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Is the Pandemic Over Yet?

Is the Pandemic Over Yet?

6 ditë më parë

Are You Busy?

Are You Busy?

13 ditë më parë

Zoom Threesome

Zoom Threesome

20 ditë më parë

Where missing puzzle pieces go


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Quarantine Panic Attack
Porn Walk In

Porn Walk In

Muaj më parë

IRL - In Real Life

IRL - In Real Life

2 muaj më parë

How to Look Cute in Quarantine
I'm in a relationship!...
I tried a cleanse...

I tried a cleanse...

4 muaj më parë

Confronting Fear... literally
Canadian snow (sketch)

Canadian snow (sketch)

5 muaj më parë

How to Change a Cellphone Plan
Send Nudes?

Send Nudes?

6 muaj më parë

How would you have done it?
This is the worst, PERIODT.
Tryna get into Heaven
Blame The Weatherman


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WE'RE HIRING (funny!)
A Song for You...

A Song for You...

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  1. Miranda McKennitt

    Miranda McKennitt2 orë më parë

    I'm high on methamphetamine right now. I "borrowed" it from the neighbour's kid who has ADHD and constant lack of cash.

  2. Jose Pablo Luna Sanchez

    Jose Pablo Luna Sanchez2 orë më parë

    Average youtuber sketch: "I can consider myself successful in AL-gos. All my friends and family are suscribed, plus some compassionate souls that saw my lame numbers and suscribed out of pity. One suscriber is one suscriber. These compassionate souls sometimes play my videos and do something else, so I can reach 4000 hours of views. I think they have contributed with like 20 minutes this year. My most viewed video has 2000 views and it took 4 months and has a copyright claim so I will not be able to monetize it. The average video has like 15 views during 2020. I am so successful now that I reached almost 2% of the required viewer time to start monetizing. That is incredible. I recall when I had 1.9% like two months ago. It is amazing how big AL-gos is. I talk to more people daily than the amount of views per day. And AL-gos works worldwide. I came to think the world is really small and flat, because I got like 5 comments in 2020 with 20 videos, and I talk to more people daily than the amount of views per day. I have done everything. I have used SEO, I have vidIQ to track best keywords, I have tried to use social networks, I asked viewers to like an suscribe. And now with 30 suscribers I can consider myself famous, but I am disappointed to know Earth was not round. I think Earth is flat, because I do not think AL-gos would try to dwarf my channel.. I just wonder how many people I could meet at the other side of this flat Earth. If I spend 60 hours in a video that has a copyright claim, may be one day I may become rich being a waiter at McDonald's."

  3. Paul V.

    Paul V.2 orë më parë

    Conspiracy theorists - the stage is yours :)

  4. English mélange

    English mélange2 orë më parë

    I love this ❤️.... I wish all doctors nurses janitors talk to people like that.. because good cop not working... So go full on bad !!!!

  5. Sean Coady

    Sean Coady2 orë më parë

    Same tbh

  6. Wilderness Excursions

    Wilderness Excursions2 orë më parë

    OMG Julie, more Lillian James please. She's awesome! You have to make her a recurring character. So naive but with a heart of gold. I know the number of views don't reflect it now, but you have to think it will eventually take off. You're just too funny for it not to. Lillian James out looking for work, love, etc in these crazy times. The possibilities are endless.

  7. Harshvardhan Shetye

    Harshvardhan Shetye2 orë më parë


  8. Karl Stone

    Karl Stone3 orë më parë

    Describing Nolke's comedy as 'brave' would come across better were I referencing some obvious physical disability, rather than just the mental thing!

  9. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy3 orë më parë

    Her legs. She couldn’t determine where to put her legs. That’s stinkin’ hilarious.

  10. Amy Jans

    Amy Jans3 orë më parë

    lol I hate it when people are so vague and it's like "I don't have a vague response"

  11. Amy Jans

    Amy Jans3 orë më parë

    "I have so much travel coming up"- laughs lol

  12. B

    B3 orë më parë

    600rh commend :D

  13. Slaven

    Slaven3 orë më parë

    Weathergirl: You know what? Blame me for your parent's divorce! Julie: ... Weathergirl: Or the fact that you've been single for the part two years Julie: HEY!!

  14. Maximum Effort

    Maximum Effort3 orë më parë

    Wonder if she drew those tatts on herself...lol

  15. Enguerrand Brusseaux

    Enguerrand Brusseaux3 orë më parë

    This is absolutely madness but I would watching at the cinema

  16. aceline9087

    aceline90873 orë më parë

    Did you create uber?was not listening did u destroy my headphone? These was quite a few and I should sue you.

  17. KJ Runia

    KJ Runia3 orë më parë

    Ha ha, well done! And throwing that ‘so, just, like, keep living your best life’ in there, while getting across the realisation she just said something, like, deep, like, profound... brilliant! So good. Everything.

  18. Dadson worldwide

    Dadson worldwide4 orë më parë

    You've changed my whole outlook on bud. Yeah umm I bet you miss out a lot. Type no one wants to let smoke. Lol

  19. aceline9087

    aceline90874 orë më parë

    Your so ugly. And dumb.drunk and easy. Anul

  20. kurtreznor

    kurtreznor4 orë më parë

    Wow, this was amazing. Going from genuine advice about being yourself to be attractive, to suggesting duct tape a stick with a donut on a string to entice someone to move. Wonderful.

  21. Gabbie Rocks

    Gabbie Rocks4 orë më parë

    Yeah I'll take it...how are you so funny?!?

  22. Ironing Board

    Ironing Board4 orë më parë

    An introduction to post pandemic planning, just incase :) 6.5mill must be a slight WTF moment but it was a good talking point back then, all them weeks/Yeears ago.

  23. Chip Vos

    Chip Vos4 orë më parë

    When you wear your bf's white shirt as a medical coat lol

  24. sami silverman

    sami silverman4 orë më parë


  25. ConsiderPhlebas

    ConsiderPhlebas4 orë më parë

    I'm doing my bit - got a bunch of fidgety people locked in my basement.

  26. Slaven

    Slaven5 orë më parë

    feet on the kitchen counter just make me anxious..

  27. rob I

    rob I5 orë më parë

    took me a minute to realize who this was and that it wasnt real - also, i love your voice

  28. Ron B P

    Ron B P5 orë më parë

    I can relate to this Video, in the last 12 month i met my gf maybe around 7 times (4 time in december due to christmas), usually i am the one to text first, she responded slowly, and thats it. sometimes she ask back but with 1 word, "you?" well, it's sad :)

  29. JoeCool

    JoeCool5 orë më parë

    the American side of you needs to be a lot more ignorantly racist, more warmongering.....shoot more children in schools, cage children at the borders.......be an alcoholic on opioids, or meth, or heroin.....carry guns to virus protests, be arrogantly stupid, know nothing about the rest of the world, eat the worst food.....to make it more realistic.....

  30. JoeCool

    JoeCool5 orë më parë

    jazz cabbage......LOL......

  31. glorious leader

    glorious leader5 orë më parë

    Not saying this is stolen, but it is worryingly like Gus Johnson's video on the exact same topic....

  32. Gabbie Rocks

    Gabbie Rocks5 orë më parë


  33. Gabbie Rocks

    Gabbie Rocks5 orë më parë

    Thank you AL-gos for recommending your channel...you're hilarious!!

  34. Robert Schiavone

    Robert Schiavone5 orë më parë

    I love you. Do you love me. No really I love you'll channel.

  35. Gabbie Rocks

    Gabbie Rocks6 orë më parë

    Ok that was adorable! What do know about big cats?...fucking hilarious!!

  36. Leigh West

    Leigh West6 orë më parë

    I've been trying to remember the name of an actor for two years. I can't recall any movie he is in as he always seems to have smaller parts. So frustrating.

  37. Matteus Under Pressure

    Matteus Under Pressure6 orë më parë

    This is so freaking awesome 😂

  38. Alexi Kaye

    Alexi Kaye6 orë më parë

    one word. Cheesecake.

  39. Matthew Snerbble

    Matthew Snerbble6 orë më parë

    Yep. And then reality sets in,...... u guys rock!

  40. Claudio Durán

    Claudio Durán6 orë më parë

    pretty cool excercises for quarentine time. I would definetly watch a new episode of... whatever this is

  41. John Lumpp

    John Lumpp6 orë më parë

    Funny, funny, funny.

  42. Artsy_Judoka

    Artsy_Judoka6 orë më parë

    Do yall not have tampons and/or pads with you 24/7? I thought we were all carrying them everywhere all the time, but maybe that's actually a weird habit I picked up from having an incredibly unreliable cycle.

  43. o m

    o m6 orë më parë

    Oh love this video, you expressed everything I think when I see long nails, especially the toilet paper secen, like why would anyone willingly do this? Oh and let's not forget all the dirt left under the nails, cause basic hand washing isn't going to clean up hat, and I don't see them girls carrying a scubbrsh with them in public toilets

  44. JoeCool

    JoeCool7 orë më parë


  45. Greeno666

    Greeno6667 orë më parë

    Spent the whole video thinking it was Zazu

  46. Jessica Morgan

    Jessica Morgan7 orë më parë

    BRAVO. Subscribed ❤️

  47. yukkimomo

    yukkimomo7 orë më parë

    How on earth can they use tampon? HOW?? With these nails my survival rate would drop to zero. Even feed myself would be a challenge or use my keys to leave the house. How they do it???

  48. Ryan Cappo

    Ryan Cappo8 orë më parë

    I have the same outfit and protective gear. And the camera too. It has come in handy over the last few months.

  49. Adan Patience

    Adan Patience8 orë më parë

    Omg, I'm cringing but I can't stop 😅😂😂 stop it

  50. BoMwarriorVlog

    BoMwarriorVlog8 orë më parë

    I'm convinced. 🤷😏

  51. Anna Norwalt

    Anna Norwalt9 orë më parë

    When you said “hey Siri” my Siri turned on haha

  52. DigitalXrisXros

    DigitalXrisXros9 orë më parë

    you wont be working. how do i afford stuff? do u take vitamins???or juice??...........🤔

  53. Jose Mendez

    Jose Mendez9 orë më parë

    What’s the point of this skit

  54. TaeLocal XO

    TaeLocal XO9 orë më parë

    me in january: the coronavirus is chinas problem me in may: well shit

  55. Sask RuffRiders

    Sask RuffRiders9 orë më parë

    Well done, girl! I’ve heard banks will call you directly when they have “unique” purchases on your credit card. From a buddy of mine... 😊

  56. jannes tiemes

    jannes tiemes9 orë më parë

    For me it's always texting at least twice in the group chat without answer until I can eventually force an answer out of a few people.

  57. Tristin Roberts

    Tristin Roberts9 orë më parë

    nightmare materials

  58. DananaBanana

    DananaBanana10 orë më parë

    that label was really relatable...

  59. Ocean Babin

    Ocean Babin10 orë më parë

    This might have been funny if a comedian did it.

  60. Simon Wilson

    Simon Wilson10 orë më parë

    You tricked yourself into cleaning your whole house for a video

  61. superbeast89

    superbeast8910 orë më parë

    Agree with keeping at risk safe and quarantined. But we must open back up. This thing has a lower mortality rate than the flu for most young and healthy people. Theres no reason for shut down anymore.

  62. Just Charlie

    Just Charlie10 orë më parë

    This is just hilarious

  63. Anton Boludo

    Anton Boludo10 orë më parë

    Toronto is closer to the Equator than it is to the North Pole.

  64. Anton Boludo

    Anton Boludo10 orë më parë

    Most Canadians do not even live in Northern latitudes. Most Canadians hate winter. Seattle and Minneapolis are both located more north than Toronto, haaaaaa! XD www.macleans.ca/society/life/canada-a-nation-of-winter-wusses/

  65. racoonzattack

    racoonzattack10 orë më parë

    1:17 I’m sorry but those celebrity portraits are uncanny!

  66. lissyemmy

    lissyemmy11 orë më parë

    Such awkward. Much hilarious.

  67. Panic!TwentyOneAvocados

    Panic!TwentyOneAvocados11 orë më parë

    I can’t even imagine what that diet must do to people’s cholesterol level and blood pressure

  68. Abraham Moya

    Abraham Moya11 orë më parë

    This is too funny and sad to see that this actually part of the world's dating culture. Just a bunch of cowards who like to look good in people's head and not be upfront

  69. Kyla Bella

    Kyla Bella12 orë më parë

    I laughed so hard the whole video 🤣🤣 the clicking reminds me of the raptors from Jurassic Park and I’m rolling 🤣

  70. Shreyas Bharadwaj

    Shreyas Bharadwaj12 orë më parë

    Why would you do this to yourself.

  71. skin e

    skin e12 orë më parë

    As a guy, just send like a somewhat revealing pic, like a tease. Wed still like that alot. Or dont at all up to you

  72. Robert

    Robert12 orë më parë

    Are you single

  73. floaty cloud

    floaty cloud12 orë më parë

    Sams a lucky guy

  74. Chrstine Zhao

    Chrstine Zhao12 orë më parë

    well this aged well🙃

  75. John Lumpp

    John Lumpp12 orë më parë

    She’s such a goof .. that’s a good thing

  76. Rene Gonzalez

    Rene Gonzalez12 orë më parë

    How did you get a hold of this stuff? Lol it’s rarer than gold lol

  77. Claudia Lopez

    Claudia Lopez12 orë më parë

    I had this video paused before watching it on one screen and watching Working Moms from Netflix on the other and when I saw Julie appeared there I was so freaking happy for her!!!!!!! She is awesome!!!! Great job!!!! So funny!, I felt like I just saw a relative in a tv show hahaha!! keep up the great work girl!!! =D

  78. Corkrey

    Corkrey12 orë më parë

    Just want I needed right now

  79. HerHealthySelf

    HerHealthySelf13 orë më parë

    Oh, but the blazer atop the hazmat suit...😂🤣 I'm dyin.

  80. nayleo20

    nayleo2013 orë më parë

    I loved the part of the vaccine 💉!!!

  81. Brian Hack

    Brian Hack13 orë më parë

    Nice turn around hahaha.

  82. Carlos Mendoza

    Carlos Mendoza13 orë më parë

    Girl, put on a helmet if you go outside. You are far, too valuable for my current lack of entertainment during these crazy times.

  83. Tom Johnson

    Tom Johnson13 orë më parë

    Some bitches don’t like men

  84. Wade Wilson

    Wade Wilson13 orë më parë

    2:44 the side hustle is legit!

  85. its Renee

    its Renee13 orë më parë

    They were actually really cute!

  86. Ben

    Ben13 orë më parë

    Feminism is bad

  87. Chrstine Zhao

    Chrstine Zhao13 orë më parë

    dying🤣🤣 this is too good

  88. KaseFiles

    KaseFiles13 orë më parë

    I wish I had a future self. Is that an essential deliverable?

  89. RealNPoetic

    RealNPoetic13 orë më parë

    Eh....Of course all the “experts” and those who swallow their verbatim word for word can appreciate this. But even though I wholeheartedly disagree with the sentiment of the doctor here, your acting in this video was fantastic!

  90. Livvy Skelton-Price

    Livvy Skelton-Price13 orë më parë

    This was so funny!

  91. Rob C

    Rob C14 orë më parë

    Not really that funny. I hope the algorithm stop bringing you up.

  92. Danéa Davis

    Danéa Davis14 orë më parë

    Jazz Cabbage

  93. Ashley Taccone

    Ashley Taccone14 orë më parë

    These are great diys tho

  94. Colm Gallagher

    Colm Gallagher14 orë më parë

    what would I know

  95. Carmen George Weddings

    Carmen George Weddings14 orë më parë


  96. Paula Shelton

    Paula Shelton14 orë më parë

    So good!!!

  97. Zer Lv

    Zer Lv14 orë më parë

    Roller Girl, is that you?

  98. Caroline Villemaire

    Caroline Villemaire14 orë më parë

    Love the CBC socks !