runway?

  96. R.P. Strange

    R.P. Strange18 orë më parë

    Who was flying this aircraft? The three stooges?

  97. rysacroft

    rysacroft18 orë më parë

    Well I am in shock here, what the hell happened? For those that died I give my condolences.

  98. Mr Human

    Mr Human18 orë më parë

    As already put forth certain queries on your analysis in your previous video, the question remains. Where's the conversation between the control tower and the pilot at the time of 1st landing attempt.

  99. Pro Offlaner

    Pro Offlaner18 orë më parë

    Can someone plz explain me in simple words what are the possibilities that wouldve happened. Did tje pilot forgot to lower the landing gear b4 the 1st go around?

  100. Genda Minoru

    Genda Minoru18 orë më parë

    Late to the party but I can help with your memory a bit on our Long Beach TwinJets. Delta commissioned us to design a derivative of the MD-88 after placing an order for 120 aircraft. That derivative turned out to be the MD-90 with its IAE V2528-D's. It was not the commercial success it should have been due to Delta's engineering dept. demands that complicated it and made it heavy. At one point they even wanted 2,000 lbs of ballast in the nose to offset the heavy pylons reverses and added systems in the tail [had to keep the aft air stairs for egress cert] In the end the VFD converters in the nose helped [DC-8 style scoops] Point is that most of the advantages over the A320/737 were sucked out of it due to weight. Not good strategy. As for American, the TWA birds they inherited were the last ~40 built MD-83's that had the best avionics with the HUD, etc. Those were good money makers. Too little too late for McDonnell Douglas.