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If Pop Smoke was in your class
Types of Co-workers

Types of Co-workers

16 ditë më parë

If Roddy Ricch was in your class
Airpod Pro Users Be Like
If Lil Tecca was in your class
Types of DM's (ft. Julia Rose)
*Watches Gary Vaynerchuk Once*
Types of High Schools

Types of High Schools

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Types of People on Tik Tok
What your shoes say about you
Apple vs. Android users

Apple vs. Android users

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Different Types of Handshakes
Types of Basketball Players
50 Types of Annoying People
Highschoolers: Then vs. Now
If Lil Nas X was in your class
Types of People at the Airport
When your producer is trash
Types of Sneezes

Types of Sneezes

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Types of Area 51 Invaders
Types of Drunk People

Types of Drunk People

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Types of People in Drive Thrus
Drama Alert (PARODY)

Drama Alert (PARODY)

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If DaBaby was in your class 2
Types of Sports Fans

Types of Sports Fans

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Summer Expectations vs. Reality
When You Have a Hot Waitress
If DaBaby was in your class
James Charles Apology (PARODY)
Game of Thrones Fans Be Like
Types of Friends to Avoid

Types of Friends to Avoid

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Types of Crushes

Types of Crushes

10 muaj më parë

If Blueface was in your class 2
Types of People in Elevators
When you have a Hot Uber Driver
Types of People on Airplanes
If Blueface was in your class
Types of Exes

Types of Exes

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Airpod Users Be Like
  1. narutotv Minecraft

    narutotv MinecraftDitë më parë

    Wtf I said carrots

  2. __.nikkiii

    __.nikkiiiDitë më parë

    Yall needs make these videos longer 😩😂😂 even if you gotta combine

  3. Amogh Paruvelli

    Amogh ParuvelliDitë më parë

    Throwback to when lls videos actually had full classrooms

  4. Gameing With amirr

    Gameing With amirrDitë më parë

    Lol 1/6000 haha

  5. Timothy Waller

    Timothy WallerDitë më parë

    Chris brown rip pop smoke

  6. seage

    seageDitë më parë

    Y’all in Utah

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    Jr NunezDitë më parë

    Yoo release the track

  11. xd Joni

    xd JoniDitë më parë

    Are we gonna ignore it says “Eau des toilette” (toilet water on French) on the cologne in 1:16

  12. YvngXav

    YvngXavDitë më parë

    Swags brother

  13. Morning Star

    Morning StarDitë më parë

    “Rob I wanna really know.. Why were you being such a head ass”

  14. Jake LaRosa

    Jake LaRosaDitë më parë

    Bro 2:48 killed me 😂

  15. Zachs trains hockey and kinnda nascars

    Zachs trains hockey and kinnda nascarsDitë më parë

    Wait you guys vape

  16. Kookyeyes

    KookyeyesDitë më parë

    3:10 that is so me XD

  17. TortillasPizzaRoles PIZZA ROLES

    TortillasPizzaRoles PIZZA ROLESDitë më parë

    Rapper: Rapper talking: Squeak

  18. mohammed munassar

    mohammed munassarDitë më parë

    3:00 russ me you

  19. TortillasPizzaRoles PIZZA ROLES

    TortillasPizzaRoles PIZZA ROLESDitë më parë


  20. Famous Cryp

    Famous CrypDitë më parë

    Ok I think the point of the headphones is so that they don't hear the songs blasting so they don't laugh their asses off

  21. Dushy Dushy

    Dushy DushyDitë më parë

    Everybody knows ranch is fire on pizza

  22. Little taco eater

    Little taco eaterDitë më parë

    6:31 Me: eberyday on weekends

  23. Dwight Stanley

    Dwight StanleyDitë më parë

    Texas road house call out and there bread are good as heck

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    Omar SimmsDitë më parë

    With all due respect where is your hair line 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  27. Brian Goes Viral

    Brian Goes ViralDitë më parë

    It's crazy how they post this right before he died rip pop😶😔

  28. Allahu Snackbar

    Allahu SnackbarDitë më parë

    I love noahs shirt

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    big alDitë më parë

    RIP pop smoke

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    Magic Trash canDitë më parë

    I have pros

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    Taron JacksonDitë më parë

    I nutted so hard my kids are going to be bricks.

  32. Hayden Rivera

    Hayden RiveraDitë më parë

    Me:What’s your favorite thing. Friend:ssssssssssss block [email protected]@ga

  33. Naomi Anjali

    Naomi AnjaliDitë më parë

    Rob did not pass the vibe check

  34. Spencer Patterson

    Spencer PattersonDitë më parë

    Bruh if this don't get a Grammy then I'ma be pissed 🤣😂

  35. imKudaaa

    imKudaaaDitë më parë

    These mfs are the exact same lmao

  36. 刺客xygo

    刺客xygoDitë më parë


  37. Naomi Anjali

    Naomi AnjaliDitë më parë

    This is crazy...

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    Lowkey SiahDitë më parë

    Part 2 doing “life’s good” drake and future 🤦🏽‍♂️😭

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    Eythan HouseDitë më parë

    the cringy intro one had me ded

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    ZompiggyDitë më parë

    Do Eminem next

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    Jorden ArmstrongDitë më parë

    rip pop smoke

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    CoC SuDiDitë më parë

    RIP Pop Smoke

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    Noob NoobDitë më parë

    Hey What if I told you Chick fil a sucks

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    Dylan Mac GregorDitë më parë

    nAh. I didn't laugh through the entire vid, but I grinned, you didn't mention that in the title! Where's my 1 mil?

  46. one last

    one lastDitë më parë

    Your just a little bitch boy

  47. Yassin Yousif

    Yassin YousifDitë më parë

    NBA youngboy

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    RigbyTheGreatDitë më parë

    Fuck drake

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    Caleb WatsonDitë më parë

    6.09 million subs 😂

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    Ultra Mlg BrosDitë më parë

    Not a single being Me walking through the hallway: 1:09

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    Danny VLOGSDitë më parë

    Rip XXXTentacion legend

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    LouisDitë më parë


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    Alexander SchumannDitë më parë

    I bet I can trick you Read More

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    Jonathan SwindellDitë më parë

    Bro you dropped this right before he died, that is insane 🤯

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    SympyDitë më parë

    6:32 bruh that's me lmao

  57. theyoungman133 on XBOX

    theyoungman133 on XBOXDitë më parë

    R.I.P Pop Smoke

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    Joseph AnDitë më parë

    Make more rapper videos with rob being a bigger headass

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    Participant Tablet1373Ditë më parë

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    Amani's WorldDitë më parë

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    Barrett -DCTDitë më parë

    When your in a hoodie the intro should be “what’s goodie I’m in a hoodie”


    MONTRAL TRAJIKDitë më parë

    Send it so he can see it in heaven🙏🏾

  63. Liz Cal

    Liz CalDitë më parë

    Pop smoke gets to meet Kobe Bryant and God in heaven

  64. Annie Lilly

    Annie LillyDitë më parë

    I’m bisexual with phone’s I like both android and iphone

  65. Chicken Nugger

    Chicken NuggerDitë më parë

    This video is 100% white

  66. Tyrone Borden

    Tyrone BordenDitë më parë


  67. JeXeM Storm

    JeXeM StormDitë më parë

    I relate to almost all

  68. Amberly Kay

    Amberly KayDitë më parë

    He would’ve loved this!

  69. Angkor WOT?!

    Angkor WOT?!Ditë më parë

    If you wanna go hang out with a friend, ur parents gotta know them or their parents. Period.


    OZMAN YMDDitë më parë


  71. Acid rain

    Acid rainDitë më parë

    Just before he died you posted this like wuuuuut

  72. Damian Cortez

    Damian CortezDitë më parë

    If pop smoke would have been ur class dead

  73. Assasin Boi

    Assasin BoiDitë më parë

    This is why i hate women, they just never admits, well some

  74. FlashBackTM

    FlashBackTMDitë më parë

    sittin there rapping while juice wrld is sitting there suffering

  75. Bliss

    BlissDitë më parë

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    Dokkan SuperDitë më parë

    bruh her eyes gave me a heart attack

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    Marcus MitchellDitë më parë

    My guy said Drake whatttttttttttttttttttttttt

  79. Marcus Mitchell

    Marcus MitchellDitë më parë

    Yo respect light skin celebrity

  80. BL UE

    BL UEDitë më parë

    I didn't laugh, I swear

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    11_Xannon_00Ditë më parë

    Little did he know he died

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    Bobby SmurdaDitë më parë

    Too soon

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    MG MDitë më parë

    That one gay kid named Timothy

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    White moms: *sees racism article* OMG these people are idiots calling black people that! Also white moms:

  89. VIBEZ000

    VIBEZ000Ditë më parë

    I remember those days I have no racks I remember those days I have no stacks 3 dicks on me

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    Detrick HicksDitë më parë

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  100. Jonathan Webster

    Jonathan WebsterDitë më parë

    I actually only had one professor that was sort of like this. Most of the rest were pretty easy to deal with as long as they could tell you were really trying to learn the material and put the work in.