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JRE - 10 Years in Review

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JRE MMA Show #85 with Max Holloway
  1. J H

    J H20 orë më parë

    It's the same conversation every episode no more covid talk plz

  2. Q-Money

    Q-Money20 orë më parë

    Damn Joe, maybe only do half an 8 ball before the next podcast.

  3. Jvck.

    Jvck.20 orë më parë

    Immediatly, “it’s crazy how u just fuck around with ur skateboard”

  4. vbg 348

    vbg 34820 orë më parë

    Holy shit free speech warrior joe rogan is deleting comments what happened joe? Ppl don't like your leftist gay commentator?

  5. Tennille Patterson

    Tennille Patterson20 orë më parë

    So what about mono viruses? I feel like it's exactly like CMV.

  6. Nicholas Orme

    Nicholas Orme20 orë më parë

    The one does not like hurting the one.

  7. Miles Free

    Miles Free20 orë më parë

    Why does her face look EXACTLY like Meredith from The Office to me?!

  8. Krabz

    Krabz20 orë më parë

    Good job enduring this guy for 3 hours. Pakman is an insufferable propaganda shill. Talk about Trump derangement.......

  9. mrbloby15

    mrbloby1520 orë më parë

    Very good

  10. mfelce

    mfelce20 orë më parë

    Sounds like he has complained a lot to get what he wants

  11. Old Wives' Tale

    Old Wives' Tale20 orë më parë

    We have to start giving this the proper reverence it deserves, you can't just make joke after joke about the photo processor's story like this by wiping your ass on his claims, what the hell is 230 trillion miles in this day and age? I've waited longer in a Los Angeles traffic jam. Come on now, no self-respecting objective person would actually wipe their ass on Lazar's claims would they?

  12. jo hn

    jo hn20 orë më parë

    David Pakman is a definite liberal diehard, whom has a definite obsession with trying to discredit and smear Trump no matter what.

  13. Tom Duvall

    Tom Duvall20 orë më parë

    what does Joe Rogan not take or have haha

  14. MrChangCJ

    MrChangCJ20 orë më parë

    scientist, farmer, philosopher, psychologist, economist all in one. amazing!

  15. Tabor Talk

    Tabor Talk20 orë më parë

    And I applaud Joe for being fair and having the BALLS to have a progressive on. Joe Rogan is too good for you imbeciles. Go watch a Trump rally why don’t you!

  16. Nicholas Orme

    Nicholas Orme20 orë më parë

    Who needs laws when people can have guidance? You have the ability to control yourselves. You are the law. I am the one. You are the one.

  17. Gavin Lisle

    Gavin Lisle20 orë më parë

    So frustrating yeah numbers are being manipulated by your government to make you all think its safe to go out,

  18. Michael Valek

    Michael Valek20 orë më parë

    This dudes speaking straight logic.

  19. Ludomessage

    Ludomessage20 orë më parë

    They are trying so hard to impress their moral positions on none sense positions that they talk right past each other.

  20. C D

    C D20 orë më parë

    Last I checked you still need to use oil for electric cars. Except it causes more pollution when breaking down the car for scrap after an accident.

  21. Angelo Davis

    Angelo Davis20 orë më parë

    My video keeps buffering intermittently when Elon speaks....weird

  22. nyood mono

    nyood mono20 orë më parë

    What if it is your Grandmas last days and it would turn out it makes no sense to stay away from her whatsoever? Which is definitly possible. In all continental Europe the Virus did not take place, with or without lockdown: www.euromomo.eu/ Shutdown in Germany is the 3rd dotted line, AFTER the Virus was overcome naturaly already: correctiv.org/faktencheck/2020/04/24/coronavirus-ist-der-lockdown-unwirksam-die-behauptungen-ueber-die-reproduktionszahl-im-faktencheck

  23. Justin Raxter

    Justin Raxter20 orë më parë

    Did you buy the ticket

  24. Nick Stay

    Nick Stay20 orë më parë

    Out of bill gates own mouth he said he wants to control the population using vaccines I hate people who dismiss without research

  25. Gavin Lisle

    Gavin Lisle20 orë më parë

    Eddie yes there are lot of deaths for flu each year, but that is when we have a vaccine and we don't have to lock down with the flu, if we did not have a flu vaccine hundreads of thousands more would die,

  26. meanmachine08

    meanmachine0820 orë më parë

    Ozark top 5 of all time? Behave

  27. chrishenderson420

    chrishenderson42020 orë më parë

    Love how this video with some random guy has way more likes and views then that leftist partisan hack david pakman.

  28. Goldie

    Goldie20 orë më parë

    Cut the BS. You know goddamned well what "climate change denier" means. It has nothing to do with acknowledging the climate changes.

  29. Michell Rea

    Michell Rea20 orë më parë

    Alex seriously needs to lay off the coke...he is gonna have a heart attack... see that jaw grinding

  30. Bill Masters

    Bill Masters20 orë më parë

    Get Jeff Cavalier

  31. Master CC

    Master CC20 orë më parë

    Why does this video have so many dislikes?

  32. Nicholas Orme

    Nicholas Orme20 orë më parë

    Did you know why God made black people the physical best? It is because God likes to have the image of his power in man. Which is the power to destroy the universe. I am the one. You are the one.

  33. Ricardo Gomesz

    Ricardo Gomesz20 orë më parë

    I get suspect everytime i cant see joes hands like hes flipping off his guests 😂 or passing a secret message to his guest 😅😂😂

  34. Josh Ocean

    Josh Ocean20 orë më parë

    lol look at joes eyes in the beginning, hes higher than a kite lol

  35. UnofficialHaze

    UnofficialHaze20 orë më parë

    Used to have so much respect for the man. Wore dresses, heels, the whole fucking lot. Didn't matter at all, because Eddie was wicked ol fuckin Eddie. One of my all time favorite comedians, in fact. And nooooooow he calls himself transgender and claims to "feel he has boy genetics and girl genetics". I'm stunned such an intelligent man could fall into that crap trend trap. Sad, really.

  36. Outcast Havoc

    Outcast Havoc20 orë më parë

    George Washington was almost a king then he said hed rather be a President

  37. Nick Vogt

    Nick Vogt20 orë më parë

    If school was free and we had the government pay for it in full you know how much money it would take to pay off everyone's debt let alone our health care lol omg we'd be broke I think theres gotta be another way to pay or make hospital Bill's cheaper and as far as schools debt ever since government got involved the price of college has gone up to the point where it's no longer affordable. Less government more freedom, educat yourself shit use the fuckin smart device that's in your pocket at all time lol ok I'm done with my rant.

  38. Jaimeheartbeat

    Jaimeheartbeat20 orë më parë

    I was raised by a single father who most people would say is the text book image of a macho marlboro man and I could not have asked for a better parent to raise me. One of the things that always strikes me as funny when people (especially women) talk about feminism and how other women are doing it wrong is that the whole point should be the freedom to be what you want, if that is Suzy homemaker or a ball busting lawyer or just the ultimate girly girl none of those choices are wrong and men deal with the same stuff. I have no problem with a woman wearing short dresses or showing their boobs, I am more shy (and now too overweight) and don't like being the center of attention, so I avoid clothes that are attention grabbing but my sister in law pulls it off and I am proud of her for it, she looks amazing and it suits her personality. It should be about what makes you feel good.

  39. Kelli Van Bonn

    Kelli Van Bonn20 orë më parë

    Immigrant here, I believe in border security. Uh oh immigrant who believes in legal immigration, uhhhhhhhhhhh cognitive dissonance.

  40. Ttruckk

    Ttruckk20 orë më parë

    Adam ruins everything... including his credibility.

  41. Matthew Deane

    Matthew Deane20 orë më parë

    Get Jo Jorgensen the Libertarian Party candidate on your show!

  42. Cody Bradley

    Cody Bradley20 orë më parë

    Dave is such a shmuck, my goodness

  43. Robert Evans

    Robert Evans20 orë më parë


  44. Eric Harris

    Eric Harris20 orë më parë

    This Vijayjay lady is the worst

  45. Matthew Deane

    Matthew Deane20 orë më parë

    Get Jo Jorgensen the Libertarian 2020 candidate on your show !

  46. Mertin

    Mertin20 orë më parë


  47. Adrian Johnson

    Adrian Johnson20 orë më parë

    Dude prepared for joe lol

  48. Ewan Cook

    Ewan Cook20 orë më parë

    why 10k dislikes?

  49. Robert Smith

    Robert Smith20 orë më parë

    Factory farms bring disease ,enjoy your cheap burger .

  50. Tabor Talk

    Tabor Talk20 orë më parë

    10k dislikes???? What a bunch of BS - you guys are M*RONS. You people deserve Trump. Without question, David was one of Joe’s most intelligent guests EVER! Whether you agree with him or not you can’t deny that.

  51. James T

    James T20 orë më parë

    Interesting to note that the episodes with this guy as a guest have pretty much the lowest viewing figures of all Rogan’s podcasts. Wonder if it is because in real life this Gad Saad fellow is a major twitter troll. I mean have you seen the bile and hatred this guy spews out on twitter? It is shocking and he’s a professor.

  52. Bill VanDusen

    Bill VanDusen20 orë më parë

    Joe thank you so much for exposing your audience to this great man!

  53. Beat Makers

    Beat Makers20 orë më parë

    This mans info is amazing

  54. ekome

    ekome20 orë më parë

    BIDEN IS NOT CLOSER TO BERNIE THAN TRUMP, THAT IS THE FAKE NEWS. Dems are scary corporatist right now. The social libertarian right and populist left are so close together on social and economic beliefs right now, its crazy. The DNC is squeezing out the last drops of the boomer dems while the youth vacate the party.

  55. Joey van Tienen

    Joey van Tienen20 orë më parë

    With Mike Tyson hitting the pads with Rafaël Cordeiro, I wonder if he trains S&C with Nick. Imagine Mike, even at 53,, having explosive cardio for the later rounds ...

  56. emcee lama hawk then

    emcee lama hawk then20 orë më parë

    AL-gos unsubbing me from some of my favorite channels Here and wim hof

  57. César Portugal

    César Portugal20 orë më parë

    jOE is a good host because he make questions that he already know the answer but he knows that he gone get a good response from that guest and he helps the guest making expressions and sounds of a guy that is surprised with the answer and that he is learning something .... like the question about the "if there are a window in Space Station ?" , cause he knew for sure that they have put a big cupula in the Space Station to give the Astronauts a fantastic view of Earth . But even knowing that , Joe was saying " wau... ha he ehehehe ehe , wau" fantastic, amazing etc..

  58. Humberto Saltynut

    Humberto Saltynut20 orë më parë

    Put him and Ari Shaffir next to eachother and tell me they aren't twins lol

  59. Rod Pasichnyk

    Rod Pasichnyk20 orë më parë

    Update EVERYTHING in the world, but how you're governed, going by 300 year old rules, like WTF, really? Rules GOTTA change, to the times!

  60. Dr. Dude

    Dr. Dude20 orë më parë

    I dont think the # of views is accurate?

  61. Gerry Hayes

    Gerry Hayes20 orë më parë

    Joe Rogan: HEY WAIT, have you ever tried DMT?? Joe Rogans headset cord: please help me.

  62. marco grecco

    marco grecco20 orë më parë

    JP Especial!

  63. Wicked King Wicker

    Wicked King Wicker20 orë më parë

    Sharp mind. To bad it falls on deaf ears

  64. Lukas Dewitt

    Lukas Dewitt20 orë më parë

    I like this guy

  65. Sergey Brin

    Sergey Brin20 orë më parë

    "Different adjectives, different words have different meanings" 😂

  66. d d

    d d20 orë më parë

    Are marijuana withdrawals really rare? I e had them before and know people who have as well. I don’t see it as some crackhead thing tho. Just ur body doing it’s job lol

  67. zorfino

    zorfino20 orë më parë

    20 minutes in and I already hate this guy.

  68. Jeremiah Gabbard

    Jeremiah Gabbard20 orë më parë


  69. c g

    c g20 orë më parë

    the whole vibe i get from callen is i'm mad cause my life is inconvienced. i think he likes to pout about things a lot and rationalizes it however he sees fit. not saying he is right or wrong but i think he's pretty whiny when it doesn't go his way.

  70. Kali Kali

    Kali Kali20 orë më parë

    I don't live in fear of coronavirus. I don't need the added stress.

  71. Hellcore Fire

    Hellcore Fire20 orë më parë

    Joel "farmer jokes" Salatin.

  72. Scott Martain

    Scott Martain20 orë më parë

    Yeah, but how many belgiuns just fukt those chickens.

  73. Omar Moheedin

    Omar Moheedin20 orë më parë

    eddie bravo is so funny i love him

  74. mookiecy

    mookiecy20 orë më parë

    Give me some of that f****** cow water

  75. Larrypint

    Larrypint20 orë më parë

    41:30 Tesla needs a solar roof

  76. TheSeanpatrickobrien

    TheSeanpatrickobrien20 orë më parë

    So much bro love ❤️❤️

  77. Claire McKee

    Claire McKee20 orë më parë

    Yes, quarantine the old, vulnerable and sick, the rest of us need a world to work in.

  78. Gavin Lisle

    Gavin Lisle20 orë më parë

    Can't surpressed freedoms think native Americans might disagree, and yes death had underlying issues but your ignoring the point, they would still be alive if not for covid, what good is money if no ones around to spend it, when the government surpressed scientist and doctors via the medium of you tube, how do you not see this is all about power and money not human life

  79. wildcatter63

    wildcatter6320 orë më parë

    BTW; Pull up what the Federal Reserve Assets are. THEN look at HOW they are being VALUED!?!?!? WE have PLENTY of $$$$, that WE HAVE ALREADY BEEN PAYING FOR, to help our CITIZENS make it through this ALIVE and restart their lives.

  80. Riley Echard

    Riley Echard20 orë më parë

    I love when Peter laughs in his face when Joe makes a dumb argument lmao

  81. Goose

    Goose20 orë më parë

    duncan listening to joe throughout the whole podcast with a wtf look on his face lmao

  82. Paul W

    Paul W20 orë më parë

    Is Joe gonna be strictly spotify audio...no more video?

  83. Gallowglass

    Gallowglass20 orë më parë

    BBQ is Mediterranean. What do you call shish kebab? :P

  84. Angeloff666

    Angeloff66620 orë më parë

    Eddie "Flat Brain" Bravo

  85. Students for Our Revolution

    Students for Our Revolution20 orë më parë

    Andrew Yang For Sec. of Commerce 2020 & President 2024

  86. godofdun

    godofdun20 orë më parë

    Love pakman, have on michael brooks or Sam Seder!

  87. Mark Alden

    Mark Alden20 orë më parë

    Im new to this discussion but, electric cars still use fossil fuel. The carbon fuel smoke is still blowing into the air, at the power station instead of out your exhaust pipe. Joe says its such a leap but I don't see it as being any different. Im sure the cars are cool and modern but essentially, your still burning dinosaurs.

  88. NelphieTV

    NelphieTV20 orë më parë

    ye maybe a mice doesn't make that much of a difference in starcraft 2, but if you swapped my keyboard with those 250apm, we gonna have a big problem. microdose acid + playing zerg in master league vs trolling around in csgo mm 64 tick facing 200ping ruski's or having them on your team. that's the biggest difference between those games. it's also funny how im stuck in silver league in league of legends after 12 years of playing, when I almost hit grandmaster after a year in starcraft, can't wait for the day we get a new balanced 1v1 game in the e sport again.

  89. Roberto Vargas

    Roberto Vargas20 orë më parë

    The man the myth the legend. Polyface y que. The Ted Williams of small farming.

  90. Lance

    Lance20 orë më parë

    9ball is like checkers and 8ball is like chess. 8ball is harder than 9ball. 8ball has more balls on the table to shoot around. Yes 9 you go in order but there only 9 balls on the table compared to 15. And you cant combo the 8 ball before you shoot in your stripes or solids. 8 ball has to be the last ball you shoot. 9 ball is a practice game. Try moving the cue with almost double the ball on the table, its alot harder. Not hating just saying.

  91. Japes

    Japes20 orë më parë

    unwatchable , sorry Joe

  92. pharaohosam

    pharaohosam20 orë më parë

    fastest, coolest 2 hours ever

  93. MrChill156

    MrChill15620 orë më parë

    I think Joe is like this because he can’t do standup right now. I’ve never seen him be so opinionated about such bullshit so prolifically at this level.

  94. MrBibi86

    MrBibi8620 orë më parë

    *waiting for Jackass 4!!*

  95. Jamie Ingels

    Jamie Ingels20 orë më parë

    Joe, can you pretty please have Graham back on soon so we can get an update on the LIDAR results? 🙏🙏🙏 And Randall Carlson too.... so he can show us all the slides??🙏🙏🙏🙏

  96. TwoGun Tommy

    TwoGun Tommy20 orë më parë

    Imagine still trying to say trump will appoint someone to the Supreme Court to overturn roe v wade , it’s the same shit they said about kavanaugh

  97. christine wilde

    christine wilde20 orë më parë

    I can't believe that this "Doctor" doesn't know if there have been investigations on vit d levels. Of course there has. Anyone who doesn't live outdoors in the sunshine needs to supplement vit d. Any one with dark skin needs more if they are not in their family's home country. Europeans need lots of vit d. I live in the UK. I take 5000 international unit daily. I was found to have low levels and the start of osteoporosis.

  98. Clementine *Daniels

    Clementine *Daniels20 orë më parë

    Kids are so fucking mean , it’s insane. I dealt with a ton of bullying when I was a kid/teen, bc I was always really thin/lanky, graduated at like 145 pounds. I hated school, had awful grades bc I couldn’t concentrate. I was only good with music, as I started playing guitar/singing in 7th grade. I had 1 major bully, and then it had become 3. I’m thankful for some of the older guys I was cool with , who would step in and back the particular bullying kids who were a grade, then 2 grades above me. I did get cornered one day , and just got dropped for no reason, as this dude just kept kicking me. It sucked, not so much bc of the physical pain of being kicked, but because tears were just streaming down my face, instantly. This asshole who was just kicking me on the ground, saw that I was really fucked up upset, and as I got up and walked away, he started pleading “I’m 18, don’t call the cops”, and all I could get out was “go fuck yourself”. I had figured it had stopped after that, but the main bully I had , towards the end of the school year, had grabbed a Snapple out of my hand as I was walking out of a pizza place, and was like “thanks”, and I finally just lost it and wouldn’t step down, and his friends held him back, as he was screaming that he was gonna kick my ass, as I still stood there saying “I’m waiting”, because this shit went on since 3rd grade. It was finally over, and my entire Senior year was fine, but I found myself seeing smaller kids being bullied, and would always try and get in the middle of it, because I know how awful that feeling is, worrying, every single day about one person constantly bothering you, mocking you, making your life miserable for absolutely no reason. I now have a 15 yr old daughter and 13 year old son, and had dealt with having to go speak with the principal back when my son was in 3rd and 4th grade, being upset from being bullied by a kid. All the anti-bullying things that they have in place, where students have to attend multiple times a year, all the posters, strict policies , zero tolerance they claim they have, it still happens. My son had said he tried telling a teacher, and nothing. My daughter seems to deal more with other girls her age doing stuff on the social media platforms that they’re all on. My son, luckily hasn’t had any issues, but since he was very young, I’ve tried to teach him over and over to be kind to everyone, and if someone gives him a problem verbally, to say something back, and if someone touches him physically, to crack them in the face, but to never, ever hit some one first. Always stand up for yourself though, because I wish I would have. Those memories tortured me for a long time, but about 18 years ago, when I was 22 I had heard that the dude who had bullied me all throughout school , started with a guy at a bar, and got the shit kicked out of him, for the first time in his life , I guess. I saw him at my wife’s High School reunion , where he was kicked out of the bar/pub venue for really no reason, and didn’t have any way of getting home. I ended up offering him a ride, and as he got out , when I was pulling up to his place. He said “I’m really sorry I was such an asshole to you all those years”. Being young and dealing with bullies absolutely sucks, and Justin’s story is absolutely heartbreaking. I wish I could believe things have gotten better nowadays, but they definitely haven’t.

  99. Demetrius J

    Demetrius J20 orë më parë

    Joe Rogan: what’s are the laws down in Atlanta? Duval: Shit idk 😭😂

  100. David Miller

    David Miller20 orë më parë

    FFFUUUCCCKKKIIINNNGGG SLAYER were drunks, not tweakers guys!!! RIP Slayer!