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this is the end.

this is the end.

14 ditë më parë

The TRUTH About My Ghost Videos...
What REALLY Happened Between Us...
Thank You Kobe. RIP

Thank You Kobe. RIP

2 muaj më parë

It’s time to say goodbye...
The WORST Night Of My Life...
I took it too far this time...
  1. Zzzda bois

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    2 hypw

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    Is that ricegum

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    2 Hype has gotten so much better at basketball

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    My mom is salvadorian

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    It sounds so cringe

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    Mr bbbbbeeeeeeaaaaasssstttttttttt

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    I can't see the new video it says it's private

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    Gael MendezDitë më parë

    u and jackie should get back together cute couple right there

  10. Virginia Villafranco

    Virginia VillafrancoDitë më parë

    Who is juice world

  11. Fortnite Kid

    Fortnite KidDitë më parë

    4:14 the start of a war.

  12. Jazel Faz

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    Anthony was 19

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    Lil pump

  15. Ian Rojas

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    lol pump

  16. Anthony Bustos

    Anthony BustosDitë më parë

    At two 2:46 you can see two glowing stuff pass by the window

  17. maria ramirez

    maria ramirezDitë më parë

    Nor’s first day back, she want to go to the fair and can’t even get on one ride 😂

  18. Fernando Ibarra

    Fernando IbarraDitë më parë

    Ali is trash no cap n brawadis u really bout it pull up for a 2v2 !! At firebaugh no cap

  19. Alexis Hernandez

    Alexis HernandezDitë më parë

    Who watching this in 2020 because we are quarantined

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    Jackie your Latina I’m Latino 🇸🇻🇭🇳

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    Yo who else thought he was going to ask out jackie

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    Ali's back gonna hurt😂😂

  23. Anthony Guerrero

    Anthony GuerreroDitë më parë

    Tbh in the beginning of the video it’s going to be us after coronavirus is over

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    I love brawadis csnt wait to see this

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  26. Brittney Vandermeer

    Brittney VandermeerDitë më parë

    This house gives me the creeps omg I've never felt like this before in any "hunted video" omg I got goosebumps

  27. courtney parrish

    courtney parrishDitë më parë

    Keep it shaved

  28. Camaro Vlogs

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    Jackie caught slipping saying babe @8:23

  29. Violeta Gjonbalaj

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    2hype will kill you gose

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    AL-gos this is to much

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    I like the Bosley picture in the backround

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    Too bad you stepped up during quarantine . Because you cant link up🤦🏽‍♂️

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    Ik how your family feels my dog died last summer I fell bad for yall hopefully yall feel better 1 like for Anthony's dog r.i.p tell anthony I'm sorry for your loss😭😭😭

  36. Peyton Chandler

    Peyton ChandlerDitë më parë

    U not better than no one in 2hype except for mopi

  37. WetIcy Fortnite

    WetIcy FortniteDitë më parë

    Bro I can't even Imangine this happing to my 13 year old Australian cattle dog with only 3 legs

  38. YoBoy Madden

    YoBoy MaddenDitë më parë

    You should have my boy Rug on your team you’ll have an extra shooter that makes like 95% of his shots

  39. Allisson Gracia

    Allisson GraciaDitë më parë

    4:32 i dont like juice with chocolate

  40. HB gaming and roblox

    HB gaming and robloxDitë më parë

    my sister laughed like wtf

  41. Madden_The_Future 57

    Madden_The_Future 57Ditë më parë

    Who else is in the year 2020 and is watching this video back again? I have been watching Brian and Brawadises video for 3 years I remember watching this video when I was younger and I have grown up so much since.

  42. Gunpowder 1620

    Gunpowder 1620Ditë më parë

    Yes hurt dude 🤦🏽

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    Brawadsquad is gonna destroy 2Hype I have all of my money on Brandon’s team

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    Ah your dating look at brawadis”s insta she licked his face

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    Carter FlemingDitë më parë

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    not trendyDitë më parë

    20:47 what’s that on the roof behind him it looks like a silowet

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  61. Sid the Double low:

    Sid the Double low:Ditë më parë

    4:15 “where’s the cock I mean cake”

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    Johnuel SantanaDitë më parë

    If she was on boxing 🥊 she would have beaten everyone😂😂

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    SuperSingh2008Ditë më parë

    Y’all finna lose, 2HYPE for life bro, plus they got all good people

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    Emmanuel MangilaDitë më parë

    Lsk and jesser were young they improved,not a hater im a fan but all of them improved now

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    Benjamin GrishamDitë më parë

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    XXXTENTACLESDitë më parë

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    NELSON PINEDADitë më parë

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