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4 Weird Ways To Peel An Egg
Peel and Eat Shrimp Race

Peel and Eat Shrimp Race

5 ditë më parë

Dragon Fruit Snack Taste Test
Boxed Wine Taste Test

Boxed Wine Taste Test

13 ditë më parë

The Nerds Chopsticks Challenge
We Carve Peanut Butter Sculptures
Guess What We Just Smashed (GAME)
Making 13-Year-Old Mac And Cheese
Am I The A-Hole? (GAME)

Am I The A-Hole? (GAME)

24 ditë më parë

Can You Pass This Memory Test?
The Jello Puzzle Challenge

The Jello Puzzle Challenge

26 ditë më parë

Pickle Soup Taste Test
The Hamster Challenge

The Hamster Challenge

Muaj më parë

Guess That Car Part (GAME)
Talk Like Yoda Challenge

Talk Like Yoda Challenge

2 muaj më parë

Acai Berry Product Taste Test
Human Dishwasher Challenge
Blind Flavored Water Taste Test
Testing The Orbeez Spa

Testing The Orbeez Spa

3 muaj më parë

Ice Cream Ramen Taste Test
Let's Play: Affected: The Manor
REAL Pumpkin Pie Taste Test
Weird Chip Combos Taste Test
Why Are We Screaming? (GAME)
Guess What's In My Hair (GAME)
Crushed Candy Taste Test

Crushed Candy Taste Test

4 muaj më parë

Still Frozen Pizza Taste Test
Unboxing 16 Mystery Boxes
Guess The Pirate Slang (GAME)
Let's Play: Super Mario Maker 2
Crazy Good Luck Charms (GAME)
  1. Rabbit FunWorld

    Rabbit FunWorldDitë më parë

    I know what product she's talking about - the one you can put eggs in an egg-shaped device and microwave it. My mom has it. I used to use it all the time.

  2. serious Squad

    serious SquadDitë më parë

    How it's this on trending??

  3. Jesus Price

    Jesus PriceDitë më parë

    Green yoke means that you're starting to burn (overcook) the egg.

  4. mary Goodrich

    mary GoodrichDitë më parë

    Sorry no cheese on pies I prefer chocolate ice cream

  5. jambalie

    jambalieDitë më parë

    They should've used jars with lids rather than glasses. I've used this method many times making deviled eggs

  6. Becca Hanley

    Becca HanleyDitë më parë

    I feel like those eggs weren't placed in ice water fast enough after being boild or the layer in between the egg and shell wouldn't have stuck so badly .

  7. G.I. Jesse

    G.I. JesseDitë më parë

    Billy: Rhett and Link, what are you doing with my chocolate dipped pickles?

  8. Arieh Jacobson

    Arieh JacobsonDitë më parë

    1:54 Wow! Sick covfefe reference. With the rate news cycles go these days that felt like it came from another planet!

  9. Caleb Lim

    Caleb LimDitë më parë

    J O H N M A Y E R

  10. Kye Payette

    Kye PayetteDitë më parë

    I looked it up

  11. Makenzie Wilson

    Makenzie WilsonDitë më parë


  12. best wishes

    best wishesDitë më parë

    Chicklet's 20 year olds are blind!

  13. Nat Cat

    Nat CatDitë më parë

    Rhett really got the number but backwards wow

  14. Marvel VS DC

    Marvel VS DCDitë më parë

    The Cheetah is the fasted land animals I thought...

  15. Gary Brown Forging On

    Gary Brown Forging OnDitë më parë

    As a boomer and a Facebooker.... I was still motivated. LOL

  16. Bethany Brown

    Bethany BrownDitë më parë

    Hey guys

  17. Springlight Playz

    Springlight PlayzDitë më parë

    Bruh is this what life’s become🤦🏻‍♀️

  18. bob nguyen

    bob nguyenDitë më parë

    I use the 10 minute rule. Boil the eggs in salt water on a medium-low heat for 7 minutes (or just enough to have the eggs dance in the water). After the 7 minutes are up, flash it in an ice cold bath for 3 minutes. This technique is commonly used for ramen eggs.

  19. Senza gaming

    Senza gamingDitë më parë

    That Felix guylooks really good he should start a AL-gos channel

  20. handmaidmd

    handmaidmdDitë më parë

    Pickled boiled eggs. Mmm!!!

  21. Victor Creed

    Victor CreedDitë më parë

    Can't remember the last time I laughed so hard at a gmm.

  22. Dyslexic Boba

    Dyslexic BobaDitë më parë

    Those eggs are super over’ll be impossible to peel

  23. Scott Heinrich 5

    Scott Heinrich 5Ditë më parë

    if I win don't wash my cup :)

  24. Krystal Reid

    Krystal ReidDitë më parë

    Please show to Jim haha!

  25. Kazutoification

    KazutoificationDitë më parë

    11:17 I laughed so hard at Link.

  26. Ervin Tester

    Ervin TesterDitë më parë

    I have blown eggs like that

  27. Wyatt S

    Wyatt SDitë më parë


  28. Jennifer

    JenniferDitë më parë

    I just read you left the faith. I pray that you will repent and return. You two are so funny and you can still be both. Easily.

  29. Kensie Kirby

    Kensie KirbyDitë më parë

    I have a chinchilla

  30. Jariin Ostrander

    Jariin OstranderDitë më parë


  31. Ben Jones

    Ben JonesDitë më parë

    Rhett's guess of 746 was a near hit; got the numbers correct... just backwards.

  32. Catharine Armstrong-Larock

    Catharine Armstrong-LarockDitë më parë

    Well now I am boiling eggs! Thanks for that

  33. Sarah V

    Sarah VDitë më parë


  34. Celina Galnares

    Celina GalnaresDitë më parë

    9:10 link fully over egg talk just wanting to finish the end of the episode

  35. Trevor McClung

    Trevor McClungDitë më parë

    The roller coaster of emotions Rhett went through when learning about the egg gadget is wonderful.

  36. Dakota Mcgowen

    Dakota McgowenDitë më parë

    Are they okay?

  37. ariel dawson

    ariel dawsonDitë më parë

    Link blowing on the egg made me actual cry laughing!!!

  38. Ana Mery

    Ana MeryDitë më parë

    I love how they had a piece of cardboard! Hahaha

  39. 10,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge

    10,000 Subscribers With no Videos ChallengeDitë më parë

    Mom: "What are you watching?" Me: "Nothing, just two grown men struggle to peel hard boiled eggs" Mom: Stanley from the Office face

  40. kermit the pog

    kermit the pogDitë më parë

    It's pronounced like close as in near, not close as in shut :)

  41. Karen Hebert

    Karen HebertDitë më parë

    Yay Saint John,NB... I'm from there too!

  42. Catharine Armstrong-Larock

    Catharine Armstrong-LarockDitë më parë

    Mirror meet boomers lol

  43. Zayla Ham

    Zayla HamDitë më parë

    Me: Gets on Trending to see what's up. Trending: 4 weird ways to peel an Egg.

  44. FriendofHobo

    FriendofHoboDitë më parë

    Boiling the water then putting the eggs in makes all the difference for shelling. I used to put the water and eggs on together and they never peeled well.

  45. lovethemusiclol

    lovethemusiclolDitë më parë

    As someone who has worked in the egg industry for over 30 years. Your egg are too fresh that is why it is so hard to peel.

  46. The Jack of Realms

    The Jack of RealmsDitë më parë

    wait. wait. wtf is on josh's face?

  47. V M

    V MDitë më parë

    Sickest content bro

  48. Ajme Jay

    Ajme JayDitë më parë

    *Weird ways to peel an egg* Some people: What- people peel eggs? *Asians:* Yeah dude, you dont?

  49. 10,000 Subscribers With 1 Video Challenge

    10,000 Subscribers With 1 Video ChallengeDitë më parë

    Mom: "What are you watching?" Me: "Nothing, just two grown men struggle to peel hard boiled eggs" Mom: Stanley from the Office face

  50. A Rose By Design

    A Rose By DesignDitë më parë

    you put the eggs directly into cold water instead of letting them sit after boiling

  51. Ian Keary

    Ian KearyDitë më parë


  52. mamarayray85

    mamarayray85Ditë më parë

    Please play telestrations on a good mythical more!!!!

  53. Katherine Halling

    Katherine HallingDitë më parë

    An egg is also considered a single cell.

  54. ariel dawson

    ariel dawsonDitë më parë

    This was comedy gold!

  55. obnoxious_mermaid

    obnoxious_mermaidDitë më parë

    Ben: writes number 647 Rhett: says number backwards 746 Me: 😯

  56. bobbycone2

    bobbycone2Ditë më parë

    They barely care about what the wheel tells them to do anymore, unless it's the 10 word story.

  57. Zoe Starshine

    Zoe StarshineDitë më parë

    Are we just not gonna talk abt how fine Trevor is?? Aight....

  58. R0ck3tPuppy

    R0ck3tPuppyDitë më parë

    Hey, I'm in that Facebook group!!

  59. Itzaira Carrera

    Itzaira CarreraDitë më parë

    This is the weirdest episode ever especially when they gave themselves orboobz

  60. Itzaira Carrera

    Itzaira CarreraDitë më parë

    This is the weirdest episode ever

  61. Tony Borda

    Tony BordaDitë më parë

    I feel like they've done the egg blowing thing before...

  62. Amy Throop

    Amy ThroopDitë më parë

    It’s ok, boomer.

  63. Neil Kushner

    Neil KushnerDitë më parë

    what's the 'boomers' reference? just asking, dude

  64. Savantir 07

    Savantir 07Ditë më parë


  65. Bennett Hasty

    Bennett HastyDitë më parë

    Ugh someone cut Rhetts hair 😂

  66. Adrian Firewalker

    Adrian FirewalkerDitë më parë

    The "imperfections" are caused by Yolk Farts

  67. Chris Guerrero

    Chris GuerreroDitë më parë

    Green eggs

  68. LisaDavisMusic

    LisaDavisMusicDitë më parë

    I would love to see "Rhett & Link Muppets " added to the cast of the original muppet family. Miss Piggy would LOVE Just a mythical thought!

  69. Nat Cat

    Nat CatDitë më parë

    I just noticed their mugs say "fried for safety" lol

  70. Asexual Alien

    Asexual AlienDitë më parë


  71. Samantha Shanks

    Samantha ShanksDitë më parë

    746 inverted is what.......

  72. mistycrom

    mistycromDitë më parë

    "I was dressed up as sonic for the entire movie' What he meant by that was that he wore nothing but running shoes and gloves.

  73. Jessica H

    Jessica HDitë më parë

    The best way to get a good peel on an egg is bring your water to a boil first then put your eggs into it with a slotted spoon slowly. Then cook as usually. Seriously! This works!

  74. DaveStudio illustration animation

    DaveStudio illustration animationDitë më parë

    Rhett, that technique is french and it's called "Œuf à la coque".

  75. bluefox99887

    bluefox99887Ditë më parë

    When Rhett guesses the number at the end, but just backwards.

  76. Sierra Miller

    Sierra MillerDitë më parë

    Anyone else blown away when Rhett said the number 746 when the number was 647. I just thought it was kind of cool.

  77. Thamometer

    ThamometerDitë më parë

    Rhett was talking about onsen eggs (hot spring eggs), the style they usually do for eggs in a Ramen.

  78. bluefox99887

    bluefox99887Ditë më parë

    You guys have such great energy together! Ben is hilarious!

  79. DaveStudio illustration animation

    DaveStudio illustration animationDitë më parë

    Spoon technique: my mother use this one since the 70's.

  80. ZAIN Mohammad

    ZAIN MohammadDitë më parë

    I thought this was how to break an egg because i need this

  81. My name Is Long

    My name Is LongDitë më parë

    The person who told them to blow the egg was clearly just messing with em

  82. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa NiDitë më parë

    This looks so fun?

  83. Kristina Glasgow

    Kristina GlasgowDitë më parë

    Rhett looks handsome in that hat.

  84. Elyssa L

    Elyssa LDitë më parë

    Are we all going to gloss over the fact that Rhett guessed 746, when 647 was the answer? Like he got it, just backwards?

  85. 77dris

    77drisDitë më parë

    An immigrant from Toronto is about as far from a real Canadian that you can get.

  86. Khimaera

    KhimaeraDitë më parë

    Those eggs are so over hardboiled they hurt my heart :( They shouldn't be green on the outside

  87. UncleDadProductions

    UncleDadProductionsDitë më parë

    I do the cup thing but without the water in it. I just swirl it around like a tornado.

  88. jimgilliam

    jimgilliamDitë më parë

    Link is a moron, but a funny one! just blow on it!!!

  89. Nestor Ortega

    Nestor OrtegaDitë më parë

    Rhett give u a break i give u a break of a kit kat lol

  90. Haydonarker

    HaydonarkerDitë më parë

    The eggs come from the cloaca not the anus!

  91. M & M

    M & MDitë më parë

    5:56 if you want a laugh 😂😂😂😂

  92. Bethany Platt

    Bethany PlattDitë më parë

    To keep the yolk from turning green, I immediately put them in cold water to stop them from continuing to cook, and then they go right in the fridge.

  93. Orie

    OrieDitë më parë

    if your using facebook you are a boomer

  94. Neekie Nail'd It

    Neekie Nail'd ItDitë më parë

    It changes colors that means it's over cooked

  95. ArmoredCricket

    ArmoredCricketDitë më parë

    You know you guys are slowly building your own network right?

  96. Adam Ike

    Adam IkeDitë më parë

    mark ass brownie

  97. N3TBUG

    N3TBUGDitë më parë

    I'm just waiting for tomorrow's vlog.

  98. Chloe Evans

    Chloe EvansDitë më parë

    Dippy egg and soldiers 😂 it’s the best!

  99. Daphne Loose

    Daphne LooseDitë më parë

    Rhett and Link were making farting noises while blowing on eggs!! LOL.

  100. Ann Margarette Sambilay

    Ann Margarette SambilayDitë më parë

    It really doesn't look like a fake one 🤣. I think Buco is the one that Link got in Thailand.