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  1. Be1smaht

    Be1smaht3 orë më parë

    Healthcare providers YOU ARE THE REAL MVP

  2. Rebecca B.

    Rebecca B.3 orë më parë

    Same here in Colorado....people are starting to cough and sneeze nearly everywhere. One woman in the grocery store actually sneezed 3 times. The worst is yet to come....soon, the experts warn, the hospitals, garages, nursing homes, grocery stores will be flooded with this deadly killer virus. No one is safe. Ever.

  3. Allen Cohen

    Allen Cohen3 orë më parë

    No wonder you are still single. Any guy who would have seen your apartment and how you live as a pig, will, if he is smart, exit stage right, and disappear, never to be found again !!!

  4. Chef Carl Casper

    Chef Carl Casper3 orë më parë

    It’s illegal to film inside an ICU. This seems fake.... manufactured fear and propaganda.

  5. awedgoo

    awedgoo3 orë më parë

    the problem isn't that men are designing the programs ect.. its that they're idiots. there just needs to be someone competent and gender doesn't matter.


    HAN STARKILLER3 orë më parë

    Every Japanese Chicano is invited to Caresada

  7. riptorn

    riptorn3 orë më parë

    Sad for the kids of today because of the future they will have to live.

  8. Onosha Ugory

    Onosha Ugory3 orë më parë

    Oh, this is Colleen Smith, MD who participated in this paper "A Simulated Mass Casualty Incident Triage Exercise: SimWars" here What a lovely surprise! She definitely has a talent.

  9. domingowilfredjuan

    domingowilfredjuan3 orë më parë

    Why? They're expensive

  10. gaza icush freedom

    gaza icush freedom3 orë më parë

    Unity is strength africans it took the authority to take up the lady off the street when her fellow sisters and brothers walk by looking at her on the streets

  11. Be1smaht

    Be1smaht3 orë më parë

    If this doesn't make you STAY IN YOUR HOME nothing will.

  12. Malik 0

    Malik 03 orë më parë


  13. Anne Phair

    Anne Phair3 orë më parë

    Let’s see Mexico in a months time

  14. Starrytchi

    Starrytchi3 orë më parë

    The poor doctor looks like she’s about to cry.. dang..

  15. Ferdinand

    Ferdinand3 orë më parë

    This is a song I've written as an homage to Sylvia Rivera, the great trans revolutionary. Hope you like it!

  16. Shahid Hasnain

    Shahid Hasnain3 orë më parë

    Salute to all those frontline fighters against this menace

  17. 王昱

    王昱3 orë më parë

    STAY HOME!!!!

  18. Alex Yount

    Alex Yount3 orë më parë


  19. Starrytchi

    Starrytchi3 orë më parë

    Billions of people are going to end up dying.

  20. Sophie Boatman

    Sophie Boatman3 orë më parë

    I like her

  21. Charlie Chan

    Charlie Chan3 orë më parë

    It's good that people can respect each other's cultures.

  22. Rob Taylor

    Rob Taylor3 orë më parë

    Ask you governor for them... he has a stock pile waiting for when you need them.

  23. Farmhouse168

    Farmhouse1683 orë më parë

    Thank you for your honesty and taking care of the people of NY. Bless you. May you be safe along with your staff.

  24. alan murphy

    alan murphy3 orë më parë

    Where the same in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 we stand with you United States ❤️💙❤️💙

  25. Dan Griffin

    Dan Griffin3 orë më parë

    Kim should be really proud. She had a major part in the black eyed peas success. The managers learned a lesson after Kim. Its probably why Fergie was given the chance to have a more respected role in the group. I dont think the black eyed peas would been the same without her.

  26. Fer Rodriguez

    Fer Rodriguez3 orë më parë

    Bittersweet and beautiful story, thanks for sharing Kim! What focal length lens did yall use for this talking head shot???? Looks BEAUTIFUL!!

  27. Frank Moser

    Frank Moser3 orë më parë

    WHERE WERE the "bodies"? What was that slip up "unless people die"? From MY perspective NOT a SINGLE confirmed death ( or even case) amongst ANYONE else i KNOW NOR ANYONE else whom THEY KNOW in Texas,South Carolina,North Carolina,Pennsylvania and New York so SOMETHING( the numbers and FACTS) are NOT adding UP

  28. Kepler Kangroo

    Kepler Kangroo3 orë më parë

    all the best to this baby and mama

  29. pink elephants and lemonades

    pink elephants and lemonades3 orë më parë

    One good thing the coronavirus exposed is the irony of how people in power only think about what serves them when they've been elected or put there to serve the people.

  30. Guitars Cadillacs

    Guitars Cadillacs3 orë më parë

    On average, approximately 400 people die each day in NYC for a multitude of causes. At this point there have been 1218 deaths attributed to the Wuhan Virus. Over a 14 day period that averages out to be around 87 Wuhan Virus related deaths per day. I am not denying this is a very alarming number, but I am having a tough time swallowing the doom, and gloom pill this video is prescribing.

  31. Dagon Slayer

    Dagon Slayer3 orë më parë

    ...And this is why I like Warners Bros better.

  32. junckie

    junckie3 orë më parë

    Only thing we see around here is people buy up all the food and stuck in their houses I been to the hospital seemed normal March 30th 2020 idk it's supposed to be bad here but all I see is scrared people not sick

  33. Be1smaht

    Be1smaht3 orë më parë

    Germany has the lowest coronavirus percentage in the world why? 1. Germans are disciplined, intelligent, and educated. You tell them no and show them stats. They listen. 2. German Healthcare like their people is efficient and productive. 3. Germans culturally are already naturally past the curve. Angela Merkel was a chemical engineer shes innovative and bright. They elect the best leadership for their government. 4. Germans are naturally stand-offish and to themselves they listen to reason instead of emotion and can live with very little. 5. Germans who feel sick report it early .

  34. Colin McMahon

    Colin McMahon3 orë më parë

    Awww... Got mushroom soup. It's not all..Bad

  35. Thomas Rustad

    Thomas Rustad3 orë më parë

    Great video

  36. MsMysticWorld

    MsMysticWorld3 orë më parë

    The truth will prevail.

  37. Not an argument

    Not an argument3 orë më parë

    What an absolute gem of a woman. She definitely made the right choice. She is the perfect example of the fact that if you stay true to yourself and don't try to cheat life, you can only succeed and become happy, no matter the outcome.

  38. Jay Cee

    Jay Cee3 orë më parë

    Wen the rocks were falling I thought the guys were peeing on them

  39. Colin McMahon

    Colin McMahon3 orë më parë

    Make more demands! Hehe

  40. RistoTheArtist

    RistoTheArtist3 orë më parë

    Wooow gr8 story 😢

  41. Colin McMahon

    Colin McMahon3 orë më parë

    Running out of Rheesus pieces here..

  42. RL VauGHe

    RL VauGHe3 orë më parë

    ISIS rearranged spells Waffen

  43. r s

    r s3 orë më parë

    I was not taught to be polite.I was raised up by my parents and grandparents in normal way .Certainly not to be complying.I and my sister are very strong ,but we are feared by men.All of them know ,we will not take any injustice.I feel so troubled by so many women ,who are like doormat.If women were strong ,men would have to behave.But as so many women today are also so weak ,that so many men get the chance to cheat ,manipulate and misbehave.

  44. zimbotang

    zimbotang3 orë më parë

    Why is she working a job that was created for people JUST entering the workforce? (Highschool kids) You made you're own bed, it's your fault you're working at mcdonalds when you're over 25 like a loser lol.

  45. WonderAsh

    WonderAsh3 orë më parë

    I remember watching their video of the prep school a year or two ago, and while I thought it was admirable and bought it, even I was suspicious about children teaching each other the content. Especially with it being a private school that you're paying money to attend.

  46. Fhyem BAGARTHAM

    Fhyem BAGARTHAM3 orë më parë

    Just admit girls are not designed to do mens work!!!

  47. YanDaOne

    YanDaOne3 orë më parë

    Crisis? What Crisis??

  48. Mr AnimeX

    Mr AnimeX3 orë më parë

    I thought it said fastest

  49. SUN SUN

    SUN SUN3 orë më parë

    new york fake new haha

  50. Susan Dalton

    Susan Dalton3 orë më parë

    How awful just months ago New York City celebrated killing babies up to the moment of birth. The irony.

  51. nunya bisnass

    nunya bisnass3 orë më parë

    You don't have to be fast to win, unless you're training as a sprinter, then you definately muscle mass. For endurance running you just have to maintain a pace, which has to do with cardiovascular health, respiratory health, and that compes with consistent training and proper nutrition. Rest days, protein, proper sugars, dietsry fats, fruits vegitables....basically a healthy diet. If you're starving yourself, your muscles will not have the proper nutritional stores to maintain endurence. You'll be jittery, have cramps, your muscles will be weak and uncoordinated...all counter productive. Improper nutrion also affects your brain chemistry in many negative ways which also harms your athletic ability.

  52. Susan Dalton

    Susan Dalton3 orë më parë

    We found several hundred ventilators hidden in a warehouse in New York by Governor Cuomo. How incredibly awful.

  53. Elijah Tishbite

    Elijah Tishbite3 orë më parë

    This is what happens when you stand up in the New York senate and applaud your demonic abortion laws. God does exist and he has had enough. The purging has begun. This is only the beginning. You don't want God you will get the devil. You will reap what you sow. Repent and be saved.

  54. Kayla Johnson

    Kayla Johnson3 orë më parë

    im so deeply sorry you all are dealing with this. :( my heart and soul goes out to everyone effected by this in our time of 2020.

  55. Kevin Lee

    Kevin Lee3 orë më parë

    The virus has exposed how far are we from God. We claim to love him but in reality we don’t act it. Too many nations in history had to face something like this as a reminder to get closer to our creator. Peace.

  56. Wild Andes

    Wild Andes3 orë më parë


  57. زوبعة بالغربة

    زوبعة بالغربة3 orë më parë

    Ironic how Americans are the first to go on and point at 3rd world countries calling them undeveloped and backward and so on and so forth. But hey atleast we have access to our basic needs. While you can go on and practice your freedom of speech. Starving, indebt trying to pay all these tuition loans and not even sure if you could pay next month's rent in your shoe box apartment.

  58. Vivien Martin

    Vivien Martin3 orë më parë

    A lot of people are calling this young man stupid and naive but I see him as brave and a survivor of psychological indoctrination

  59. mooosafir74

    mooosafir744 orë më parë

    I will stay in NYC for two weeks and I left my info at the Elmhurst hospital volunteer office in case they need me.

  60. Partly Noob

    Partly Noob4 orë më parë

    Im somali myself, this man is soo stupid for going there.

  61. Elisa Beltran

    Elisa Beltran4 orë më parë

    It's definitely eye opening and astonishing to learn how the ropes of the music industry and how it's been affected . From creating authentic music to society's norm of living or what seems to be a character. The story is truly sad but informative.👏

  62. Crown 123

    Crown 1234 orë më parë

    God bless America From LHR PAKISTAN

  63. Uouttooo

    Uouttooo4 orë më parë

    When people start dropping like flies/bees, they will blame him for not doing something sooner! Insanity! He will probably just send everyone up north to the US when the virus finally hits.

  64. BG Low

    BG Low4 orë më parë

    Only a week later, New York had to be locked down.

  65. Sanath Chavan

    Sanath Chavan4 orë më parë

    When has CCP ever been honest ??? You gotta be beyond dumb to trust a authoritarian government would never lie !

  66. Marilyn

    Marilyn4 orë më parë

    Say what you want about him, but he put aside the politics and actively made people's health and well-being his number one priority. If anyone deserves to be president, it's Bernie.

  67. None Yun

    None Yun4 orë më parë

    Where are the patients that are COUGHING? Not buying this twat's social media

  68. Jen Robinson

    Jen Robinson4 orë më parë


  69. Jack Prieng

    Jack Prieng4 orë më parë

    I hope so

  70. A.J Alvarado

    A.J Alvarado4 orë më parë

    Man and Nike I'm gonna end this girl whole career

  71. Tiki80

    Tiki804 orë më parë

    Im in tears right now... I live in Stockholm but I have my grandpas younger brother in new york in this hospital. I just met him in new york last summer and he's the coolest grandpa anyone can have. And now he's kept with ventilation but none of his family can get any updates about him and how he is etc.. its so scary 😢 he does have loung inflammation and he is a chainsmoker as well (although we've all tried for so many years for him to quit!) Along w heart problem.. he has cheated death twice... and I pray for a miracle that he get through this and get home fine n well.. seeing this hospital getting so overwhelmed n under pressure makes my heart ache.. AMERICA should have voted for bernie!! All these deaths is on trump who treated this as a regular cold n didnt take action from the start!

  72. Daniella Making Learning Art

    Daniella Making Learning Art4 orë më parë

    I remember when Cuomo was insulting and scoffing the President and telling his New Yorkers to ignore the President and to go out, hug each other, gather....and Cuomo was, indeed, in a position to have been fully briefed about this, ahead of time, and he still said that to New Yorkers. It was reckless and dangerous advice from a guy wanting to be President.

  73. NoFear ny

    NoFear ny4 orë më parë

    Thats what the greed & hunger for the american 💵 leads to

  74. never rich Enough

    never rich Enough4 orë më parë

    They are killing us check my page for truth

  75. Jesus is my GOD

    Jesus is my GOD4 orë më parë

    .44 She is LYING, because she is ACTING! you are all going to feel really taken and stupid for trusting what your mere tb told you to be true. go up to the hospitals. There is NOTHING happening! This is to cover for other purposes. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. See the rest of news, and what is truly happening, people! WE get flu every single year. Are you seeing it for yourself outside or on a TV? WAG THE DOG movie is happening!

  76. Novak Savic

    Novak Savic4 orë më parë

    lol i noticed americans playin too much, atleast go to ​ and get urself and your family high tech masks, protect urself and stay safe.

  77. Ryan Disomangcop

    Ryan Disomangcop4 orë më parë


  78. ali

    ali4 orë më parë

    I wish this had a happier ending

  79. Viktor Knudsen

    Viktor Knudsen4 orë më parë

    Even north korea calling trump crazy😂

  80. Killjoy26

    Killjoy264 orë më parë

    Chinese lying to the world? *surprised pikachu face*

  81. Fifthcaptain

    Fifthcaptain4 orë më parë

    The need for humans to fit into "accepted" societal norms, so desperately and so pathetically. It happens in every culture. Thats why its called "culture". Are humans really all that capable of critical thinking? Or are we just herd animals, incapable of questioning preexisting traditions and norms.

  82. chopperdown911

    chopperdown9114 orë më parë


  83. teel6060

    teel60604 orë më parë

    I don't believe her. Simple as that.

  84. Da Choppah

    Da Choppah4 orë më parë

    I believe the virus walked from south of the border into the US Sanctuary Cities.

  85. Mark Rickman

    Mark Rickman4 orë më parë

    This is nothing but theater .............

  86. alex stewart

    alex stewart4 orë më parë

    My Kawasaki is made in the USA. Costs less and works better.

  87. Jon R

    Jon R4 orë më parë

    With a name like that you gotta love him. May the force be with him.

  88. Love Travel

    Love Travel4 orë më parë

    All that makeup couldn’t hide the selfish and ignorant person inside. Too much makeup.

  89. James Braun

    James Braun4 orë më parë

    I am convinced that most corporate America leaders will do anything to secure profits for the stockholders. Our government has aided and abetted this goal by taking money from corporate lobbyists. It saddens me that the conscience of these was seared long ago and so is now numb to the plight of the workers. But this isn’t new. It’s happened for generations. The only hope isn’t in a fairer government...but in a divine judgment.

  90. Jeannie Myers

    Jeannie Myers4 orë më parë

    EVERYTHING is going to be fine. Our President had this drop on his lap, he is not God people. He has done more for us and in the first place, THANK GOD he placed the BAN when he did, Pelosi and the left leaders hated that he did that, they called the RACE card again but had he not did that, this nurse may not even be able to complain as she is. PLEASE give this president a break.. We are all in this, we do NOT need this fearmongering. This virus is real, serious, what do you all gain by infiltrating MORE FEAR into a society, you in the medical field should know that added stress or stress itself is NOT HEALTHY< so why promote? That's should wake up millions. At least the President y'all hate is trying to keep things calm, more than this medical person and the left leaders and media are doing. I believe the Harvard report, and the media, they say, is hyping this out of control and the numbers and such data does NOT go along with the reality of what these people and the media are stating! You all ave the tools now, so stop with the hype, God Bless us all and God please expose tose that are totally taken this crisis and using it for political gain. In Jesus Name, I pray not but I have that gut feeling telling me it is so, Amen & Amen.

  91. Suman Malla

    Suman Malla4 orë më parë

    You can’t fix stupid!!🙅‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  92. Kuroro Luxifer

    Kuroro Luxifer4 orë më parë

    If a woman is still single at 35, it's because she wants to...a woman would have to be monstrously ugly and/or with mental illnesses for her inability to find a partner to be justified. For men it's much different..they need to have a good job and/or good looks if they expect to find a partner; all women have to do is open their legs and they'll 100% find a guy who will take care of her financially and in anything else she wants.


    EYEBALL4 orë më parë

    That was great.

  94. FattyMcButterPants

    FattyMcButterPants4 orë më parë

    So creepy that they wear those rags covering their entire face and body. Absolute monsters

  95. Mikey B

    Mikey B4 orë më parë

    the more i find out the less i know !

  96. Paul Laymon

    Paul Laymon4 orë më parë

    I’m not buying it. Where’s all the body’s? Show us the refrigeration units with all the bodies. At least in China we saw people in the hospital scrambling around. This hospital is supposedly suppose to be the one most over whelmed.

  97. Matt Sane

    Matt Sane4 orë më parë

    Hello to all you wealthy people that turned a blind eye to family and others in need of help. How does it feel to know the tables can now be turned?

  98. funkykriz21

    funkykriz214 orë më parë

    its not only NIKE and its not only tracking this is so called " professional Sports " today.... #Shame