Why I got engaged at 19

wow girlypops. Was not expecting to post this video but...here is why I got engaged at 19!!! I'm a fiancée now!
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  1. k

    k21 minutë më parë

    YESSSSSS WHEN SHE SAID “ we’re waiting till marriage” !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Shelby Miller

    Shelby Miller59 minuta më parë

    Omg I have been here so long I can’t believe that this is happening I’m so happy for y’all I’m in shock I love y’all ❤️

  3. Shannon Asuncion

    Shannon AsuncionOrë më parë

    Don’t listen to them. If it makes u happy, then ur happy. I got engaged at 19 and got married less than a month after He proposed to me & it’s been 3 amazing years already 👌🏽💗🍾congrats To your new chapter!!

  4. Hannah Le Fondre

    Hannah Le FondreOrë më parë

    Me and my boyfriend have been the exact same. He''s a Christian and I'm working towards being one so marriage has always been the end goal! So lovely to see someone who is the same, people don't usually understand

  5. Niamh Elizabeth

    Niamh ElizabethOrë më parë

    It’s fine to get engaged young and fine to get engaged at 30, I follow lots of people who got married young like Jaci Marie Smith, Aspyn Ovard.. I support u 100%!

  6. phineas dineas

    phineas dineasOrë më parë


  7. Marija Vidic

    Marija Vidic2 orë më parë

    This is kinda sad...

  8. andreasoledad

    andreasoledad2 orë më parë

    Noticing a majority of Christian couples that wait till marriage are getting married late teens / early twenties 🤔🤔

  9. Seli Holland

    Seli Holland2 orë më parë

    Me when reading a hate comment: bleh bleh bleeeeeeeeh

  10. JobiWobi Games

    JobiWobi Games2 orë më parë

    Don’t let the hater hate. These two are great together, congratulations.

  11. chicken nugget

    chicken nugget3 orë më parë

    i feel like it’s too good to be true

  12. Karen Santos

    Karen Santos3 orë më parë

    Girl I'm already planning on moving in with my partner. I JUST graduated high school. We already have our life plans

  13. Jennifer Ring

    Jennifer Ring4 orë më parë

    Why would he marry someone just for sex? When there are people who will put out the first night of knowing them

  14. Jennifer Ring

    Jennifer Ring4 orë më parë

    She can do whatever she wants as long as she's happy let her be

  15. Sara

    Sara4 orë më parë

    ALL I could see was the dark fuzz on the shirt

  16. totoro xx

    totoro xx4 orë më parë

    you do you 😊

  17. lexi rose reese

    lexi rose reese4 orë më parë

    no sex is impressive as fuck lmao like fr

  18. Cheezits ;0

    Cheezits ;05 orë më parë

    I think you are ready to get married, you are very serious and mature for your age. Some people at your age are too young, they just aren’t ready and that’s ok :)

  19. Mandie Hankinson

    Mandie Hankinson5 orë më parë

    Trust me girl the sex will blow your mind lol

  20. _ winnow

    _ winnow6 orë më parë

    i'm 18 while my mom's 42 (she married at 19) and my older bro's 19. now her friends are jealous of her cause they bitchy 7-8 year olds to take care of, some whine cause they still don't have husbands while my mom looks young, fresh, not a wrinkle in sight and let's me drink and try smoking and go to parties (even drinks with me herself), gives me real life and love advice, and is honestly one of my best friends. now i've applied to college with an academic scholarship for pre med, all because my mom was able to support me in my hardest times. every person has a different paces on how they want to live their lives. getting married doesn't make her less of a person

  21. Ruby Lewis

    Ruby Lewis6 orë më parë

    Bro.. just fuck him and don't get married...thats the reason your getting married right?

  22. Nadya Becerra

    Nadya Becerra6 orë më parë

    Hey my dance couch got married at 17

  23. Chelsey Abbott

    Chelsey Abbott6 orë më parë

    I'm not angry, I'm just shocked. I was away for a few weeks, didn't watch any videos, didn't keep up with anything,and suddenly you're engaged. I clearly missed a lottttt

  24. Kristen Cromwell

    Kristen Cromwell6 orë më parë

    I am sorry that you feel like you have to defend your life choices to people online. I know you will make the decisions that will make you happy. For true Girly pops thats all we want from you. To live a life that makes you happy. Congrats on the engagement!!!

  25. Karis Lorraine

    Karis Lorraine6 orë më parë

    So happy for y’all 🥺💗

  26. grace nettleton

    grace nettleton7 orë më parë

    why r all the comments on ur posts limieted

  27. mary strunk

    mary strunk7 orë më parë

    Haley: 19, engaged, financially stable Me: 23, still don’t know what to do with my life

  28. Demi Becky

    Demi Becky8 orë më parë

    Bruh my great grandma got married at 13 and my mom got married at 18. I don’t think 19 is “too young”

  29. Owen Chybinski

    Owen Chybinski8 orë më parë

    Oh my! Congrats! Just put the people trying to bring you down behind you, and keep moving forward with Ryan. I can't wait to follow this marriage.

  30. Lydia Behler

    Lydia Behler8 orë më parë

    like what

  31. Bianca Ionescu

    Bianca Ionescu8 orë më parë

    she's going to hella cry when she's looking back on this video with her kids :((

  32. Convilious

    Convilious8 orë më parë

    I just realized you're ryans gf

  33. simply ava min

    simply ava min9 orë më parë

    Just adding my two cents to the agreeable masses: congrats girl! Don't let anybody get you down. You're clearly happy and sure of yourself: that's all that matters.

  34. Savana Abel

    Savana Abel9 orë më parë

    been a fan since her dance videos 🤩 super stoked for her engagement and marriage 💍✨

  35. Liam Goede

    Liam Goede10 orë më parë

    im new here, what kind of dog is that

  36. Giovanna

    Giovanna10 orë më parë

    wait she's been living with him for months now and they haven't had any type of sex? impressive

  37. Ellen

    Ellen10 orë më parë

    okay ryan seems so immature i don’t understand

  38. Molly Montgomery

    Molly Montgomery10 orë më parë

    im so proud of her and how far she has become:)

  39. Hope Bennett

    Hope Bennett10 orë më parë

    my mom got engaged at 18

  40. Tycondaroga100

    Tycondaroga10010 orë më parë

    Please...don't breed.

  41. Ellen

    Ellen10 orë më parë

    marriage doesn’t mean anything it’s not going to make the relationship better. just being honest

  42. R Lujan

    R Lujan2 orë më parë

    Meh...horny chistians?

  43. 0wnuall101

    0wnuall10111 orë më parë

    Just fuck. You don’t have to get married

  44. Tea C

    Tea C11 orë më parë

    Congratulations 💕 so special that you two are on this journey together. Praying for a life of many blessings & a happy marriage.

  45. Olga Ortiz Salgado

    Olga Ortiz Salgado11 orë më parë

    so happy for you

  46. Olga Ortiz Salgado

    Olga Ortiz Salgado11 orë më parë

    if edward and bella got engaged at an early age, then anything is possible

  47. Rainbow Pandas

    Rainbow Pandas12 orë më parë

    I’m not even surprised because you guys were basically married 🥺

  48. boop beep

    boop beep12 orë më parë

    Haley: gets engaged at 19 Me: can’t get pass the talking stage

  49. Celia Rose

    Celia Rose12 orë më parë

    When I clicked on this video i was thinking "oof" but as she talked, I realized that no matter what age, people should be viewing their relationships as intentional. It's a great outlook on relationships. Congrats!

  50. Gabby Luciano

    Gabby Luciano13 orë më parë

    I’m so fricken excited no one understands!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH !!!!!

  51. rei harper

    rei harper13 orë më parë

    i love this video because age is just a number. i am 19 too and have been with my boyfriend for 5 years and we have it all planned out.

  52. k3nnny b0y

    k3nnny b0y13 orë më parë

    He wants to girlypop babe. That's it.

  53. k3nnny b0y

    k3nnny b0y13 orë më parë


  54. Marianna Queiroz

    Marianna Queiroz13 orë më parë

    This is so cute. Congratulations Haley🥺🥰

  55. Omar Ayman

    Omar Ayman14 orë më parë

    keep your good vids

  56. Standard Lauren

    Standard Lauren14 orë më parë

    I'm so so happy for you Haley ❤️ I cried when I saw your Instagram post 😭

  57. Ari Daniela

    Ari Daniela15 orë më parë

    I have been watching you for years since your dance videos, and I've watched you and Ryan's videos together. I literally cried during the Traphamily engagement video. 💖💖💖

  58. Michael Gordon

    Michael Gordon15 orë më parë

    I am happy for you. A lot of people might think that is young but I think it is so awesome that you are getting married. Congratulations!!! I also make videos (about finance). Keep up the great work! :)

  59. Lu-Lu-LuvU

    Lu-Lu-LuvU15 orë më parë

    I'll check back in two years.

  60. Xander Pryce

    Xander Pryce15 orë më parë

    🤣 Flex on the Gram 🤣

  61. A-Different-One

    A-Different-One15 orë më parë

    my only question is...why and how is she so pretty!?

  62. b͙ r͙ o͙ o͙ k͙ e͙ o͙ h͙ a͙ r͙ a͙

    b͙ r͙ o͙ o͙ k͙ e͙ o͙ h͙ a͙ r͙ a͙16 orë më parë

    you guys are my literal favorite i love you guys congratulations🥺💕💕

  63. NEWS

    NEWS16 orë më parë

    We don’t care, he’s probably already cheating on you I’d have ring appraised, it looks like a Walmart cubic zirconia

  64. Cat Craig

    Cat Craig17 orë më parë

    Girl I got engaged 1 day after my 20th birthday. We now have two under two at 22yrs and we are in love with our young family! We got a house at 21 as well. Enjoy your life the way you want! ♥️🤘🏼✊🏼

  65. Thibo Meurkens

    Thibo Meurkens18 orë më parë

    Girl you do you, who cares if you’re happy than it’s good! I mean it’s your life, and I’m really happy for you!

  66. AXELA Ø

    AXELA Ø18 orë më parë

    Im so happy yall got married ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎

  67. Morgan Corner

    Morgan Corner18 orë më parë

    I got engaged/married at 18! We’ve been married for 9 months and it’s been such a blast so far. Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you can’t know who you love and who you will spend your life with. You will love it!! Congrats to you!

  68. Itzel Gonzalez

    Itzel Gonzalez18 orë më parë

    Omg I’m so happy for u 2 🤍I wish u nothing but the best ur guys are so cute 🤍 love both of u 🤍

  69. Viv Jimenez

    Viv Jimenez18 orë më parë

    Why did I think her dog was a rabbit 😐💀 anyways. Congrats!!:)

  70. karo is art

    karo is art18 orë më parë

    Tbh, I'm so excited for her to make a video on this topic in a few years or so why it was the right or the wrong decision for her. Not here to shame, I'm happy for her, I'm just excited to know what she'll think of this topic in retrospect after experiencing it firsthand. I think they're a beautiful couple and I only wish them the best

  71. Sophia Andreou

    Sophia Andreou18 orë më parë

    That’s sooo cuteee love you sm

  72. LifeWithRena *

    LifeWithRena *19 orë më parë

    Honestly if she was one year older I don’t think people would find that your too young lol

  73. Kate Voge

    Kate Voge19 orë më parë

    my sister was also engaged at 19!!

  74. Brena Pirestani

    Brena Pirestani19 orë më parë

    Yay marriage is so beautiful! So happy for you guys and congratulations!!! 🥳

  75. Enow Asam

    Enow Asam19 orë më parë

    Is she LDS?

  76. Brionna Davis

    Brionna Davis19 orë më parë

    Unconventional is getting all that responsibility at 15 and living with a boy at 15 or having to drop out of highschool to take care of your family. Most people start taking responsibility at 17, at least in my financial class. Your life has been pretty damn conventional compared to most of the privileged.

  77. Sara

    Sara4 orë më parë

    Brionna Davis right, she says unconventional but they’ve both led very privileged lives and I would love to hear her acknowledge that at least once

  78. Gina Piccirilli

    Gina Piccirilli19 orë më parë

    I love how y’all have just known you were meant to be, that’s so adorable and special 🥺😍

  79. Kasey Smith

    Kasey Smith19 orë më parë

    Not a shocker at all. Most Christians get married at all young age. That’s what happened to my cousin.

  80. Ciara Lodygowski

    Ciara Lodygowski19 orë më parë


  81. Sara

    Sara4 orë më parë

    It’s not on the wrong hand just the wrong finger

  82. joopoothegreat

    joopoothegreat7 orë më parë

    she literally addressed that

  83. Megan Sanders

    Megan Sanders20 orë më parë


  84. Gabriela Ronquillo Dunn

    Gabriela Ronquillo Dunn20 orë më parë

    People who started watching since the dance days gang 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽